Blog Flash: Documentarians

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog flash: Documentarians


“Welcome back,” the attractive Lisa Milner of the show Reality TV Update sounded. “Here with me now is reality TV personality Cindy Sardinios of the popular show Packed Tight: The Sardinos. Where we left off, we were about to discuss the show’s lack of limits so far.”

“Yes,” the golden skinned, raven haired Cindy confirmed. “We’re all really close. We can get away with a lot amongst ourselves. We’re already under our skins, so we can’t piss each other off much more than we already have!”

“A fan question I have here asks, ‘what is the one thing you think you will do on the show that could never air?”

“Incest!” Cindy joked with a some truth. Packed Tight’s premium network was compared to the movie based channels, which never censored themselves, but refusing to show incest was an easy assumption.

“Of course …” the host laughed with her.

“Seriously, Cindy?” Kasey Sardinos asked her sister. The two were watching the show on the couch. They were between seasons. Kasey was a bit taller and a bit more voluptuous (most of the three). The two were both a little drunk that Friday afternoon, while their sister Karol was doing a latex photoshoot for a charity.

“You know Twitter’s goin’ nuts right now, Kase!” she said almost diabolically. They were really only as nutty as the average American family, Kasey assumed, but they often went out of their way to amplify that nuttiness in front of the camera. Though there show was technically unscripted, they always planned much of the more nutty antics. They were, of course, not filming at the moment.

“You couldn’t save that for the show?”

“I’m allowed to say stupid things on TV, Kasey!”

“But, you ARE bi!” she exclaimed with subtle frustration. They weren’t yet exploring that on the show, and Cindy’s joke may force lesbian and incest subjects for the next season, which is already “scripted.”

“Hey, I got the craziest idea!” Cindy exclaimed. It was all a part of a crazy idea she came up with after the interview, and another incident. The original, perhaps more innocent plan was already forgotten.

“What?” she asked drunkenly.

“Since we’re gonna definitely address that incest joke on the show, lets rehearse it right away! And you know, I wanna see the scene go ‘till it’s bled dry.”

“Sure!” Kasey quickly set of their personal videocamera on the tripod next to them. She hit record, and began, “What the hell, Cindy? Since you mentioned incest on that show, everyone thinks we screw each other now!” She walked to her sister with her usual mock anger.

“Just the Sardines sayin’ stupid things!”

“You ARE bi! I might as well tell you I am, too!”

“Really?” Cindy suspected, but honestly never knew for sure. For Cindy, at least, sexuality was up to the individual to express.

“Yeah! And now, the world’s gonna know!” She pulled off her T-shirt, revealing her amazing DDs relaxing in a blue satin bra. “Since we’re gettin’ everything out in the open, tell me you wanna fuck these tits! I dare you.”

“I’m not gonna lie, I wish I had your tits!” Cindy exclaimed truthfully. Compared to her Cs, Kasey’s breasts were quite amazing, and Cindy would be lying if she said she felt nothing sexual toward them.

“So, you’re NOT lying! You DO wanna fuck you’re own little sister …” Kasey pealed off her tight jeans and panties, and lay on the couch beautifully naked. In perfect character, she offered, “Go ahead, then, FUCK your own bisexual sister!”

If they weren’t rehearsing, Cindy actually would have started to fuck her right then. She knew it was fucked up, but she desperately wanted to know what lesbian incest felt like. Instead, Cindy did her classic reversal. “Look at yourself, Kasey! You think I’m fucked up? You’re offering yourself as a sex toy to your own sister!” She stood before her naked sister, and ripped off her shirt, bra, pants, and underwear. “Well, Times Two: I dare you to fuck ME!”

Kasey was taken aback, finally. “I dare you times two” is a tagline and recurring joke they created for the show. If one dares, while the other dares back the same act, the second dare must be followed. This was the most out there Times Two they ever did.

“Well?” Casey exclaimed, hands on her smooth hips.

Kasey stood up, keeping her false anger outward. Her goal, as with most Times Twos, was to prove it was all a silly joke, even if it was only funny to the audience. Forcibly, Kasey grabbed her sister’s head, and collided her full lips on her sisters. Not holding back, Kasey forced her tongue into Cindy’s accepting mouth. Their nipples grew erect on top of one another, while they began to grope their silken bodies. When Cindy began to tightly grope her firm bubble but, Kasey suddenly pulled back with an uncertain look on her face. They were certainly not doing something even close to normal. She shook her head, and stated with amazement, “Times two!”

Naked bodies as smashed together as their mouths and tongues, they fell to the couch. The warmth of their smooth crotches were radiating. The way Kasey was sucking and kneading on her firm breast and groping her slightly smaller, firm ass, suggested to Cindy that she was right about her sister: Kasey was not only bisexual, but also willing to explore that with her own sisters. However, Kasey never had the moment Cindy did, when she watched that season finale alone (Kasey rarely watched the show).

“Oh, Fuck, Kasey! You are a natural,” she cooed. “Now, I told you I wanted your tits!”

With an amazed smile, Kasey obliged. Both being with a woman in the past and knowing her sister, they made each other happily coo and grunt. “Holy, fuck, Cindy! Can’t believe this is happening, but I can’t deny I love it! … Make me cum.”

Still groping her sisters massive, spit dripping, love pillows, Cindy offered, “Well, errrgh … You’re the one fucking me, remember? We can scissor, we can finger, we can sixty-nine …”

“I wanna sixty-nine, and squirt in our mouths,” she said deeply, drooling. What awoke in Cindy was awakening in Kasey, and Kasey did not want to stop it.

“Put that crotch on my mouth, and follow my lead.”

The moment Kasey’s crotch landed, Cindy began to consume. Her sister’s sleek crotch tasted batter than she imagined! Kasey began to eat her sister’s crotch in kind with equal sexual affirmation. Once she was happy with the juice levels, Cindy hooked her fingers into her sister’s humid snatch, easily finding and stimulating the G-spot. Kasey was a fast learner, and they were soon moaning and cooing widely. Their juices were already dripping down their wrists, when then finally scream and squirt intensely in orgasm, catching as much squirt as they could in their thirsty mouths …


Kasey and Cindy secretly watched their sister Carol in her bedroom’s shower through the ajar door. Carol was closer to Cindy’s somewhat slimmer body type to Kasey’s. She had C-cup breasts, a bubble butt somewhere between the size of the other two, and brown hair.

“I think I was always sexually attracted to her, but I never admitted it to myself,” Kasey confessed in a whisper.

Cindy lustfully kissed her sister’s neck, and whispered, “She’s just like us. We love to watch and be watched. We just have to show her … ” She then shoved her hand down Kasey’s already unbuttoned jeans, and rubbed almost teasingly. Cindy responded in kind …


“That’s different, Karol!” Kasey cooed, looking at the raw pictures from her sister’s latex shoot on their couch.

“Kinda sexy!” Cindy complimented.

“Oh, that’s easy coming from you, Ms Incest!” she teased.

“Yeah!” Cindy exclaimed. “I masturbated to the three of us watching that finale that had us prancing around in our underwear!”

“Oh, ha ha, I can’t breath,” Karol said dryly.

“Come on, Karol, I dare you to masturbate to those pics!” Cindy said lightly.

“Oh, OK,” Karol continued what she thought was a joke, “I dare you to fuck yourself to pics of yourself! Times Two!”

“Oh …” Cindy said with a knowing smirk. “I know the right one for that! Kasey, get that video of that random rehearsal we just did. Moving pictures!”

“Sure!” Kasey complied happily.

“Why are you taking your pants off, Cindy!?” Karol asked amazed.

“Times Two,” she answered matter-of-factly.

Kasey hit play on the camera not attached to the TV, and Cindy started rubbing her snatch. Kasey felt a distinct lust toward herself on the TV, and was jealous that Cindy was pleasuring herself to that.

“What the fuck is this!?” Karol asked in utter shock, seeing her sisters fuck each other in an apparent sex tape. “This can’t be real!”

Kasey sat next to Karol, wrapped her arms around her, and stated, “It’s real, Karol. We fucked each other silly!”

“That’s sick … what the fuck …” Karol was growing breathless for reasons she didn’t want to understand. Though not at all open about it, yet, she was bisexual, too.

“Really?” Kasey started to explain. “Two consenting adults? Two really hot adults that both happen to be bi? Why not? What’s wrong with pleasure?”

“This … this is … completely crazy …” Karol could barely speak. She looked over to her wildly masturbating sister. Karol could not deny how amazing the two were in their recorded escapade, as was her sister’s current session. Karol was aroused.

Kasey leaned in to kiss the mesmerized Karol, who kissed back almost excitedly. When their tongues touched in their mouths, Karol suddenly pulled back. “This is so weird, Kasey … Is this right?”

“Of course.” Kasey answered. “It’s just pleasure.” At that, she forced Karol onto the couch, head on top of Cindy’s wet lap.

Still in total amazement toward what she wasn’t stopping, Karol flipped herself around to see Cindy’s wet pussy. Karol began to make out with it, cautiously at first, but at the best sexual flavor she ever experienced, she french kissed her sister’s tasty pussy with as sexually hungry vigor as Kasey’s actions with both her and Karol’s snatches.

While their moans and coos of pleasure increased, whatever sexual barriers between them faded into nothingness. Time joyously slowed in their sapphic, incestuous ecstasy. They were wild animals in heat; nothing could stop them from achieving their goal of incestuous climax. In a massive explosion of pleasure, they screamed in the first best orgasm of their lives …

They all sat naked, practically on top of each other on their couch, while lightly petting each other. They were not in love, per se, but they achieved a kind of emotional sisterhood most sisters dared not dream.

“How much should we talk about incest next season?” Cindy joked quietly.

“Let’s tease at it for a couple seasons,” Karol answered seriousness,” before anything.”

“Good for the ratings, I think,” Kasey agreed. “The tease’ll drive everyone wild!”

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