Blog Flash: Blue Girl

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This is a homage to the video game series Mass Effect from a visual stand point. I have yet to play the games, so this has nothing to do with them, otherwise. Enjoy!

Blog Flash: Blue Girl

“Who’s that?” Chief science officer Laura Flax asked aimlessly, catching sight of a being she never saw in the flesh.

“The blue girl?” technician Jackson teased.

“You know who I mean! The Ray’a.”

“That’s Kitacha. Just transferred to the station. That’s Commander Louiston with her. He’s giving her the tour.”

Even through the unattractive, brown jumpsuit, anyone would happily drool over her, like any of her all feminine species. Like all Ray’as, Kitacha was an exotic, beautiful, super athletic, very tall beauty. Her shiny blue skin was actually thousands, millions of visibly interconnected scales, which were known to be silken but tough. Though her face and body were all but Human in appearance, her head showed her alien nature. Instead of hair, she had squid-like tendrils flowing back along her scalp. They naturally expressed much of their emotion through those tendrils, while most facial expressions were essentially simulated to better work with Humans. Their ear slits were hidden behind the tendrils on both side of their heads, but their eyes were the most fascinating, if only for the subtlety. Kitacha’s, like most of her kind, were almost Human in appearance with deep blue irises and black pupils, but they were more solid and ovoid. Also, they cannot process reds as anything more than grays, while they can perceive just barely into the X-ray wavelengths.

It was no coincidence that they looked so Human. The species was highly empathic. So empathic that their physical form adjusted to something more ascetically pleasing, more or less. Though technically more advanced than Humans from the start, Humans were the first “aliens” the Ray’as ever met. It being a peaceful encounter, the originally more squid-like aliens shifted their form over the next fifty years, and settled on what it seen now. They still function incredibly well under salt water without any aid, which covers ninty-nine percent of their world. Indeed, many settled in Earth’s oceans. Fresh water, outside of drinking, was not as natural to them, but they functioned under it without issue in the short term.

Regardless, it should be noted that they are no push overs, in spite of their hyper-advanced empathy. On average, they are twice as strong as the strongest Human, while their technology continues to stay ahead of humanity.

Feeling emotions she didn’t yet fully understand, Laura walked over to the nearly eight foot tall Amazon Kitacha. “Hi, I’m Lieutenant Laura Flax. I don’t think we’ve met,” she barely stated, looking upward. At six feet and five inches, Laura looked almost average sized next to Kitacha.

Kitacha’s tendrils moved in a long, slow wave from front to back. She affected a smile and extended her blue hand. “I’m solar technician Kitacha’allaoroti. You can call me Kitacha, Laura.”

They shook. It was the firmest handshake she ever experienced, while the silken and scaly feel of Kitacha’s skin utterly amazed her.

“You never met one of my kind, Laura?” she asked, affecting a curious look. Her voice was deep and resonating.

“No, not personally … amazing …”

She flicked her tendrils, and chuckled almost like a schoolgirl. “I think I’ll have Laura finish my tour. If that’s all right, Commander.”

“Oh, that’s no problem,” he stated professionally, barley hiding his disappointment. He left.

“Let’s go, Laura!” she proclaimed.

While almost aimlessly walking down the quiet corridors, Laura soon realized how amazing Kitacha smelled. It was like freshly bloomed flowers on a cool spring morning. They were almost hip to hip, and barely aware they were holding hands. Kitacha’s tendrils were elegantly flowing.


“Yes, Kitacha?” she breathed.

“You know of love at first sight, correct?”

Confused at the query, Laura let go of her hand, and answered, “Yes.”

“For your kind, it’s usually unreliable, but it’s how my kind always finds our Life Lovers. It’s because of our empathy,” she explained. “Without thinking, Laura, answer this question: what did you feel the first moment you saw me?”

“Love,” she answered in shock. “That’s impossible … I’m not a lesbian; we’re not even the same species …”

“For your kind, love at first sight only becomes certain when you fall in love with one of us.”

They walked into Kitacha’s quarters, and sat on the bed. “I really do love you, Kitacha!”

They began to make out lovingly, while their tongues explored their mouths. Laura almost wanted to inhale Kitacha’s thick, sweet spit. Kitacha’s long, prehensile tongue swirled in Laura’s mouth. Barely, Kitacha pulled back. “Before we make love, there are things I want you to know, my Laura. Inevitable things … For procreation, only the females of my kind can mate. That is why males only account for barely a single percent of our population, and they always become female, when they fall in love … Obviously, we can fall in love with Humans. A side affect of our amazing empathy, as you can feel. The consequence is that you will become a female of my species, more or less, the same way one of our males becomes female. The moment we shook hands, every part of my body became primed to genetically link with my lover. I am not sweating right now. The thick liquid forcing its way through my scales that is already on you is the substance that transforms you! Once you are fully transformed, we shall cocoon ourselves, and become one and together.”

All Laura could do, needed to do was grope and kiss the hot and humid blue alien embracing her. Kitacha’s slime only stuck to her, and it felt wonderful, while it’s thickness slowly increased. After a while, Laura’s hands found their way to Kitacha’s hand and foot. She couldn’t stop groping them, and wasn’t sure why.

“You didn’t know my race’s alpha pleasure centers were our hands and feet, my love?” Kitacha said bluntly. “Your sexual instincts are already changing!”

Curious, Laura took Kitacha’s wet, scaly hand, and began to suck each finger in turn. Kitacha cooed loudly until she happily came. They lay back, and began to rub each other’s feet, which again made Kitacha happily coo. Laura could not help but notice how her love’s feet were different. Yes, they had five toes each and high arches, but the could only be seen as alien. The were large proportionally, rather wide, and had a subtle flipper-like appearance.

Before she knew it, Laura was happily sucking on her alien lovers toes, while Kitacha was rubbing her foot on her alien lover’s wet pussy. Kitacha’s sweetly transformative slime began to permeate Laura inside and out. When they came together, Laura’s scream was muffled by a foot and thick slime.

Laura lay back now completely cocooned in the transformative slime. Her vision was horribly blurred, while her breathing was barely happening through the brief moments the slime opened over her mouth. Kitacha almost literally glued her lips onto Laura’s, and breathed for them both, while the gray cocoon fully formed around them.

The slime smothered all that Laura was. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t feel, which was intentional. Her body changing so radically, it would have been painful otherwise …

Laura dreamed of a vast, salty ocean. She swam naked and lived within its loving bosom. Kitacha was with her, and they were making love. The passionate sex was not quite like what any Human would call normal, but neither were Human. They were worshiping one another’s feet with their hands and mouths. Waves of deep pleasure flowed from their hands and mouths. At the same time, their connected minds poured love out into their lover’s mind. Soon, an orgasmic ecstasy flew threw them. They prolonged it for all but an eternity … Eventually, they swam back to their home, deep within the Pacific Ocean on Earth …

“Wake up, my love …” Laura heard in the distance.

Laura slowly opened her new eyes. Though it was clearly Kitacha’s quarters, it all looked different. Though it probably shouldn’t have surprised her, she could no longer see reds, while she perceived ultraviolet and soft X-rays. The latter was something she could naturally control by simple focusing, while poorly describable as vivid and more vivid violets. A small degree of UV light was always put on space ships to make up for the lack of sunlight.

Laura looked down to her deep blue hands, seeing the last of the cocoon dissolve. They had distinct, camouflage-like striations, which were clearly ultraviolet in color, flowing all along her seven foot, deep blue, scaly body. It was a more beautiful, more powerful color than she ever imagined!

She looked to Kitacha, whose tendrils were flowing beautifully, showing the joy she felt. Kitacha’s body now seemed a lighter blue than before, while she had her own distinct striations.

Laura then realized how thin the air felt, and started to have trouble breathing.

“Yes, the air is quite thin for us, my love,” Kitacha stated. “You know we can breath under water, too. Breath slowly and deeply until you feel relaxed.”

Laura did so. “I still kinda feel like I always did, Kitacha …”

“Of course, Laura. Only your body changed, mostly. I don’t know genetics very well, but you’re still a little Human. Your face looks almost as it did before, not counting those eyes and beautiful tendrils!”

Laura then felt it: their fused empathy and subconscious. “I love you, Kitacha …” she said, while transmitting the powerful emotion to her lover, who emotionally responded in kind.

They instinctually fell to their backs, and began to make love to each other’s feet with their equally as sensitized hands. The pleasure was beyond all of Laura’s experience. They were not mating; only making love. As Life Mates, they could mate at anytime with either ultimately carrying their child. They were also now so sexually active that they would happily have others join them in their sexual escapades. Love and passion were to consume their lives …

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