Blog Flash: Beachfront Part II

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. Click here for Part I. For adults, enjoy!


Blog Flash: Beachfront


Part II


“Oh, there you are, Jim!” Janice said happily, walking into a dark bedroom. “You missed me have some great sex with Linda. I am not joking, Jim!”

“Oh, yeah?” he said hazily, leaning on a lamp table.

“What’s the matter, Jim? What’s wrong with the light?”

“Nothing, nothing, Jan. Burned out bulb …”

Smiling, Janice sat on the blued moonlit bed. “Let me make you feel better, Jim.”

A few moments later, he walked over to her, and suddenly forced her down. The old springs creaked in protest. He made out with her aggressively, far more aggressively than she would normally allow. Yet, she found herself enjoying the attention.

Jim suddenly flipped her onto her stomach, and more than helped her onto all fours. “OOOO! Kitty-style, Jim?” she asked happily.

Unceremoniously, he flipped up the miniskirt, and plunged his large cock into her dripping pussy. It felt bigger than usual, while his almost painful aggressiveness made her quickly forget that implausible observation. While it was again far too aggressive for her normally, she quickly found herself loving, lusting the attention. She moaned and screamed like she was in orgasm, but she was still far from it. Her eyes kept rolling back into her head. Fuck, the sex was more awesome than the sex with Linda or anyone! She didn’t want the pleasure to EVER end.

Then, Jim suddenly stopped, and pulled out.

“Hey, baby, what are you doin’? Put it back in!” she exclaimed, thinking he was teasing.

Jim teasingly rubbed the tip of his cock on her tight asshole. He was no longer quite the same person somehow, he was starting to realize, while he was not done changing. It didn’t make any sense to him, even though the secrets of the universe were all but clear to him now. Still, the only drive he had was to fuck her up the ass and more.

“Oh, all right! How ‘bout getting some lube or … FUCK!” He suddenly shoved his massive member into her now painfully stretching anal cavity. Her screams quickly turned from pain to amazement to utter ecstasy. Everything was changing rapidly, while she could feel his cock growing deeper and deeper into her at every wild thrust. Her feet elongated and pointed, while her legs slightly shortened, as her hips changed, to accommodate the reforming structure. Her toe and fingernails grew out and became like claws. At the same time, she naturally propped herself up on her now feline-like feet and legs.

She could feel his cock go deeper and deeper, somehow linking with her as it went. It was now clear to her that it was what was changing her. Her jawline noticeably pushed itself forward, as her nose morphed into a snout, pleasurably. Whiskers quickly jutted outward. Upper and lower fangs became prominent, as her teeth sharpened, while she happily swirled her elongated tongue around her changing mouth. She found herself purring and growing at the same time as her tailbone jutted out into a long tail, which Jim sucked on happily.

Janice eyes began to feel very strange, and begin to blur. She briefly closed them tight, before opening them wide at a powerful thrust, which made her fake ears go flying. While some colors seemed dulled, everything in the room seemed sharper, brighter. Her pupils were now slits enlarged almost to a circle to let in more light. At the same time, her ears became pointier, more rounded, allowing far more to be heard. Indeed all her senses were greatly heightened.

The changes were as physical as they were mental. Her mind as she once knew it left her. Her intelligence and memories were fully intact, but instinct was far more powerful, perhaps uncontrollable at times.

Janice’s transformation into the catwoman she secretly wanted to be was complete, but the had yet to cum in confirmation.

Jim thrust his still growing cock into her. It found its way into her throat by the time they began to convulse in a single, epic orgasm. The catwoman growled loudly in orgasm, while Jim exploded within her, causing massive amounts of cum to spew out of her gaping mouth …


Not long after Janice left to look for Jim, Jackie and Linda were sitting on the couch drinking.

“So what are you supposed to be, Jackie?” Linda asked subtly slurred from the alcohol.

“Something special,” she smirked teasingly. “Hey, you’re supposed to be a Vampire, right, Linda? Put those fangs in for me!”

“Sure!” Linda didn’t find them that comfortable earlier, and that’s why she kept them off for so long. She was buzzed more than enough to not care then, though, while she cared even less about the generator dying right then, leaving only the fire and moonlight. After fishing in her purse for a few moments, she picked out a small box. She took out the ceramic, moderately sized fangs, and carefully fitted them. Linda smiled toothily, and subtly lisped, “You like?”

“Very sexy, Linda!” she exclaimed truthfully. She then chugged her beer bottle down, and pointed it at Jackie. “I took the next turn, and the bottle landed on you!”

“Oh!” Linda exclaimed, more surprised over how she was not opposed to what her friend was suggesting.

Linda leaned in somewhat cautiously, mouth slightly open, fangs slightly visible. Their full, moist lips met. They pressed into each other with deep breaths of passion. Jackie teased her friends lips with her tongue, and was quickly granted access. With great lust and want, the explored their hot and humid mouths. The taste of alcohol on their spit excited them. Jackie soon concentrated her tongue on Linda’s sharp, fake fangs. They moaned and cooed with dark joy.

Suddenly, Linda pulled back breathless with a big fanged smile. “Woah … You are a great kisser, Jackie!”

With a deviously lustful smile, Jackie took Linda’s fake fangs out of her mouth. “Thank you, Linda.”

Linda felt a rush of shock, feeling her now all too real fangs with her fingers and tongue. “What? … No …”

“What’s wrong, Linda?” Jackie asked deeply.

“What the fuck! My fangs are real!” she exclaimed in utter shock.

“Are they? … It’s just a trick I learned recently. Have fun, Linda. Go with it!”

The shock melted away at Jackie’s words.

“Hiss at me, and bite my neck, Linda. Just a fun game. Halloween, remember?”

With an almost dark smile, Linda fully exposed her fangs and loudly hissed as her “prey.” Licking her lips, Linda pulled Jackie’s hair and head to this side, before easily plunging her sharp fangs into Jackie’s neck. Jackie began scream intermittently in perpetual orgasm.

Linda’s eyes went wide, as her pupils dilated. She didn’t expect to be tasting and swallowing large amounts of blood, let alone pierce a neck! A part of her wanted to stop herself from drinking the blood, but the sweet, iron rich, salty flavor was better than anything she ever tasted in her life! Indeed, her body began to writhe in orgasmic pleasure, while it processed what she began to realize was inhuman blood. It was transforming her, conforming her. Linda could feel her body reform to only consume red hot blood. She lusted for such change before she knew it was possible. She always dressed as a Vampire for costume parties after all.

Though a part of her once felt shock over realizing such a thing was possible, Linda began to embrace her burgeoning Vampire self. Though more than enough transformative blood was spewing down her throat, she began to suck at the neck hard, wanting, needing it all! Linda moaned and grunted like a wild animal, while Jackie continued her endless orgasm, unfazed by the massive blood loss.

Soon, Linda drank so much blood that her body stopped processing it, and simply stored it in her stomach. Linda finally pulled her blood dripping out. No matter how much she wanted to continue, her body was simply overflowing with Jackie’s blood. She lay on the floor literally breathless. She only needed to breath to speak. Overflowing blood dripped our of her wide open mouth. The woman was now an eternal Vampire, and smiled happily, bloodily at the thought …


Jim and Janice walked into the fire glow of the living room naked not as amazed by the sight as they thought they should be. Janice, in spite of her elongated, paw-like feet, was standing upright, albeit somewhat awkwardly with the help of Jim. She was rather feline after all!

Linda retracted her fangs, and stood slowly. Breathless, she walked over to the catwoman, and sniffed her almost almost like a hungry animal. Janice did the same in kind, but it was out of greeting instead of the instinctual need to asses possible food.

Linda took a deep breath, and stated, “You both smell quite good!” She licked her blood stained lips. “I won’t ever need that much blood to survive …” she said to herself.

“I think I like the sound of that!” Jim exclaimed, finding himself turned on by Linda’s retracted fangs. He knew her bite would simply lead blood loss, if that was her intent. Indeed, his mind ascertained the secrets of the universe, and already surmised the reason for everything with perfect accuracy. Nothing was to surprise him anymore.

“Wrowww … you smmell different, Linda,” Janice observed, “and so does Jackie, I understand now.”

Linda turned to Jackie sitting mischievously on the couch, and stated, “She doesn’t taste Human, I am quite sure!”

Smiling darkly in the flickering firelight, Jackie answered, “I was dressed as a Succubus, and now that is what I am … and more … Come with me, and I will show you the miracle that can change everything …”

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