Monthly Gold Star of September

**Rubberwerks (mc mf ff ft) (new)  by Lyka Bloom**
–4/5 (pretty good, not perfect but enjoyable)–

I am greatly enjoying this one in spite of its weaknesses. Everything about this one feels well trodden. Nothing particularly new or different. Yet, the author is doing a hell of a job with those familiar themes.

Original review of chap 1

Did I hear Rubber and FT and FF!? Anyway, not bad from the start. Though, I would not have read so intently if “Rubber” was not in the title. The start was a touch generic. Once that building was entered, this was quite engrossing, even if evil nazi experimentation isn’t the newest theme. I hate the very concept of the nazis just as much as any, but do they so often have to be a go to evil? I personally would have made up some funky, unknown symbol to add a greater air of mystery, but that’s just me :) Ultimately, I found this to be a bit of a genre piece, while the implementation in this case was decent, albeit on the slow side. The transformative goo helped to make up for its weaknesses, luckily. Yes, I would like more  ;D
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