Blog Flash: Cosmic Sex Object

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphically violent themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Cosmic Sex Object


Farrah’s eyes caught something strange on her desk. The black thing was almost the shape of some dildo. A vague recollection of her finding it outside, somewhere, and bringing it inside came to her. Why was the memory so vague? She could not answer that then.

The slim yet full figured brunette picked up the object. It was a solid stone with some heft to it. In a way, it also resembled a large pestle. A small, modern mortar and pestle sat in a cabinet in there kitchen someplace. It suddenly felt very warm and subtly vibrated in her hands. Looking at it confused with her dark blue eyes, she saw the tip glow darkly, enticingly. The dark energy spewed all over her face, and she fell to the floor in shock.

The hot energy spread all the way around her head like it was a liquid with mind of its own. Her grunts and screams were heavily muffled by the liquid energy smothering her, blinding her. While it began to spread down her neck, she tried to rip it off her head. The stuff simply spread onto her hands, which became glued to her face.

Farrah, in her deep moans and grunts, could feel her body slowly become encased in whatever the living energy was. She could not breath!

The next phase, to her blurred shock, then began. Form fitting tentacles penetrated her ass and pussy, fucking her like they were two knowledgeable cocks. Her muffled noises of protest soon became of pleasure.

Tentacles then began to penetrate into her nose and mouth, breathing for her. It tasted … good. Two more penetrated her ear canal, and into her brain. Soon, every hole that was penetrated became alive with pleasure. Her mind was on fire with passion. Her pleasure grew and grew until there was nothing else. Oh fuck, it grew! Then, at the moment of total ecstasy …


Though she saw it as normal right then, she woke up the next morning on her floor changed. Her body was far stronger more athletic, while her muscles were far more efficient than the average Human. Perfect skin, and flawless everything.

Without thinking, the naked Farrah prepared herself for her usual morning shower. Robe tossed on, she walked to the bathroom of her sorority house. The shower was already occupied. Per decency, she was supposed to patiently wait outside somewhere for her turn. Instead, she quietly opened the door. There was no logical reason for the act. It was out of her unexplainable, burning curiosity.

It was one of her Sorority Sisters Kaley. The clear glass was not yet completely fogged, while Kaley’s was back was to Farrah. The woman was a sexy, voluptuous blonde with a bit of a bubble but. She never felt such a powerful sexual attraction to anyone, let alone women, before. There was no control over it.

On automatic, Farrah walked inside, and quietly closed the door behind her. She could feel Kaley’s thoughts, and knew they were hers to control. “Cum,” Farrah commanded. Kaley leaned on the tile wall, while her legs turned to jelly. The wet woman screamed in utter, guttural passion at the surprise orgasm.

Farrah dropped her robe, opened the glass door, and walked into the stall. She embraced the out of breath and drooling Kaley, and stated with true desperation, “Fuck me, Kaley! So hungry!”

At that, Kaley quickly turned, and made out passionately with the wanting Farrah. At the same time, the were widely grinding their pussies as hard as they could. The hot water dripped down their passion filled bodies. Farrah was soon guiding all the motions with her powerful arms and legs.

“I need you inside me!” Farrah cooed.

YES!” Kaley cooed back.

They began to grope each other tightly. Muscles flexing, Kaley began to … phase inside of Farrah. The feel of Kaley’s arms literally under her skin, made Farrah moan madly. Farrah then inhumanly grabbed Kaley’s head, and forced it onto hers. In a kiss, Farrah forced Kaley into her. Kaley quickly was absorbed, and Farrah held herself in utter pleasure. Timed slowed …

Perhaps out of some orgasmic clarity, Farrah suddenly realized how wrong this all was. She was digesting every last bit of poor Kaley! She grabbed her head, and reached inside herself. With all her powerful strength, Farrah pulled Kaley out just before she died within her.

Unconscious but alive, Farrah held her friend and victim in her arms. Like she weighed nothing, Farrah carried her out of the shower, and grabbed a towel for her. Farrah brought the woman to the couch not far from the bathroom. She altered Kaley’s memories so that she remembered that she felt funny coming out of the shower and Farrah helped her to the couch where she napped. Looking at the beautiful woman before her, Farrah felt a powerful hunger for the energy of sex, as a part of her still wanted to consume Kaley …


“Jack, you shouldn’t be here,” Farrah said desperately to her boyfriend at her bedroom door.

“Why? What are talking about?” he asked confused.

“Please …” Farrah wanted to consume him just as much as every young and healthy person she saw that day. It took all her will to control herself. What didn’t help was that she could no longer eat food, and knew she had to have sex with another to survive and more.

He kissed her sweetly on her full lips, and proclaimed, “Talk to me.”

The feel of even the light kiss was enough to break her feeble control. She grabbed him with strength he could not understand, while kissing him passionately.

“Fuck, why are you so strong?” he asked in shock.

“Don’t talk, Jack! We fuck!” she proclaimed.

Jack’s mind shifted to only thoughts of sex and desire toward the woman he madly loved. She tore their clothes off like they were nothing, and fell to the floor naked. His cock quickly penetrated her hungry snatch, and he humped as wildly as she. “Cum inside me, Jack, and don’t stop cumming!” she excitedly proclaimed.

His eyes rolled back into his head, and massive amounts of his seed exploded into her, while they both moaned in ecstasy. Cum leaked out of her. At the same time, they groped tighter and tighter. Farrah writhed excitedly, feeling him quickly go under her skin and into her very life force.

Like before, time slowed in her near uncontrollable consumption. Something else suddenly happened. A dark, inhuman image appeared before her. The being was real, yet it was a projection out of her altered mind.

“No more resistance, human!” the dark thing echoed.

“I must choose to renounce my humanity, and embrace the Cause …” she said on impulse. She could feel the hive mind calling to her. No, it was more than that: She was already connected, and could feel the other fully indoctrinated, world conquering Succubi they created. By embracing the Cause, she would not completely loose her sense of self, but she happily would be a part of a race that consumed worlds. To reject them now could mean her death, for her transformed mind required the connection to the hive mind.

“Good, you understand the truth of what you are already a part. Now choose!”

A powerful wave of imagery and emotion flowed into her mind. It was all the war, the destruction, the pain, the heartache humanity caused. At the same time, she was shown the peace and clarity that was the Cause. She knew what the Cause was doing, but it was quite effective. Obviously, the Cause worked to justify its means of conquering lesser beings. “All the negatives of humanity, and it is so much … That’s it!” she exclaimed.

“What?” Her sudden thought process were utterly alien to it.

“You do not understand the gray that it the birthright of all humanity! We are self destructive, but we have yet to destroy ourselves … Everything! I choose everything!”

Without a word, the image fizzled out of existence. A sharp pain cut through her mind from all the was the Cause. It short circuited, it was forced to adapt. Its lack of understanding of her choice gave her total power over the hive, while it transformed across the galaxy. Opportunistically, she became the Cause, making it a force of sustainment rather than conquering. This was what she had to do to save herself and her love.

She then pulled her still living lover out of her, and transferred enough energy back into him to make him conscious. There was no longer any need for her to consume others, her strength being out of her Cause.

“The world will no longer be the same, my love,” she stated, feeling her Succubus-like sisters on earth and elsewhere applying her prerogative. “The Old Cause was right, but its means was utterly wrong and unfair. How I will forever feel for you is proof of that! No other race will be forcibly consumed again. My Cause will make itself known, and anyone can now join by their own free will, if they are deemed worthy.”

“I don’t understand,” he barely stated.

“I won’t force you to,” she stated, while running her fingers through his hair. “I am still the woman you fell in love with; I just forced myself into a very time consuming job! Sleep, now. Your sharp mind will come to understand it all on its own …”

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