Monthly Gold Stars of July and August

It would appear that I forgot the Gold Star of July. Ah, the distraction of getting a new, better job! So, here’s both Stars!


**Uniforms that Control Your Mind (mc ff mf fd in rb ma ds ft) by Mr. Scade **
–4.5/5 (very good, all but orgasmic)–

Can’t say this was utter perfection for what it was, but it was close. I definitely did not like every TF here, but it was all so well written that it made up for it. Great read.

Original review
I have to admit, this was quite enjoyable from the start, if only because of how well it was presented. This is one of those authors that can put forward themes I’m not necessarily into, and make them more than readable. Of course, a lot of it actually was to my tastes! That is the nature of anthologies, sketch comedies, etc. You can’t expect the viewer to like everything, but it works as long as it never pushes them away. This was more than fine! Just as an FYI, this works best if you go to the author’s site to see the pics each part is based on.
(ReReadability: high / Follow: yes)


**The Great Silence (mc ff ft) by fembotheather**

Truly excellent on nearly every level. This is mermaid TF story with a hive mind thrown in for good measure. Never read anything quite like it before, and that made it all the better! It could be argued that the character development was rather weak. However, this was a hive mind story, and as such, the story did not have to go deeply into the character’s pasts, which are quite small standing next to the whole.

Original review
I’m sorry, my mind is intentionally structured too chaotically for a mind ray to be affective :P Anyway, didn’t Doctor Who already have the Silence? They frack with your memory, so I can’t be sure. What was I saying? Anyway, very nicely written from the start. A bit on the long side, but the story is rich enough to overcome that, especially as the plot unfolded. Oh, and the heat and TFs were fantastic by the way! If I was a woman and found that kind of bliss, no matter how rebellious I can be, I would not resist like Thorn! I’d say, it would be worth making my thought processes linear. As a side note, I guess they never heard of monks taking vows of silence :) So yeah, never read anything quite like this, though it does loosely remind me of Lovecraft’s Innsmouth, minus the lovecraftian dread. The rage element also reminded me of the original Star Trek pilot with Pike and co. Regardless, This was ultimately, wonderfully unique.(ReReadability: high / Follow: yes)

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