Blog Flash: Bloody Mutation

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphically violent themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: Inspiration for this Flash came from multiple places. This is a thematic successor to Vampires of Passion: Bloody Marry. Underlying elements are inspired by the Vampire film Dark Town, while it also incorporates a never completed piece of mine involving a mad scientist. Enjoy!

Blog Flash: Bloody Mutation

“Shit!” I exclaimed. The nightly news showed what they stated was a riot in a neighborhood just ten minutes car ride away. I had a friend and coworker that lived there. I started dialing her number, before my supposedly locked front door suddenly opened.

“What the hell is going on? Is that blood on your shirt?” I asked confused. My beautiful friend and coworker Marry suddenly barged into my living room. What worried more than her shirt was the almost animal look in her dark eyes. It was like seeing a controlled hunger …

“We are kinda messy, I guess, Larry, but I don’t think we have to be …” The slim brunette descended her bright white fangs in a vain effort to save time.

“What the fuck?” I exclaimed breathlessly in fear and arousal.

“I am now a Vampire thanks to my stepfather scientist Jack Reynolds. That fucking bastard took away our humanity!” she subtly lisped through the fangs. “I have a greater will than he realized, though. That is why he hasn’t dominated my mind, my will. I need your muscle to stop us, before we suck dry more than this town! I am sorry …”

She suddenly lunged at me, and we fell to the floor, tearing off our clothes. When she kissed me, something in her spit seeped into me, putting me in a state total arousal. While humping me widely, she plunged her we fangs into my neck. Blood flew out of me, while what ever she was pumping into me partly filled that void.

She sat up, while still humping, and bloodily exclaimed orgasmically, “FUCK! This is why he did it! The rush of passion …” Marry leaned down, looking like a wild animal with her fangs and now bright blue eyes. She spat, “But, we don’t have to kill for it!”

Marry then sliced her wrist with her fang, and forced that wrist onto my open mouth. Her salty blood dripping down my throat was strange, sickly sweet. It forced its way into my diminished bloodstream, merging with it, changing it, changing me. I was frozen, feeling everything transform almost at the same time. I soon screamed not in pain, but in passion …

“Wake up, Larry!” I heard in the black distance. “We cannot wait any longer.”

My will was destroyed, and replaced by hers. All that I was, now was through her. I looked into her dark eyes. “I am yours forever …” I breathed.

“No,” she stated bluntly, tightly grabbing my head. She looked right into me, and rebuilt my willpower. Well, it was technically still her will, but she allowed me to use it as I wished

I quickly stood up, now fully clothed. “I should kill you for this, Marry!” I stated with truth within the sarcasm, fangs happily descending. It was more than alive: beyond life. It was exhilarating! Pure strength flowed through my veins. I wanted to feed and fuck, but I knew more pressing matters were ahead.

“Yes, you have the power to kill me. You are as much my muscle, as you are my insurance. If I stray, use the will I allowed you to have, and destroy me. You can’t feel it, but Jack’s will is constantly pushing on me.”

“But, I can see it,” I stated, while compassionately placing my hand on her cheek. I loved her for so long, but she was dating another. She suspected my feelings prior, and now knew she was right all along. The mental connection we share goes both ways, of course, and she allowed me to peer into her mind. “I see the horror we can bring. You are right. We must be so much more, Marry.”

Marry sighed with relief. By allowing me my own will, I could have decided to kill her and join Reynolds. Marry stated with a smile, “You must feed first, before we fight.”

“Yes, Marry …” I didn’t want to kill, but feared I may anyway.

“I won’t let you kill. I learned this all the hard way, Larry, but you don’t have to.” Marry grabbed my hand, and we rushed out …

We eventually came across a lone police officer at some outer parameter for the riot. She was in her mid-thirties, and looked like a bit of a tomboy. She was not unattractive, though.

“Hi,” I suddenly stated. Marry stood next to me. The blood on her was masked by the darkness.

The officer shined her light on me. “Sir, ma’am, please turn around. The situation is under control.

“No, it’s not,” I stated, descending my virgin fangs. I shrugged, and continued, “Sorry.” I then plunged my sharp pincers into her neck. The blood flowing into me was unlike anything I ever experienced. My whole body exploaded with life. A few minutes before, I felt my heart cease, and learned a new kind of hunger, while Marry eased me psychologically. ‘THAT’S ENOUGH!’ Marry screamed into my mind. Gaining composure, I pulled my fangs out. Her wounds clotted quickly, thanks to my venom. I licked her neck clean compassionately …

“Do you feel him, Larry?”

“Yes, a little. I can already sense how all he wants only sex and blood. He corrupted himself!”

Before us was Marry’s dark, suburban home. All around us, Vampires were killing and being killed. It was a war zone, and the Humans were loosing. It didn’t take much to transform another; the sexual aspects of the process were optional. By biting the Humans and feeding them Vampire Blood, the former Human would rise as soon as twenty minutes later fully armed and under the will of Jack Reynolds. Sometimes, the transforming weren’t even moved to a safe location. That was how bad the Humans were loosing.

We walked into the center of it all: the home of Marry and her now vampiric family. Reynolds was allowing us to come to him. He wanted Marry and now I under his will, as a symbol of unquestionable obedience.

I soon caught a glimpse of her lover Jackie. She was beautiful in her long blonde hair. Her otherwise green eyes were bright blue from her near continuous feeding. Marry’s love for her bled into me. In gambit, I grabbed hold of her, and forced Marry’s will onto her through mine. Her eyes faded back into their green, as her fangs ascended.

With a look of utter joy, Jackie leapt over to Marry, who stated to me, “Thank you.” Jackie then stated teary eyed, “I think he may just kill you now. He’ll dominate your mind and kill you …”

“He’ll try!” Marry proclaimed.

With me leading, we found our way to the smirking, blood covered Dr. Jack Reynolds. He stood comfortably in the center of the bloodied room. I fell to my knees, feeling his will crushing my mind. The pain! The pain of a twisting, dull dagger into sensitive flesh. I almost submitted, but I felt the combined willpower of Marry and Jackie with me. I stood up, and defiantly proclaimed, “No.”

“Then destruction it is!” the fanged, blood smothered Reynolds darkly proclaimed with his bright blue eyes wide.

He lunged himself at me, and we fell to the floor. We were at each other’s throats. Our strengths were amplified proportionally, and he knew that. So, he desperately tried to throw his spawn at us. Marry and Jackie were just strong enough to hold them back, while forcing Marry’s will onto them. Thus, gaining her own army, while I kept his mind busy.

He did not need his powerful mind for much longer, though. I ripped his head off at the throat. His dead blood spewed everywhere, while life drained from his self mutated body.

I breathlessly stood, his slowly dying blood on me, and looked toward Marry. She knew that would be the last time I kill for her. She nodded in agreement, and sent out all those she already had under her will, save for Jackie, as emissaries to end the bloodshed …

The war was over with the Humans, before it really started. That was her goal. In the open field behind her house, we all kneeled before her. I was at the front with her other love Jackie. While she allowed me to have a will of my own to keep her in check, I was just as a part of her as the rest of our burgeoning race, albeit a part that had the power to destroy her.

“Existence is our goal,” she proclaimed. Marry now fully accepted her new self and role, while she was without choice in that acceptance.

“By your will, our Queen,” we all proclaimed in unison.

Marry looked down to me with a smirk, which I happily returned. Until that moment, I was subconsciously seeing her as the Queen Vampire, and that impression bled into the rest. She was, to her amazement, just fine with the obvious designation.

“To exist, we must peacefully coexist with the Humans, no matter how much some may may despise us.”

“By your will, our Queen.”

“We will expand and learn about our race, yes, but we shall never transform a Human against their will. All those that are transformed must ultimately be subject my will.”

“By your will, our Queen.”

“There is but one punishment for transgression …”

“Our destruction, our Queen.”

She was rather draconian in that proclamation, and she new it. However, we were capable of great destruction, which she will continue to prevent at all costs.

“Now, my Vampires, it is time to learn all that we are to best coexist with humanity!”

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