Aug 10, ‘013 EMCSA Update

WITHIN: Graded primarily on heat and narrative
WITHOUT: Graded primarily on narrative
Possible spoilers below …

The Nimfonian Takeover (mc ff mf fd sf) (new)  by RelaxationObsession
–3/5 (decent, not perfect)–

Everything about that title and synopsis seemed kinda too silly, but I gave it a go anyway. Written well enough, while it seemed very much a genre piece from the start. I automatically thought of the Orians from Star Trek. Not necessarily a bad thing, following the well trodden constructs, but not automatically perfection. Not much depth here. Though this is obviously about the Nymphonians, there was too much lingering on their bodies, and not necessarily them, if those are the right words for how I felt this was conveyed. I’m also a little tired of “humanoid” aliens. Granted, Star Trek explains it through a race that seeded the galaxy, while another or maybe the same race later worked to preserve the form. Anyway, not bad overall, but as Data once affected, nothing to write home about.
(ReReadability: low / follow: no)

While the Mouse is Away the Pussies Will Play (mc ff mf) (new)  by Lisa Teez
–2.5/5 (not great, had some redeeming qualities)–

Didn’t grab me in any serious way, but it wasn’t bad or anything. Overall, straight forward with no serious surprises.
(ReReadability: low / Follow: no)

Just Add Water (mc mf rb) (new)  by Majortoo39
~~1.5/5 (poor +, need to be mesmerized to really like this)~~

Starting off with a large block of text is a big red flag. It made the start feel more like a ramble than it probably was. Though, it felt like the author was just telling me what was going on at times, and not really showing it, making the narrative feel a bit stilted. A bit over detailed at times, too. I don’t need to know every detail, I don’t want to know every detail. Not altogether unreadable, just needed more work.
(ReReadability: Low / Follow: no)

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