Blog Flash: An Act of Love

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This story was around almost as far back as when I stated to write erotica. Just never got around to finishing it, while it is rather short! Perhaps with some irony, this was one of those uncompleted stories that helped bring me to the idea of Blog Flashes. Enjoy!


Blog Flash: An Act of Love


Kristy and Laura were good friends in college. To their regret, they lost touch with each other after they graduated. By the time Kristy decided to look Laura up, five years passed.

“Is Laura Sanders?” Kirsty asked cautiously over the phone. She already called the wrong person at that point.

“Ah, yes. Whose this?”

“Kristy Daniels! I know it’s been a while,” she answered with cautious excitement.

“Oh, Kristy! Wow, yeah, it has been a while … So how you been?”

“Great! I was just thinking about college and all that, and wondered what happened to you.”

“Well, not as much as I would have liked,” she chuckled. “I was with a boyfriend a couple years after we graduated. That didn’t last long. Still talk to him on occasion, though. Right now, I’m actually going steady with another guy I met at work.”

“Actually, I just broke up with Bob.”

“Funny Bob from Graphic Design Club?”

“Yeah, yeah. We started to get serious not long after we graduated. We got hired at the same company a couple months after graduation, and, well, we hit it off. Everything slowly fell apart over the last year though. I guess that’s why I was thinking about those college days.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that. You two even talking?”

“No. At least not right now …”

“You wanna meet for lunch or something … Or, umm, where you living these days?”

“Clear Sands. Its not too far from our old college.”

“Oh, really? I’m only about a few hours drive from you. I guess if I stay at your house for a night or two it would work.”

“That’s no problem.”

They exchanged addresses and numbers.

“OK! I’m actually free this weekend, Kristy. I can head down Friday evening, and we can do whatever Saturday.”

“Great! Can’t wait!”

“Me neither! See yah Friday.”

“See yah.” They hung up.


Laura arrived at Kristy’s late that Friday. They talked for hours, while drinking wine. They changed very little since college. They commented on their hair: Kirsty’s being a darker blonde, and Laura’s black hair being cut shorter. Without fully realizing it, they went back to the college mentality. That sense of the world being ahead of them, and yet the next day did not necessarily matter.

It was late by the time they decided to go to sleep. They were both very drunk. Laura slept on the couch.

They woke up late the next morning, just barely slept past their expected hangovers. By the time they walked out the door to go to a local spa, they felt fine.

At the Spa they both received massages, manicures, pedicures. They even did some tanning. Though Laura’s fair skin never darkened as much as Kristy’s. They were in amazing moods when they left the spa. They wanted to go somewhere for lunch, but did not care where. So, they decided to just drive around until they found something decent.

While walking to the Kristy’s car, they caught eyes with a strange man. It seemed like he said something, but whatever it was, it went in one ear and out the other. It did not bother them, and they just shrugged it off.

Driving around, they quickly realized how strange they felt. They drove into an empty parking lot of a nearby park. While they looked into their eyes, that strange feeling began to overwhelm them. They looked into each other. They saw the beauty in their similar, physically fit builds.

“You’re so beautiful, Laura,” Kristy said impulsively.

“You’re beautiful, too, Kristy.”

They looked into each other’s eyes, and felt only love. They leaned in closer and closer until lips met. A rush of joy bolted through their bodies. Their touching tongues sent waves of pleasure down their spines.

Slowly, lovingly, they pulled each other’s clothes off and away. Their soft bodies sliding against one another was beyond sensual. Soon, they slowly ground their moist pussies, bringing themselves to a near orgasmic state they did not want to end. The wondrous feel and taste of their now sweating bodies began to betray their wants. Yet, they NEEDED to cum. Moaning and grunting and cooing in glorious ways they never thought possible, their need became ever so much closer.

They soon forgot their want for eternal love making, and found themselves almost forcing a state of orgasmic bliss. Their eyes rolled back into their heads; their hands tightly grasped their taut, moist flesh. At the same time, the exploded in utter joy!

Breathless, they held each other in the afterglow. They knew it was a one time thing, yet that fact did not sadden them. They were not in love with each other, yet there was now a powerful love out of their spark of friendship turned bonfire. Both knew they would now forever be closer than most friends would ever be. It was all because of the act they just shared. It was an act of love.

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