Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Great Cosmic Gods

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Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Great Cosmic Gods


Triegg sniffed the air happily. “That didn’t take you long, did it, Succubus?” All Laura’s pheromones seem to do was make his creepily dark smile larger. The matured telepathic abilities of Meghan or I may have taken less time, but Laura has always been very particular about how she conducted interrogations. It was one of many traits she retained from her prior incarnation. She felt that it was far better to break down a subject naturally to ensure a long term, quality stream of information. Still, she obviously had no trouble now applying her empathy and pheromones. I liked to tease her about that hypocrisy.

“You can call me Laura, Mr. Triegg,” she requested, quickly falling back on her old interrogations skills.

“Hmm! Well, you can call me ‘Witch,’ Laura!” he stated, licking his lips, while lustfully looking her over.

“OK … Witch. You seem unsettled.”

“Well, I would like to play a game of footsie with you, Laura. I bet your feet are just as orgasm inducing as the rest of you!”

“Uhha … From your file, I can see that you and your friends don’t like to play by the rules. I understand perfectly, Witch. My kind always had problems with authority.”

He laughed darkly. “Yet, you don’t wanna conquer authority. You guys just wanna eat and fuck for four, five-thousand years, before you run out of gas. Oh right! Eating and fucking is all but the same to you.”

“What do you wanna do for the next five-thousand years, WITCH?” she snapped back angrily. The death of my Maker will always be a part of her.

He let out a slow, villainess laugh, and stated, “There won’t be another thousand, Laura.”

“What do you mean, Witch?” she asked confused.

“My masters always had power above all others …”

“The Gods of Chaos?” she assumed.

“Yes, obviously,” he said with a large smile. “Their power was not wieldable until very recently. For millions, billions of years, they grew annoyed that a select few of their kind appointed themselves as the master manipulators of the Multiverse. Then, the Bacchic Expansion began and ended long before its completion, leaving us with two Truly Great Ones to hold the now two-faced Multiverse together. It was all thanks to Great Zalatoth manipulating a couple Succubi like you, with the help of their special lovers, to summon the First Truly Great One out of oblivion. One of the lovers, the reborn Itra Eleutherios, who wrote the ancient Book of Passions, chronicled it long before it was known as truth.”

“What does the ceased Bacchic Expansion have to do with your Gods of Chaos, Witch?”

“I thought your kind was more patient than that! Anyway, the uncompleted Bacchic Expansion temporarily damaged the substructure of the Multiverse at the point it ceased: our Edge Universe. That was a rallying cry for my masters, along with that almost Multiverse ending power struggle amongst those Gods of Passion that led to the ‘balance’ of two rulers. It was but a moment for them, but it took time for the Gods of Chaos to finally organize. Now, they are preparing to overthrow the Cosmic Gods of Passion. It will be done by destroying the finite Multiverse. We await the Great Nothingness, and what our gods create for us after. All their followers have been promised to be spared. We shall become their DEMIGODS!”

“How could they destroy the Multiverse? Why is that necessary to overthrow the Gods of Passion?” she asked in shock.

“I said it all already, didn’t I, Laura? The high and mighty Gods of Passion have ruled for long enough. Now, the Gods of Chaos shall wield physics itself to destroy their passionate domain. Every galaxy has at its center a supermassive black hole; all those holes need is a little push to gobble everything up. Then, those overstuffed, supermassive gravity wells will be too much for the weakened substructure to handle. Our universe shall crumble, and that crumbling shall cascade ACROSS THE MULTIVERSE!”

“Such power is impossible, Witch!” she said breathlessly in almost tearful disbelief.

“Nothing is impossible, Laura; it just hasn’t been done yet. You see, my masters knew that disbelief was inevitable, while they must feed off of horror and dread. So, Laura, proof of their power will soon be visible to us. The supermassive black hole at the center of the distant galaxy known as M87, NGC 4486, or Virgo A was altered to consume all the matter surrounding it, further weakening the Multiverse’s substructure just a touch more. The destruction of the Multiverse shall come by having ALL present galaxies in our universe implode all at once! Now normally, it would take millions of years for such things to be even known to us, but my masters temporarily altered the way light travels from the former site of Virgo A to us. Therefore, the improbable disappearance of that galaxy shall be known in precisely twenty-two hours, thirty-one minutes and forty-two seconds.”


Though we wanted to believe we heard the false ramblings of a religious zealot, we went to the nearest astronomical research center the next day, which was relatively close to the sector’s Federated Police Station.

“Well, umm, I must admit I’m kinda overwhelmed here!” head researcher Dr. John Black stated with an obvious double meaning. I could sense he liked speaking in such ways, while having multiple Succubi in the same room allowed him to use such speech in ways he technically never intended.

“Don’t worry,” Robert stated lightly, “they’re not hungry!”

“Ah, sure …” he breathed with both disappointment and embarrassment. He was married. “Well, what you told me to look for is impossible. A galaxy cannot simply consume itself. They can clash, they can merge, and maybe even dissipate. I mean, maybe they could consume themselves, but it would have to be over the span of at least billions of years, I’d say. Everything they are known for takes incredible expanses of time. Even a supernova takes quite a lot of time to go through all the phases. That lunatic suggested that a supermassive black hole could be altered alone is nuts, and then, to suggest we can know that it JUST consumed its surrounding galaxy is, well, science fiction!” He moved his hands quite animatedly.

I teasingly leaned close to him on his comfy chair, put my hand on his shoulder, and softly stated in his ear, “In my over two-thousand years of life, Human, all that I once assumed to be science fiction has become reality.” I pulled back with a sultry smile.

The scientist sputtered from his blatant arousal, and mumbled, “Fifty years is always enough for everything to change …” He stood up, and motioned, “Let’s check out old Virgo-A.”

‘That’s a neat trick, Andrea,’ Jessica stated in my head sillily.

‘Ha! Had to stop his ranting, Jess. I bet you didn’t always have to blast those world leaders with your scent!’ I transmitted back.

We both chuckled. There were always rumors the Jessica Summers sometimes had too much fun in diplomacy, but she took her world role too seriously to risk such scandal and exposure. Robert Sundry was all she ever wanted, regardless of the times they needed to welcome others into their bed whenever she needed just that much more. Still, like what was the case for all Succubi, her body alone could make any humanoid droll.

We soon found ourselves in the main lab. It was empty from everyone being home for the weekend. Black, himself, was rather annoyed that he was called in to help with the investigation. His annoyance was nullified once he realized who he was helping.

He tapped in the coordinates on the main console. “Now, we have, what, a couple of minutes before that galaxy disappears off the face of the universe. So if anything is to happen, we should see something.” His tone was quite sarcastic.

The main view screen soon showed the appropriate galaxy. It was a bright, off white orb, with a distinct blue ribbon jutting out into space.

After a couple of minutes, the doctor stated cynically, “Well, there it is, plasma jet and all. Interesting looking one, but not my favorite object out there. I’m sure it’ll shine happily long after even you … have … Oh, my God …” His jaw dropped at the sight before us, as all ours did. The plasma jet suddenly glowed brightly, before it shot out into space. The whole galaxy then glowed brighter, and it began to shrink into itself, like a snowball in the hot sun. Soon, without even a whimper, it was gone …

Dr. Black suddenly shot out of the chair, and ran to the communications console. “MILLSTONE! MILLSTONE! Come in! Oh my fuck, is there anyone down there!?” he screamed to their sister station in Northeastern Massachusetts, USA. “This is Dr. Black! MILLSTONE, WAKE UP!” It was one in the morning down there.

A tired old man’s face appeared on the screen. “Drake Research Center, this is Millstone Observatory. You are speaking to Dr. Johnson. John, what’s the matter?” He never saw his colleague so distressed.

“Oh, my fucking God, GODS! It’s gone! IT’S FUCKING GONE!” he screamed at the console.

“What? What’s gone?” Dr. Johnson asked confused.

“NGC 4486!” he screamed in terror.

“What? Are you OK, John? Virgo A can’t possibly be gone!”

“See it for yourself, Bob!”

The scientist on Earth shook his head, and moved away from the screen. “Something’s up Jack. I think,” we heard quietly though the console. “Ping the Jefferson space-scope. Tell it to take a standard pic of NGC 4486.”

A few moments later, we heard what was probably Jack breath, “Impossible! … Live feed … No …”

Dr. Johnson reappeared on the screen, totally pale from terror. “How is this possible. It’s gone!”

“I watched it consume itself, Jack,” Dr. Black barely stated. “It’s all recored, like everything …” He went numb and limp onto the chair before the console.

Jessica walked over to the console, and spoke to the numbed scientist on the other end, “I didn’t wanna believe it. None of us did, doctor,” she said, lacking her trademark solidity. “We can’t do anything to bring that galaxy and whoever lived there back. But, I think we still have a chance of saving all the others, including ours … I have an idea …”


“I should have known you two were Succubi!” The Potion Master Priest, Sergeant Larry Robertson stated in disbelief. He was quite overwhelmed by the situation, and shielded his psyche with past events, involving the murder-execution of a former follower by a rival Coven.

“I wasn’t one for very long when we spoke through the interspace comm!” Laura exclaimed.

“We need to speak with the Avatar that works with your Coven,” Jessica stated seriously, barely hiding her wavering resolve.

“Yes, I’ll call her. Anything for you, Jessica Summers! Do you know her?”

“No, I just assumed your Coven of Potion Masters had one,” Jessica stated. “I never heard anything about your Coven that would push an Avatar Succubus away.”

He smiled, and took out his earbud communicator. “Lisa?” he called into the fitted earbud. “Are you free at the … Oh, right. Nothing surprises you!” He ended the call, and turned to his guests. “She’ll be here in just a minute.”

A few moments later the incredibly fit, tall brunette walked in the room. Before Lisa was transformed into an Avatar Succubus fifty years ago, she was a successful model and swimmer, and still swam as a hobby. “OK,” Lisa sighed. “The gods were somewhat cryptic to me. They wanted to be metaphysically face to face.”

“Do the Gods of Passion now have a plan?” Jessica asked uncomfortably.

A beyond lustful look overwhelmed Lisa’s blue eyes, and with an inhumanly erotic voice she spoke, “This is the Great Zalatoth. The Truly Great Ones have commanded me to deal with the situation created by the Chaotic Nameless Ones. Thanks to you, we now know the horror they plan, no matter how unfathomable. Only one of us can even fathom what they are planning. Our power is merely through the manipulation of passion in all forms. Only Ulia’athos of Technology and the Digital Domain can grasp their level of science.” Gods of Passion speaking through an Avatar usually aroused all in the room, but the anxiety of our situation overpowered that.

“So, Ulia’athos knows what to do?” Jessica asked confused.

“Yes, however, Ulia’athos was but a lesser one of us. It understood, but it lacked the power to act.”

“Yes?” Jessica motioned impatiently.

“Ulia’athos requested a … promotion, to describe it in your terms. We have complied in making him a Greater God of Passion.” Then in an equally as inhumanly erotic voice, but with intellectual overtones, Lisa sounded, “Yes … They have complied with my request well! My, the Great Ulia’athos’ plan is to have an Avatar of me within the Edge Realm, your realm. Through her, I shall ascertain all that must be done in two places at once.”

“An Avatar?” Robert asked. “You need to do more than just speak through one?”

“The concept of ‘Avatar’ is often used rather loosely amongst humanoids, especially when it comes to Avatar Succubi,” the Great Technological God of Passion spoke through Lisa. “Those ‘Avatars’ can initiate communication at will, but they are by far not our eyes and ears … And, we never will be!” The last was spoken purely by Lisa, before the Greater God continued, “… That is why we must create a rare true Avatar. There was once a feminine being living in both the Digital Domain and the real that could have served my purposes if reprogramed, but she was lost in the Bacchic Expansion.”

“Who do we choose?” I asked breathlessly. The repercussions of transforming anyone were not always predictable. That is one of the reasons why us Succubi do not transform female Humans into one of us everyday!

“Laura already has,” Lisa, in her own voice, said in less than subtly hungry tones, before sitting on the priest’s welcoming lap. Her arms were casually draped around him. The artificial power to converse with the Gods, like with any artificial ability, makes a Succubus quite hungry. I didn’t have to read their minds to know that her and the priest had shared numerous nights for his fun and her feeding.

“Yes, I have …” Laura said quietly. “Allie Whinds …”


Laura could not fully explain why she chose Allie, other than the fact that Laura knew that she was strong willed. We contacted her agent, who was surprisingly helpful. Allie had spoke highly of Laura and I to him. She was traveling, and was currently on Earth in Providence, Rhode Island, United States. She was apparently on a mission of “self discovery,” which he didn’t fully understand …

A day later, we were walking into Allie’s hotel. We were slowly being consumed by anxiety; there was no way to know when the Gods of Chaos would touch the hearts of all galaxies of our universe with their resentful hands. At the same time, we knew our dread was what they wanted, for it was sustenance for them.

We found Allie in the ill attended bar sitting next to a beautiful porcelain skinned brunette. The brunette was on the shorter side, while her body was well proportioned, holding her D-cup breasts elegantly. Her dark brown eyes had a subtle red tint. Her nature was fairly obvious, especially with her otherwise off eye color. She was drinking a glass of Human Blood Plasma reddened by a small percentage of animal blood, as opposed to Allie’s white wine. Such blood alternatives, often artificial, are not that popular, but are often drunk in public. It has always been taboo to feed on Humans in public, especially for Vampires.

She suddenly laughed happily at Allie’s Thanksgiving story, before spontaneously, teasingly kissing Allie’s neck, which had all but healed puncture wounds. I sensed that it was the first time she laughed so strongly for the better part of two centuries. Her self loathing was very deep. This was the happiest she had been in so long.

“She’s with a Domoriosian Vampire,” Laura observed in amazement.

“Yes. You didn’t think a Vampire of Consumption could have a positive relationship with a Human, my love?” I asked.

“Of course they can, baby!” Laura replied defensively. “But, the last time I came across one was back in my Human days with the Federated Police. That one was male, and went nuts. That Cosmic Detective led task force I was on figured him out quickly; he was very sloppy. He happily killed a couple of us before we apprehended him. We found his Maker, who wasn’t too happy, and after his conviction, he was put in her custody.” A case file on a man who was incarcerated for killing Vampires (mostly when they slept), because it was his “duty,” also crossed her mind.

“Never forget about the great weight of time, my love,” I forcibly reminded her. We walked over to them. The Domoriosian Mary looked toward us surprised. She was only paying attention to Allie. “Succubi … and Human … to what do we owe this pleasure?” she asked sarcastically.

“Oh, don’t be so brooding, Mary!” Allie said lightly with a smile. Her innocent devotion toward Laura had not faded at all. “That’s Laura, Andrea, and Meghan. I told you about them … And, we all know Jessica Summers and Robert Sundry …” She was genuinely amazed to meet the last two, in spite of her having a modicum of fame herself.

“Damn, I didn’t know Vampires could be so enticing!” the insatiable Laura cooed hungrily, meaning it as a compliment. Mary simply had far more Sexual Energy within her than the average Human!

“I’m sorry to say, Laura, you can’t have me!” Mary smiled teasingly.

“You’ll be lucky to taste a Vampire in your lifetime, my love,” I stated. I looked over to Mary, and continued, “Our blood is not Human!”

Mary laughed toothily, darkly, retracted fangs looking quite sharp, and stated, “That’s an understatement!” Succubus blood, while neither toxic or not nutritious, is disgusting to a Vampire, while it is taboo amongst Vampires to allow others to feed on them. It is indeed more disgusting for a Domoriosian, who derives Life Energy from blood, because a Succubus’ Life Energy is completely sexualized. Mary looked over to Allie with a smile mixed with love and hunger, and said, “Lucky for me, Allie is quite delicious.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Mary,” I stated, “but I find it remarkable how much your breed has evolved over two millennia.”

“Yes, I know,” Mary answered almost darkly. “I was always progressive amongst my breed, or at least, unchainable. I’ll tell anyone this, because it’s a part of who I am. I caught my Maker draining some unsuspecting Human in dark alley one drunken night back in two-thousand one. The first night I’d been drunk in years, and the last. She thought I was cute enough not to drain me on the spot. So, she fucked around with me for the next couple of nights, invaded my dreams. My cop boyfriend thought I was going nuts, which was true enough. Then on one of the many nights my boyfriend was working late, my Maker came to me, fucked me, and almost sucked me dry. She took me to her home under an abandoned apartment complex, and forced me to drink fresh Human Blood for the first time. I loved the blood as much as I hated what I realized I was becoming …

“Not everyone knows that a Maker of my breed must forcibly make their progeny submit to them, which works most of the time, while it’s far more amiable than it used to be. Drinking your Maker’s blood to facilitate transformation more than helps, while my breed is more careful now. But, my strong will, which she prized, was too much for her to chain, and with the lucky help of my lover, I killed her and almost all the other Vampires there in my rage. Could have just taken over the little brood, but my rage was only to be quenched by my Maker’s destruction, which was after I killed most of the brood and scared away the rest …

“I begged my lover to kill me right after, but he couldn’t do it. I already knew I could never bring myself to suicide …” A small tear escaped her eye (about as much as anyone would see from a Vampire). “I bit him moments later. I didn’t kill him, remarkably. My will was actually strengthened through the transformation, while my love for him was tainted before fading away. So, I became an early member of my breed to not kill actively and live independently. I was among the first of my breed, perhaps, to gain the matured mentality of symbiosis of the other Vampires. I still fucking love Human Blood more than anything!” she looked hungrily at Allie, who smiled back lustfully.

“You murdered your Maker?” Laura said in shock. Though I wasn’t her Maker in the strictest sense (Artificials do not have true Makers), Laura tried to kill me twice over the span of two lifetimes, due to her now destroyed Hunter nature. She then remembered from her days with the Federated Police an odd aspect about Domoriosians: There are far less of them more than two centuries old than any other breed of Vampire. I never put much thought into myself, but Mary gave the answer to why that was, while it took her many years to understand that she wasn’t alone in her universal actions. She still moaned about it all more than some, though.

“And, my punishment is to be a blood addicted monster until the end of time,” she stated in her dark cynicism.

“You’re not a monster, Mary,” Allie stated teary eyed. She put her hand on Mary’s right cheek, and lightly kissed her. “You know you were exactly what I was looking for: true cosmic passion.”

Jessica sighed uncomfortably, and stated, “The Multiverse now has its sights on you, Allie. That’s why we are here. We need to know if you are willing to accept more than just cosmic passion. How willing are you to become something this world has never seen?”

“What?” Allie asked, almost thinking it was some joke.

Mary suddenly grasped Allie’s hand too tightly, and hissed, “They want you to become an Avatar of a Cosmic God of Passion! They want you to save the Multiverse from its imminent destruction!” Mary turned to us and angrily stated with amazement in her words, “I can’t risk loosing her! I’d rather be in her arms if we are facing the end of everything.” She all but admitted that she was deeply in love with her then, but had trouble believing that she could still love like that. Indeed, they were only together for the last week.

“Mary,” Allie stated, “I know how much you love me. I trust them. I don’t fully understand what’s happening, but I don’t think we have the time for understanding. You know, sweet Mary, that even the most extravagant of transformations can’t change who you really are.” She kissed Mary lovingly.


The process of transforming Allie was explained before we left for Earth. The local Narragansett State University, like many others, had the proper technical facilities for their task. Knowing Allie’s location, they contacted the appropriate professor before landing in the city’s spaceport. Doctor Lawrence Chesterton was more than fascinated by what they were proposing, while the reason for it was yet to sink into his mind in any rational way. The only thing that annoyed him was their sudden insistence to meet him at eleven the night they met Allie!

“This was not the way I wanted to become friends with Succubi and Vampires!” the aging Chesterton groveled, opening his lab with his Access Bracelet. Mary practically attached herself to Allie. “The body scanner is on the other end. We can do a mental reading at the same time with my facilities.” The systems were automatically switching on after the security detected his biosignature.

“Good,” Jessica stated.

After Allie waked into the cylindrical scanner, Chesterton handed over a black, latex scanning cap. Enhanced fabrics like latex were available for more than a century, but were not popular for everyday use outside laboratories. I always assumed it was the same cultural reluctance associated with general biotechnology.

Mary tightly grabbed the surprised scientist’s arm, and growled with her bright white fangs descended, “If you hurt her, I’ll turn you into a lifeless husk!”

“Mary!” Allie interjected. “Five year old Humans play with this tech.”

“She’s right, Domoriosian,” the unfazed Chesterton confirmed. “I’m gonna need my arm, my dear.”

Mary let go amazed and almost impressed by how the professor was not intimidated by her. He fangs slid back up slowly. We all sensed that he sized us up the moment we met outside, and knew exactly what to expect from all of us. He was truly brilliant, and secretly wanted to be unbound.

Doctor Chesterton started the recording sequence on his Paper Tablet the moment Mary let go. The machine quietly hummed, while it recorded every physical aspect of her.

“Mary, I will now state a series of words to you. You will have two seconds to visualize and repeat each. Do not worry if you fail to visualize some in the allotted time.”

She nodded.

“Apple … Machine … Love … Travel … Work … Play … Lust … Animal … Family … Mice … Hair … Food … Tree … Telephony … Fan …” He continued on for several minutes, the machine recording her voice and mental responses. “Done,” he stated, recording the response to even that. He shut off his machine. “That was very good, Allie. You gave me the best set of mental data I ever had! I can tell your mental processes are very deep.”

“You have no idea, Chesterton,” Mary stated lovingly, unnecessarily helping Allie out of the scanner.

“Actually, I do!” the professor corrected. “Watch the wall to your left. It will visually show the digital representation of our subject as the data is compiled. From what I gather, something different may happen.” He looked rather excited.

The image started as a wireframe, before organs, bones, and flesh phased in rapidly. The completely accurate representation of the nude Allie was soon visible to them all. “Hello, I am the digital representation of Allie Whinds,” the image stated by default with Allie’s vocal pattern replicated stoically. “This image is Copyright Doctor Lawrence Chesterton and Narragansett State University. It may not be used by others without strict permission by its owners, or distributed for non-scientific purposes.” It then stated almost slyly, “Unfortunately, we may soon smash the copyright for the greater good.”

Chesterton looked both surprised and excited. After ecstatically tapping away on his tablet, he stated, “It appears that my system has been taken over by an outside force!”

“Yes, doctor,” the image stated. “I am not the Great Ulia’athos, but all that I now say and do are an extension of that Greater God.” To Chesterton’s great surprise and joy, the possessed image leaned out into the real world, and beckoned Allie with a sultry smile. The image’s all too real hand was outstretched into the room. Static discharge flowed around where the apparent barrier was penetrated.

There were no holographic projectors in the lab. It was still a hollow thing, held together by a mass of photons and electrons, desperately seeking to be whole. The site haunted us to our very cores, if only because none of us witnessed such an event in our lives!

“Such power is flowing through my systems! The last time I saw data like this was in a report about artificial wormholes …” the scientist breathed with a tear.

While Allie started to walk to the digital image of herself, Mary impulsively grabbed her tightly, tears fell from her eyes, more tears than any Vampire may ever know. “It’s OK, my love,” Allie stated. “This must be done, if we are to be together forever.” Mary did let go, but not without all the will within her, knowing the truth of Allie’s words.

Allie grasped the static-laden hand, and walked into the Digital Domain. Allie’s clothes were erased, while the two apparent twins tightly embraced before our eyes. In a mass of electrically charged, Digital Cosmic Energy, the two melted into each other. Suddenly, a static-laden wave of that powerful Energy burst outward into the lab, and flew through us, making my brethren mouthwateringly hungry, while making the others equally as horny. The power surge loudly burst the lights in the room and most of the building.

Just as we were all regaining our composure through the arousal and hunger, the naked Allie, now the Avatar of the Great Ulia’athos, walked out into the real world, lit by moonlight. She was visually normal, but even the Humans in the room could feel her power. We were all in utter awe toward the naked being.

The Technological Avatar Allie walked over to Mary, who fell to her knees. She placed her hand on Mary cheek, and stated, “My sweet Mary, an Evolved Domoriosian,” she stated with her voice echoing in our minds. “You’ve understandably spent so long hating yourself, my love. Your Maker Lexi was doomed, as was her Maker before her, for their murderous extravagancies. You stayed true to what you will always be on the inside.” She cut her finger on Mary’s undescended fang, and allowed her to drink her divinity infested blood. Mary’s orgasm was deafening, while her eyes exploded with red. Mary’s eyes slowly normalized, and Allie continued, “You are forgiven. You are all forgiven.” Mary fell back in revelation from the mindless, orgasmic pleasure, knowing the truth in her lover’s words …


There was only one place in the Sol System that had the technology to do what needed to be done: the Dead Megacity in Antarctica. Only there could she find a way to view the damaged substructure of the Multiverse, which she surmised was the key to stopping the Gods of Chaos. Allie would not expect to resurrect the whole city to use a necessary, ancient system. The reptilian species that lived and died there were the true inventors of “Built to Last.”

Very few studies were done on the Megacity, since its existence was accepted after the Cosmic Revaluation. Stories of it and how it saved the Multiverse once before were merely seen as fiction prior. Now, it is story of an ending, unlike anything humanoids cannot truly fathom.

Currently, only one eccentric archaeologist led a skeleton crew to study it. They only mapped ten percent so far, partly because the bio-powered transport system required knowledge of the many locations to bring them anywhere.

Allie and the “attached” Mary walked into the well heated science base at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountains, which were recently proven to be created artificially by the long dead inhabitants. Though Allie would have let us follower her there with Mary, we thought we would just become a hinderance.

“Oh, hello …” the young archaeologist greeted in his office. “I’m Doctor John Harvey. We weren’t expecting any visitors …”

“We won’t be here for long,” Allie stated seriously, reducing her psionic echo to zero, as she did her overall divine presence. “My name is Allie Whinds, and this is Mary Lewiston.”

“I suppose you would like access to the city …” he trailed off, noticing the subtle red tint of Mary’s eyes. “This isn’t some weird sexual, vampiric fantasy is it? You two wouldn’t be the first to get that idea!”

Mary grunted angrily, before Allie put her hand on Mary’s shoulder.

“For once, sex won’t save us,” Allie stated coldly. She touched his Scientific Paper Tablet, and took control over it. Visually displaying her words and allowing her divine presence to emanate, she continued, “I am the Avatar the Truly Great Ulia’athos of Technology and the Digital Domain. The god was given Greater Status for a pressing reason. Nameless Gods of Chaos seek to destroy and remake the Multiverse in their own image. The substructure of our Edge Realm has cracks from the failed Bacchic Expansion, and by collapsing all the galaxies in our realm at once, that otherwise healing substructure will be destroyed. That cataclysmic destruction will cascade into the rest of the finite Multiverse. See the proof of their plan in all of its horrific glory!”

The doctor’s jaw was dropped, while he breathed deeply in terror. A whole galaxy consuming itself should not even be a possibility! There was disbelief, if only to protect his sanity.

“Believe her, Harvey,” Mary stated unsteadily. “The longer we wait, the more likely we won’t exist.”

“Yes …” he breathed. “Come with me. I think I know the place you need to go.”

Running down the heated umbilicus to the connected entrance to the city, the archaeologist’s crew, coming back from a day’s work, looked on in confusion. In the metallic, elevator-like room, he placed his hand on the cold wall.

In a blur, they found themselves in a dark corridor. Dust and decay poisoned the air. What looked like natural light filtered in from a room ahead of them. “Fuck, I’ll never get used to that!” John stated, shaking his head. “Lets go.” He led them down the corridor. “We think the room ahead was used for astrophysical studies, based on a translated text we found in there. The structure in there also looks like a radio telescope …”

“Are you saying, Human, that you don’t really know what this room really does?” Mary growled.

“Mary, you must shed that short temper, for me. I know now this place was never meant to save us from the Gods of Chaos. It can only guide us to what must be done, my love.”

They walked into the sunlit room. A massive, stationary dish stood above them like a juggernaut. What looked like computer consoles were recessed into the walls. They looked as dead as everything else in the Megacity.

Without a word, Allie placed her hand on the dead console. Odd creaking noises sounded, before turning into a low mechanical hum. At the same time, the room lit itself with an odd yellowish color from the floor, the glass coverings altered by the great weight of time. A bright white holographic image flickered to life before the Technological Avatar.

Multiple flowing graphs and charts came and went on the holographic screen. Then, scientific calculations beyond all the greatest minds of their age flowed for several minutes. Many strange, swirling symbols were actually invented by Allie on the fly, having to invent and prove new theories of the nature of the Multiverse. After the same line of hyper-advanced mathematics repeated several times, the holographic screen faded away.

Allie walked over to Mary, and they held each other tightly. “I have to go now, my love,” Allie stated with great love in her echoing voice.

“NO!” Mary screamed teary eyed.

“Yes … I must join with my Great Ulia’athos. As one, we will repair the damage to the substructure with our combined Energies. No longer holding the Multiverse hostage, the Truly Great Ones will hunt down and strip all the power the Gods of Chaos wield. My Great Ulia’athos can now predict chaos itself, the Gods of Chaos will have nowhere to hide.”

“I don’t fucking care!” Mary screamed, tears flowing freely. “I can’t spend eternity alone anymore! I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!”

“And, you won’t. Your temper is stunting your psionic power, my love. You are my reason for being. And thus, you are the Great Ulia’athos’ reason for being. My Great God is made awesomely powerful by the love we share, making almost anything possible. We will separate once the task is complete, and I will be with you forever as reward. You give us no choice in the matter!”

They kissed passionately with great love for what felt like an eternity. John shook his head teary eyed, saddened that the world may never truly know the awe and wonder of the love they were emitting in their great embrace.

Forehead to forehead, Allie said quietly, “I’ll be back …” She faded away …

Mary fell to the dust smothered floor, and before the speechless archaeologist, who once thought Vampires could not cry, she exploded with tears …


Endless weeks past, after we returned to the Albatross. The shell shocked Mary came to us soon after, knowing no one else would understand how she was. All that naturally engrained prejudice toward Succubi melted away as if it never existed. She rarely left her Laura’s old apartment, though, unhappily feeding on the animal blood she requested. We offered our own Succubus Blood or to help her find a willing Human, but she said she could only feed on her Allie. We feared for a day she would give up all hope for Allie’s return, and starve herself to death or worse …

Then, Laura, Meghan, and I were suddenly woken up for reasons we couldn’t understand. There was a great pull toward Mary’s room. Fearing the worst, we hurried down to the apartment. Jessica and Robert were brought there, too, by that yet unexplainable pull.

The door suddenly slid open. Inside, we saw an overjoyed Mary tightly hugging the greatly happy Allie Whinds. The smile on their faces brought tears of joy to our eyes. We all sighed with relief, feeling all the mind ripping dread leave us, while we were finally able to return the calls of some rather neurotic scientists. There are so many universes, so many possibilities, but for now, the Multiverse was safe …


Meghan served up drinks for herself, Robert, Meghan, and Jessica, back at Cubare Tavern, and sat with us. All that we had done was mentally taxing, but we were more than pleased with our success. Alexandria was still with her favorite technician — Frenzies are known to temporarily disconnect both parties from current events, while the recently returned Allie was in a similar position with Mary. We planned to meet up with them later.

Causally sipping our top shelf drinks, Detective Ryan Rhodes walked into the bar. He was clearly still on vacation, as evidenced by his casual attire. We casually invited him to our table, looking forward to telling him quite the story. He almost timidly walked over. Laura and I scooched over so he could sandwich a chair between Laura and I.

“Wanna drink?” I asked sweetly. I was tempted to tease him, but Laura and I already did enough of that.

“Yeah, sure, umm, Scotch?” he requested

I mentally sent the order for a top shelf Scotch to the slim blond bartender Sandy. She always hated when I did that, but never actively complained.

Laura then asked, “So, what brings you here, Ryan?”

He answered, “Well, I’ve never been in here before. You were right Laura, I really shouldn’t hold myself back as much as I do.”

“Did you call your wife, Ryan?” Laura asked curiously.

Sandy placed Ryan’s drink before him, and Ryan answered, “Yeah. It was good for both of us. She’s still single, actually, and never been to space before. So, I arranged for her to come up to the station next month. Not sure how I’m going to explain any of you, though, especially you, Laura!”

Laura laughed playfully, sipping her wine.

“Oh, I know what you mean!” Robert stated jokingly with some truth. “I’ve spent a century and a half with one, and I still can’t explain them!”

Jessica playfully punched Robert’s forearm, and stated with a big smile, “You know I’m more than just a Succubus, you idiot!”

They all laughed, and happily sipped their drinks.

“There are things about me that only Robert and my mother knows, actually,” Jessica said with a knowing smile. “My father died long before it was clear to me: what I really am. Everyone assumed, perhaps even the some of the Gods of Passion, that I was manipulated into existence by the Great Zalatoth, but it was always true evolution that begot me. Zalatoth merely predicted my coming, and planned accordingly … I can have offspring like a Witch, while I hold my mother’s special genes. My mother was only able to do it once, but I apparently have total control over it, with the help of the Witch genes of my father. This morning, after Allie returned, Robert wanted us to give it a go. I can tell already that we were successful. Twins are forming inside me.”

“What?” Ryan asked in disbelief, almost choking on his drink, while already suspecting the story he didn’t yet know. We were all quite surprised, because us Succubi rarely hid anything from each other. Still, Jessica was always more than just a Succubus.

“My offspring can only be like any Natural Born. My powers as a Witch do not pass on. I think it’s like how an Artificial cannot pass on any of their artificial powers, when they transform a woman into a Natural. One of them inside me shall indeed be a Natural Born Succubus, but the other is an Incubus. The first true Incubus of the Homo Genus …”

All our jaws were dropped. It was always thought that humanoid males could not handle having their Sexual Energy fused with their Life Energy, and that was an assumed reason why no Incubi were even born.

She smiled happily, looking downward. “I can already sense what he will be through the very DNA. He shall have all the strength of a Natural Born Succubus, but he will not be able to create other Incubi or Succubi naturally through Energy. Though strong outwardly, he will not be able to ingest anything other than Sexual Energy, like what must be done for a natural transformation, and even though he did, to take in any other Energy could mean his death. Instead, if he wishes, he could father a child with any female, whether she be Human, Succubus, Witch, or even Vampire. He may beget either a Natural Born Succubus or an Incubus like him though Humans, while new Succubus-like beings shall be born through the other species. He shall have that control. Apparently, only I or an Incubus can make an Incubus possible in our Genus!”

We were speechless. The look on our faces was apparently just like David Summers’, when he first learned from Alexandria that she was to have his child. We sat in witness to a gateway to the future.

Robert happily rubbed Jessica’s still flat belly, and kissed her sweetly on the lips, before stating, “It’s never hard to keep finding reasons to protect you …”

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