Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Succubus Witch

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people controlled and manipulated in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Succubus Witch


Laura, Meghan, and I all sat quietly for a few moments in Laura’s former apartment before Jessica and her lover Robert. The powerful Succubus Witch Jessica asking us for help in matters even the Cosmic Gods of Passion don’t seem to fully understand came to us as a shock. Sure, Laura more than loves to take on cases privately, but nothing ever like this.

The door suddenly buzzed, breaking our chain of thought. Laura answered it. On the other side was Detective Ryan Rhodes in less than formal attire. He wore relaxed fitted kaki pants and a black nylon turtleneck.

“Detective! How did you find us?” Laura asked amazed. It was obvious something in him snapped.

He barely answered, “I … I am a Detective …”

“… On vacation,” Laura finished for him. She turned her head to us, and stated hungrily, “I’ll find you all later. You can start everything without me.” She turned her head back to Ryan, and said with even more hunger in her tone, while subtly tilting her head, “I need to take care of this.”

Laura and Ryan quickly made their way to Ryan’s apartment. She teased him by letting loose a slight yet focused flow of pheromones. He needed no seduction, but she sensed that he wanted the “full experience.” He wanted her so bad that he couldn’t keep his hands off of her in the elevator. Laura practically had to drag him to his apartment!

His apartment was incredibly spartan, and probably not much less plain then when he moved to the station. That did not matter then. Soon, they fell onto Ryan’s bed. Their clothes already flew off their bodies. They rolled and humped all over the small bed, before they simply fell off. At the same time, Laura drank large swaths of his abundant Sexual Energy with her powerful kiss.

Ryan’s naturally expelled Energy was already being absorbed by Laura, making her moan louder than he. Feeling him close, Laura unglued her mouth, and humped him wildly on her knees. The hard coldness of the floor was meaningless to either of them in that moment. Soon, he loudly exploded into her, making her glow brightly and scream loudly in orgasm.

After a few endless, mind numbed minutes, Ryan crawled out from under Laura. Shakily climbing back into his bed, he said breathlessly, “Wow … I made you glow … I didn’t realize I had so much built up!”

Laura gave Ryan a satisfied smile for the quality feed, before noticing the smashed picture frame on the floor. Neither noticed the picture fell. Curious, Laura took the plastic picture out of the broken frame. It was a beautiful, strawberry blonde woman, with very distinct bone structure, making her face rather striking.

Laura sweetly lay on the bed next to the breathless Ryan, and asked, “Who is she, Ryan? She’s beautiful.”

Taking the picture, he quietly answered, while still trying to catch his breath, “My ex-wife … You probably know something of it already, or at least, the more psychically matured Andrea does … I didn’t mean to sacrifice everything to get where I am, but I did. I lost my wife, Rebecca, not long after I was promoted to Regional Chief Detective up here. It was over long before, anyway … You remind me of her, but I think I’m just projecting …” His eyes became watery, and he started to rub them.

“You really do hold a lot back, Ryan. Sorry for teasing you so much,” she said apologetically, arm around him.

“Humph, I needed someone to break me down! I really do feel better, Laura. Maybe I’ll give Rebecca a call, now; haven’t seen her for so long …” His otherwise sharp mind was coming back into focus, before he asked, “Was that Jessica Summers I saw with you?

Smiling sweetly, Laura answered, “Yes …”




I drove up a long dirt driveway not far from Yellowknife, Canada, feeling incredibly uncomfortable. “3:30pm / Tuesday / Sept 25, 2012,” I saw glancing at my watch. My experience as a detective told me that protectiveness and confusion was a terrible mix. Such elements could cause a Human to murder without a second thought, while I was to deal with a physically superior, wizened Succubus and mentally superior Witch! The information given to me by the Bishop, who was a Witch himself at a faux church in Rhode Island, was not enough to sooth my nerves. I glanced over to my laptop containing that forbidden, arcane knowledge, and sighed deeply.

I soon found myself waking up to the front door of the small house surrounded by trees. The dim gray sky was filled with thick clouds, while the cool air was moist from the recent rain. Cautiously, I rang the doorbell. No answer. I was told that Alexandria would at least be there, because she would not leave the house, or at least the vicinity, after the child was born. That child was why I was there.

“Alexandria!” I called out. “My name’s Robert Sundry. I must speak with you!”

I suddenly heard a twig break behind me. Quickly turning, I was barely able to deflect a lethal blow of a dagger. My constantly active mind made note of the rare moment I applied martial arts skills I started to develop at the start of my law enforcement career, which was now at its end.

That chain of thought was quickly broken, for in an instant, I found myself lying on the wet ground with a strikingly beautiful brunette pinning me down on my back. Her dagger was at my throat, while her glorious scent overwhelmed my mind. My arousal was so powerful that I would have done anything just to stare into her sultry green eyes forever.

“How did you get past the defenses, Human?” she asked forcibly, pressing the sharp blade onto my neck. “The Cosmic Energy should have turned you back the moment you turned onto the driveway!”

My breathing was deep and erratic. “Can’t you … read my mind?”

“I wanna hear it from your lips!”

I barely answered, “Great … Za, Zalatoth … Created a chain of events … Alexandria … There is a church in Providence, Rhode Island … They are all Witches save for their Avatar … Avatar Succubus … I was chosen to protect you, your husband, your child … I agreed … So beautiful …” I lightly stroked her silken hair with my fingertips.

Alexandria picked herself off of me, and tossed her dagger away. Sitting on the moist ground next to me, she rubbed her eyes and said, “Before all this, killing was the last thing on my mind, Robert … David’s Zalatoth Coven secretly knows all about this, of course, including you. Not that we had a picture or anything!” She sighed. “Sorry about all the pheromones, Robert. I think I let out a bit too much! Let me help you inside. David should be home soon …”




Jessica Summers causally walked into the living room of Ryan Rhodes apartment. If she wasn’t so deeply attached to her Human lover and protector Robert, she would be jealous of Laura’s recent fling, which would conveniently enhance the overall strength of the team she created. She could tell from Ryan’s bland apartment alone that he sacrificed everything to become a Regional Chief Detective of the Comic Crimes Detective Unit. In that sacrifice, his need for intimacy was heavily surprised, causing significant buildup of related Energies.

Ryan suddenly walked into the room in a white robe. His large smile turned from joy to nervous surprise. “Jessica Summers … How did you get in here?” he asked breathlessly.

“You left the door unlocked!” she answered causally sitting on the couch.

“Oh …”

Laura walked out still naked, save for her gold bracelet, which she still occasionally wore out of vanity. Playfully leaning on Ryan, she said happily, “You getting impatient, Jessica?”

She answered, “Maybe a little, Laura! The other’s are getting the transportation permit to the moon. We should be leaving soon.”

“The moon?” Ryan asked curiously, failing to hide how much he liked being in Laura’s arms.

Laura answered, “My client here is concerned about these new Chaos Covens, Ryan. Several members are in custody on the moon for violating the Lunar Code clauses relating to large gatherings. We intend to have a word with one.”

“Oh …” he answered breathlessly. “Those Witches have been a growing concern for Cosmic Crimes … Want me to look into anything for you, Laura?”

Laura answered, “Not right now, Ryan. You should enjoy your vacation. Get drunk or something, Human! You don’t need more than those three gray hairs on those temples. I’ll call if something comes up.”

Ryan cleared is throat, before stating unsteadily, “I, uh, I guess I’ll leave you two alone to talk. I’ll … I’ll hop in the shower, I guess …”

“Don’t make it too cold,” Jessica teased.

He impulsively cleared his throat, before walking back into his room and closing the sliding door behind him.

Laura sat next to Jessica, empathically sensing she wanted to talk about other things.

Admiring Laura’s tight, full body, Jessica said, “You know I’ve always wanted to meet someone like you.”

“Like me?” Laura asked curiously. She was a long way away from developing full telepathy.

“A Succubus Hunter turned Succubus. It always amused me how Zalatoth had no problem infusing those confused warrior women with his power so many millennia ago, while simultaneously ensuring their eventual failure. A Hunter becoming that which they hunted!”

Though she had been a Succubus for a while, the free sharing of information between us Succubi was still awkward for Laura.

“Oh, I’m sorry to be so direct, Laura. Even I forget sometimes how long it can take for an Artificial to adapt some things,” Jessica said apologetically.

“Oh, it’s all right, Jess,” Laura stated. “I’m sure you know I’m learning to embrace even those little things.”

“Of course, Laura. Your teachers are better than any Succubus could ask for.”

Laura smiled back happily, thinking of Meghan and I.

Jessica sighed, and said, “There’s something that the three of you don’t yet see.”


“The love between you and Laura could not go deeper. It is the same live I share with Robert. I am truly humbled to know that the love we can give can survive death and rebirth. What none of you realize yet is how close Meghan is to both of you now thanks to her devotion to you. Meghan’s soul is so close to yours and Andrea’s intertwined souls now …”

“… She’s falling in love with us as much as we are with her,” Laura finished with a tear in her eye …




Jessica stormed back to her room before she had her cake for her eighteenth birthday. It had been nearly that long since I first met her mother while a Potion Master friend of David’s had slowed my aging. She had grown to be even more beautiful and full bodied than her ageless mother. She had long, vibrant red hair from her father, who had his closely cropped, and strikingly sultry green eyes like her mother’s. I had sacrificed my entire life for Jessica, and asked for so little in return.

She left her door open a crack. I knocked before entering, and she smiled at me welcomingly on her bed. It was the kind of smile that made everything I had done for her and her parents worth it. I walked inside, and sat next to her on the bed.

“Are you all right, Jess?” I asked kindly. “You really made a scene.”

She growled, “All those Zalatoth Witches and that Avatar see me as their future! Why am I a Witch AND a Natural Born Succubus? As both, I ridiculously go to a public school like a Human, so I’m a faux Human, too!”

“It’s all right, Jessica.” I brushed my hand through her fiery silken hair. “Every intelligent being questions who they are. You should have seen me at your age! I was a disaster.”

She glanced at me watery eyed, and sighed, “You can’t know what it’s like to be me, Robert. No one can! … I’m so fucking hungry …”

I then understood exactly what was happening with her. Yes, there was that “teen angst,” which anyone would experience, but as a Natural Born Succubus — with the powers of a Witch, that angst was being fueled by her need for sexual passion. A Natural Born has a remarkable early control over herself. After a Natural Born completes puberty, they need Sexual Energy like any Succubus to survive, while they can go years before their first feed. Unfortunately, all that remarkable control is destroyed the moment they feed for the first time. “Feed on me, Jessica,” I suddenly offered.

She looked at me amazed and shocked, and said, “No, I can’t feed on you!”

“You finished developing at sixteen. We all noticed. Still, like any Natural Born, you controlled yourself. Your mother has discussed with you how to do this many times, Jess. Both your parents told me that they’ve wanted me to be your first. I’m here to protect you. You must feed on Sexual Energy to survive, and if that means feeding on my Sexual Energy, then so be it!”

“But, you’ll die, Robert!”

“And, you’ll bring me back! You know how, Jessica.” The first feed of most Succubi leads to the death of those fed upon, but that does not mean that those fed upon cannot be revived.

Breathing deep, she cautiously leaned in for a deep, passionate kiss. It was admittedly strange at first to make out with someone I knew as a baby, but her natural sensuality broke through the oddness. Plus, she wasn’t really Human!

She suddenly pulled back, looking uncomfortable and unsure. I leaned in, and removed her clothes. She removed mine, in turn, while her discomfort slowly faded. We resumed making out, but this time with greater passion. Suddenly, she began to drink large swaths of my Sexual Energy. After almost cuming prematurely, I uncontrollably rammed my solid cock into her tight, untouched pussy. I humped wildly, while she continued to drink my Energy through my mouth. My mind faded into nothing amongst the powerful passion. I soon grunted loudly in orgasm, while she drank and absorbed every last ounce of my Sexual Energy. Blackness soon surrounded me …

The next thing I knew, a quick blast of Energy flew into me. I nearly came from its orgasmic nature. In my blurred vision, I saw a relieved and satisfied Jessica looking down at me. “Jess … Jessica …” I barely said. She admitted to herself then what I did not yet realize: we were falling in love. While unexpected, it was not surprising. The first feed of any Succubus is always somehow profound, but while that profoundness is often ultimately innocent, it can lead to something remarkable. She had known me almost all her life, too. Now that I was her first feed, the literal intertwining of our souls was inevitable.

The clarity that came with her first feed helped her to understand herself, and the destiny she knew all too well. The majority of Humanity really has been ignorant for far too long, she finally understood. Jessica knew, however, that it was still too early to reveal Cosmic knowledge onto Humans. So, she revealed herself to the awed Succubi, Witches, and Vampires. She, of course, did not meet each individual in turn, but she met with enough of them for her existence to be widely known …




The moment Laura walked into Jessica’s private shuttle, I knew she had come to understand something profound. “What’s wrong, Laura? Your thoughts seem muddled …” I asked. She looked at me with a deep look of love I felt just as deeply, and gave the same look and feel to the receptive Meghan. Laura and I were always a bit thick headed, while Meghan was patiently waiting for us to realize her feelings. We stood before each other only thinking deep thoughts of love, before we impulsively began to share the Sexual Life Energy within us with a passionate kiss.

“Sorry to break this up,” Jessica said to the three of us, “but we need to strap in for launch!” We only had a few minutes of perigee with the moon to ensure the fastest trip.

We looked at each other, and lightly laughed, before taking out seats.

“Control, this is transport vessel David requesting permission to launch,” Sundry stated through the consul communicator.

“Permission granted,” the controller responded. “Depressurizing bay. You may begin your launch sequence once outer doors are open.”

Minutes later, Robert piloted the ship out into the darkness …


“Something just came to me, Jessica,” Laura stated quietly in the confined space. Robert had hit the autopilot, and had been taking a nap alone in the compartment behind them.

“I didn’t know about that expedition to a rogue planet known as Landry,” she responded curiously, catching the subject telepathically.

“Yes, Jessica, they kept it quiet, but I was allowed to retain my security clearances. You know I like my mysteries! Anyway, they wanna do further staffed research, but the first staffed mission was basically a disaster.”

“A mind altering rock does not have to be related to a God, Laura, but from what I can gather from your memory of it, there does seem to be a connection.”

“Yes, Jess, anything that can affect one of us as much as was suggested is worrisome, and I know the Gods of Passion have used such mediums to screw around.”

“The expedition team returned about about a year ago, if memory serves you, Laura. It’s quite convenient that this Dr. Aldo is in the same general area we’ll be in.” They both knew that there was far less coincidence than the average Human liked to believe. The Gods of Passion were obviously pushing them in the right direction subtly.

“I guess providence is on our side, now!”




Looking down upon David Summers body in an open casket was totally unbelievable. The love he shared with Alexandria was as deep as mine was with Jessica, but he elected to not hold back age like I did (Jessica already brewed far superior, more palatable potions herself for me). It was devastating to us all, but even more so for Alexandria. Though her soul will ultimately let go of David’s, Alexandria may never even try to find such love again. That is why Succubi avoid falling in love with anyone other than their own incredibly long lived species or Witches slowing their aging. Still, love is love, and age or species does not have to be a factor.

The Witch David still looked quite young for his age, for Human standards, though. He died at the ripe old age of one-hundred and thirty-five, which was a decade or two older than average for a twenty-first century Witch. Ironically, he looked very much like what his official military and government records stated: one-hundred and one. Human life expectancy in North America was around eighty-five then. He was wearing his dress uniform of the Canadian military, which showed his shining lieutenant bars and duty patches proudly.

I looked around the room, seeing the mix of Human and Witch (the Avatar Succubus of David’s Coven was also present). That mix made it so that the Witches could not speak openly about their true goals in life, to say the least, but such a mix was common for Witches, who often integrate themselves into Human society.

I quietly walked over to Jessica and Alexandria. They were holding each other tightly and crying, while Alexandria was simply exploding with tears. I tenderly placed my arm around them both …

Jessica’s rise to power was not as hard as she expected. Sure, it was almost seventy-three years after she accepted the destiny that was hers to shape, but she had to patiently wait for the right moment, which was unfortunately not long after her father’s death. Witches, Vampires, and Succubi were perhaps even more patient than her, since she revealed herself to them not long after her eighteenth birthday.

In the United States, a Minnesota Senator was forced to resign amongst a growing controversy over a his tenure as a CEO at a private investment firm, which not only illegally profited by bankrupting companies, but also by having organized crime connections. It was impressively unbelievable, but there it was.

So, Jessica quickly found herself moving to Minnesota. Several Witches of the Great Zalatoth of Manipulation and the Great Shurath’cas of Domination were in key positions in the state and federal governments, and easily altered records to indicate she lived in the small rural town of Barre, Minnesota, for five years. According to the falsified records, she was born in Minneapolis, while she moved back within the last year. In the city, she lived in an upscale apartment with myself (Robert Sundry), and Jessica’s older “sister” Alexandria Summers. Like when we were married in Canada, Jessica did not take my last name, which could only be a problem for the minority traditionalists.

Her coming from seemingly nowhere was a major asset to her politically. Plus, her natural animal magnetism and command of Witchcraft made her instantly likable. She ran as an independent populist, and simply overwhelmed the other “well known” candidates. It was a, so called, anti-incumbent year as well.

The ultimate election saw Jessica winning in a landslide in the special election of 2103. None of the other candidates put up much of a fight, save for one. That one candidate had the “What Summer?” campaign, and came very close to uncovering Jessica’s true history. Alexandria steered him in the wrong direction, among other directions.

Jessica’s tenure as Senator was considered highly successful, in that she put she herself in the middle of all important legislation, which nearly always assured its passage. Every member of Congress ultimately sought the “Summers Seal.”

While she was Senator, Jessica and her base supporters in her home state established a new political party called the United Populist Party (UPP or “Pops”). Their overall outlook had very little to do with the traditional political “wings,” while they did adhere to an overall philosophy of “Centrist Progressivism.” Jessica’s high profile nature helped the new Party become national fairly quickly, and they soon updated their name to the United American Populist Party (UAP or still “Pops”). With strong national support by 2107, it came as no surprise that Jessica announced her candidacy for President, instead of reelection for Senator. Even though it was unheard of for a Senator to run after such a truncated first term. Nonetheless, she was never shy about hiding her political ambitions. Indeed, she was never shy about anything!

Jessica quickly chose the very Human Chairman of the UAP Jack Lorenza as her Vice President, and soon found the then traditional political parties unable to gain the social traction she had. She ran on the resonating platform of “Growth Through Unity.” China, who was essentially running half the world, was simply crushing the United States economically. In the election of 2108, she and her party won in a landslide.

For the next four years, Jessica, with the help of her Party’s majority standing in Congress, brought the United States to equal economic footing with China through a series of successful socioeconomic reforms. At the same time, Jessica worked to make the apparent Cold War with China downright glacial. After negotiating a highly successful new trade pact with China, specifically including off-world colonies, the entire global economy soon found itself at new heights. The Earth was still by far no utopia, but it was finding itself closer to that than it ever had been.

Then, the election of 2112 saw for the first time in the United States since 1820 a President run unopposed. With her popularity at unfathomable heights, Jessica decided that it was time to reveal herself and the Cosmic Gods of Passion’s affect on our world. She decided to do it during her 2013 inaugural address. It caused quite the stir, but it was at the best possible time for there to be minimal negative repercussions. Of course, the legal legitimacy of her presidency was certainly in question (it technically was from the start), but no one had the gall to stand up to the Succubus Witch. Vice President Lorenza, who became the next president, took the revelation by only batting his eyes a few times with his jaw dropped at the inauguration. He was, after all, a pragmatist, or at least, he finally understood why he loved her perfume so much …




We seamlessly made it through Lunar Customs, and found ourselves at the appropriate apartment. The woman that answered the door was Dr. Laura Smith, who was the only Human that was pronounced sane after their expedition.

“Dr. Laura Smith? Is Dr. Rebecca Aldo with you?” Laura Drax asked in her serious tones.

“Who’s at the door, Human?” Rebecca asked jokingly, sensing who was there already. She walked up to Laura Smith, and held her lovingly from behind. They were now very much in love, right down to their intertwined souls.

“Hello, I’m Laura Drax, and these are my friends Andrea, Meghan, Jessica, and Robert.” Her tones were always so serious, when she was investigating, and it amused me until recent events.

“Come on in!” Rebecca offered. “I don’t think you bunch’ll be the last to talk to me about that expedition.” Her psychic skills were not yet developed enough to read our minds, but she sensed more than enough to know why we were there.

There wasn’t enough seating for everyone, so Rebecca and her lover Laura politely sat on the coffee table. They held hands, fingers interlocked.

“I sense you may know what we found,” Rebecca stated.

“You know there are these Chaos Covens that worship apparent Gods of Chaos?” Jessica asked.

“Yes,” Rebecca answered, “they like to cause a lot of trouble … I guess the connection is obvious, Jessica, but very human Laura and I really just want to move on with our lives.”

“I understand,” Laura Drax stated, looking at me lovingly. “The Gods of Passion are known to use similar means for their own amusement, and it stands to reason that the Gods of Chaos do as well. Can you tell us anything that may not be in the reports?”

Rebecca sighed, and answered, “Most of what happened is there … but there is something that only my Maker and Laura know. Something I hope to never say again to anyone else … The rock only wanted me. I was a rare Succubus that had a weak understanding of the Symbiotic Philosophy. It knew that, and exploited it. I of course never wanted to kill anyone, but I saw myself as above humanity, rather than next to it. It offered a means of shedding those bonds to humanity I so wanted to shed, and it offered that through its madness. I was given the ability to return to Earth, and destroy the Symbiotic Philosophy to conquer the Earth and beyond with all our fellow Succubi. My corruption was capable of spreading like a psionic virus amongst our kind. And, you know what? I wanted to do it …”

I and the others were taken aback. Rebecca was perhaps one of the few of our kind capable of such corruption, and it was a terrifying thought that we could have all been corrupted through her. It was all but a miracle that she didn’t let the corruption take her.

“As you probably already sense,” Rebecca continued, “my Laura was the only one that kept me from changing everything. It was out of the fact that I didn’t NEED to dominate her body and soul. She saw me as her protector, and still does … She protected me by saving my life, and I protected her from those who were totally lost in the madness. I just couldn’t betray her in the way that rock wanted.”

“I won’t always be here for you, my Becca,” Laura Smith stated.

“I’ll never loose what you’ve given me, my Laura.” Hands tightly interwoven, they kissed each other sweetly on the lips.

We all left Laura Smith and Rebecca soon after, worried about our coming meeting with a Chaos Witch. None of us met one before, while even the Gods of Passion seemed worried about them. The thought that true chaos could be my kind’s weakness was more than sobering …


“Well, there he is,” the security officer stated, outwardly remaining professional around highly sexual beings. “Their leader here, I guess: Jonas Triegg. He is a suspect in the Artificial Vampire Incident down in Toronto, Canada. He and his followers strangely put up no struggle, when we apprehended them for violating the Lunar Code. There are records that suggest he was also a leader of a Dark Coven, but it appears that nearly all records of him were erased less than a year ago. Anyway, I don’t even think you gals can seduce him enough to make him act even close to something normal!” A dark brooding man sat quietly on the other side of the enhanced two way wall.

Robert chuckled quietly, being the only other Human in the room. He knew that Succubi could make most humanoids do whatever they wanted, while they usually didn’t have to try very hard.

“The room might be a bit crowded if all of you go in …” the officer stated uncomfortably. The room was not exactly pressurized for too many people.

“I’ll go in. I’m the only active detective here!” Laura said lightly, while glancing at the long retired Robert Sundry.

Laura soon found herself sitting across the smirking Witch. She let loose a controlled burst of her potent pheromones, which had proved quite affective in the past. Though, she was hoping that they would at least calm the flowing, chaotic emotions within him …

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