Blog Flash: The Goo

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: The Goo

Laura woke up that Saturday morning still feeling tired from the past week. She wasn’t a morning person on the best days, but she was hungry. On automatic, she made up a bowl of cereal for herself. Without even looking, she filled her spoon, and put the contents in her mouth.

Her eyes quickly went wide. It wasn’t milk in her mouth. It was from a jug; it was white; but it wasn’t milk! For reasons not apparent, she didn’t automatically spit it out. The thick goo permeated her mouth, and dripped down her throat. While tasteless at first, it soon became the tastiest, sweetest thing she ever had in her mouth.

She suddenly found herself obsessively consuming everything in the bowl, before licking it clean. Looking over to the nearly full half gallon jug of white goo, all she could think about was drinking it all. She grasped the open jug, and chugged madly. She felt the goo pleasurably permeate every crevice of her like it was alive. Somehow, it was what she wanted. No, it was what the goo wanted. It wanted to be her. No, she wanted to be the living goo. Yes, the goo was her!

The next thing Laura knew, she was doing push ups in her living room. She had no idea how long she was doing this, but that didn’t bother her. It didn’t bother her like it don’t bother her that she was naked and dripping sweat everywhere. Her sweat was different somehow. Instead of the expected clear salty liquid, her clear sweat was thick like the goo that flowed through her veins.

She went for almost another half an hour with her push ups, before switching to aggressive yogalates, which she only now knew. Happily nibbling at her own pussy lips, she knew she was now a contortionist. No, that was a side product of what she was becoming. And, everything that was her wanted to go all the way.

Her boyfriend walked into her apartment to see sweaty Laura aggressively doing stomach crunches.

“Laura?” he asked in shock. He wasn’t looking at the same woman he saw the night before. Not only did she look wild, she also looked incredibly fit, muscles glistening from a thick layer of her sweat. The chestnut haired brunette now looked like a sexy, athletic supermodel!

“What’s wrong, John? Don’t you wanna fuck what you see?” she asked flatly.

Laura lunged at him, and they tightly made out. Her spit was the goo, like the rest of her, but it may not change him quite as much. They felt to the floor, Laura ripping his clothes off. He kissed and licked down her sweaty body, clearly loving the goo-sweat he was beginning to ingest. He slowed to savor her legs, before worshiping her now perfect sevens. They were once veiny with large bunions, but they were now as smooth and streamlined as the rest of her.

On impulse, she moved her feet away from his hands and mouth, and pressed them together from heal to toe. To her awe and amazement, she felt her heals, pads, and toes fuse, while her wrinkly arches became warm and moist like her dripping pussy. Indeed, the apparent foot-pussy was dripping more so in that moment.

“What’s happening to you?” he barely asked, wanting to fuck the new pussy badly.

Laura wanted to answer, but her mind was becoming clouded with thoughts of only sex and cum eating. Before language left her completely, she barely stated, “Fuck … feet-pussy!” At that, she was merely a Sex Machine.

A second later, he shoved his cock into the warm, moist foot-pussy. In the perfection of the feeling, he humped the pussy wildly. They moaned and cooed happily. Thanks to the goo, they were now in perfect time with each other, and soon came loudly at once.

The Sex Machine lapped up the cum happily off her separating feet. Instinctually, she knew that was the food that sustained her. Watching his transformed girlfriend feed, the goo finally overwhelmed his mind. The Sex Machine was the only one he could fuck, and that was all he wanted to do. He was not a Sex Machine himself, but thoughts of fucking and feeding her were consuming him. John became the Feeder.

He easily willed his cock back to its erect state, and brought it to her mouth, which quickly morphed into an O-face with her lips over her teeth. The inside of her mouth became a pussy in its own right at the same time. He then shoved his throbbing member into the Sex Machine’s mouth-pussy, and humped wildly. Her muffled cooes of pleasure only made him hump her head faster and harder. Amongst the pleasurable gooey juices, he came forcibly down her wanting throat.

Soon after removing his softened cock, the Sex Machine’s puss-mouth morphed back into what it was before, clearly savoring the tasty cum. He willed his cock back to solidity, and plowed her original pussy. It was as good as all the rest, as it was it’s own distinct pussy. The crotch-pussy was connected with her stomach like another mouth, and as such, the Sex Machine could taste the cock inside her. He worshiped her sensitive breasts at the same time. They soon came together in a lustful passion, the Sex Machine loving the taste of cum via her crotch-pussy.

There was only one more hole left to fuck in this feeding. The Sex Machine went to all fours, and happily presented her dripping ass-pussy, which was also connected with her stomach. He shoved his hardened cock into the hungry Sex Machine. She happily reeled and cooed at the feel and taste of his cock in the tight hole. This was their favorite pussy, they quickly realized. He soon came a final time into the wanting Sex Machine, who unsurprisingly loved the taste of his cum in her ass-pussy more than her mouth or crotch-pussies.

They soon lay next to each other, making out, while the Feeder rubbed the Sex Machine’s ass-pussy. The Sex Machine had her fill, but she still loved sex! The Feeder obliged …

“I see the experiment was successful,” the alien scientist stated to himself in its resonating tones. “Now to see it unleashed on the whole population!”

2 thoughts on “Blog Flash: The Goo

  1. I know that was your foot fetish bleeding through, mate. Shear me and put me in a painting if I do not recognize someone’s kink bleeding into the story. But, man, was it it sweet!

    It is the first time in a long while since I read through whole descriptions of sex. It wasn’t the sex, but how creepy and arousing their mechanical body modifications happened. Just how they suddenly were different, understood it, and accepted it. How her body morphed to become what she wanted, neeeded, and was.

    My favourite bit was how I imagined her face to become once her mouth became an O.

    Nice work, Potestas. Nice work.

    The alien bit at the end? A bit of a far stretch. I would’ve left the mystery unsolved.

  2. Thanks for reading! In a way, this particular Flash was almost primordial in the thought processes behind it. I like TF goo, I like physical alterations for the sake of sexual pleasure, etc.
    As for the bit at the end, I must admit to being on the fence about it’s inclusion. In my head, it made sense, but written it does look a bit out of place. When I reedit this thing into the Blog Flash Vol2 eBook, I’ll probably change that bit. Might instead make it circular like The Dildo, and show someone else consuming the Goo. Or I might even think of something better!

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