Monthly Gold Star of June

**Good Neighbor (Paladin) (mc mf md gr hu) (new)  by Paladin**
~~4/5 (pretty good, not perfect but enjoyable)~~

While the start didn’t grab me, that issue was more than made up for by a fine story. Made more significant by the fact that it was graded on narrative alone. Kind of a fantastical farce in the end. There is nothing wrong with that!

Original review:

Is this author suggesting that I am immoral by reading this!? :P Anyway, if I didn’t choose to review this, I probably would’ve stopped reading sentence one. It was just too direct too soon. The concept of women eating cum is not necessarily a turn off for me, but it’s not necessarily something that would pull me in, especially narratively. Understandable, given this being comedic, but still … I did have some trouble suspending my disbelief. She seemed a bit too eloquent, given the circumstances. Did trail the fine line of degrading into ridiculousness, but held itself together nicely. By the end, I was happy I saw this through.
(ReReadability: moderate / Follow: no)

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