Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Lost Technitian

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people controlled and manipulated in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is a sequel to Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective. Like the first, it is set in the Edge Universe, which is also featured in Beyond the Madness of Passions. Enjoy!


Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Lost Technician


“OH MY FUCKING GOD, LAURA!” Allie Whinds cooed, after fellow Succubus Laura teasingly sipped at her Sexual Energy in Laura’s bed. Allie was an incredibly sexy, raven haired brunette, with creamily light skin, and full and physically fit body. Indeed, she was a model, and an actress in mostly independent films. She came to Albatross Station to meet with an uncle, who was an agricultural technician. What brought her to private detective Laura Drax, who was also a consultant for the Cosmic Crimes Detective Unit of the Federated Police, was the very reason they were currently in bed together. Ironically, they were not having sex for the sake of sex.

About a week ago (a few days before she arrived on the station), Allie seemingly innocently found a nearly two-thousand year old gold coin on Earth. It was a coin from the Roman Empire, and had the image of the Emperor Septimus Severus. It was owned by a man named Richard Lorenzo.

Nothing was innocent about that coin or its owner, however. Lorenzo was an independent Dark Witch of Shurath’cas, and acquired the coin about one year ago. The coin, he knew, had the power to remake any humanoid into what is misleadingly called a “Sex Wraith” by Fusing the victim’s soul with the apparent artificial soul within the coin. The resulting Sex Wraith is essentially a slave addicted to sex, under the control of another. It was not unlike the myths of zombies controlled by witches or voodoo practitioners for their own nefarious ends. The ultimate use of Allie was unclear beyond sex, but it could be anything from also thief to warrior. Use or creation of such objects were no longer allowed, even within Dark Covens, because artificial souls were considered disgusting, horrific abominations by most Witches for at least the past millennium. Plus, Humans were no longer completely ignorant of Erotic Witchcraft.

The Witch description of “Sex Wraith” is derived from a long lost tribe near the Himalayas. They described slaves as “Wraiths,” because they did not consider a slave as one of the living. Though all but forgotten with time, they were legendary for their command of Dark Witchcraft. The coin itself was unlikely to have been altered by them, but the concept of a Sex Wraith had come from them.

Having that broad knowledge of the Gods of Passion, Allie could tell something was wrong, at least in her growing libido. Remarkably, Allie was hoping to meet with at least Laura, not only because detective work fascinated her, but also because she never knowingly met a Succubus before! Laura took on the case without a second thought, because she sensed what was being done to her. It was very clear to Laura that the God Zalatoth was pulling the strings, because he is known to enforce Cosmic Rules — written or no — through others.

Laura quickly learned about the coin and its dark master. She ultimately found that there was only one way of stopping a Sex Wraith transformation, and that it required intense sex from someone other than the coin’s master. If the victim uses up too much if not all their Sexual Energy before they become a Wraith, then the connection to the coin is broken.

So, Allie agreed to do more than just meet a Succubus, while Meghan and I (Andrea) sought out Lorenzo in Hong Kong to safely procure his coin before he could do more damage. It was unlikely that he could handle two Succubi, let alone one!

“HUMPH … Wow!” Allie exclaimed, while Laura hungrily ate out her wet snatch, absorbing Sexual Energy even before Allie’s orgasm.

From her insatiable appetite, Laura learned how to feed on expelled Sexual Energy even before an orgasm from those she had via absorption. It was a rare talent, while it was only truly worthwhile if several people were essentially jerking off to her. Though, a Human could be used to focus such expelled Energy for more efficient absorption. Though in spite of her deliciously insatiable nature, she still preferred no more than one or two at a time.

“OH God YES, LAURA … I can’t fuckin’ BELIEVE it!” she cooed, while Laura violently fingered her G-spot.

After Laura lustfully felt up and down Allie’s long legs and silken feet, she stated teasingly, “You’re a talker!” She then glued her mouth onto Laura’s, and unabashedly inhaled her Sexual Energy. They then wildly ground their dripping crotches together, while uncontrollably grabbing at their backs. Allie was so damn close …

Allie’s screams of passion were barely muffled by Laura’s hungry mouth. Laura absorbed every last bit she could. To hold back could mean loosing this poor woman to whatever diabolical schemes were laid out for her. After there was nothing left to take, Laura sat up on her knees, and let loose a glorious orgasm of her own, while glowing brightly.

After a few breathless moments of reveling, Laura leaned down and kissed life back into her. Allie’s eyes opened slightly, while drooling from her smirking mouth. “You’ll be OK now, Allie. I don’t sense your soul being toyed with anymore.” Laura happily watched the Earth casually float by the window, and continued, “I’ll check on Andrea and Meghan. Don’t answer the door for anyone!” The last part was a bit of a joke. Allie was going to sleep so deeply that she might not even notice if the station explodes!


A few days later, Laura found herself casually walking into Cosmic Crimes Regional Chief Detective Ryan Rhodes’ office. She sat before him with a teasing smile. “Don’t you ever leave this office, Ryan?”

He cleared his throat, and stated not fully with his head, “I do have a lot of vacation coming to me …”

Laura licked her lips, and said deeply, “We all need to let go sometimes.”

He cleared his throat again, and stated, “So, umm, I hear you took on another private case recently, Laura Drax. How did that go?” That was his way of saying that he already knew everything, while he wanted to hear it from someone else.

“Just fine, Ryan. Andrea and Meghan obtained that coin from Lorenzo without much issue. You know how our pheromones are! The coin was given to a nearby Zalatoth Coven to be properly disposed of. Lorenzo was handed over to his former Shurath’cas coven in Canada. Andrea told me that they weren’t too happy with him. Oh, and Allie went home with some delicious memories!”

“That’s, that’s very good, Laura.” Laura knew Ryan Rhodes for a good year and a half, and him still being turned to jelly by the mere prescience of a Succubus said quite a lot, actually. Provided a Succubus wasn’t looking for fun, most would simply just turn their heads, and later have an innocent wet dream, while never really losing composure. We evolved to blend in amongst Humans! Yes, long term relations with one of us can lead to distinct devotion, but that’s generally manageable for both parties. It was not much deeper than the feeling of a life long friendship. Ryan, however, was married to his job, and really didn’t get out of his office much. The more someone had to give; the more easily they were drawn to one of us. He obviously had quite a lot to give, and any of us would love a night with him, if he ever let go!

Laura then asked curiously, “So, you have something for me?”

“Yes … Seems simple on the surface. One of the station’s agricultural techs, Robert Fryer, has gone missing. We think for the past three days or so. Long story short, the station’s Security Chief suspects possible Cosmic connections, and I want you on the case.”

“OK, I’ll clear everything up for yah, Ryan!” Laura sat up, and suggestively stroking his cheek, she sultrily stated, “Oh, and don’t forget about that vacation coming to you.”


Laura came to our apartment after accepting the case. She moved in with me more than a year ago. Meghan and I returned to the station at about the same time as her meeting, while Meghan went to her apartment to unpack after. Laura did plan to meet us originally, before Ryan called her in on short notice. We embraced more tightly than usual, while aggressively sharing our Sexual Life Energy. She would sometimes legitimately try to feed on me as a tease, and I would tease back by drinking all she took.

“Still teasing poor Ryan, my love?” I asked lightly, while we held each other tightly. Our hands lovingly brushed through our long dark hair.

“Oh, yeah! He’s REALLY gonna love a Succubus soon, I think. I finally got him to openly talk about vacation time, baby!” she exclaimed in my arms.

I grunted at her annoying, undying nickname for me. “Will you EVER stop calling me that?”

She smiled teasingly, and answered, “Nope!”

I shook my head with a big smile, and we sat on the old couch, hands glued together. I then asked, “So what did that lump of jelly give you this time, Laura?”

“Oh, just some missing technician. The station Security Chief is starting to get paranoid, I think. I don’t think there’s anything Cosmic about this one.”

“But, you never know, my love.” We kissing lovingly, sharing the Sexual Life Energy within us …


Laura stood waiting outside the door of technician Fryer’s manager. Thoughts of my Maker Inna’s death not much more than a year before crossed her mind, as it often did in quiet moments. Witnessing such a death leaves a permanent scar on the soul, regardless of species. It’s out of how all Succubi touch everyone with our passive Animal Magnetism. All that she felt the moment of her death and more psychically exploded out of her, whether we realized it in the heat of the moment or not. I once described it as how we evolved to truly live forever in those that outlive us, but having experienced it, there are no words to truly describe it.

The metallic door suddenly slid open. “Laura Drax, please have a seat,” he motioned politely behind his desk filled with pictures of family. In another time, the desk likely would be smothered with work related papers, but it was all conveniently organized in the white Paper Tablet before him.

Laura sat, and began, “You do know why I am here, Dr. Major’s?”

“Yes, Ms Drax,” he licked lips, while barely controlling his impure thoughts toward the Succubus before him. They never formally met, but he knew what she was. After the Cosmic Revaluation, many Humans learned to recognize Succubi fairly easily, but we were fine with that. “There … isn’t much more I can say that I didn’t already tell the Security Chief. Last time I saw him was four days ago in the lab right across that hall. That being a Friday, not seeing him over the weekend was not surprising.”

“You’ve never had drinks after work?”

“No, not unless a major project was completed. I’m not really that sociable, Ms Drax. I go to work, go home to the family downstairs, make dinner if it’s my turn.”

“When did you first think there was a problem with Fryer?”

“‘Problem’ I think is the wrong word. Fryer is very punctual, even though he’s a hell of a lot sociable than me! When he didn’t come to work, I actually called his apartment. He’s called out sick before, but I heard nothing this time.”

“And, no answer?”

“No, nothing. I even went down to his apartment after work, but he didn’t answer. That’s when I went to see security, if only sooth my nerves.”

“You remind me of my last boss back on Earth. He was quite surprised about my new direction in life!” she laughed lightly to herself. “Now, doctor, you said he was sociable.”

“Yeah, very sociable! I know he’s mentioned Cubare Tavern more than once; we’ve all been there at least once. He spends a lot of time at the new viewing platform …”

“Dr. Rosalie Samuels Memorial Platform,” she interrupted. “A new Cafe runs out of it, too, correct?”

“I think so. Haven’t been down there.”

“I haven’t been there either. Maybe it’s time we both go on a little excursion …”

He was very much taken aback, not because he was married, but because he wanted to say yes.

Laura laughed playfully, and clarified, “With your wife. I sense she wants to get out much more than you!”

“Oh, right, yes! She’s been talking about heading over there,” he nervously laughed. It may take the better part of a century for her to develop telepathy, but her skills as a detective already made her a very sharp empath.


While walking to the new platform, she inserted her Cell Bud into her ear. Restrictions of mobile communication within space stations were lifted recently. There were concerns of interference with the station’s internal systems, but recent upgrades rendered that issue moot. Now, mobile communicators just linked to the internal communication system.

“This is Laura Drax. Connect me with the Security Chief.”

“Laura, hi! What can I do for you?” Chief Jack Smith answered. If he wasn’t seeing someone, there was little doubt he and Laura would have shared a tasty memory.

“Your team looked over all the video records for Fryer, correct?”

“Yes, we collected all the records of him in the public areas.”

“What was the last area he was in?”

“Samuels’ Platform. I can double check that. He left into the residential area. I’ve already requested a warrant to view those records.”

“May not be necessary. Just send me the record of him on that platform.” Rhodes should have mentioned the last place the technician was seen, but he has really been due for a vacation.

She soon found herself sitting at one of the tables on the new platform, while reviewing the video record. Her feet were resting on the black chair across, while crossed at the ankle. On the video, the technician was sitting with a strikingly beautiful brunette, who looked oddly familiar at the poor angle.

The platform Laura was in was the largest, most open one to be built onto Albatross Station. Currently, only a couple of other patrons were there. It was essentially a large bubble created out of a form of transparent aluminum with a metallic platform near the bottom. Bright lights were fitted underneath. It was designed to give one the feeling of floating in space, which Laura found sarcastically amusing, considering that floating without a space suit was not good for the health on any humanoid! She efficiently suppressed the natural thought progression to how my Maker died.

An attractive, slim blonde waitress placed Laura’s ordered genuine coffee before her. The techs making the real beans on one of the station bio-domes were always rather smug about their jobs. “Work here long, Lisa?” Laura casually asked, reading her name tag. Laura found it oddly amusing that she enjoyed affordable, genuine coffee consistently only after she renounced her humanity.

“Oh, not really!” she responded nervously. She was obviously not one to normally be attracted to females, while she was not as keen on detecting different species like Dr. Majors. Regardless, Succubi were always more of quality than quantity. “Started a week ago.”

“What brought you here?”

“Summer job, I guess. Really wanted to get away before my next semester starts.”

“University student?”

“Yeah, John Dreaks. Boring school!”

“I’m sure you get to meet some interesting characters up here, Lisa.” She sipped at the hot coffee.

Lisa sat next to her, even though it was not likely normal for her to do so with patrons. Laura was always amused by the femme fatale elements of her new nature, if only because it saved a lot of time in gaining trust. Lisa continued, “I guess. A lot of tourists come up here … You’re much more friendly than some of the people I’ve met …”

Laura smiled pleasantly. “I’m always friendly, even if this is work for me.”

“What?” she looked at Laura confused.

“I’m a private detective looking into a technician that missed a couple days of work. I’m Laura Drax.” She friendlily extended my hand.

She awkwardly shook it. “Oh, I, I don’t know what I can tell you.”

Laura zoomed in on the image of technician and the familiar woman, and presented the tablet to her. She looked at it, and said, “I remember him. He’s a regular, I guess. I don’t think she is, but you know I haven’t been here for long. I know I saw her somewhere before. Can’t put my finger on it though. I wasn’t serving them that night, but I remember seeing them leave together.”

“Any idea where they went?”

“Well, Bob, the one serving them, mentioned that he ‘was in for a hell of a ride’.”

“Yes?” Laura smirked, sensing where this was leading.

“Umm, sex, I guess. Bob said that the woman he was with was probably a Succubus. I think that’s the only reason why he mentioned it. He said he overheard that they were going to the station’s hotel sector.” The hotel was a subsection of the overall residential sector.

“Thank you, Lisa. I’ll have a lot in common the technician’s new friend,” Laura teased. “What do I owe you for the coffee?” Laura took the rest down in a single chug.

“Oh, five dollars …” Lisa breathed, finally figuring out that Laura was a Succubus.


It was easy to find the room Fryer and his new friend went to. The man at the desk unsurprisingly remembered the Succubus clearly, while almost forgetting she had anyone with her. The man said she registered under the name “Alexandria Summers.” Her heart jumped at that name, because even if the man at the desk was clueless, that was the mother’s name of the legendary Jessica Summers, who as President of the United States, heralded the Cosmic Revelation! None of this yet made any sense.

Laura tepidly made her way to room 1428, which was also known as the Merrimack Suite. She tapped the door chime on the glossy panel to the right.

A moment later, the door slid open to the naked, goddess-like Alexandria Summers. Tall, dark hair, green eyes, it was undoubtedly the mother of Jessica Summers. The striking Succubus had on an odd look. Her mouth was subtly open in a distinct smile, while her eyes seemed distant. What looked like bread crumbs stuck to her somewhat sweaty, ample chest.

“Is Robert Fryer with you, Alexandria?” she asked amazed.

“Oh … Yes he is, Laura. Call me Alexa,” she said sultrily. She called into the room, “Bob, you mindless Human, you forgot to tell anyone about taking a few days off!”

Fryer walked up to the door in a robe. “You forgot to remind me, Alexa!”

“Your boss was concerned,” Laura explained. “The Security Chief suspected some Cosmic Strings; I guess he was right … I’ll tell everyone your on vacation. How much longer will you two be?”

They looked at each other with almost goofy smiles, while their hands automatically explored their wanting bodies.

“I’ll just say a week!” Laura said, now knowing what was happening between them. They were in the middle of what is known as a Succubus Feeding Frenzy. Meghan and I told her all about the act a few months ago. It is actually a fairly loose concept realized not more than three-thousand years ago. If we are not in a steady relationship with a Human or Witch, or sometimes even if we are, we occasionally need feed on one or more of them for several days straight. Basically mandatory, maybe once a century, but it can be initiated at any time. Alexandria was likely practicing a more traditional form, where they have sex with minimal breaks, while Fryer was eating his meals right off Alexandria’s naked body. This being after the Cosmic Revelation, Alexandria probably explained in graphic detail about what they were going to do.

After Laura made the call to Ryan Rhodes, Alexandria grabbed Laura’s wrist. She stated airily, “I have a massage for you.”


“My daughter is in your old apartment. I may have needed to do this Frenzy, but we also needed a tiny distraction for Jessica to come here unnoticed … She’ll explain everything. Gather Andrea and Meghan.”


We all walked into Laura’s old, emptied apartment to see Jessica Summers casually sitting on the generic couch with her husband Robert Sundry. The door slid closed behind us.

“Glad you all made it,” she said seriously, while we walked over to her. “As Rob knows, I am as unhappy as I am disquieted. I wanted to live out my life quietly with Robert after changing everything. It was to be my reward, and still may be. However, the Gods of Passion have called upon me again for a task they haven’t fully laid out yet.”

“What?” I whispered, sensing the terror behind her poker face.

“Yes, terror is appropriate, but don’t be consumed by it,” she stated. “I cannot speak with the Gods directly, but I know that the Gods of Passion have become unnerved by old forces coming together for something new. It is connected with those new Chaos Covens. We all know of their, well, chaotic deeds, and such things are not manageable by the Gods of Passion. A Coven of Chaos Witches were recently apprehended on the moon for not obtaining the proper permits as deemed mandatory by the Lunar Code. We are to speak with their leader. The Gods of Passion with then, hopefully, show us the path …”


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