Blog Flash: Symbiosis

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Symbiosis

Jackie was pleased she finally had some free time. The move to her new apartment with her boyfriend took forever, and she finally had the chance to explore the old building. She soon found herself in the damp, musty basement.

The lights were aging and dim. It was obvious few went down there, save for plumbers and electricians. Moistened dust and spider webbing permeated the air. Jackie thought about leaving, but changed her mind, always the explorer at heart. She soon found herself drawn to an old crate just sitting next to the dank stone wall. The pull toward it was unexplainable, while she did nothing to resist it.

The crate was locked and jammed shut. No matter what she did, the crate just wouldn’t open. Suddenly, the crate shook violently. The shock overrode her draw just enough for her to back away. The crate exploded, with shiny black slime propelling itself outward in all direction save forward. She was just far enough back that the apparent slime didn’t reach her.

The black goo seemed to move with a life, a purpose of its own. It surrounded the area around her. Or, did she unknowingly walk into it? Both were right. If she wasn’t so mesmerized by what was happening, Jackie would have realized she stripped naked. The goo’s fumes grasped her mind. It began to wrap itself around her waist with thick black tentacles. It was cool and inviting. While its grip tightened, she wanted it to be one with her.

No! That could not be. It was trying to merge with her, seeping into every hole, every pore it could find. She had to run for help, but she could not move. She tried to struggle, but it was too late. The substance was already inside her, changing her insides in ways should could not understand, while it already all but replaced her skin from the neck down to her hips, aiming to replace her human skin completely. Her veins were turning black from the substance merging with her blood, while everything starting to become clearer, more pleasurable with the goo seeping into her brain. She could feel it pleasurably flowing into her ass and pussy. The pleasure was becoming unlike anything she ever thought possible.

Looking downward with her blackening eyes, she began to see what was happening externally as much as she felt it. The black, tentacled goo was molding her body into a tall, Amazonian Queen! Her muscles under the textured, blackened skin became large and beautiful. At the same time, the black goo, which now replaced her skin from the neck down to her ankles, was morphing into a kind of breathable, flexible skin-armor. She looked to her now long clawed, almost skeletal hands, and looked down to her legs and feet now being sensuously wrapped in the tentacled goo, claws forming on her toes like her fingers. Her feet then grew longer and more wolflike, instinctually starting to stand on the longer balls of her feet and toes, while her calves and hips shifted to make way for that more canine structure. She felt an intense excitement amongst the epic pleasures, masking what ever pain she should be feeling.

It was in that moment she knew that the substance unwittingly activated dormant, primal DNA, and was opportunistically warping it to its ends. No, she was morphing the DNA to her ends! Her mind was now completely merged with the shiny black goo.

Pulling her still partly unchanged head back, she spewed out the black goo from her mouth. While it spread around her head, her brow ridge protruded forward noticeably, and her nose and mouth pushed forward into a distinct snout. Distinct upper and lower fangs protruded in her mouth. Her eyes were closed tight in the pleasure and joy of the changes. In a loud growl of joy, she opened her now glowing black eyes wide …

Jason came home from work wanting to kiss his girlfriend and unwind. The moment he entered the apartment, fangs were deep inside his neck. He tried to break himself free, but the powerful, eight foot tall, feminine being barely noticed his protest. The new Jackie now required human flesh and blood as sustenance. Her first taste of human blood, her only food source, was glorious. She would have eaten every part of him if her human memories were not still intact. Though, he was difficult to recognize through eyes perceiving a wider spectrum, and through other enhanced senses. She cared little about her former race, while the goo sought new life by merging with a psychologically compatible life form.

She pulled herself away from the very drained Jason, intentionally ripping flesh away to consume. He fell to the floor. Looking at the bleeding, dying man before her, she knew what she had to do. She needed a mate. Perhaps what little love she felt for him still lingered, too. While she could transform others to her new species, natural procreation and old fashioned pleasure would be more than helpful.

Her thick, black spit was already flowing within him, already corrupting his very DNA to make him easier to costume. In her own way, she was saving the man she loved. On all fours, which was as natural for her as two, she spewed her black goo all over the delirious Jason. The thick goo ate right through his clothes, before seeping into every hole it could find. She could feel it doing so, as it was a part of her. As thus, it could only transform him in one way: make him nearly identical to her. Needing his DNA as a base, her goo would not make him a clone, but they would be very close genetically.

Preserving his X chromosomes and replacing his Y with Jackie’s X, his gender rapidly became female. All his Y chromosomes were as easily destroyed as the penis he no longer had. Her goo was so much more efficient at changing others than when it was not one with her.

Large, feminine muscles grew as did the feminized Jason’s body, while her breasts grew out proudly. Her hands morphed into a beautiful, bonelike appearance with long claws, and her feet lengthened and became more canine with long claws, while her hips and calves morphed accordingly. At the same time, her skin moped into the shiny, rubbery skin-armor, which aroused Jackie more than anything. And finally, her brow protruded forward, while her nose and mouth pushed forward into a sexy snout with long fangs above and below.

In a massive screaming orgasm the transformed Jason jutted her glowing black eyes open, seeing her lover, her mate with literally new eyes …

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