Story this week!

This Friday will see the final chapter of Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective. It will be called The Great Cosmic Gods. This will serve as a conclusion to the current plot lines within the Passions Multiverse. The true ending will appear down the road within the definitive edition eBook The Tome of Passions. Not … Continue reading Story this week!

Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Succubus Witch

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people controlled and manipulated in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this … Continue reading Further Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Succubus Witch

Blog Flash: The Goo

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy! Blog Flash: The Goo Laura woke up that Saturday morning still feeling tired from the past week. She wasn’t a morning person on the best days, but she was … Continue reading Blog Flash: The Goo