Blog Flash: Roleplay

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: Blog Flashes only have one rule, and that it is to aim for less than 1.5k words and not exceed 2K. A much longer version of this story emerged while I was writing this. I was still able to keep a viable shorter version, however. A larger version of this is available on Smashwords. Enjoy!

Blog Flash: Roleplay

I was having dinner with my amazingly beautiful wife Laura. It was a silent dinner, as they were for too long. She was so amazingly beautiful, though, that just seeing her brightened my day. Slim but not too slim body, pitch black hair, sultrily dark eyes, and healthily porcelain skin. She was always my image of perfection. I may have met her in college and married her after we both graduated, but she was always ever seen as my trophy wife. There was truth to that, running my father’s successful investment firm. I was filthy rich, to be diplomatic.

“We should talk more, Laura,” I said quietly across the table.

“What do you wanna talk about, Jack? Our failing marriage,” she stated bluntly. Laura was always a very forward person, when she was being quiet.

“I guess we should … I can’t loose you, Laura. We gotta do something …”

“Roleplaying?” I asked almost as a joke, while I was really thinking out loud.

“I guess we could give that a try, Jack,” she answered with genuine interest.


“Yeah, why not? Never done it before …” she trailed off thinking. I saw a small flash of excitement in her eyes. “I could be like some high priced escort. We meet at some fancy hotel; you pay me for real. Technically money I could spend anyway. It’ll all be for fun!”

Then, an improved idea sprouted in my head from the seed idea she planted. Nevada, our state, reformed prostitution laws, and now allowed for brothels to provide escort services throughout the state. The sex for a fee was legal. “You can say no to this, Laura, but you got my mind running … You know that prostitution reform bill they passed last year allowing escorts out of brothels?”

“Yes …” she wasn’t sure how to react to where this was going.

“Well, why not go all the way, and become a real escort, prostitute? I’ll fill your schedule; we watch a movie and have sex; I pay you after …”

Laura sat for a moment just looking at me in deep though. She was not apposed to it. “Well, I do wanna save this marriage, too … Fuck it! I’ll become a whore for you. Not sure how I feel about it, yet, but it was kinda my idea …”

Our county didn’t allow prostitution, but the next one over did. Indeed, the closest brothel to us was only twenty minutes away. Laura was a part time, contract consultant at my company, so another job was not a problem. Her only concern was needing to register her real name, but that was partly negated by the fact that she was not obligated to advertise a real name to customers.

After the job interview at Trixy’s Ranch, Laura came home amazed she got the job, or will after a medical exam them next day. Brothels were hiring escorts like crazy after the new laws went into affect! I set up a new bank account in her name that night, while reserving my usual Vegas Suite for next week, to complete the scenario.

The rest of the week practically went by normally, save for the fact she became a fully licensed prostitute! Plus, I also called up Trixy’s to set up an appointment with their “freshest” escort, who happened to be “Velvet.” That was my pet name for Laura back in college, and that was how I knew it was her. After, we agreed to pretend we didn’t know each other that night we were set to meet.

Though she spent a lot of time at Trixy’s for training purposes, Laura assured me that it was all about pricing and regulations. I shrugged it off.

I was casually lying on the suite couch watching porn, when their was a knock on the door. Excited, I scurried over to see if it was who I thought it was.

My jaw dropped at the escort before me. My wife was dressed in a form fitting, black dress, which went just past her ass. Opaque black stockings covered her legs, while black high heals covered her feet. A tiny, shiny black purse was draped around her shoulder. All the clothes were new.

“Err, Velvet?” I barely asked.

“Yes, sir,” she confirmed professionally. “You are James Masterson?”

“Yes, please come in!” I gave a fake name, which Laura told me was common.

She smirked at the ensuing lesbian porn, and stated with a professionalism I only expected from my employees, “Lets get down to business, sir. My base fee for the night is one-thousand dollars. That covers, perhaps, a movie of your choosing and some old fashioned sex. Alternative sex like anal, my tits, my feet, my mouth, etc, boost the fee by one-hundred. The base fee will cover two orgasms, your orgasms. I will then charge an additional five-hundred for further orgasms. That would be on top of any possible alternative sex and tip. Payment is cash or check when we are done!”

“Wow, how would you keep track if we get too crazy drunk or something?”

“It’s my job, sir!” she smiled pleasantly. “I’m not really allowed to get too drunk with clients anyway. There’s a list of rules I’m supposed to follow. I have it with me I you wish to look.”

“That’s fine, Velvet. I just wanna fuck around!”

We retreated to the bedroom, and she gave me a mandatory condom. She then almost passively lay on the bed.

“I wanna talk dirty, OK?” I asked.

“No problem, sir! This fucking whore wants that,” she exclaimed happily.

“Strip naked, slut, and masturbate!” I ordered.

She followed my order without question. I excitedly stripped naked, while she moaned and grunted. Seeing her perfect size ten feet, I grabbed and slobbered all over them, before rubbing them all over my cock. She knew I loved her feet like that, but I never indulged this much before. She seemed to enjoy it so much that she started stroking on her pussy faster.

We were both in utter ecstasy that she was driving. “Oh, you’re the best fucking whore ever, Velvet!” I cooed.

“Of course, it’s my fucking job!” she cooed back, before she came hard.

At the same time she jerked me off harder with her exquisite soles. “ERRRGH, Laura!” I grunted in orgasm all over her feet. “Eat my cum, Velvet,” I barely ordered.

She wasn’t flexible enough to eat directly for her silken feet, but she scooped it all up happily with her hands.

“You love cum, don’t you, slut?” I asked lustfully.

She nodded with an equally as lustful smile.

“Get on your hands and knees, whore, I’m gonna fuck your ass!”

She looked incredibly happy getting on her hands and knees, while I got the impression she was really happy about a larger check coming to her! After rolling on her condom and lubing up, I rammed her ass unabashedly. We had anal once before, but it didn’t impress her enough to let me do it again. Her tight hole felt awesome clenching my cock, while her firm ass provided excellent cushion. She moaned and grunted loudly in compliment, and I began to rub her wet pussy. The pleasure soon became too much for both of us, and we both squirt wetly in loud orgasm!

After holding my Velvet Laura, basking in the afterglow of the best sex we ever had, she climbed off the bed, and dressed herself. “So, eleven-hundred, Jack! That was truly amazing. You know you were my first ever client. I wasn’t sure about all this, but I’m really liking this job!” she exclaimed truthfully, not realizing she used my real name.

With a smile equal to her own, I wrote the large check out to her, and gave her a four-hundred dollar tip in cash. She was overjoyed.

Our marriage was saved, but to my shock, she continued to be an escort with me as her best and apparently only client. Though she did secretly allow me to not where a condom (she was supplied the Pill by her brothel), Laura was just not the same anymore. Per a casual recommendation, she was always exercising, developing her flexibility through yoga, and heavily research sexual behavior. She would not let me do more than kiss her without paying. Yet, she really did love the sex AND the pay, and said she was enjoying having me as a “client” too much to stop just yet. That was how she wanted to do sex now.

I paid, yes, I paid! I never went through so many checkbooks in my life over the last couple months, while she receiving so much from me that her commission increased to sixty percent from forty-five. She really was worth the thousands of dollars I was rewarding her with, though, and she knew it. In my mind, it wasn’t that far off from buying her expensive jewelry and clothing, which I still did …

Remarkably, it turned out that her boss figured out what we were doing, but was fine with it, me always paying handsomely. We were in the process of doing everything I ever dreamed, for a price, while I already had an epic, threesome with another escort from her brothel!

After an incredible night of sex in our bed, I cut her a check for 3500 dollars including tip. Do the math, right? Just before I went to sleep, my athletic wife and paid prostitute stated, “There’s something I gotta tell you, Jack.”

“Yeah, Velvet?” I used her escort name most of the time in bed now.

She shifted over, and kissed me lovingly. “I am an escort, a prostitute. I think I always was; I just never joined the brothel until now. I do love you more than anything, but you know that smile over your checks is real …”

“What are you trying to say, Laura?”

“I’m seeing other clients now. You’re still my best client — you are my husband, but I don’t fuck you everyday. I wanted to be the best escort at Trixy’s, and now I am …”

“Shit …” My shock wasn’t just out of her seeing other clients …

“Are you OK, Jack. I need you to be OK with this. It’s my job, my life.”

“I guess so. What did I really expect? As long as you come back to me … and let me see that account of yours!” I quipped, hiding my subsiding discomfort. Greed did run in the family, while I did find myself capable of sharing my wife. I always kind of showed her off …

She kissed me deeply, lovingly. “Thank you … Next week, Trixy set me up with a politician. They are even more a prize than successful investor husbands!”

To show her my acceptance, I began to make love with her again.

Laura then stated businesslike, while I worshiped her neck, “So, Jack, is this round gonna be cash or check?”

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