New Transformations: Rogue Planet

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in numerous ways, often sexual, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: Like all my stories of late, this is set in the Edge Universe first featured in the anthology Beyond the Madness of Passions, which is part of the greater Passions Multiverse. It is, however, quite a bit different thematically from the majority of my works. I did not shy away from graphic violence in this one, while its inspirations certainty did not … Enjoy!

Universe: Edge

New Transformations: Rogue Planet

Expedition Geologist Rebecca Aldo slowly opened her bleary eyes. An image of a man slowly came into focus through the thick glass. Though, he was not a man in the traditional sense. Ray was an android model version five, with software revision two: AMV5R2. He represented the supporting company, while his skills as an android were fully available. While specialized, far less humanoid robots were more common, it was cheaper to send a single multipurpose android for survey expeditions.

The dark haired machine slowly opened the glass stasis chamber cover, and asked, “How do you feel Dr. Rebecca Aldo?”

It was standard procedure to wake up the crew one at a time, while the medical officer was always awoken first. She could see the fit, attractive Dr. Laura Smith in her underwear toweling off the opaque stasis gel. “I told you that you can call me Becca or even Rebecca, remember?”

“Sorry, Becca, it was meant to be a formal question …” he said apologetically. She did like Ray, but her rather informal nature threw him off at times.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, Ray … Just bleary eyed.” Rebecca was the only one on the expedition who could handle stasis without wanting to sleep for months. Indeed, she almost felt energetic!

Laura put on the temporary gray jumpsuit, before she gave herself a quick medical scan. Stasis was far from natural, and can be physically damaging to even the most physically fit. She was fine though, in spite of her grogginess. Luckily, their journey only required a year of stasis, while traveling above “terrestrial” speeds. Rebecca walked up to her, after she toweled herself off.

“You know I’m fine, Laura,” Rebecca said to the Expedition Medical Officer and Biomedical Scientist.

“Of, of course you are, Rebecca, but you know it’s standard procedure … It’s the others I’ll always be more worried about.” Her voice was expectedly shaky next to the scantily clad Rebecca, who she worried about far more than she admitted.

While Laura looked Rebecca over, Ray opened up each Stasis Bed in turn. There was the wizened Ship Captain Doug Jameson, Expedition Leader and Cartographer Dr. Louis Black, Ship Navigator Jenna Blake, Stellar Communicator Robert Trio, Chief Ship Engineer John Underwood, Ship Chemical Engineer Brian Solo, and finally Expedition Ecologist Dr. Fred Stone.


Fred, Laura, and Robert sat in the ship’s mess hall eating a large, nutrient right meal, which was barely eatable. Stasis often drained the body of nutrients, while the gel often caused skin to dry. It was mandatory to eat and shower after being in stasis, but it didn’t matter which was done first. The others were in the showers. Not needing stasis or nutrients, the android Ray was in the Command Center of their ship the Contumax watching over the controls until the ship’s crew took their posts.

“There’s something that’s been nagging at me about Dr. Aldo,” The Ship Communicator Robert stated quietly.

Laura looked over to him with an uncomfortable look.

“And, what’s that?” the Expedition Ecologist Fred asked curiously.

“Well, you’ve seen her — tall, brunette, slim, healthy, youthful, but her company file says she’s forty-five! She handled stasis better than all of us, too,” Robert stated with amazement. Like most, he really could feel his body complaining about the extreme inactivity.

“Anyone can be attractive at forty-five, Rob,” Laura stated defensively.

“Not THAT attractive!” Robert stated. “Oh, yes, there’s those gene therapies now, but you can kinda tell. She looks thirty or younger, and more radiant than any thirty year old …”

“What are you getting at, Rob?” Dr. Rebecca Aldo asked, while she casually walked into the room. Oddly, she bypassed their table, and put together a plate of food for herself. It was as if she didn’t really worry about their conversation. All eyes were automatically on her.

“I, ah …” Robert stumbled. “I just don’t know you all that well.”

Rebecca sat next to them with a tray of food, putting on an almost sly smile. “No, you don’t, Rob.”

“Are you …” Robert stumbled. “I just have to know …”

“You don’t have to know anything about me, Rob.” She sighed, and continued, “Still, you’re not gonna stop babbling about your suspicions ad nauseam about me until I tell you.”

“It’s true isn’t it?” Robert asked breathlessly.

“Yes, Rob, I am a Succubus,” she answered with subtle frustration. Succubi, Witches, Vampires, and others were common knowledge for some time, but there was no real push to say what they were to everyone they met. “I was hoping Laura would be the only one to know on this trip. My species is stated in my medical file. We usually do blend in, and I’m not currently hungry in the way we’re famous for.”

“Wow,” Fred exclaimed. “I don’t think I’ve met a Succubus before.” As a biologist, he did always want to meet one.

“You probably have, and didn’t even know. We’re not looking for sex all the time!” she chuckled.

“She did feed before we left …” Laura stated breathlessly.

Rebecca looked over to Laura with a pleased smile, and stated after licking her full lips, “More than enough to hold me until we get back, probably.” While Laura smiled back knowingly, the others looked on amazed …

Ship Engineer John Underwood was walking back to the ship’s showers near the Stasis Room. He had forgotten his Access Bracelet, which enabled him to enter all areas of the ship. Only the ship’s captain had another one, and the last thing he wanted to do was loose his.

The moment the door to the room quietly slid open, he noticed a single woman behind the semiopaque shower door. He assumed it was that last person on the ship to be taking the mandatory shower. Though the view was obscured, he could tell it was probably Dr. Rebecca Aldo, if only because of how tantalizing the image was. He suspected her Succubus nature, due to his strong attraction to her, while she wasn’t even supposed to be his type.

A part of him knew what he was about to do was incredibly stupid, regardless of her species. Too much blood was rushing away from his head for better judgment, while his job keeps him from intimacy for painfully large swaths of time. So, he carefully walked over to the occupied shower stall.

Suddenly, Rebecca opened the shower door. The sight of her wet, naked body almost caused John to collapse. Rebecca beckoned with her finger for him to come closer, with a dark, sultry look in her eyes. Heavily, unevenly breathing, he walked over. He then found himself in a deep kiss, before it felt as if a massive orgasm flew through his mouth.

Rebecca pulled back, and John barely stated, “You … You are …”

“Yes,” she confirmed, less than subtly annoyed.

John automatically clamped his mouth back onto hers, before she violently kneed him in the testicles. He fell onto he floor in so much pain that his voice left him. Drool escaped from his mouth onto the grating.

The annoyed Succubus walked over to the bench to pick up his Access Bracelet, and clamped it on John’s wrist. She then squatted down, and stated quietly, “I saw the bracelet, when I came in. Should’ve expected you to come back for it sooner than later …”

“… Err …” John grunted.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t cause any permanent damage.” Succubi were far stronger than the average Human, especially when well fed. However, they rarely utilized that strength to its fullest, let alone talk about it. She sighed, and continued, “I don’t like it when people try to sneak up on me. I even hated that, when I was Human. Besides, I’m not really even hungry … See you in the Command Center, John.” She stood up, and walked back into the shower.

John barely brought himself to his feet, and stumbled out of the room. In a way, Rebecca saw her actions as a bit hypocritical, because Succubi don’t normally condemn sexual actions of any kind. Still, she really did hate it when people tried to sneak up on her, especially when the actions were far from noble …

Rebecca finally made her way to the Command Center, and casually sat on a chair in front of a science terminal next to Laura. As a Succubus, it was too easy for her to make an entrance, and that was why she was avoiding everyone. Though her methods of blending in usually worked fairly well on these trips, she was apparently doing a poor job this round.

The engineer John walked in soon after (the last to arrive). He looked rather pale and uncomfortable, and subtly emasculated, too. He found a chair near the back.

Laura turned to Rebecca, and quietly said, “You really did do a number on the poor guy, Becca.” Rebecca shrugged casually in response; she wanted to deal with the mission at hand.

Expedition Leader and Executive Officer Dr. Louis Black stood before the forward view screen. It showed a projected image of the dark rouge planet they were about to study directly, with a moon larger and more distant the Earth’s. Its astronomical name was Landry-Rogue-122567 or LR122567. “Present scans of the landing site made by myself and Ray showed little to no changes,” Dr. Black iterated. “This shows that the area is as stable as the scans the last probe suggested. As expected, however, we are still about twenty-four hours away from the planet at our present speed. We’ll have more information on climate and air once we reach orbit. I still anticipate we’ll be a few pounds lighter on the surface, and if we’re lucky, we’ll just need O2 masks.”


“Orbit achieved. One hour till landing procedure commences,” Jenna Drake stated at her post. Present readings indicated that Dr. Black was more or less right about conditions on the surface. Air pressure was just barely enough to support someone without a pressure suit, with the use of a depressurization and pressurization. The surface temperature at the landing site was well below zero centigrade, and while not cold enough to be mortally damaging, the use of their pressure suits was still necessary. The small amount of primarily plant life on the surface clearly evolved to tolerated it.

Time passed quickly, while the research team looked over recent data on their stations in the Command Center. They knew there wasn’t enough of them to do a study deserving of the barely studied planet, but their work could convince governments and other companies for further grants …

The eventual landing went smoothly. It was obvious that the ship’s crew worked together before, and that they were quite cohesive. And before they knew it, the Expedition Team was exploring the general area around the ship.

It was almost a true darkness. Though some insect-like animals had a small degree of bioluminescence, the darkness was so thick that the mind could not process it properly. Outside of themselves, their grip on reality relied much on the bright LEDs on their helmets …

Fred and Laura were walking together taking respective scans with their supposedly unbreakable Scientific Paper Tablets (SPTs). Unsurprisingly for them, they were talking about Rebecca.

“I still almost can’t believe I’m actually working with a Succubus!” Fred exclaimed. “… Did you two really ..?”

“Yes, Fred, we did,” Laura confirmed breathlessly.

“That’s quite the coincidence!”

“Not really. We all got the manifest long before we left, and met each other not long before, too … I don’t know. She was looking to spend an active night with someone, so she wouldn’t have to worry about her special needs during the trip. And, I, well — I hadn’t been with someone for a while. I went through a hard but relatively civil divorce more than a year ago, and hadn’t been with anyone since. That’s a lot of Sexual Energy built up!” As a Biomedical Scientist, she knew a lot about the all too real Life Energies, and how top level Energies like Sexual should not be corked.

“I’d bet!” he said lightly. He then cautiously asked, “Is she really just forty-five? I mean, I know they’ve historically falsified their ages to blend in better.”

“No, no, she is forty-five. She’s of the Natural Breed (transformed at thirty), and her Natural Born maker’s over five-hundred. They don’t really hide their ages anymore, but some are known to ‘loose’ a decade or two out of vanity.”

“Is it true, Laura, that a Human woman must want to become a Succubus without question to become one?” he asked almost excitedly. His main focus was ecosystems on other planets, but he could never pass on an opportunity to learn about species he knew little about.

“You really should be asking Becca all this, Fred. She understands it all far better than I ever could. The only reason why I know it at all well is because I needed to know how to treat her medically. But, yes, and it is truly interesting. While Natural Borns — the ones born to unsuspecting Human parents — appear to have no choice in the matter, Artificial, Avatar, and Natural Succubus Breeds literally had to forsake their humanity to survive the transformation. I’m not sure why that is, but I think it’s a psychological issue. That’s way beyond my expertise, though.”

“And, she’ll live thousands of years now. I wonder why she stayed as a Geologist …” Fred trailed off, while something strange hit their scanners. It was strange enough to make the system act confused, displaying partly garbled data. With some difficult tinkering, there was a small rock hiding just under the surface ahead of them shown. Readings (readable ones) suggested it was a meteorite.

“Dr. Aldo, we appear to have found a meteorite with odd properties,” Laura called through the suit’s radio.

“OK, Laura, I’ll be right over,” Rebecca replied …

“Are you OK Becca?” Laura asked worriedly.

“Oh, I’m fine, Laura. Just a very strange specimen. I’ve never seen a specimen like this before …” Rebecca replied with a subtle unsteadiness. They had just uncovered the handful sized meteorite, and had been examining it in situ. There was definitely a small impact crater surrounding, but it was only visible to their scanners, which still weren’t working very well. “I can actually hear it ringing!”

“Ringing?” Fred asked. He and Laura could not hear anything.

“She and other Succubi have very sharp senses,” Laura clarified.

“And, very sharp bodies, too,” Rebecca teased them both. “We gotta get this back to the lab; I’m sure this rock isn’t as mystical as we wanna think it is!”


“Initial scans of the meteorite yielded a unique property, which partially disrupted the SPT scanner,” Rebecca stated in her research log. She sat alone in the geology lab. “At higher power, the lab’s scanners are mostly able to break through the disruption.” She rubbed her aching temples. The ringing from the rock gave Rebecca her first serious headache since she was Human. “About ninety percent of the rock appears to be an atypical chondrite, with iron, nickel, and a touch of calcium. The remaining ten percent is silicon and oxygen, which is of course quartz. It is likely that the disruption field and high pitched sound wave are coming from this embedded quartz section, but the scanners are still disrupted enough to not make any conclusions …” She sighed, and again rubbed her throbbing head. “Due to the rock’s disruptive nature, I’ll be placing it in the small ‘Storage C’ container in this lab, which has electromagnetic shielding. Assuming the apparent signal is electromagnetic in nature, that should prevent it from disrupting any important systems.”


Rebecca was walking down the corridor to the medical bay, hoping Laura was there. She simply had to do something about the damned headache, and a good painkiller from Laura should help! She expected that Laura would offer herself to her, and while that would likely be more affective, she worried about the implications. Laura was unknowingly rather clingy to those she cared about, and more sex ensured just that much more caring. Rebecca was simply not looking for anything long term like that.

Rebecca then sensed someone coming toward her from behind. “Succubus …” The Engineer John Underwood called from behind.

She turned around, sensing his confused emotions. “You CAN call me Becca, John … Do you know if the other’s are back?”

“Yes …” he answered, while blatantly looking her over. “They’re all so worn out, but you, Becca, show no signs of that … It’s hard to believe you’re no demon just pretending to be a cousin to us Humans.”

“I’m no demon. You have my word on that, John!” she exclaimed, hiding her nervousness. He was utterly unstable, and it wasn’t just because of their ill fated encounter.

“Do I, Succubus?” he asked, before he walked into a connecting corridor.

The interchange was worrisome, but she needed to do something about her headache! It really was maddening. All it was doing was grow worse. She knew the rock was causing it, and wondered if the rock also was somehow affecting the ship’s Engineer. Even more worrying, all Succubi were supposed to have near perfect control over their pain perception!

Rebecca walked in on Laura looking over some of the biological samples, which the expedition’s Biologist was doubtlessly looking over as well in his lab.

“Becca! Taking a break?” she asked breathlessly.

“Not exactly, Laura. I just got this damn headache!” Rebecca exclaimed.

Laura quickly walked over, offering herself exactly as expected. She was automatically unbuttoning her blouse under her lab coat. “Do you think the exam table’ll be comfortable enough? I’ll lock the door.” What she was more than willing to do was medically valid. The health of a Succubus is obviously intricately connected with her sex life.

Rebecca comfortingly put her hand on Laura’s shoulder, and stated, “Your so cute … No, I think an old fashioned aspirin will do, Laura.”

“Oh, sure, right …” she said looking subtly disappointed. “Actually, Becca, we should find out what’s causing the headache. I know you don’t get many.”

“Probably the rock, Laura, but just to be safe …”

Rebecca lay down on the exam table, while Laura grabbed some medical instruments after sanitizing her hands. “That rock probably affecting you like this is worrying. Outside of the odd hangover, you know your species isn’t known for headaches,” she said, back to Rebecca, attempting to regain her scientific composure. She walked over, barely keeping that composure, with her Paper Tablet and external scanner. She liked her lips, and asked, “Can you describe the pain?”

“It started at the temples, and worked it’s way around as it got worse. Especially bad behind the eyes now. The ringing in my head I mentioned outside is probably part of it.”

“Humph … Are you sure you don’t want even a small, umm, kiss?”

“I don’t want you do be my living medicine bag, Laura.”

“Yeah … You’re right, Becca,” she stated breathlessly. “Strange … You appear to have a distinct chemical imbalance and blood flow increase in your brain. If you were Human, I’d be gravely concerned …”

“But, I’m not.”

“Yes … The brain is not my specialty, but the imbalance appears to the affecting the emotional areas. Your body appears to be fighting back, and compensating in ways I don’t understand. The headache is clearly a result.”

“I wonder if others are affected …” Rebecca said, thinking about her encounter with John.

“I think the best thing for you,” she said uncertainly, “is for you to sleep under my supervision. I’ll run a few more tests on you. I’ll try to peal the others from their work to test them, too, after.”

“You just wanna take advantage of me, don’t you, Laura?” she asked teasingly.

“I, uh … I’ll get the sedative …” Laura said breathlessly. “I’ll wake you up if anyone needs you.”

After taking a blood sample, Laura administered the sedative. It had been a larger dose than average, but it would not have been affective otherwise. Through her trust of Laura, she let sleep wash over her …


Rebecca slowly came to consciousness with a very worried Laura looking down on her. “What’s that matter, Laura? How long was I out?”

“Something’s happening. I don’t know what …” she said completely paranoid. “John Underwood has lost his mind; I think they all have! He and others … I think they killed someone!”

“Scan yourself,” Rebecca requested impulsively. She sensed the same the same kind of confused emotions as John’s earlier.

Laura did so unquestioningly. “My God … I seem to have that imbalance, too, but it’s not exactly like yours …”

“I wouldn’t expect it to be, Laura,” Rebecca stated seriously, while sitting up on the table. “I met with John before I came here, and I didn’t need empathy to see his instability. We need to test everybody if you haven’t already; find out if that rock is somehow the cause.”

“I think it’s too late for that, Becca. They were looking for you. I hid you earlier,” she said before looking toward the door to the hallway in fear. “… I think there’s something horrible out there …”

After hopping off the table, Rebecca cautiously walked to the door, and looked through the small window into the hallway. She sensed no one was particularly close to them. Though if something wholly alien was out there, Rebecca wasn’t sure if she could sense it. There was something oddly primal about using her empathy like that, far more so than seeking out someone for a night of passion. Without looking away from the door, she asked, “What did the blood tests say?”

“Nothing, Becca. You’re fine, perfection … There was a distinct amount of adrenaline detected, but that is probably related to the growing imbalance in your brain.”

“Growing?” she asked, looking back to her.

“Yes, Becca. The imbalance appears to be growing worse, as I guess it is in all of us …”

For the first time since she was a Human Teenager, Rebecca found herself uncertain with confused thoughts. “I need to go out there to find out what’s going on, Laura.”

“But, anything can be out there, Becca! You need to stay here and protect me,” she pleaded, grabbing hold of Rebecca.

“The best way I can protect you is if I know what is out there, Laura … Do you know where Ray is? He may not be affected.”

“I’m not sure, Becca. John shut him down not long after I sedated you. He claimed the android was malfunctioning …” Even in her confused state, Laura knew that made little sense, as did Rebecca. Ray was the company representative, and his model was capable of self repair and compensating for a malfunction.

“Humph … Lock the door behind me. Don’t open for anyone but me. I can protect myself,” Rebecca said with false certainty.

Rebecca sensed that Laura almost didn’t let her go, but nodded in agreement, anyway.

The first thing Rebecca wanted to do was find Ray, but she wasn’t sure where he would be. He didn’t have or require quarters. The best guess was engineering, because John was the one to shut him down.

After walking through the oddly quiet corridors, she sensed a gathering of several people, if not everyone. She took a left toward them, and saw a fresh blood trail on the dark floor grating leading to them. She could just barely make out someone ranting and raving madly in one of the rooms down the dark corridor.

“We must purify to save ourselves!” Rebecca heard echoing down the corridor. “We are the masters of the material, not them!” In unison she then heard, “AMEN!”

Suddenly, Rebecca sensed someone coming from behind her. She quickly turned around to see Captain Jameson. There was drying blood on his face and jacket. His mind was chaotic yet focussed at the same time. Even if she could read his mind, it would have been hard to decipher. “Captain, what’s happening here? The blood …” she asked quietly.

He smiled eerily, and yelled, “The demon has come to us at its own free will!” The voice from the other room called back, “Bring it to us!”

The ship captain took her arm, and led her into the large room. It was the entertainment room. At the stage on the far end was a horrific sight. On the right side was Ray hanging from the ceiling, horribly damaged and nonfunctional. Fumy brown liquid dripped out of the android. On the left was the lifeless Chemical Engineer Solo sitting on a chair horrifically mutilated. Before them stood John Underwood dressed in all black, while holding a Bible outward. His Access Bracelet shown proudly on the wayward wrist. A cross was freshly carved into his forehead. All the rest sat mindlessly on the chairs before them.

“First, we removed the unnatural being!” John screamed wildly.

“AMEN!” the others chanted.

“Second, we removed the corrupted one that had dealings with Witches!”


“Now, Devine Providence has brought the demon Succubus to us!”


Rebecca knew she had to act fast. Her death was what they wanted. They sought a monster, and saw it through her and the other two. If they weren’t there, then they would have clearly found the monster within themselves.

In a single, blindingly fast motion, she grabbed hold of the captain, and generously fed on him with a lustful, angry kiss. The others quickly ran to them in a feeble attempt to save their captain. With practically just the use of her free arm, she disposed of them like wind blown leaves in autumn. They smashed through aluminum chairs as they went flying. Some even flew as far as the side walls.

John then pulled out his pulse-pistol. In a motion almost too fast to see with Human eyes, she dodged the blast, while tossing the limp captain aside. It was ironically good timing, for the captain would not have survived having much more Sexual Energy sucked out of him. The feed should have been clarifying, but the impossibly dark nature of the feed had somehow made it corrupting.

“The demon shows its true colors!” John screamed highly.

“I am not a FUCKING demon,” she darkly screamed back, “but I can be far worse! I can happily SWALLOW your soul! I can make you my mindless sex slave FOREVER, while you happily sleep at my feet like a dog. Did you think that you EVER had a chance to destroy me!”

“Then have at me, Succubus! I have providence on my side,” he proclaimed piously.

All she wanted to do was to completely rip apart his mind, while it should have been obvious he had something special in store for her. She let out a massive blast of her pheromones, which should have brought him to his knees, but seemed to have little affect. Then in blindingly fast speed, she lunged at him with more fury than she knew existed within her. By lunging onto the platform, Rebecca tripped the pulse rifle hidden in the wall air duct to her right. The energy fatally damaged her heart and other organs, while almost liquifying her ribs. She fell to the floor limp. The only reason she was still alive was because she fed moments ago, enabling her to partially heal. It was still not enough. She was bleeding out.

Laura came running in moments later, having just left her medical bay to find her apparent protector. Her devotion to Rebecca was natural albeit not permanent, but her present state of mind made it next to impossible to stay apart for too long.

“Ah, Dr. Smith! Welcome to my flock. The hand of God had ensured your coming. Now, come here, and repent by denying your devotion to this Succubus. Deal the final blow!” he forcibly ordered.

Laura ran over to the sputtering Laura, teary eyed. She felt an intense, uncontrollable anger toward John, and plowed her hand into her lab coat pocket. Not knowing what to expect outside, she filled hypodermic needles with sedative for her protection. She quickly stood up, and plunged the needle into the shocked man’s neck. He fell onto the platform unconscious.

Laura knelt down to Rebecca, and stated, “You must feed now!”

Rebecca sputtered, barely conscious. She was simply too weak to do anything in that moment. Her strength aided by her devotion, Laura brought the dying Succubus to her feet, and all but carried her to the medical bay.

Laura quickly lay Rebecca on the table, and switched on the full medical scanner above. Her vitals were very weak and declining fast, while her blood already started to drip off the table. Laura quickly ripped open Rebecca’s jumpsuit to expose the wound, and grabbed healing bandages from under the exam table to stop or control the excessive bleeding on her side. It looked as if a whole layer of skin was burned off. The applied bandages worked once applied, but it only bought a few seconds before she flatlined. She then attached the automated defibrillator buttons on her exposed chest and side. Laura could see them work their magic on the screen above.

She then tightly grabbed Laura’s bloodied hand. “Come ON!” Suddenly, a regular though weak heartbeat sounded. Rebecca opened her eyes wide hungrily, and tightly grabbed Laura’s head. In a deep, passionate kiss, Rebecca drank large swaths of the willing doctor’s energy. Before she knew it, Laura was lying on the exam table naked and on her back with an equally as naked Succubus humping and kissing her wildly. Rebecca’s mind altering, passion enhancing pheromones automatically flowed freely at Laura, who lustfully drooled from the onslaught. Time seemed to slow, while Laura’s bountiful Sexual Energy was being consumed.

Just barely gaining control of herself in the last moment, Rebecca pulled her mouth away from Laura’s, and continued to grind until Laura reached a powerful orgasm. The bleeding from the open wound had visibly ceased, though their escapade was still far more bloody than they actively noticed. Rebecca then came hard, while she joyously, inhumanly absorbed the naturally expelled Energy. Her open wounds visibly closed, while she looked more alive than ever before.

Rebecca eventually leaned down, and breathlessly asked, “Are you all right, Laura?”

“Uhh … errr,” she barely muttered. The overdose of Succubus Pheromones, along with most of her Sexual Energy consumed, turned her mind to mush.

Rebecca smiled, and passionately kissed her Sexual Life Energy into Laura. She came hard, and lay on the bloodied table breathlessly. After wiping her blood away, Rebecca grabbed fresh, non bloodied clothes from the back closet, while Laura eventually did the same. Laura’s clothes were actually torn off during their escapade, and lay on the floor as rages. She also wiped Rebecca’s blood off of her. The table and floor need to be cleaned, too, but they had more important things to worry about.

“I’m glad this lab has extra sets of clothes like that,” Rebecca said, while talking toward the wall and leaning on the lab table. Etiquette dictated that she thank Laura for saving her life, yet she cared little about that then.

“What’s happening, Becca?” she asked worriedly. The blast of Sexual Life Energy from Rebecca temporarily brought back complete lucidity.

Rebecca sighed, and answered, “I’m still not completely sure, Laura, but I know that rock is the cause of it. It is definitely not related to the Gods of Passion.” The Comic Gods of Passion, among other things, were known to be entities that influenced sexual passion of life forms across the Multiverse. “There is always clarity in a good feed … The rock is affecting me perhaps far worse than the others, albeit more slowly. If its left to run its course on me, like it almost did, I will become the monster they so fear, if not worse. It appears that thousands of years of the Symbiotic Philosophy is quite feeble in the right context. Feeding only stabilizes me, as this is not a contagion … There are things that are not in any of my files; abilities that my kind has that few Humans know, while we so rarely use them. I can drink any Energy flowing within you, and twist it to my own ends. I can consume a piece of your soul, and make you my zealot for as long as I let you live …”

Laura stood for a moment almost feeling fear toward the one she felt so utterly devoted. Compassionately, she walked over to Rebecca and placed her hand on her shoulder. “I know you wouldn’t do that to me, Becca. You can only be my protector.”

Rebecca turned, and lightly stroking Laura’s cheek, she said to her, “I don’t have to.”

Suddenly, they felt the ship shake. “My God. We’re taking off!”

They quickly fell to the floor, not being strapped into anything. “Attention members of the expedition!” Captain Jameson said wildly on the intercom. “By the grace of God we shall find ourselves back on the good Earth … God has already aided in our safety through the removal of the diabolical machine and corrupted man. Soon, even the demon Succubus shall be removed to ensure our safety!”

“What should we do, Becca?” Laura asked uncertainly.

“We’ll be off the planet in moments, and I don’t know how to pilot a ship … The rock! We must get rid of the rock, Laura. Blasting it out the airlock may be our best option.”

“I’ll help you in any way I can, Becca.”

“I know … In this case, I need you to concentrate on your devotion to me. Use it to keep yourself stable and strong. We need to trust each other.”

Laura simply nodded.

After grabbing and pocketing more sedatives, they cautiously walked out into the corridor. Rebecca still sensed people in the room where the apparent mass was held, and that the ones in there were still likely knocked out. However, if the captain was already awake, there was no telling what others already awoke.

“How long should John stay asleep from your sedative, Laura?” Rebecca asked.

Laura answered quietly, “About an hour, assuming he was packed full of adrenaline. There was enough in there for six to eight hours for a calm patient.”

“We probably have far less than an hour with that self proclaimed preacher,” Rebecca clarified. “The captain should still be passed out. I drank most of his Sexual Energy. So much that I should have given a little back to be safe, like what I just did with you.”

They carried on, barely keeping composure. Laura tightly gripped Rebecca’s arm. The danger was real from both within and without, while their minds were making it seem even worse. The closer they came to the rock, the greater the level of chaotic feeling, and for Rebecca, the greater the migraine. Rebecca found it truly remarkable that Laura’s devotion broke through any fear toward the monster that Rebecca could become.

The moment they entered the room, the painful ringing in Rebecca’s head enhanced dramatically. Her vision briefly blurred, before she forced herself through the chaotic, painful haze. She then realized that the ringing was also coming from the psychic center of her brain, which was only developed enough for empathic use. That revelation terrified her to the core, because that meant that her very subconscious may be being corrupted by the rock. Somehow, she knew that the others were not being affected at the psychic level. Only the recent good feed was keeping her together, being so near to the rock in that moment.

After locking the lab door behind them, they made their way to the removable storage containers. Though the box’s shielding was obviously not that affective, direct contact would be unlikely beneficial.

Rebecca pulled the small release lever below the appropriate box. It silently, smoothly slid upwards. She detached the small, shiny box from the piston, and held it tight with one arm. “I sense they’re right outside, Laura. I wonder if they’re being influenced to protect this thing …”

“How will we get past them, Becca?” she asked nervously.

“I’ll take care of them. I just fed, remember?” she asked rhetorically, pretending to show greater psychological strength than she really had.

Clutching the box tightly with her off hand and arm, she opened the door to John and his “flock.”

“What is it you have there, demon?” he asked piously.

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m no demon, you idiot?” she asked calmly.

John made a motion toward the box, and Rebecca effortlessly twisted his arm over his back almost to the breaking point with lightning fast speed.

She then whispered in his ear darkly, “If you and your foolish followers don’t let me past, then I will soon become far worse than any demon your precious Bible has ever mentioned.”

Rebecca then kissed him deeply, while drinking large swaths of his Sexual Energy. The other’s tried to separate them, but her grip was tight. The captain, who should have been tending the Command Center, fired several near point blank shots from his pulsearm, but her dodges were far faster then the propelled energy. Then just before she drank too much, she blew some back into the crazed John. He fell to the floor in a massive, wet orgasm.

“My God, what the fuck am I doing?” the now lucid John breathlessly said, while leaning his back to the wall. “I helped to kill a man …”

“He is corrupted by the demon!” the captain proclaimed.

The others blindly attacked Rebecca, who effortlessly incapacitated each in turn. Just before she blew her Sexual Life Energy into each to stabilize them, the Gravity Drive audibly activated. “Emergency Space Jump commencing in T-minus ten minutes,” the feminine computer sounded. “Passengers are now required to enter stasis.” A Space Jump was theoretically survivable outside stasis, but the G-forces experienced were well beyond the established ten G safety limit. However, even Rebecca would be physically damaged from the experience, while the average Human would gain permanent injuries.

“Come on, Laura! We barely have enough time to get us all though this.” Rebecca called. She was prepared to quickly stabilize each with her Sexual Life Energy once the rock was gone.

While they ran to the closest airlock, John sat on the floor, rocking in a fetal position. The clarity of his actions brought him to a new madness. At the same time, he felt the cross he carved deeply into his forehead.

The control panel for the airlock they reached was smashed. “SHIT!” Rebecca exclaimed. “Of course it’s broken.”


“I’ll have to operate this airlock from the inside. We don’t have time to get to the main one and save the others before the artificial wormhole is created.”

“I’ll find you a space suit, Becca.”

“There’s no time, Laura. I should be able to handle that kind of exposure without too much issue if I’m quick. I haven’t given up yet!” she said sternly.

Laura grabbed Rebecca’s arm even tighter than before. Rebecca smiled back in false certainty, and removed the hand. She then pulled the manual release lever, and the door obediently slid open. She walked into the airlock.

With a few taps on the internal panel, the inner door closed, and the depressurization sequence commenced. Rebecca breathed deep breaths in preparation for a final, well timed one. The red light flashed brightly. “Depressurization sequence complete. Warning: Outer door opening in three, two, one,” the computer sounded before the door opened. The cold of the vacuum was piercing, but thus far within her physical limits, along with the nil pressure.

‘This is but one tool of chaos at our disposal, and perhaps the smallest,’ a cacophony of piercing voices said in her head just before she threw the box. It was out of the ringing, but infinitely louder. ‘Like the Multiverse, chaos can start with something very small, and lead to a great nothingness. Chaos is what we are. Join us, Succubus, and you will finally be free of the Human bonds you always sought to shed!’ The voices nearly completely broke her mind down in their chaotic madness. The pain from it was beyond unbearable. Her head was in a vice of chaos.

In that moment, she realized that there was clarity in that chaotic madness. She finally understood something about herself her Maker always suspected. The reason why she wanted to be a Succubus wasn’t what most had. Consciously, she wanted what all others wanted (extreme life and freedom), but subconsciously, she wanted to be beyond Humanity. It was always within her to be a Succubus uncaring of living symbiotically with Humans.

Yet, the love of her Maker was within her even then. Choice is a powerful thing, and that was the real reason why her Maker agreed to transform her, she know knew. Becoming a Succubus gives one the power to choose their own path far more significantly than most. Rebecca valued choice more than most, even before she was transformed.

Now, she had the choice she always dreamed of having. A choice that could have all Succubi bring the Earth and maybe beyond to its knees. Perhaps not even a God could stop an army of unbound Succubi! The temptation to shed humanity’s dominance on the Earth, while perhaps ultimately challenging the Gods of Passion, was too tempting to deny in her now unbound state. It was a chance to transform the whole of the Multiverse! ‘The key to everything I truly wanted!’ she screamed in her mind. She then heard as a reply in her mind, ‘Yes, Succubus! Become what you and your kind are meant to be!’

Her hand then slowly moved to the box. Before she opened it, she thought of Laura. No one had ever been so devoted to her to call her their protector. That was how Laura truly felt, and the madness that rock gave simply made her say it out loud. She had no need to dominate Laura’s mind, and perhaps that was the truth behind the Symbiotic Philosophy, which she secretly did not understand until then. To open the box would be to destroy Laura’s remarkable trust. There was an innocence in that trust, and it did not deserve to be destroyed. In the end, her choice was only because of Laura.

NOOOOOO!” Rebecca screamed with passion through the chaotic madness, and threw the box into the ageless vastness of space …


>>Triani-Martel Galactic Corporation

>>Special Expedition Report

>> LR122567 Scientific Expedition

>>Chemical Engineer Brian Solo: Deceased. Next of kin notified. Contractual and legal matters pending.

>>Ray AMV5R2: Salvaged. Will resume normal operation after android makes official report and proceeds with standard testing.

>>Following expedition members under advanced psychological review: Captain Doug Jameson, Dr. Louis Black, Jenna Drake, Robert Trio, John Underwood.

>>Following expedition members passed primary psychological review and placed on Mental Trauma Leave: Dr. Laura Smith, Dr. Rebecca Aldo.

>>Recommendation for further research: Granted. Logs and viable depositions give no evidence to more potentially dangerous materials. Research indicates LR122567 is mineral rich, and holds a greater degree of biodiversity than average for a planet of its type.

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