New Transformations: New Drive

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Universe: Edge


New Transformations: New Drive


“As you can see, Detective, it’s obviously Vampire,” Detective Lou Jackson stated to Cosmic Detective Robert Barrows. A twenty year old male lay on a cold slab with numerous bite marks over major arteries. Many of the bites were sloppy, while his body was covered with his blood at the crime scene. He was completely mutated.

“Yes, but I can tell you right now that it is not or unlikely to be a Vampire of Passion,” he said with certainty. Subject the Great Cosmic Vampire Gods of Passion, there were three breeds of Vampires of Passion: Pleasure, Power, and Consumption. “As you know, it is incredibly rare for one of them to kill, and it is never without reason. They are also much cleaner. They would never let so much blood go to waste.” Since the Cosmic Revelation more than half a century before in 2113, Vampires of Passion, Succubi, and Erotic Witches were not only common knowledge, but also lived symbiotically with Humans. The majority of which lived symbiotically for millennia prior in secret.

Sergeant Laura Jones walked into the super clean morgue, and handed Detective Jackson the lab’s Paper Tablet Computer. “Here’s the toxicology report, sir.”

“Thank you, sergeant,” Jackson stated, while sternly taking the Tablet. Jones quickly walked out. Jackson looked over the report baffled. “Humph … Barrows, how’s you knowledge on Vampire Venoms?”

“Expert,” he stated matter-of-factly, while taking the Tablet. He had degrees in both biochemistry and criminology. “The composition appears similar to Sex Drive. Never saw anything quite like this, though …” Sex Drive was the street name of a drug derived from the pleasure enhancing compounds found in the venom of Vampires of Passion. Most of it is synthesized in makeshift labs, and completely artificial. The concentrations in Vampire Venom were simply not enough to be more addictive than a morning coffee. The drug’s name came from an early twenty-first century film about a similar drug.

“A new Drive variant?”

“Perhaps, detective, but I don’t think it’s really based on Sex Drive. Look at this,” he pointed to a molecule. “The organic variants of Drive are both poorly concentrated and fail to filter out all of the Vampire genetic construct, which of course lays dormant until dissipated or activated by drinking Human blood within a day. The compound here is like that construct, but is not from any of the three Passion Breeds.”

“It almost looks like a retrovirus,” he stated, never having seen such constructs before.

“Yes, but I think this one may be artificial. Either way, it almost looks like we’re seeing evidence of an undocumented Vampire species …”




Lisa walked into her university apartment with a discrete, opaque plastic bag in hand.

“Lisa, you didn’t!” Amanda exclaimed unhappily to her blonde roommate on the couch.

“Yup! Supposed to be the good stuff, too!” she said happily. “Fully synthesized, not from a real Vampire.”

Amanda said quietly, angrily, “You know how illegal Drive is!”

“Oh, come on, Amanda! You know the stuff’s not as addictive as they say. You had some yourself a couple of months ago.”

“Not by choice! BRAD slipped it in my drink,” she snapped.

“And you two had the best sex you ever had!” she clarified.

“And the last.” She broke up with Brad after she found out he drugged her. “Besides, I’m not in the mood to masturbate multiple times a day for the next couple of weeks …” Sex Drive always enhanced libido temporarily long after it leaves the system.

“You could be,” Lisa smirked deviously, shaking the bag …




Detective Barrows walked up to a striking, blue eyed brunette in a crowded bar. She wore a highly revealing, black latex bra, with a matching jacket, skirt and heals. The clothing looked anachronistic to him, yet incredibly erotic. She was taller than Barrows by a couple of inches, and noticeably even more fit physically. Her complexion was very fair, while her black hair flowed back wildly. Her fit physique merely enhanced her radiant beauty.

“Out hunting tonight, Ariana?” Barrows asked the woman slyly.

“Oh, my sweet Robbie, you know we don’t call it that anymore,” she replied seductively, before taking a sip of her warm, blood plasma derived drink. Her manner of speech was heavily muddled, while it contained stubborn Balkan undertones. “Besides, you’re here now!” Her retracted fangs looked rather sharp, while she toothily smiled.

He looked her over, and stated, “I’m working a case, Ana.”

“You’re such a bore! … But, I sense it should worry me.”

“Yeah, I think we’ve found something new. We shouldn’t talk here.”

“Finally!” She took his arm, and guided him out.

They made their way to Ariana’s house down the street. Inside, it was filled with trinkets from her long life. She prized the Renaissance above all else, for she could never bring herself to sell just one of those quite breathtaking pieces.

“So you found another Vampire of Shadow?” she asked while they sat on her well worn couch. Vampires of Shadow are whole other species of Vampire, who are not subject to the Great Vampire Gods of Passion. They continue to be secretive about their nature, even though their existence is known.

“I don’t know. The whole thing bothers me.” He took out his Paper Tablet, unfolded it, and handed it to Ariana. “You know that no Vampire is so messy unless they flipped, Ana. There’s something else, too …”

“That compound looks just like the one you uncovered this morning in your files. My friends know of it. There are some interesting rumors about it,” she said, reading his mind.

“Yeah, I haven’t told the other detective yet. Wanted to … consult with you first.”

“How sweet,” she said sarcastically. “Well, like you already know, that drug only appeared within the last month. We know nothing about it for sure, save that it is perhaps more ‘delicious’ to Humans than even Drive. The most common rumor is that it can make your kind go nuts after it provides all the expected affects of Drive.”


“We have no idea! All we really know for sure is that it does nothing to us.”

Barrows rubbed his eyes from the stress. He hadn’t had a vacation in years, and this new case was affecting him poorly. He was untimely hitting the proverbial brick wall.

Ariana empathically wrapped her arms around him, and said, “Take the night off. Let’s fuck around.” She began to rub his crotch tenderly. “I’ll top it all off with a foot job, Robbie.”

“Fuck! I can’t resist you …” he answered breathlessly. Ariana was a Vampire of Pleasure, and could seduce almost as well as a Succubus. They were on and off lovers as well, and knew each other long before he was promoted to the Cosmic Crimes Detective Unit of the Federated Police. Not long after the Cosmic Revelation, such relationships were accepted culturally, openly. The start of their relationship was integral to his first case as a Cosmic Detective, where they brought down the local drug lord specializing in Sex Drive and Control, the later of which based off the mind controlling substance found in the venom from Vampires of Power. Like all drug trade, however, the substances still found their way back on the streets, albeit to a lesser extent thus far.

They then leaned in for a deep passionate kiss. Ariana’s spit was already filled with her pleasure filled venom. In the nearly unbearable arousal, they tore each other’s clothes off, and humped each other wildly until they both came wildly.

Ariana kissed and licked down the detective’s body. Her bright white fangs were fully descended, and she made sure to scrape them against him. She then reawakened his cock with her knowledgable hands and mouth, before she slowly, teasingly unstrapped her heals, and clamped her silken size nines around it. Flexing her back almost inhumanly, she sucked him off at the same time. He soon exploded into her hungry mouth. She always told him that she like the tasted of Human Cum (male and female) better than blood!

“Oh, my fucking God, Ana! … Wow, you’re always so amazing … and you didn’t even bit me yet!” he said breathlessly, impulsively.

“Oh, you know I love to save to best for last, Human!” She then plunged her sharp fangs into his inner thigh, her pleasure filled venom poured into his veins. He soon came so hard it almost hurt all over Ariana’s pitch black hair …




Lisa walked into Amanda’s room with a drink in hand. “Hey, Amanda, Jack mixed up a dink, and I thought you might like some.”

“What’s in it?” she asked almost nervously.

“Oh, nothing, it’s nonalcoholic. We’re driving to the holo-movies,” she answered disarmingly.

Jack was aways very good at making drinks, with or without alcohol. “All right.”

Amanda took the drink from Lisa, who left right after. She drank it down far more quickly than she expected. It was simply delicious! She tried to jump back to her studying, but her mind was just not into it.

A cloud expanded past her mind, and into her whole body, making her feel warm and good. She at first unconsciously was rubbing her toes along her sole, before she did it consciously from how good it felt. She rolled onto her back, feeling the great warmth engulfing her. Her mind was all but a blank from it.

In spite of the haze, she was just barely able to process what she was feeling. It was like how she felt the one time she ingested Sex Drive! A part of her knew that she should be feeling anger and shock, but Drive or whatever was within her shut off such feelings.

Her body was growing slick with sweet; she could not help but touch herself. As an overheating, breathless zombie, she dragged herself to her room’s mirror. All she could do was touch her wet self more in her growing arousal, while occasionally sucking the sweat off her fingers. It no longer mattered how aware of being drugged she was, her hot arousal was all that there was. She was simply a beautiful woman: darker skin, slim yet healthy body, brown eyes, and dark brown hair. Who wouldn’t love a chance to drool over her. She was hot for herself and anything that ever aroused her in her life, including the last time she was drugged in a similar way.

She soon stumbled her way back onto her bed. Sensitized, wet feet rubbing the soft sheets and wet hand holding the bedpost tight, she rubbed her dripping pussy with lustful passion. She happily moaned and grunted in a lust she never thought possible. Liquid dripped down the bed post from her sweaty palms. Her wet toes grabbed at the sheets. The hot, powerful arousal soon became everything she ever was. Mouth and eyes open wide, she screamed in a deafening orgasm …




“I agree, Detective Barrows, there does seem to be a connection between that new drug and these killings,” Detective Jackson stated uncomfortably. Three more murders matching the description of the first had occurred over the night in their city, while they obtained reports of similar murders within the general vicinity.

“We first need to obtain a sample of the drug, and my source is working on that,” he stated referring to Ariana, who wiped him out from the night before. He hid it well, partly thanks to the healing compounds in her venom, but “donating” large amounts of blood was always taxing.

“Yes … I have a feeling we’ve hit this at the start, and that it is well coordinated.”

“Perhaps the killings aren’t, but the drug may be,” Barrows corrected. “That’s assuming it’s being distributed as Sex Drive.”

Jackson sighed. The obvious aspect they weren’t saying verbally was how the evidence suggested that the new drug actually turned people into Vampires. Such a possibility was never thought possible, although it was possible to create Succubi artificially. “All right, ready to start knocking down doors?” Jackson asked, handing over the list of people connected to the victims. Those that matched the hair samples were placed at the top.

“Lets go!”




“What the fuck, Lisa!” Amanda screamed at her roommate, who just returned from a night with her boyfriend.


“You drugged me! What the fuck!?”

“It was the best orgasm of your life, right? I know I’m not feeling any ill affects. My boyfriend isn’t either!”

“You took it, too?”

“Yeah, it was the best batch of Drive ever! I took the same stuff when you were away the other day for a cheap thrill, and that’s what made me buy more. We’re gonna do more tonight, a lot more!” she exclaimed licking her lips.

Amanda could not deny that it was the best orgasm of her life, while she was forcing herself to not want another dose. Her thirst for it was almost unbearable. She then realized how she could remember nothing after that orgasm, not even a dream. There was also no residual arousal the next morning, while there was an odd taste in her mouth. Oddly, a part of her suggested that it could be very difficult to become aroused without it now. “Are you sure it was Drive?” she asked worriedly. “I don’t feel like I did the last time …”

“I told you I got the best shit! Pure and concentrated …” A knock at the door interrupted their conversation.

Lisa answered the door

“Hello, I am Detective Barrows, and this is Detective Jackson,” they flashed their wildly contrasting badges, “may we come in?”

“Uh … What’s this all about?” Amanda asked almost nervously.

“Brad Andrews was found dead two days ago. You and your friend Lisa had relations with him?” Jackson asked.

“He’s a friend,” Amanda answered in shock. “My roommate Lisa dated him a while ago … Come in …” She led them inside, and the all sat around the coffee table.

“Brad’s dead?” Amanda asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” Barrows answered, “the murder is unusual to say the least. When was the last time either of you saw him?”

“I hadn’t seen him since we broke up a while ago. Bad argument, I guess,” Amanda answered.

“I saw him a few days ago. We crossed paths in the university cafe,” Lisa answered, while feeling like she saw him even sooner without memory of it.

“Did you two discuss anything?” Barrows asked.

“No,” Amanda answered. “We just said ‘hi.’ That was it.”

“OK,” Barrows stated. “If you two remember anything out of the ordinary, contact station twelve, and ask for either Jackson or I,” They left.




“So what do you think, Barrows?”

“Not sure. Lisa’s dyed hair definitely matched the sample color-wise.”

“There’s still that odd thing about the DNA.”

“Yes, like you, I thought it was just some error, but I’m not sure now either.”

“Search warrant, genetic test? If they have some of that new drug, we would definitely have something.”

“Yes, I think so. You go get one, Jackson, while I talk with my contact.”

Barrows made his was way to Ariana’s house an hour later at dusk. She always liked to sleep in, and was a little annoyed to be woken up so early. In spite of myth, UV rays were not deadly to Vampires of Passion, even though their skin was indeed sensitive to it. They were simply nocturnal.

“An Artificial Vampire: That is what you refuse to admit the possibility of, you thick headed Human,” she stated, while handing him a cup of expensive, genuine coffee exactly how he liked it: strong with real sugar. In her other hand, she held a tall glass of warmed blood, which was probably cow (her preferred substitute). She was wearing a gushy white robe, and nothing else. Her hair was more wild and enticing than the night before, having just awoke. They stood in her modern, sterile kitchen.

“I guess so, Ana. But, how is such a thing possible?” Vampires were assumed to be the only Cosmic Beings that could not be created artificially. Indeed, the ancient Book of Passions has no description of creating an Artificial Vampire, while it describes beings that can only be created artificially like Werewolves (Lycanthropes).

She sighed, knowing that this case would lead to her telling him things otherwise left unsaid. She took a long swig of the blood, put the glass down, and stated, “What I am about to tell you is strictly taboo, and more off the record than our usual meetings … You know a lot about how Vampires of Passion breed, but not everything. All you were ever taught were based off of lab tests from our venom alone. You know how my breed worships the orgasm, all of our species does, albeit not as much as my breed. To activate our genetic construct, you must drink Human Blood the day it’s within you, yes, but to ensure transformation, the Maker’s blood must be drunk and an ultimate orgasm must occur. Sex Drive is such a strong concentration of our synthesized venom that it gives a sense of our control over the orgasm, while it is addictive because the Human Brain cannot recover from the devastating endorphin blast quickly. It comes with no healing compound. If a construct was altered or made in just the right way, then it may be possible to use the orgasm itself to active it and ensure transformation. Or at least, that is a secret concern amongst my kind.”

“Retrovirus experiments …” he muttered. He took his phone goggle out of his pocket, put it on, and stated, “Hey, Janice, could you send me all the data we have on artificial retroviruses cross referenced with Vampires … OK, thanks.”

Ariana looked at him questioningly, while he pocketed the phone.

“Don’t feel like reading my mind? There’s something about retrovirus experiments that’s just at the edge of my memory …” His Paper Tablet suddenly beeped, and he took it out. “That’s it …” He moved the Tablet over so Ariana could also see. “Dr. Cornelia Reynolds was a late twenty, early twenty-first century pioneer in retrovirus research. Her methods are still considered controversial. Back in the nineteen-nineties she theorized that ingesting Human Blood like a Vampire could be used to control aging, while she used her retrovirus later to test that. She was right, and didn’t know it, while her experiments in that area were inconclusive. Her theories seem more based on myth than actual Vampires, as it seems she did not know of any in the flesh. Still, the retrovirus she created is the basis for much of the medical field today.”

“Could the retrovirus in the drug be related to that?”

“I hate to say it, but yes, Ana. Structurally, I can see that the early versions are all but the same …”




While the night went on, Amanda could not stop thinking about the orgasm she had last night, while feeling completely unable to become aroused by it. She felt a growing frustration from it. Instead of having her mind clouded by arousal, her mind was clouded by the memory of an orgasm she could not achieve on her own.

“Hey, Amanda, thirsty?” Lisa said almost slyly, holding a small bottle of semi clear liquid.

“What?” she replied breathlessly, swallowing dryly. “Something’s wrong. Withdrawals or something … Brad was murdered, and all I want is that orgasm I had last night!”

“Wow, I think it’s affected you more strongly than me! Actually, after the second taste, I discovered some amazing side affects.” She impulsively removed her shirt, revealing a tight well toned stomach, and flexed her now noticeable arm muscles. Her bare chest seemed slightly larger as well, probably from the increased muscle mass. “I’m so much stronger now. I mean, they’re not weight lifter muscles, but they act like it. The muscles are like some sexy woman that just happens to be good a running. There’s something else, too, Amanda.”


“I think I’m smarter! Everything is so much clearer to me. Fuck, I forgot to study for a test today that I somehow knew every answer for. Everything is so sharp. I also know that I need to take Drive again to maintain this, and I will.” Her eyes went wide.

Amanda’s throat and mouth were so dry in that moment, while everything within her screamed to take the drug her roommate held.

Lisa unscrewed the cap, and depressed the top to fill the plastic dropper. She brought the high dose toward Amanda, who automatically opened wide tongue extended. While the deliciously sweet liquid dripped into her mouth, she latched onto the dropper with her lips, and sucked on it like the addict she blatantly was. Lisa gave herself the same dose after, while savoring just as lustfully.

Feeling the unwatered down drug already taking hold, they began to lustfully make out. They fell to the floor, while their bodies quickly became red hot with arousal. Sweat made their bodies unnaturally slick and shiny just as quickly.

In the erotic blur, they tore their clothes away, and began to scissor like they were always lesbians. While the pleasure built, Amanda could feel and see her body strengthen like Lisa’s, while her mind sharpened. Lisa was clearly holding back in anticipation for Amanda’s new strength, for she was then thrusting with that superhuman strength like Amanda. Their minds were soon consumed with lust and passion. At the moment of orgasm, everything was as clear as the fangs jutting downward …




Barrows rubbed his weary eyes, while sitting on Ariana’s comfortable couch. A tiny bottle of the suspected drug sat on the antique mahogany coffee table before him. A handwritten note in Ariana’s masterful hand lay next to it, with information on the drug’s source. “There were two more murders last night, Ana, including that of Lisa’s boyfriend.”

“I know, I saw on the news,” she said, while tenderly wrapping her arm him.

“How did you get it?”

“A Drive dealer I suspected for a while. Don’t worry, he’s fine, but he won’t be dealing drugs anymore.” Such dealers were one of the few motives Vampires had for killing Humans now.

“You never leave any for me, do ya’?” he asked lightly, hiding in vein his annoyance of her form of justice.

“You know I haven’t changed completely with the times, my Human,” she said seductively with a fierce smile. She then started to passionately make out with him. “I’ll make you feel better.”

“I know, baby … First, I gotta get this stuff to the lab, and have Jackson bring those girls in for questioning …” he said breathlessly, knowing and unhappy that they were obviously not the only suspected users.




Lisa and Amanda were laying happily in a pool of blood of their own making. Their hapless victim was pushed off the motel bed not long before. They happily chuckled while they glanced at the dead man. The white of their eyes was now deeply bloodshot, while the color was distinctly dulled.

“Oh, FUCK! I’m still feeling the rush!” Lisa exclaimed, blood escaping her mouth.

“Me, too! Wow, you look fuckin’ hot covered with blood, Amanda!” she observed aroused. The look of the deep red blood contrasting with their now deathly pale skin sexually drove her as wild as her friend.

“You look hotter, Lisa! Hey, do you think they’ll charge us extra for the mess?” she asked jokingly. All either really cared about now was sex and blood. They were now permanently Vampires, and fully embraced their new selves.

Lisa laughed loudly, “We’ll just say it was bed bugs!” She began to passionately make out with her fellow Vampire. They ground their wet pussies together feeling pleasure beyond what they ever felt as Humans. It was a pleasure they knew would always be that amazing. They soon screamed loudly in a lust filled orgasm, before they resumed their lust making …




Detective Barrows again found himself on Ariana’s couch later that night. Him and Jackson were unable to locate Lisa and Amanda. There was not yet enough evidence to call them suspects (it all hinged on the lab tests of the new drug), so they were simply told to wait for the roommates to return. Jackson and another officer were patiently waiting at the university, while Barrows said he was to talk with his “source.”

Ariana kissed him sweetly on the lips, and said quietly, “This job is killing you, Robert.”

“I know, Ana …” This case was Barrow’s worst nightmare. He always had a strong respect for Vampires, while he barely admitted he loved one. Plus, his subtly graying temples revealed his sometimes harsh profession.

Ariana took his hand, and brought him to her bedroom. She knew how much he needed someone right then, and she was remarkably more his than she ever admitted. They were soon on the bed naked, Barrows humping Ariana with a slow want. Sometimes there was a distinct lustful tinge to their love making, but this time it was pure. They soon came together in a quiet, loving orgasm.

They soon tightly cuddled, with Ariana’s toned back to Barrow’s front. He was always amazed whenever she didn’t bite him during sex.

“You’ll need every drop of blood in you to finish this,” she said with a subtle lisp, proving her fangs were descended.

“You have all eternity, but I never seem to find the time to love you,” he whispered impulsively, not realizing he said it out loud at first …

Barrows Tablet beeped an hour later, while his tiny phone sounded in his coat pocket. He answered the phone, “Yes?”

“This is Janice, Detective,” Dr. Janice Laurainne, lab technician, answered with a serious tone. Her image was clear on the tiny glass square. “I have analyzed the drug.”

He was not surprised by the relative speed. Computer modeling lab techniques were highly efficient by the twenty-second century. “What do you find?”

“Like you observed, it’s like Drive, but it really isn’t. The pleasure enhancing compound is only a small percentage stronger than the average Drive, while it produces little to no side affects on its own. It however can make the user fully reliant starting with the first dose. Like you uncovered, the retrovirus is almost identical to the one most commonly used in the last century. It lacks the required Nano-Signature, so we cannot track down its source. I think the source you uncovered may be where it came from, though. It is a suspected Drive facility.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes. It will affect everyone slightly differently, while it will affect both men and women about the same way sexually. However, that retrovirus goes to work only on women as early as the first dose, making them into a kind of Vampire we never knew existed. The orgasmic nature of the overall drug plays a key role in that transformation, according to the simulations, while the woman does not remember their vampiric transformation at first.”

“What do you mean?”

“The vampiric affect can wear off, making them Human again, possibly not even remembering their Vampire selves. It is not unlike the rare Daywalkers of the Vampires of Shadow. But, they are already addicted to the drug, so they take it again. It enhances and embellishes the violent, addictive nature within all of us. The more they take it, the more likely the transformation to Vampire is permanent. Then, the drug is useless to them. Of course, this is all projection.” She was always cold and calculated, but her analysis clearly worried her.

They ended the call soon after. Ariana heard everything; her ears were quite sharp!

“There is obviously a purpose to this,” Ariana stated.

“Why would you say that, Ana?” he asked, thinking the same thing. He had a nasty habit of seeing if others agreed with his theories before he even stated them.

“This isn’t some accident, Robert. We are at the beginning of something far grander. I’ve lived too long to not see the affect of invisible threads. There is someone out there that wants these Artificial Vampires for some new purpose.”

“What purpose is that?” he asked uncomfortably. She was moving beyond his theory.

“I don’t know, but there are no accidental transformations. Someone, somewhere must pull the strings. Unfortunately, these aren’t the Cosmic Gods, or at least the ones we know and lust for … We must get to the source of the drug. Then, maybe, we’ll know enough to stop whatever is happening.” The look in her eyes was of a warrior’s passion.




“People like to forget how old tech still has its uses,” a man said quietly in a dimly lit room. A computer console sat before him with a growing list of names. A chaotic fire happily crackled in the stone fireplace across the room.

“Yes,” the female scientist behind him said with subtle discomfort.

“Is that a hint of doubt, my dear?” he said without swiveling his chair. It amused him to act like a generic villain, when he was something far more.

“No, sir. Well, not to the plan.”

“Go on.”

“Are you sure these new Vampires can be controlled, sir? They’re chaotic, unbound.”

“That is the point, my dear! You know full well what our Masters want. Of course, you put in that control fail safe, yourself. I’m surprised you have so little faith in the old retrovirus, when it’s sibling fully controls a whole other Earth.”

“If I may reiterate, sir, that mechanism only controls Humans there. I never guaranteed it would work on other humanoids, whether we created them or not.”

“Well, that is a good point, my good doctor. Perhaps we should test it then, eh?” He typed on the flat keypad before him …

Lisa and Amanda found themselves driving to some old warehouse outside the city. They didn’t know why they felt compelled to go there, let alone how they knew its location, but somehow didn’t care. Indeed, they just fucked and fed. Their clothes were as covered with Human Blood as their spit.

Inside the brightly lit warehouse were many other Vampires like them, or at least, women soon to be as such. The latter were being fed large amounts of the last thing they would drink before bloodlust fully overtook them. All of the fully transformed had blood on them not their own, while their eyes were wildly bloodshot with dulled irises. Filling the warehouse around them were machines happily churning the new Drive, and many stockpiled metal crates.

It was soon very clear that there were distinct groups: Vampires, soon to be Vampires, and another group overseeing above. There appeared to be no direct way to the above platform. The ones above looked like scientists in their metallic, white attire and enhanced glasses, save for one aberrant man in the middle. A kind of dark chaos seemed to surround him.

“Greetings!” the dark man called happily. “You may call me Jonas. Be lustful, this is a party! We have fresh Human Blood arriving now; we have plenty of New Drive to those who still require it.”

People walked in with large crates smelling of that which they all desired. The doors automatically locked behind them, and the deliverers unsuspectingly became what they delivered. In that moment, what little was left of Lisa, Amanda, or any of them, melted into the whole …

“I told you, my good doctor, I told you all,” Jonas stated happily to the observing scientists around him. “They are as chaotic and controlled as we want them to be. Of course, they are but an appetizer to what the Nameless Ones have planned!”




Barrows and Ariana walked out of their electric vehicles in front of the suspected warehouse. Many other transport units surrounded. One near them had visible blood on the side window. They could hear the haunting feeding frenzy within the building.

“I think we have probable cause, Ana,” Barrows said dryly, wielding his pulse-pistol.

Ariana barely acknowledged him. For the first time in many centuries, she was mentally prepared for battle. Both an ancient sword and modern pulsearm rested under her long black, leather cloak, patiently waiting to be wielded. “Are you ready to fight at my side, Human? None of the Vampires in there will show mercy. All they are is chaos,” she said in a tone more serious than he ever knew.

“You fight them off, while I disable the machines.”

Ariana gave Barrows an odd look. She was not accustomed to taking orders, especially by men, but she silently acknowledged.

They made their way to the back door. It was locked, but Barrows hacked the keypad. They quietly ascended the dark, metal steps before them. At the top lay an open door to the platform overlooking the large, main room of the building. They stepped onto the metal platform, the sound of the feeding frenzy below was deafening and nauseating. Other closed doors lay along the platform.

‘Something’s wrong,’ Ariana suddenly said in my head. Someone suddenly pushed Ariana over the rail. With ease, she fell on her feet in the middle of frenzied Vampires. A Human’s legs would have shattered at the very least. The crazed Vampires lunged at her moments later. Her blade flew out expertly. She fought them all at once with skill beyond her long dead brethren. Her form was as elegant and beautiful as it was terrifying. Any Human would have had to resist the urge to run into a corner and beg for mercy.

Barrows turned to the dark man. He would have lunged at the man if the man didn’t have a pulse-pistol pointed at him.

“How?” Barrows asked quietly, referring to him impossibly sneaking up on Ariana.

“Chaos, detective,” he said with a dark smile. “I am Jonas Triegg. You may shake my pistol in lieu of my hand. What you see below is barely even a taste of what is to come. Yet, the end of that is nothing like the beginning.”

“What are you talking about?” he asked, nervously looking at the warrior Vampire below.

“You now have a choice. A choice you’ve already made. She is more than gallant, but she cannot hold them all back for long. She is … not exactly new. Her skills as a warrior have sharpened, while her willingness to kill has dulled. She cannot survive without your help within the next few moments. Yet, you can have me. I know all the conspirators, and were all the data can be found. This is the only facility for New Drive. It will be destroyed in less than five minutes by high explosives, along with all of those conspirators and data. They have no idea! I had quite a lot a fun!” He laughed playfully.

Barrows worriedly looked down to the loosing Ariana, who would fight to the death, and back up. On the wall hung a merchandise moving antigrav-plate, which Jonas probably put there to ensure Barrows’ choice. Jonas was clearly a master manipulator. Barrows grabbed the remarkably light plate, and used it to slow his descent to the ground floor. He rode it down in the kind of heroic pose he avoided. Such cliches he always found cringe worthy.

“Consistent Human,” Jonas stated happily. He looked up and said, “Don’t know where, don’t know when, but perhaps we’ll meet again … on the moon?” He calmly walked down the back steps.

Ariana had fought off most of them. However, she no longer killed automatically, and many of those she fought off almost fatally came back at her. She was already receiving injuries faster than she could heal. The crazed Vampires were too concentrated on the ancient one to notice Barrows’ perfect ascent. That ascent gave him the edge he needed to aid the loosing Ariana, and make his way to her.

“We have to get out of here now!” Barrows screamed. “What?” she grunted back. “It’s rigged to blow!” he answered.

They made their way to the main doors, fighting of the last of the Artificial Vampires. Ariana was weak and heavily injured, while she leaned on Robert. There was no time for her to feed, however. He unlocked the door from the control panel next to it. The door opened just in time for them to be blasted outward from the explosion …




Robert Barrows, who only had an already cured concussion, walked into the dark hospital room to see the resting Ariana. They found out she was not dead by testing her brain activity, as was standard for checking vitals. The found out she was a Vampire by also checking the sharpness of certain teeth. An IV of Human Blood was hooked into her arm. The Life Signs Monitor above the bed on the wall showed minimal life signs, which resulted from the IV. Even by the twenty-second century, so many Humans assumed Vampires were invincible, while even Robert subconsciously pretended as such.

“Anaea, the last of the Amazons,” Robert said quietly, revealing Ariana’s original name. Long lived beings were known to eventually choose new names for themselves, if only to blend in better. He was one of the few to know her first after her time fell into myth.

“I’m sorry?” Doctor Lisa Hendrix asked curiously. Robert barely even noticed she was there.

“She would heal much faster if she fed directly on a Human,” he said without looking away from Anaea.

“Oh, of course, but we don’t exactly keep Humans in storage,” she said dryly, uncomfortably. “It must be consensual, too …”

“It always is,” he said, walking toward Anaea.

“Oh, I see. I’ll leave you two alone.” The doctor walked out.

Robert rolled up his sleeve, and walked over to sleeping Vampire. He brushed her wild black hair, while presenting his bare wrist. “Anaea,” he called to wake her. Almost automatically, she opened her mouth, and plunged her already descended fangs into his wrist. The monitor came alive as she, while her body processed the fresh blood. His legs instantly turned to jelly from the pleasure filled venom, while he almost fell on top of her.

Anaea pulled her fangs out, retracted them, and said, “Thank you, Robert … You have something else for me?” She never had trouble reading his mind, but she knew he secretly didn’t like that.

“Yes, Anaea … I’m leaving the Federated Police. I just can’t do it anymore; not after everything that’s happened … I just want to be with you.” He lovingly kissed her on the forehead, after she automatically licked up the few drops of escaping blood from his wrist.

“Eternity?” It was the first time she offered that to anyone. Though it was tempered the moment she was transformed, her Amazonian nature tended to put her psychologically above all men and weak women. Yet, Robert was her equal in her eyes.

Robert wanted to accept her offer, but knew he wasn’t yet ready for that. “I … I just want right now.” He hugged her tightly …

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