Blog Flash: Jessica

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This blog flash also serves as a prequel to Latexica, which was inspired by the Blog Flash Shiny Black. Elements of this were also inspired by another story by the author Eight88. Enjoy!


Blog Flash: Jessica


Looking at myself in my bathroom mirror, I finally felt no conflict toward what I yearned to do. It’s hard to explain in any rational way. How could any Human explain a total renunciation of their humanity?

I fell to this path be sheer chance, accident. After waking up from a half remembered dream not long after dressing myself in this Full Body Latexica Suit, I had an incredible urge to learn what this suit could really do. It told me without question: The Full Body Suit by Latexica, inc, is capable of changing the user’s physical form, including DNA, with limitations including gender change. In continued with a warning: If the user opts to change physical form, including DNA, beyond simple muscle enhancement, the suit must never be removed, because DNA alteration requires fusion with the users skin, thereby ensuring the user’s circulatory system is connected with the Latexica. Genetic alteration is irreversible.

I then asked it if others had done such changes. It again answered without question. The suit even showed me where many of those others were.

Though still uncertain after the queries, I worked to design what could be my future self. I knew where I wanted to go; I had a general idea of the form. It took some negotiation, due to the suits limitations, but I soon came upon an image I would accept.

Now that I was certain, I bought myself a one way ticket to Brazil. I didn’t even tell anyone I was going. I just not longer cared. Someone will soon file a missing persons report, likely learning my of my plane ticket, but they will never know exactly where I went, let alone what I am about to do to myself.

Once I went through customs, without luggage to their confusion, I rented an old Jeep in cash. I drove to the edge of the rainforest. I walked out of the Jeep. I had on no clothing since I left, but that was culturally accepted, when one wore Latexica. My nipples were currently hidden, as were my asshole and vagina. The color I set was a pale green to subtly tease myself until I did the deed.

As part of the transformation program I created, I ensured that the process will be slow, memorable, and not painful. I needed to remember every detail clearly of my renouncing of humanity. I even had a small mirror!

Standing before the rainforest next to the car, I called up the transformation sequence. The suit automatically gave me the expected warning, which I accepted.

First, the suit’s color darkened, while developing darker stripes along my body, giving me natural camouflage. The covering of my nipples faded, showing my full breasts as they truly are. Then, I started to feel the suit tighten, for lack of better words. I could almost feel it fuse with my skin, and my blood invisibly start to flow through it. For a brief second, my breathing was heavy and erratic, but the suit quickly eased my respiration, while it began to rewrite my DNA with my blood flowing through it.

I suddenly dropped my mirror. My hands started to feel strange, and I brought them to my face. My hands grew slightly longer and more slender in appearance, while nails grew to become long, tough, sharp, gray claws. I could then see and feel my arm and shoulder muscles became far more developed and efficient.

My hips then felt very strange. Feeling and seeing the growing muscle mass, the suit compelled me to go to all fours. I did so without second thought, positioning my face over the mirror. My fingers curled inward impulsively, while I leaned on my palms. On my knees, I looked back to see and feel my feet almost but not quite follow suit with my hands. While my big toes did not become thumbs, all my elongating toes with their growing claws became far more prehensile. On impulse, I shifted my weight to the elongated toes, and let my knees naturally position themselves above my waist. I could walk and run faster than any Human on all fours, while I could still easily walk on two legs if necessary. There were still alterations to come, which would ensure my special movement.

My suit almost put me into a state of pure orgasmic bliss to ensure the next part was painless. My neck and body began to stretch, elongate, while blatant muscles began to form along. I repositioned my hands as necessary. Extra vertebrae began to form to accommodate the increased length, while extra sets of ribs formed for the same reason. Then, my tailbone began to separate into further vertebrae, capable of supporting a real tail. The moment the change was complete, a large, prehensile tale began to form, growing vertebrae within it. I looked back to witness my striped tail’s growth with a large smile. I swung it back and forth happily the moment it was fully formed.

I could then feel my head and mouth and eyes feel strange. Looking into the mirror, I could already see that my brown eyes were completing their color shift to turquoise, while my vision improved to far better than twenty-ten acuity. My hair fell away, before I brushed it off the mirror with my partly reptilian hands. This allowed me to better see my ears grow and become pointy in shape, while my hearing improved as dramatically as my vision. While my teeth sharpened (developing more as well), my face began to lengthen almost around my nose, developing into a long, proud snout with two slits for nostrils. Breathing deep through them, I found myself capable of smelling long distances, and a greater sensitivity and understanding of all the scent I could acquire. At the same time, my tongue lengthened considerably.

I breathed a long, satisfied smile, my physical transformation being complete. After stretching my elongated body (opening my pussy), I began to masturbate wildly in celebration. I flipped my tail up toward me to worship the new, thick appendage. At the same, the final part of the transformation programed initiated. While not necessarily suppressing my Human memories and emotions, all the proper, more animalistic instincts were enhanced and clarified. My thoughts became simpler, cleaner, more vivid. Impulsively, I sucked off the end of my tail, and with my spit as lube, I swung it around, and shoved it into my dripping pussy. I moved it in and out as much as I could, while I wiggled it wildly within me. My G-spot was the focus. I moaned and cooed widely, digging my claws deep into the dirt.

While not the intention consciously, the program made me fall in love with myself. I saw no problem with it, especially through how I could fuck myself with my own tail! Besides, there was nothing else like me. That was the point. In perfect acceptance and understanding of what I became, I screamed in squirting orgasm all over my tail, and blacked out …

I eventually awoke. It was still day, barely. A distinct hunger hit me. Sniffing mindfully, a feast was not far away. I stood up on all fours, and excitedly ran into the mysterious rainforest …

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