Monthly Gold Star of May

** Power of the Moon (mc ff gr) (new)  by Vez’Roth**

Wow, this was a really great piece for me. Great mythology, great transformations, great ending. This was it!

Original review:

Erotic Fiction on the Erotic Mind Control Archive? Who knew! Anyway, very nicely polished, and interesting from the start. I was glued to the words! One small nitpick is the use of the word “sarong” without any definition as to what it was (wraparound skirt basically). Had to look it up, not exactly a common word in North America. Well, I had least had never heard or seen it before! Anyway, the slow tf was quite delicious, as was their conversation. Kinda saw where this was going, but that somehow made this even better! In spite of the minor nitpicks, this was utterly awesome.
(Readability: high / Follow: yes)

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