New Transformations: Latexica

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in numerous ways, often sexual, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is an expansion of the themes from Blog Flash: Shiny Black. I later wrote a prequel to this story with the Blog Flash Jessica. This also rounds out a loosely connected Latex Trilogy within the Passions Multiverse (Latexification, Latexified, Latexica). However, the latter two are unrelated to the originally conceived trilogy that the first was meant launch. Enjoy!

Universe: Latexica

New Transformations: Latexica

It was amazing how much changed over the past ten years. In 2061, Latexica became publicly known, while not yet approved for public sale. It was described as a miracle living substance, according to the press releases. The substance was efficiently fueled by the user’s metabolism, while it contained microcircuitry and later nanocircuitry, which was controlled via the users unique brainwaves. It being a living computer, the user could use any part of the substance attached to their body as a terminal. Once fitted to the individual user, it could be programed in numerous ways dictated by the user, including mental and physical conditioning. It being attached to the body, it could stimulate the muscles, thereby negating the need for regular exercise. To achieve the full physical benefits, however, a full body suit must be worn.

The Body Suit was the original product in 2061, which was only sold to the military. Late night comedians made careers out of their “an army of onesies” and “sausage warriors” bits, but it did revolutionize combat soldiers. Indeed, by 2062, a special blend of Latexica was created that replaced bullet proof clothing.

It was not until 2064 that Latexica was approved for the general public for those eighteen and older. The government simply had no idea to really deal with “living latex,” so they dragged their feet on it, while almost hypocritically pumping large sums of money into the military for their purchase of it. Though, only the “accessories” were instantly available. The Body Suit was approved for the public two years later, while the government mandated that anyone purchasing the Body Suit have an extensive physical and mental evaluation. The special type, perfected within the same year, was known as simply “The Body.” This type of Latexica actually bonded to the user at a genetic level, essentially making them one in the same. It of course was also popular in the military. While it was publicly available once perfected, it required yet another physical and mental evaluation for purchase.

The general public more or less accepted it openly upon initial introduction. There were some detractors, but because no user experienced any ill affects, those voices were ignored. I was, and to a degree, still sympathetic to the detractors. However, by 2071, like most detractors, I was a hypocrite. Indeed, ninety percent of the North American adult population now wore at least a Latexica Accessory, which did not require mental and physical assessment. Like my wife, we more than loved how the latest Latexica sculpted our feminine bodies into physically fit super models. Lexi went even further by making herself physically and mentally not unlike those comic book superheroines, but perhaps not to the extreme of most of those depictions. The bigger muscles even increased our bust size! My wife embraced it from the start with the full Body Suit, and slowly worked me in that direction. I had not seen her out of the suit since she put it on, while I now wore Accessories from the neck down.

Even though it was too late, that progression was what brought everyone to the horrible secret of Latexica: it was addicting. Prolonged use made it less likely for the user to live without it. Even if someone just wore the gloves, the body adapts to its symbiosis, and removal was like removing the whole hand. I proved that to myself not long ago! The government probably figured that out not long after they approved it for the military, but Latexica, inc., already had deep pockets thanks to them. The government’s hands were tied with the very latex they now knew was taking over. It was not toxic (beneficial, in most cases), though, and no one was acting like mindless drones. So, they did very little to curb the growth of Latexica.


My wife began to make out with me with her rubbery lips one late night. While feeling her blonde hair growing right through the Latexica, I was reminded how I once thought it was strange. I grew to love it, though, if only out of necessity. She wore the suit for too long to take it off without killing her. I did convince her to go back to a tanned flesh color, and I that helped quite a bit. With the simulated nipples, she really did look naked, albeit in a very shiny and rubbery way.

I remember the day she bought the full Latexica Body Suit. She was so happy, always the explorer. She opened to box the moment we were home. Inside was the familiar Latexica Ball in its shiny black gory. The accessories, which she bought for me, were already in the expected shape, while they would conform to the user once worn. The Accessories and especially the full Suit were quite expensive, but Latexica, inc, offered excellent payment plans.

“So how does it work,” I asked curiously, yet with some discomfort.

“Err … It’s still wrapped. The moment it touches my skin, it should do its thing …” She was trembling in excitement. Not only did she love technology, but she also had a latex fetish. I was never into it as much as her, but we still did have a lot of fun.

She removed her clothes, and unwrapped the ball. At first, nothing. Then, she suddenly breathed heavily, while her pupils dilated.

“Are you OK?” I asked nervously, while reaching over with my hand.

“No, don’t touch me now!” she snapped. “It might get confused if another contacts me … I can FEEL it connecting with me!” she breathed unevenly open mouthed. “… Imprint … Lexi Daniels … Yes … Not now … Photo Artist … Yes, encase …”

To my awe, the shiny black ball began to melt onto her hand, lining it as it went. The flowing Latexica then began to coat her arm. It moved beyond to her chest, neck, and to her other arm. It then moved downward to her flat stomach, her ass, her hips, before moving into her pussy in my amazement. It probably did the same with her ass hole! She sat, well, fell onto the couch, before it continued down her well formed legs, before finally encasing her feet. Like it was saving the best for last, it then moved up and around her whole head, melting around every hair follicle. For a brief moment, most of her facial features disappeared. Then, her mouth reappeared, and opened wide for heavy breathing. After she opened her eyelids, the rest of her features returned, not counting the fact that they were fully encased in black Latexica.

The transformed women looked over to me with an overjoyed look, and savoringly licked her lips, obviously liking their new flavor.

“Are you OK, Lexi?” I asked nervously.

She put on a huge smile, and said, “Amazing, Jen. It’s like its a part of me. I definitely feel different, but I don’t feel bad.”

Lexi stood up in her newly encased body, and walked over to be in a subtle awkwardness. She embraced me tightly. Her rubbery lips felt strange at first, but it did not turn me off, if only because she tasted the same otherwise.

“It asked me something I wanted to ask you first,” Lexi stated, her breathing only now returning to normal.


“It wanted to know if I wanted any physical and mental changes. I do. I wanna turn myself into a sexy Amazon for you!”

I was taken aback. I always teased the six foot tall woman by calling her “My Amazon.” However, she was never a fitness nut, so she really didn’t look like one. I quickly imagined how she would look with more defined muscles, which I ironically never imagined before. The thought aroused me. This was what we both wanted, but didn’t realize it until we had a chance for it. “Yes!” I exclaimed. “Be my Amazon!”

“Put on your hood, Jennifer,” she airily requested, breaking my chain of thought.

She bought it for me the other day, but I procrastinated. With the hood, I would only be a half step away from Lexi’s position. All I needed was the Sealer to merge all the Accessories into a single suit. Remarkably, I did not need to got through an evaluation to do that. It was an obvious legal loophole, but it was far more expensive to “create” a Body Suit like that.

“Do it for your Amazon,” she stated seriously. Though my love for her never waned, she was never quite the same person after she encased herself. She became narcissistic for obvious reasons, while that wasn’t the most significant personality change. By having the Latexica sculpt her body into an “Amazon,” she made herself act much more like one, too. Through the suit, she downloaded everything the could on Amazons, while even having the suit negatively and positively reinforce her behavior to her specified parameters. Her subtly passive nature melted away, and she turned herself into a kind of artistic warrior by buying and managing a highly successful art gallery. She even developed a hatred for men and disdain for weak women. She was very much “balls to the wall,” and if her employee didn’t have balls, she might as well have added them just to throw them. Save for the few women that gained her respect, everyone that worked for her was very much “yes ma’am”! The increased physicality likely had a key role in those mental changes. However, she never truly bossed me around, because she knew I wouldn’t like that. Still, there was little doubt that I was really the Amazon’s.

“OK, you win,” I caved. She worked me so slow and perfectly to make me like her, while the Latexica did a good job making one feel incomplete with only a couple Accessories. I was no Amazon, but I had to have the Latexica Accessories beef me up to even come close to handling her.

I took the flesh colored hood off the end table. It matched the rest already on my body. I unwrapped it, and placed it over my head. Like it was attached to some vacuum, it shrunk itself around my head and face, while melting around my hair to contact my scalp. It even went flush with the other accessories, as the others did. I breathed deeply, erratically, while feeling off, as all people did during this process. While not yet in a true Body Suit, there was little doubt that I was fully encased.

The Amazon Lexi lunged at me, happily kissing and liking my face. She always loved latex! We soon aggressively ground our rubberized pussies together. Well, it as more like Lexi was grinding me, her being on top, all as usual. I really did love it, especially the feel of her perfectly sculpted legs. She was never such a good lover before she became an Amazon!

We soon screamed our names in our ultimate passion, before fucking several more times. Lexi’s libido was all but unquenchable! We lay next to each other, lightly kissing and feeling our muscle enhanced curves.

“I love you so much …” I breathed. We would be sweating like pigs if the Latexica did not absorb that for its own nourishment, while cooling our bodies like the wind but better. Lexi’s full suit was of course more efficient at that, while only she would notice.

“I love you even more! You’ve come so far just for me.”

“You did a lot for yourself, too, Lexi!” I reminded. “Look at you. You really are an Amazon! If you weren’t so attached to me and art, you really would be a general leading people into battle.”

“Yeah,” she confirmed. She looked me over almost lustfully. “Do you wanna be an Amazon, too?”

“Why not? That was your plan all along wasn’t it!” I exclaimed lightly. “Become my joke, and bring it back on me!”

“Maybe,” she smirked with her shiny, pink lips. “You know all we need is the Sealer, and you can do whatever you want.”


Lexi was driving us to the local authorized seller of Latexica. Because I did give her a clear answer, and how she wanted me to transform myself like she did, we had to buy the Sealer. Unlike just about everything else, Latexica could only be bought in person. If it was tampered with in any way prior to purchase it should not be used. That was why the black market for the stuff was gone as quickly as it came. If something was wrong with the product, there was a one-hundred percent chance the owner would experience permanent harm.

I looked over to her. She was wearing tight jeans, flip flops, and a tight T-shirt. I wore similar attire. There was a new fad where those in the Body Suits would go around wearing nothing else, while having the suit cover the nipples, and the ass and crotch holes. This didn’t yet bleed into business professional environment, so Lexi, while a supporter, did not yet follow the fad.

We parked, and walked inside. Behind the seven foot tall glass cases lining the walls were a well organized array of Latexica Products. In the center was a table holographically displaying all the information relating to them.

“Lexi, Janice, welcome back! Looks like you’re enjoying the new hood,” the shopkeeper Janice greeted. We had not seen her since Lexi bought the Body Suit, and the blue Latexica encased woman was noticeably different. However, she almost didn’t look encased anymore. Instead, it looked as if her skin was now Latexica, while her eyes were like two shiny blue stones.

“You look different, good!” Lexi complimented.

“Yes, thank you. I went ahead with the Latexica Body. I’m Latexica through and through, now! This is my first day back, actually. It takes a long time for the mind to adapt.”

“Wow! What’s it like?” Lexi asked.

“Amazing! There’s no interface any more. I’m sure you’re used to the mediation, but it’s so freeing without it. With the Body, you ARE the Latexica. I don’t even have to close my eyes for the latest headlines. My brain is now the computer; my vision is enhanced to the exact perimeters I set at any time. My whole physical form can be whatever I want it to be. It’s amazing!” She told us much of what we already knew about the Body, but it was her job to sell it. “There’s something else, too!”

“What?” Lexi asked.

“Let me show you …” Janice touched the curious Lexi, whose eyes suddenly rolled back into her head.

“Oh, wow …” Lexi stated after Janice removed her hands. “I could feel you …”

“Yup!” Janice confirmed. “Anyone that’s done the Body can share their feelings and more with another wearing Latexica, but not the other way around.”

The look in Janice’s eyes told me that she was sold. Ever since she transformed into an Amazon, she was always one to go all the way. We began the process for buying the Body. We bought the Sealer, too, but that was just an afterthought for Lexi.


Lexi scheduled the mandatory evaluations, which she was sure she would pass. Who didn’t? Remarkably, I felt no different after applying the Sealer, while it was ironically freeing. I had complete access to the Latexica encasing me. There was no way to explain anymore why I resisted the Body Suit!

“Are you ready to become an Amazon?” Lexi asked the day after I was truly encased in the Body Suit.

“Yeah, why not? I’ve come this far!” I said. “So, how’s this gonna work, Lexi?”

“I’m going to copy the Amazon Program I created for myself to your Suit. I made minor tweaks, but it’s practically the same!”

“What did you change?” I asked curiously.

“Just replaces my name with yours, mostly. You’re already worked up a bit physically, so I also adjusted it to not work your body that aggressively at first. Oh, and it will allow you to be a bit sterner around me. You know you’re the only one I’m soft to … I’m a little excited to be a little more aggressive with you!”

Lexi then took my hand, and began to transfer the program. I closed my eyes to see the data transfer. The moment it was transferred and compiled, I activated it. I was disoriented at first. The images flying through my mind weren’t necessarily violent in the strictest sense, but they were assuredly aggressive: speaking out above all, taking the initiative, etc. At the same time, any of my own passive thoughts were immediately quashed by more aggressive replacement thoughts from the Suit’s program, while my head clearly hurt before it was soothed by the Suit. “I feel …” I was unable to complete the sentence.

“A little confused, disoriented?” she smiled and laughed. “The Suit will not let you proclaim weakness to anyone, including me. I felt the same way. The only reason I able to admit that now is because I am beyond that weakness, and proud of it.”

I had to admit how quickly I came to like conditioning happening in my own head. Looking back, it was probably too fast. Yet, there was no doubt I love Amazons, while I finally had the means to really know what that meant. Embracing a new reality I now knew I wanted, I leapt at my fellow Amazon.

We ground our opened, sensitive snatches, while we forcibly groped our muscle bound bodies. We were like wild animals with our hard bites and gnaws. The Latexica could not be broken, so we could never hurt each other anyway. The Suit enhanced my pleasure greatly, the more I embraced the wild, almost inhuman actions. Eventually my Suit shut off everything in my mind save for sex and pleasure, while Lexi probably did that on her own. We built the pleasure as far as we could, until we exploded in orgasm …


We soon decided to go on a very special kind of vacation. Our goal was to more fully explore our wild, almost militant desires. We would bring nothing save for our Latexica, and simply survive. The Latexica’s computerized capabilities would only be used if necessary. We decided on the Amazon Rainforest. It was more out of convenience than name, if only because it was the closest one to us.

Though we were aware of it, we were still caught off guard on how the Amazon, like all other rainforests, were quite different from what they once were. There were still hot, humid, and teaming with life, but humanity affected them considerably by our time. As was once predicted, more than two-thirds of the world’s rainforests were wiped out, not counting overall deforestation. The near exact numbers of the prediction remade environmentalists, who again became potent. The new moon an orbital colonies, which required little to nothing of the jungles, provided great leverage against continued deforestation. For the next thirty years, ultimately intense restoration efforts were conducted, bringing them back to something synonymous to what they were by the end of the twentieth century.

Part of the restoration process was to alter the genetic structure of many plants and animals to rapidly increase growth. Though bold and arguably dangerous, the trait was not dominant by design, ensuring the increased growth would slow back to normal within fifty years. However, that also ensured more generations within a short amount of time, rapidly increasing evolutionary rates. It was again an alien frontier.

After a few days, we were working on our bows and arrows next to our cabin shelter, when we began to notice creatures unlike anything we ever expected. Creatures that were clearly the top of the food chain. They were physically humanoid, if only just. Their appearance varied considerably, while their varying skin tones often made them invisible. The most extreme was a sharp hoofed quadruped, who had a spiky back, large ovular head, and long tail. The least was a very feminine, green skinned, lizard creature. She had long white claws protruding from long toes and fingers. The otherwise elongated hands and feet with claws overall still looked human, while the feet seemed far more prehensile. She also had a long prehensile tale, long snout, and large pointy ears. Here blue eyes were hauntingly Human, as were her sexily muscle bound arms, legs, and large breasts with blatant nipples.

We obviously knew the latter most. That was because she was the first we saw, while she also seemed as curious about us as we were of her. The way she walked was truly fascinating: it was both on two legs and four! Though, she mostly walked on all fours. On two legs, the stride was very much Human and natural. However, it was the latter method that was far more remarkable. On the front, she curled in her fingers at the ends, while resting the palms flat on the ground. On the rear, she stood on her long toes, digging the claws into the dirt for extra support, while easily moving her knees above her back while walking.

Her often close proximity quickly made us realize the glossiness of her skin. It was undoubtedly Latexica! We soon quarried our suits, and learned the Body Suit could indeed transform a Human into all that we were seeing, while the more extensive the transformation, the likely the former Human was transformed into the Body.

We were eating the leftovers from the large bird we captured the day before for breakfast, before we noticed the lizard-woman walking over to our camp on all fours. When she reached the edge of our clearing, she stood upright with her seven foot stature. Her front was quite sexy, even with the green patterned, Latexica skin. Looking her over, I found myself having the strangest sexual fantasies involving her thick tail!

She soon sat before us, and seemed to put on a subtle grin.

“Is that the Suit or the full Body?” Lexi asked, completely uncertain about the situation.

“Haven’t sspoken in … ssso lllong,” the feminine being slowly stated. “I … guesss I missssed’it!”

“Who are you?” I asked.

She showed her sharp white teeth with her slightly increased grin, and slowly replied, “Ssso manny questionss.” Her powers of speech seemed to be returning to her somewhat. “I wasss Jessica … but I don’t go by namesss anymore … I am within the Body Sssuit, but I hhad it change me ssso much that doesn’t matter eeither.”

“But, your teeth, those claws? They’re not Latexica,” Lexi asked bewildered, while I found myself eyeing her fleshy tail again, which she likely knew I observed. Neither of us had knew the Suit could do much more than alter personality and muscle mass.

“It iss connected with you … isn’t it? It can do asss much asss you can ssee beefore you. I didn’t wanna be Humann any mmore, and now I am nnot!”

“Why are you so interested in us?” I asked.

“I forgot the habit of quesstionss …” she said to herself. “After sseeing you, I realizzed I wwanted to tasste humanity one lasst time.”

Lexi and I glanced at each other thinking the same thing, while in complete disbelief.

The female draped her thick tail over her shoulder and seductively licked it with her remarkably long tongue. “I’m not sshure if I can take no for an ansswer anymore.” She went to all fours, and seductively walked over to us.

We were too amazed and fascinated by the female to protest her literal advances. She soon found her way to Lexi crotch, which opened wide, and the female began to lick her exposed crotch with an inhumanly long tongue. At the same time, she slithered her thick tail into my wanting mouth.

Drool escaping my mouth, she slid out her Latexica tasting tail, and slithered it down my quivering, muscle bound body. I opened my sealed crotch wide in anticipation, before the tail deeply penetrated and thrust widely.

The feminine creature then repositioned into a sixty-nine with my lover. Her tail never left my dripping snatch, causing me to moan loudly while it twisted and thrust. One could think that she was giving more attention Lexi in that lustful position, but I was almost in greater ecstasy! There was something so beautiful, so feminine about her shapely tale that it caused a lust beyond lust within me. I forcibly groped and licked and nibbled the fleshy thing penetrating me in my lust, while I happily observed her strongly feminine physique.

The being may not have been human anymore, but she still had known the meaning of pleasure! With her tail lustfully slithering inside me, I felt myself coming to a powerful orgasm. With the tongues of my lover and the feminine being slithering wildly with moans almost as loud as mine, we all exploded in an orgasm that echoed across the jungle …

We felt a strong devotion toward the being that once called herself Jessica after that. It was unexplainable. She did not expect it, but more than welcomed it. We proclaimed that we would be there for her, whenever she needed us. While she did not expect to need help, having no natural predators, she accepted that, too. As a keepsake, she gave us two of her claws, which quickly regrew. They became necklaces we almost never removed …


Not long after we came home from our intense trip, The Body Maker was made available to us in the special room behind the Latexica shop. Lexi’s successful evaluation was the day before. The Maker was in the form of a large bath. Only one could use it at a time, while I was more than willing to wait. Lexi would need time to adapt with my help, regardless.

Lexi was already naked, save for the suit. I wore her claw necklace with mine. Without any hesitation, she laid on top of the metallic platform on top of the bed. “Choose a starting color for me, Jen. Surprise me!” I responded, “Of course.”

I activated the sequence on the flat touch screen next to the bed. I gave it “black” as the starting color. It immediately sank into the large bath. Shiny black liquid soon engulfed my lover. On the screen, it stated what part of the sequence was running. I perhaps should have been nervous, but my Suit perceived that as weakness, refusing to allow that thought from coming to the surface.

The liquid Latexica ate through the Body Suit, before seeping into every pore, every hole on Lexi’s body. It might as well have melted away her skin, too, the way it went through her. Once inside her body, it meshed with every part of her: brain, organs, blood, bones, skin. It spliced itself into her very DNA. It was becoming her, indivisible. It was truly remarkable. I understood more than ever why the mind needed time to recover!

After more than half an hour, the sequence competed. The platform rose out of the Latexica goo. Lexi was more than beautiful, now one in the same with the Latexica. Though no longer skin in the old sense, it was amazing to see her truly naked again. I had forgotten how sexy even her navel was!

I walked over to the unconscious woman, and called, “Wake up, Lexi!”

She slowly opened her eyes. At first they were like onyx stones, but the white of her eyes quickly returned, as did her old eye color. Lexi sat up, looking confused, disoriented.

“Do you like the black?” I asked.

“Black? … Who are you. Do you wanna fuck? I really wanna fuck you!” she exclaimed.

I made out with her lovingly, passionately. The arousing Latexica flavor was powerful in her spit. I placed her necklace around her neck. Inquisitively, Lexi took the claw in her shimmering hand. “Jessica …” she barely said.

“Yes …” I said in quiet joy. “She’s our friend, Lexi. I am your lover: Jennifer … I’ll take good care of you; then it’s my turn …”


Research Journal

Dr. Lisa Barrows

Latexica, Inc


November 20, 2080

By the Great L’sothot, I have fully changed myself and all humanity with the gift of immortality and lesbianism via my special latex! Very soon, no man shall exist in the world, having transformed themselves into women thanks to subtle manipulations within the Latexica’s programing. Starting as early as a decade ago, we recently discovered that other women transformed themselves into whole other feminine species! All studies indicate that they have attained immortality as well, due to merging fully with the Latexica for their transformation.


It was recently uncovered that there were already other, possibly immortal humanoid species: Vampires, Succubi, and likely others. They are currently incompatible with Latexica, while they never posed a threat to its spread. They simply adapted to the new way amongst Humans.


My goals are fulfilled.

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