Blog Flash: The First Run

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This is a sequel to Lycanthropy, following minutes later. Unlike it’s predecessor, this easily fits into the Blog Flash arena. Enjoy!

Blog Flash: The First Run

After quickly throwing on a T-shirt, tight exercise pants, and running shoes, I scurried out to meet with the woman fast becoming a great love: Jennifer. Looking up to the stars, Jennifer stood on the porch of the old Victorian House of my other love, a Priestess of Potions, who made Jennifer into what she was always meant to be. The nude, physically fit scientist was bathed in the waning moonlight. Her brown hair subtly moved with the light breeze. She was a nudist now, while her greatly fit body was a pleasure to see. The only reason she would ever bother with clothes would be to blend in with normal society.

She sniffed the air, and said, “You smell so wonderful, even when you’re not spewing those pheromones out, Succubus.” She turned around to me with her powerful blue eyes. Her muscles were blatant, while somehow adding to her radiant beauty.

“Are you ready?”

“That’s my line! You won’t keep up with me. I’m not even sure how far I can push myself yet, Jackie!”

Jennifer began to transform herself fully for the first time under her own will. It was clearly painless, but she felt every part of it. She could only change by her own will now, barring, possibly, extreme emotional states. Unlike before, it was fluid, and lacking in all the bodily cracks and creaks. Her ears became pointed, while her body grew yet stronger and larger, and her bright white teeth became sharper, more wolf-like. With nails growing into claws, she fell to her hands and knees, and grunted and growled, not of pain, but of joy. Her mouth and nose slowly pushed forward, morphing into a long snout and jawline, with further teeth forming to properly fill the longer mouth, while her fangs became long and proud. A tail protruded backwards, while her hands morphed into large front paws, and her feet elongated into long back paws. Soft brown fur finally grew all along her body. The hair on her head did not grow, making it short yet flush with the rest of her.

“Oh my fucking gods!” I stated in amazement.

Though it was clearly not as natural for her to do in that form, the blue eyed she-wolf stood upright, leaning on the post to proudly show herself off to me. Her hight was almost exactly eight feet tall, as evidenced by her pointy, higher up ears touching the just over eight foot ceiling. Jennifer was still distinctly feminine, in spite of her clear wolf-like appearance, while her breasts were distinctly larger than they would be proportionally, thanks to increased muscle mass. Though I didn’t look it, I was actually still stronger than her, due to super efficient muscles, but she could still tear into most humanoids effortlessly. She would never do so unprovoked, though. No matter how wild she was now at heart, the scientist’s mind was fully there.

“You’re so beautiful, Jen!” I exclaimed with a tear in my eye.

With the help of her eyes, she sneered in leu of a full smile, which impossible with that mouth! Unable to speak more than barks, grunts, and growls in that form, she said in her mind, ‘Thank you, Jackie!’ her tail wagged happily. She bent downward and nuzzled my nose with her snout, and bolted into the forest on all fours.

I ran after her, knowing I could never keep up with her. Though, she was clearly going “slow” to start, allowing me to run next to her for a while. Jennifer soon let her self fly. In a blur, she was out of my sight. I still had no trouble tracking her, though, in he dark forest. For anyone looking, her mental signature was quite distinct.

We ran for many hours. She would sometimes double back to see me as a playful tease, barking in greeting. Soon, the night grew old, while the moon began to set. Jennifer finally tired herself out! I was a bit worn myself.

I met up with the large she-wolf waiting patiently for me, while lying next to a tree, panting deeply. I sat next to her, and pet her massive, soft body. The strong scent of feminine musk told me that her perspiration was closer to Human than Canine in her wolf form, allowing her to fully exert herself without overheating. Before my eyes, she smoothly morphed back into her athletic Human form.

“I can only imagine the kind of Energy you use up to do that!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! But, I think all my extra mass is converted into Energy. Can’t think of anywhere else it could be going …” she said breathlessly. “Feels kinda good when I morph, anyway!”

We made out lovingly. She was a bit tired for sex, but being a Succubus, I made our kiss better than any normal sex, sipping at her amazing Sexual Energy.

“I, umm …” She licked her lips, and continued, “I wanna feed on you a little.”

“Of course, Jen.” I presented my wrist, and requested jokingly, “Just don’t gnaw my hand off!”

Almost drooling, she took my wrist, and morphed her teeth into their fanged, canine form. She then plunged her teeth into both sides of my wrists. It would have been painful if I didn’t have control over my pain perception!

Jennifer pulled back suddenly, looking completely amazed! “Your blood is amazing!” she cooed, my blood dripping from her lips. Her speech was subtly slurred by the canine teeth.

“Thanks, I guess,” I laughed in my own amazement. “I heard a legend once that Succubus Blood is addicting to Vampires, while it enthralls them. That’s why they never feed on us … and by the way, they’re a bit cleaner!” I presented my already healed yet still blood covered wrist.

Jennifer grabbed the wrist, and more than happily lapped it clean. “Wouldn’t call it addicting, Jackie, but I’d bet it’s better than Human Flesh!” She only needed to consume humanoid flesh or blood at least once a month to be stable and healthy, while she obviously would never need to kill for it, even if she wanted to do that.

“I wanna gnaw on your neck a bit, Jackie. Kinda wanna know what it feels like,” she said, licking my blood off her lips.

“Sure, I trust you, Jen. Only I want you to do it as a wolf.” I was almost training her like I would my progeny, albeit very nuanced.

Jennifer smiled, before she smoothy, more smoothly than before, morphed into the massive wolf-creature. I lay on my back, and she crawled on top of me, slowly waging her tail in her blatant excitement. My body practically disappeared under her massive stature!

Drool dripping onto me, she slowly licked my neck with her large tongue. Almost passionately, she plunged her sharp teeth into my soft neck. My blood spewed down the happily growling being’s wanting throat. Her soft lips kept most of my blood from escaping. Though she subtly chewed, there was no danger of her ripping my throat out. It was obvious she was only using a fraction of her bite strength in that form, while such a bite to the neck from her would be fatal to Humans and Witches under normal circumstances.

“You’re pretty vulnerable in this position, Jen!” I gurgled, pain perception dialed to minimum. “I could rip your jaw off; I could punch right through you!”

‘Didn’t know you were so kinky!’ she exclaimed in her head, while growling in the extreme emotion of joy.

After I felt more than enough blood leave me, I sputtered, “OK, Jen, you’ve had enough!”

She pulled back without any hesitation, and lapped my already healing wounds clean. Jennifer was more than satisfied. I sensed she wanted to sleep here for the rest of the night. There was no argument. Any Human or wild animal would be pretty stupid to even think about messing with us! Jennifer repositioned herself so most of her weight was off of me, while making sure she would still keep me warm and comfortable. I lightly pet the soft hair on her large, furry head. We soon fell asleep under the dark night sky …

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