New Transformations: The Virus

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in numerous ways, often sexual, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: Not quite the quickie it was meant to be, but it was fun to write regardless. Enjoy!

Universe: Viral

New Transformations: The Virus

“Pending the results of your blood test, Jenny, I think you’re going to be fine,” Dr. Jack Rosen stated.

“I just look and feel strange, Dr. Rosen!” Jenny exclaimed uncomfortably.

“Yeah, doc, you can’t tell me there isn’t something wrong with her,” Jenny’s husband Berry stated angrily.

“To be blunt, you’re right, Berry. Something isn’t right, but like I said, you don’t have to worry. I don’t know how much you’ve been following the news, but yesterday the Center for Disease Control did their press conference on what they know about this issue. It was that unexpected mutation of the flu virus last flu season 2024. It infected nearly everyone — no matter how remarkable that sounds, but it was often too mild to those less than middle aged for it to be memorable. I’m fifty, and it hit me pretty good! Anyway, for women between the approximate ages of sixteen and forty, it often causes the affects you are experiencing, Jenny: pale white skin, darkened hair, light blue eye color, aversion to daylight, etc. And, we are both well aware you are thirty-one.” He was both serious and therapeutic in his words.

“Will it go away?” Berry pleaded.

He sighed, and answered, “The most recent reports I read suggest yes. It’s all too new and early to say anything for sure, but once the changes peak, the body should bring itself back to its default state. It’s most comparable to the flu itself or many diseases: it builds up, and slowly subsides. For now, do what you’re doing. Your body really is requiring more liquids, but don’t be afraid to eat more solid food than you want. Forcing more solids down may help your body return to normal faster, I’d say.”


Berry and Jenny were cooking dinner for themselves in their unusually quiet home. They had not been watching the news, as their doctor may have suspected. Jenny’s changes worried them to the core, while confusingly, they secretly liked some of them.

Berry brushed through his lover’s changed hair and stated, “I gotta admit, Jen, this black hair is growin’ one me.”

She laughed lightly, and responded, “Maybe I am liking it, too … But, you know how I can’t believe how it ate through my blonde dye, and how dye just doesn’t hold on it now.”

“Yeah, I donno, but I do like it … You know, getting used to this, I’m starting to like other things, too …” he breathed, while squeezing her tighter than ever ass, which was but a small part of her clearly improved physicality. They even tried anal the other night by Jenny’s adamant request, and they both enjoyed it. He was not really into anal sex, but he was glad he tried it at least once with her.

She groveled in response, “You know, I could live like this, but you know I want go back to normal. You know how much trouble I have with solid food now.”

He nodded in agreement. She drank far more liquid now than ever before, while only the rarest cooked meats agreed with her at all. Jenny casually removed a large T-bone steak from the fridge. She ripped off the packaging, and brought the steak to the readied frying pan. She picked it up with her hands, before slapping it into the pan. Immediately after, she automatically, happily drank the raw steak juice from the tray, and licked her fingers clean.

That was not the first time he witnessed her doing that. With all the talk about “super” salmonella and related, some don’t even want to come close to raw meats, while Jenny certainly never drank anything like that before she changed. Changes like that was what really bothered them the most, and Berry more so.

While chopping a carrot for a salad, Berry accidentally cut his thumb. It was probably bad enough for stitches or medical glue, but there was no way he was going see doctor soon after that morning.

“You OK, Berry?” Jenny asked, eyes oddly glaring at the blood.

“Oh, I’m fine,” he said quickly, while washing his cut thumb.

Aberrant thoughts of tasting her lover’s blood crossed her mind. The confusion of it delayed her long enough for Berry to clean everything before the strange thoughts overwhelmed her.

Berry looked up to the starring Jenny. The look in her now inhumanly light blue eyes sent a chill down his spine. He truly missed that dark blue eyes that he first fell in love with, before he really knew her. “Jenny?” he called nervously.

“Oh, what? … The steak should be down by now. I don’t think I could stomach it if we cook it anymore!”


That night, Jenny woke up to an extreme thirst with the smell of blood permeating her senses. Berry’s bandaged thumb was laying comfortably between her breasts, while her hand was already holding its wrist. There were no thoughts other than ones of the thirst and scent. Berry hissed quietly fast asleep.

Jenny picked up the hand, and tenuously held it before her. She breathed in the wondrous scent, while feeling her thirst grow yet stronger. The wrappings carefully yet quickly removed, she began to lick and suck on the open would. While her heart raced, she happily sighed, feeling her great thirst finally, truly satisfied at the taste of fresh blood. The more she drank, the more unabashed she became, causing her to breath and coo loudly.

Her boyfriend slowly woke up from the attention. He was too drowsy from waking up from such a deep sleep to fully comprehend what was happening. She glanced over to him, breathing deeply open mouthed. His blood was all over her mouth, while it stained her teeth. She continued to the lick and suck happily.

Berry leaned over to ask, well, something. Jenny clearly thought he was planning something different, because she leaned over and kissed him deeply with her bloodied mouth. She then pushed him onto his back before ripping off his underwear. In wild, passion filled motions, she began to hump him madly upright. They humped loudly, excitedly until they came with great vigor. Without a word, she unmounted and lay next to the amazed Berry, cleaning the blood still on her face with her hands and tongue …


Not long after Berry left for work that morning, the cellphone rang. Jenny saw the caller ID: Laura Jackson, her sister. She quickly picked it up.

“Hey, Laura!” she said, while sipping at coffee that barely subsided her thirst.

“Hey, Jenny, just wanted to see how you were doin’!” she said happily.

“Oh, not that bad, I guess. Got that weird flu like everyone else, so there’s that.”

“Yeah, me, too. The husband seems all right with the ‘new look,’ assuming I’ll be back to normal soon.”

“I guess Berry’s the same way. He’s stopped freaking out even before we saw the doctor yesterday about it. I gotta admit, seeing every woman in public look something like me soothes my nerves a lot. Even if I don’t change back, I think I’ll be fine.”

“How’s the thirst treatin’ yeah?”

“Well, this coffee, not helping much,” she sighed. “Something strange did happen last night …”


“Before dinner, Berry cut his thumb. The thought of satisfying my thirst with his blood interested me. I didn’t lunge at him or anything, and the idea kinda faded once we had dinner … It was the middle of the night, when things really got weird.”

“You didn’t!”

“I did! His blood satisfied my thirst completely. I even felt invigorated! I fucked his brains out after practically draining his wound. I let nothing go to waste either, and lapped up the rest on my face …”

“I gotta say, Jenny … my milk’s not doin’ it for me either … I don’t wanna change the subject, but called because I wanted meet up with you today. I’ve been so cooped up inside, you know how it is!”

“Uha!” The light sensitivity bugged the hell out of her, while a part of her just wanted to sleep the day away.

“I found this great club last week. It’s over on Surrbury Street. It’s called Sub Rosa; opened up, oh, about a month ago.” She continued jokingly, “It’s a big hangout for the afflicted!”

“Oh, sure! I’ll see your there!”


Jenny eventually met up with her sister in the parking lot behind Sub Rosa. Though they were noticeably different originally, they almost looked like twins now, save for Laura being two inches taller.

“I’ll show you my eyes, if you show me yours!” Jenny requested sillily. They both wore pitch black sunglasses out of necessity. They could also smell the perfume scented sunblock protecting their now ultra fair skin.

They removed their sunglasses, revealing their inhumanly light blue eyes. Their pupils quickly turned to tiny black holes from light their eyes almost could not handle anymore. The sight was otherwise haunting, but they were actually used to it. They refitted their sunglasses, and sisterly took each other’s arms, before waking into the new club.

Inside, they saw that every woman truly did look just like them, albeit with considerable variation. The amount a woman was changed was as variable as when the changes decide to surface. Regardless, Jenny and Laura were at what most medical scientists argued was the peak of the possible physical changes.

They sat at the main bar, and Laura offered up two of the special, which was not listed anywhere. “What’s in the special?” Jenny asked. “It’s a surprise!” her sister answered happily.

Two wine glasses with very red liquid soon appeared before them by a bartender looking just like them. The scent hit Jenny’s nose instantly. “Blood?”

“Human blood, Jenny.” She then slowly, savoringly drank down her glass.

Though shocked by the glass before her, Jenny knew that was exactly what she needed. Her throat was so dry … Without another thought, she grasped the glass and quickly chugged the fulfilling beverage down.

“Easy there, Jenny! The slower you drink it, the longer it lasts.”

Jenny breathed deeply, savoring the meal. “I … I don’t understand.”

“It’s all pretty obvious. Not that anyone wants to believe it at first! That flu mutated us in a way that allows us to evolve, I suppose.”

“Allows? How did you find all this out?” Jenny did see how obvious it was, save to for the lack of fangs.

“You know I always liked to get out more. Besides, word of these special clubs is spreading, and known by most women like us already. Thank you Twitter! Now, we are at a crossroads, I think. We can go the next step, and become something more than Human, forever perhaps. Or, we can choke down that coffee and solid food until our bodies bring us back to something close to what was once normal.”

“I … I don’t know …” The taste of real Human Blood, especially it being the second time she drank it, was helping to slowly change her opinions of all that was happening.

“I’ve chosen to evolve, but I won’t force you into anything. Keep drinking blood of any species if you wanna sustain your current state, if you wanna take your time deciding. If you do choose to evolve with me, one week from today is when we can do it with, perhaps, most if not all the women caught in evolutionary limbo.”

“How?” she asked breathlessly.

Laura smiled, before the bartender walked over. She greeted, “I’m Bianca, Jenny. I started this place. I’m one of the first to evolve, albeit by accident.” She opened her mouth wide in a big smile, while her lower fangs slightly rose and her upper fangs fell long and proud …


Berry walked home to his wife casually drinking a tall glass of a red liquid he refused to catalog in his mind at first. The events of the last night weirded him out so much that he was suppressing anything aberrant about Jenny’s behavior in his mind. He kept telling himself that she would be back to normal soon; she just had a “bad cold.”

He sat next to her, and awkwardly asked, “Jenny, what are you drinking?”

“Blood,” she answered bluntly.

A look of shock washed over him.

She smiled disarmingly, and said, “It’s cow blood! But, I know what you are thinking; I did drink your blood last night, even if you convinced yourself that was a dream.” She deeply sighed, and continued, “I have a choice. A choice I and others hold back by drinking blood, human, animal, or whatever! Those scientists at the CDC would have figured it out eventually, but what’s happening is unlike anything they were ever trained to handle: evolution, ironically. I don’t know all the specifics yet, but I will evolve into something new if I choose. I and so many other women are halfway to becoming Vampires. It’s so fucking obvious! I can follow that path, or allow myself to fall back into humanity’s aging bosom … I WANT to evolve, now, but I won’t do it if don’t want me to.” She grabbed his warm hand tightly, lovingly.

“I don’t know what to say …”

“I did say a lot!” she smiled largely.

He looked over his already radically changed lover, while she took a long, savoring gulp of cow blood. A part of him already sensed that she would never be her old self again, while the only thing that really bothered him was a lack of understanding now satisfied. Indeed, he really grew to like the new Jenny far more than he already admitted, and almost felt exhilarated to see something more. “… Do you really want this?”

She nodded happily. “The only draw back for you is that I’ll probably have much more of your blood …”


Jenny’s impatience was barely controlled by her daily trips to Sub Rosa. Bianca always supplied her and others Human Blood, of which she said obtained from a friend at the Red Cross. Jenny also drank some of Berry’s blood, but very little. It turned out that the male Berry was very convenient, as was any male lover. All male lovers had the honor of being a kind of First Feed, but that’s a bit ahead.

Bianca explained how she evolved. It was by accident, almost freak accident. A very old car backfired at the wrong moment just outside, causing her to turn, and her wrist was slit by a sharp knife on a drying rack. Seeing her blood quickly drain into the sink, she felt an odd indifference. Not indifference to the fact that she was bleeding, but indifference to the fact that she otherwise needed to call for help! There was no pain. She just let the blood drain out of her. Eventually, the flow stopped, and she felt the thirst overwhelm her. The scent of raw meat in the fridge became apparent. With speed she should not have had in her bloodless state, she quickly liberated the juice from the raw meat. Feeling both satisfied and woozy, she stumbled onto her couch in the other room, and lay down, breathing heavily. She passed out.

She dreamed of blood, Human Blood. She NEEDED it to finish what she did not realize started. If she didn’t find any, she sensed she may die. Animal blood would only prolong the inevitable! She searched and searched, but nothing. How could she not find a Human!? She sensed it was only a dream, but that was of no help. The thirst for blood was real.

Her husband suddenly woke her from what was clearly a nightmare. “BLOOD!” she exclaimed to him, while her white, sharp, virgin fangs protruded. She lunged at him, and sunk her teeth into his soft neck. If the joy of the Human Blood rushing down her throat wasn’t so overwhelming, she would have been shocked how he did not scream or pull away. A kind a venom dripped down her upper fangs, and fell into her lover. It reduced the pain to nothing, while it ensured he could recover. However, she had no control over herself, and by sheer luck, she stopped feeding before she killed him. Her lover took a few days off work, to say the least!

Then after all the sometimes cryptic talks with Bianca, the day finally came. Well, it was at dusk, perhaps with some irony. The nervous Berry and excited Jenny walked into the basement of Sub Rosa to a sight neither expected to see. The basement was well lit, and comfortably held hospital beds with chairs for the optional plus one. At the front was a makeshift stage with lectern and seal of the United States Department of Health with Center for Disease Control logo underneath. Bianca stood on one side with a beautiful, light skinned woman with inhumanly dark blue eyes. On the other side stood who Jenny recognized as the Department of Health Secretary Robert Ellson talking on his cellphone. Before them was a small camera crew.

“Is this what you were expecting, Jenny?” Berry asked confused. She answered, “No, not really …”

“Jenny, Berry, I’m over here!” Laura called out. Her husband stood awkwardly next to her, holding her hand.

Jenny and Berry walked over to them, and claimed a bed and chair. “Bianca didn’t tell us everythin’, did she?”

“I guess not!” Laura replied. “I’m at more a loss than you!”

Eventually, the rest filed into the basement turned TV studio, including nurses to every bed with some medical supplies. Jenny and Berry’s nurse introduced himself as John Blaine. The low murmur subsided not long after Ellson walked up to the lectern. A male camera operator made monitions signaling the Secretary.

“Hello,” he said seriously, yet with the casual streak he was known for emitting. “With the help of others that will briefly speak to you in a moment, the CDC has fully come to understand the unprecedented after affects of the mutated flu virus. I will be as brief as possible, as this can be very technical. The Human Body is highly adaptable, and is capable of dealing with a wide variety of ailments unaided. As is already known, the mutated virus at first appeared to be well handled by individuals between the ages of around sixteen to forty.

“It is, however, not quite that simple. The mutation actually turned it into a retrovirus, which burned itself out, and no longer exists outside the CDC main lab.

“The middle aged and older had antibodies from prior flu outbreaks that fought off the flu retrovirus before it could trigger after affects, regardless of experiencing stronger flu symptoms. The younger have more adaptable immune systems that produced a stronger resistance, while sixteen and younger had immune systems that fought it off almost instantly. The first said age group was, well, just right. The transformation of women in the said age group is but the first stage, which can be reversed naturally. We still are not sure why only women experienced changes, but there are invisible changes in men of the same age group. What we do know is that the virus lingered in that age group far longer than the preceding and succeeding groups.

“Now, many of the internet stated the ‘vampiric’ appearance and manner of the said women. That is, in fact, unbelievably correct. If they choose, they all can become true Vampires. This is, in fact, evolution before us. They are not even the first Vampires …” The next day the President and Vice President would have a joint address revealing a race of Cosmic Entities, who Vampires and Erotic Witches adhere to. There were even non demonic Succubi, who did not directly adhere to and God, while intricately a part of it all. The Vice President herself was an Erotic Witch, as were many politicians in all governments.

The Secretary continued, “To … further explain, here is Alexandria Britoli.”

The Secretary yielded to lectern to the conservatively dressed yet incredibly beautiful blue eyed woman. “Thank you, Mr. Secretary,” she said respectfully. Her canines looked oddly sharp. “The Secretary knows of other Vampires, because I revealed it to him. This was not meant to be the time, but it’s hard to control a free range virus! You see, I am Vampire of Pleasure, also known as a Luthurian Vampire. We adhere to the Great Cosmic God Luthuria. There are two other Passion Breads, while there are other independents. Though we are fundamentally different from the new, independent breed being born, the Breeds of Passion have been directed to guide them. As proof of what I am …” She opened her mouth wide, and descended her fangs. “I would now like to present that ad hoc leader of the new breed Briana Collins,” she subtly lisped.

They traded places, and Briana stated, “I am among the first of a new breed of Vampire. Like Alexandria and her kin, we merely wish peaceful coexistence. There are thousands of other sites across the world now with women prepared to become something new yet familiar. They all made the choice freely. The process will be shown here, as well as elsewhere. It may seem graphic, but so is birth, objectively. We have medical professionals present to aid in this birth. Blood must be shed for this process to work. Yes, many will obtain blood directly from a Human, but they are consenting lovers, who will all walk out of here with cookies and apple juice!”

The cameras then turned to the sitting and lying crowd. Jenny was still sitting up on the bed, so nurse John requested she lie down. She did so. He, like the other nurses, then pulled out stainless steel tables from the bed’s sides at the head, and placed two large bowls from under the bed on each. With a scalpel in gloved had, he stated awkwardly, “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’m going to slit your wrists now.” Berry looked on amazed, while resisting the urge to take Jenny out of there. “Your body will be purged of most of its blood. That, from what I am told, will allow your DNA to continue mutating. Then, I am told, you will know what to do instinctually.” He glanced at Berry and continued, “If he wasn’t here I would have been given a bag of fresh blood to give to you … Are you ready, ma’am?”

Jenny nodded with a certain smile.

He placed her arms so the wrists naturally lay over the bolls. With expert hands, he cleanly cut one, before doing the same to the other. Jenny felt the same odd indifference Bianca described, while her blood pored out, yet knowledge of what was happening gave it a tinge of joy. She could see the metaphor within the practical process: letting go of a no longer needed part of herself.

“Are you OK, baby?” Berry asked nervously.

“Amazing,” she whispered in response. Not long after, her blood stopped draining, yet she still lived. Her mouth and throat felt like the driest desert, while she began to smell living Human Blood around her. She slowly sat up, breathing deeply in spite of her heart not beating, and almost teasingly glanced at the very Human nurse, who looked very nervous. Her open mouthed gaze soon fell on the equally as nervous Berry.

“Are YOU OK, Berry,” she breathed, before her virgin fangs uncontrollably slightly ascended below and blatantly descended above. She fell onto Berry’s lap, and sniffed his neck with venom filled drool leaking from her mouth.

Their nurse shakily said, “I am instructed to make sure you don’t take too much blood.” He glanced around the room to see similar events taking place.

Jenny looked over to John, and breathily hissed, “Oh, don’t be nervous … I have a feeling I’ll want to repeat this!” With that, she happily flung her pitch black hair around, and plunged her virgin fangs into Berry’s neck. He grunted uncomfortably before her venom fully took hold, and then held her tight. While her body came alive to process the meal, the remarkable taste of the salty sweet blood almost overwhelmed her! It was like tasting one’s favorite food for the first time. It may never be that good again, but she sensed that it didn’t matter. Blood sustained her, but it didn’t control her, she sensed. Indeed, the driving force of a Human never had to be food, either!

She happily pulled her fangs out, and cleaned the wound she inflicted with her tongue. Once she was done, John simply put a large bandage over it, obviously aware that her venom was far better than rubbing alcohol. The gorged Jenny and drowsy Berry lovingly smiled at each other …

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