New Transformations: Lycanthropy

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in numerous ways, often sexual, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This was meant to be quick Blog Flash set in no particular place in the Passions Multiverse. However, I knew this was to be something more after typing out its outline! Though aided by themes I’m accustomed to, the main theme of this story is something I’ve never done before. This also takes a cue or two from the classic gothic soap Dark Shadows and the fantasy-noir Lost Girl. Enjoy!

Universe: Animalia

New Transformations: Lycanthropy

Dr. Jennifer Sanders thought it was an accident to find her friend and colleague at the specific moment. She however learned that may not have been the case afterwords. Jennifer forgot her clipboard in their main lab. It had all the results she needed to file from their day’s experiments, which were moving along smoothly enough.

The healthy though plainly dressed thirty-three year old brunette Jennifer was a biomedical scientist currently on a project working to reverse heart disease. While that was the official goal, they unofficially had a more realistic secondary goal of improving the drugs already consumed by the public. Still, they were optimistic as a group, and truly hoped to achieve their near impossible task.

When Jennifer reached the lab door, she heard her friend Dr. Lana Smith speaking what sounded like gibberish. It gave her goosebumps, not just because of its haunting sound, but also because it was somehow arousing.

Tepidly, Jennifer opened the door. “Lana?”

Her odd chanting suddenly ceased, and she turned around with only a hint of surprise. “Jennifer,” the radiant natural blonde responded with and odd smile. “I didn’t expect you back! You’re no night owl.” The fellow scientist was incredibly attractive in her voluptuous stature. If she didn’t prove her vast intelligence so completely every day, no one would take her seriously. It was a sad truth, even in 2013.

“No … I didn’t know you were …”

“Only when necessary … A lot of positive results today, Doctor.”

“Yes … Lana, I heard you …”

“Chanting,” she completed with almost a laugh. She looked Jennifer over approvingly, and continued, “You are the most beautiful and competent here, not counting me.”

Jennifer was taken aback by how Lana was acting. Lana was always very mellow, and very far from mysterious. Jennifer then asked seriously, “What’s going on here?”

Lana raised her eyebrows, and answered, “I am infusing our test drugs with a minute yet focused amount of Cosmic Energy. It is erotic in nature, as you probably noticed, while it is quite similar to Sexual Energy within you and me. Those kinds of Energies are quite potent in however they are applied … Isn’t it remarkable how the power of Gods brings out the wild sexual beast in most?” She licked her lips, and seductively walked over to her amazed friend. “No matter what, it always does make us horny!”

“That’s ridiculous, Lana!” she laughed. “Didn’t know you could be so funny!”

Lana then began to make out with the shocked Jennifer, who was more shocked about enjoying the attention. Jennifer pulled back, and breathlessly stated, “OK … This is crazy. I’m straight, but I really wanna fuck you!”

“Really?” she asked sarcastically, still holding Jennifer in her arms.

“You’re not lying are you?” she asked.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? The Energy that flew through us, and into the test drugs.” She licked her lips slowly, and continued, “If you wish, I may show you solid evidence for what I am saying.”

“OK …” Jennifer breathed in response.


Working in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, both used public transportation. That was a convenient fact. They waited quietly on the bench for the commuter train to stop by in ten or so minutes. Several others were there, even though it was well past rush hour.

“I still feel kinda horny, Lana,” Jennifer stated quietly. This was the first time in her life she wanted to have sex with another woman. Her scientific curiosity continued to override what should be aberrant to her.

“Interesting,” she looked at her friend inquisitively. “Your reaction toward exposure to that special Energy is not what I expected. Some are just sexually dead, and would’ve shrugged off the arousal without much thought. Others would’ve just fucked me on that center lab bench. You didn’t fuck me — to my dismay, and yet, you’re still horny …”

“What are you getting at?” she asked confused.

“You are destined to be with us, but perhaps not in the way I thought …”

Half an hour later, Lana was driving Jennifer up the long, cobblestone driveway of her house. Jennifer was taken aback by the size of her coworker’s Victorian home! It was no mansion, but it was still huge. Its pointed, steeply slopping roofs surrounding a main spire and ornate siding of the structure was by far not as elaborate or as well maintained as that Carson Mansion on the other side of the country, but was still beautiful.

“I had no idea you had some money at your back!” Jennifer said breathlessly.

Lana laughed lightly. “Not as much as some. It’s not an old Coven. It was started by my father back in 1898.”

“Coven … Wait, how old are you, Lana?” Jennifer asked confused.

Lana parked the car in the old carriage house turned garage, all but filled with other cars, and answered, “Fifty. Witches tend to age slower biologically than Humans; living longer, too. My discipline can be quite adept at prolonging life even further, but that’s not saying much, Jennifer! The skill required for that potion is way beyond me, and I’m the Priestess of my Coven.”

They stepped out of the car, and Lana led the amazed woman into her large home. Guests were already there in the main hall drinking their beverage of choice. They all wore business casual attire: polo shirts, slacks, new jeans, medium length skirts, etc. To Jennifer’s continued amazement, she knew them all, or at least, by reputation. Generally, they were all well respected scientists in fields involving chemistry.

An old college friend walked up to Jennifer. Minus the lab coat, the sexy, chestnut haired woman looked like she just came from work. “Jennifer! You don’t know how happy I am to see you here. Are you gonna be joining our little club?”

“I, I don’t know … How long have you been part of this, Alex?”

“Since I was born, I guess!” she replied. “Long line of Potion Masters. I remember you always joked about me cheating to get a 4.0 in college; if you call utilizing Cosmic Energy cheating, well …”

Another woman with a large, half drunk glass of white wine in hand walked up to them. She had silken auburn hair, porcelain skin, and tight black attire. She looked over the jaw dropped Jennifer, and stated in subtle Italian tones, “I don’t think she’ll be joining you.” She smirked. “I don’t need to speak with the Gods to know you are on a slightly different path.”

“Oh, this is Jackie Alanzo, Jennifer,” Lana introduced. “She’s an Avatar Succubus. My father contracted her, when he started this Coven.”

“How old are you?” Jennifer asked on impulse to the “woman” only looking twenty-five. She was passively relived that the Succubus before her was definitely not some evil demon.

“She’s a bit rude, isn’t she, Lana!” the wizened Succubus stated lightly. “At least she didn’t assume I’m a demon! She’s very adaptable and realistic.”

“Where are my manners!” Lana half joked to Jennifer. “Would you like a drink?”

“Maybe later, thanks …” Jennifer replied.

“We’ll be doing a pretty hot Erotic Mass and orgy later, if you’d like to join us. They’ll be safe non-addictive drugs of my father’s design, too,” Lana said to Jennifer, who was taken aback by the offer. “But now, I’d like to show you something.”

Taking Jennifer’s arm friendlily, Lana led her to an elevator on the other side of the hall. Inside, Lana pressed a blank part of the tarnished brass plate under the buttons. “Basement,” Lana smirked.

They soon walked out into the finished basement area. Lana turned on the aging lights, revealing a fairly bland area with some old trunks and benches. It was a little musty and damp, but not as bad as the one in her apartment building by far! Jennifer was led on to a brick wall. She pressed her hand on one of the bricks, and the wall faded into nothingness.

Florescent lights automatically flickered to life. Before them was a large, clean room with erotically charged tapestries lining the exposed stone walls. It was warm, dry, comfortable, in contrast to the rest of the basement. The acts on the tapestries depicted were like viewing the deranged, drunken companion of the Kama Sutra. The floor was lined with gushy red carpet. Jennifer’s eyes soon focused on the lectern sitting on a platform. On it lay a large leather bound book, which looked ancient and new at the same time.

“Oh, good! Jackie already took the Book out. Saves us some time! Jackie likes to tease me by “forgetting” about the Book for our masses. She played the same joke on my father …”

Jennifer walked over to it, feeling a great urge to thumb through it. She did so without a second thought.

“It likes you!” Lana exclaimed. “It’s kinda alive, you know, the Liber Lubidinum, written by the Mad Minoan. Affects everyone a little differently. It decided to guide you, instead of forcing an orgasm on you or throwing you into a fit of sexual confusion. It guides us all eventually, touching our very souls.”

“What does it say?” she barely asked, unable to read the ancient symbols, which tricked her eyes in a away that gave the illusion of movement.

“Secrets of the Multiverse, if it guides you there … I can see it’s guided you elsewhere, Jen.”


“You were guided to the section on transformations. There, you can learn how to become almost anything you wish, artificially, save for a true Vampires. However, it is most specific on already, well, known beings. You were guided to a page it shows almost no one, including me.”

Jennifer barely heard her friend in her mesmerized state.

“Lycanthrope, is your page.” She read the page, and interpreted, “Many fantastical beings do not exist naturally. Werewolves are one. They can be protectors of a Coven, if they wish. I’d guess it hasn’t been a common recruitment for centuries. I have never seen let alone created one, but that may soon change …”

Jennifer, glassy eyed, looked over to Lana, and breathed, “Yes … This is what I want!”


An hour later, the secret basement room was filled with the whole Coven. In a modern flair, hard rock music played loudly in the lightly fogged room, while lasers and strobe lights flashed wildly. They were all naked and fucking within the drug enhanced mist. Not long before, they switched to their ceremonial robes, which were all under them. In the middle of it all was the literally glowing Jackie, erotically dancing amongst the revery, absorbing as much Sexual Energy as she could out of their loud orgasms.

Jennifer and Lana stood before them on the platform naked. Being far from a nudist, Jennifer felt very awkward. The whirlwind of the night made her present state of nakedness possible. The light exposure to the mist likely also aided …

“She’s so overfed!” Lana suddenly exclaimed. She was just as horny as the rest.

“Who?” Jennifer barely asked, arms crossed over her ample chest.

“Jackie,” she replied matter-of-factly. “Since our God or any of the others clearly have nothing to say tonight, let’s begin, Lana.”

They turned around, and Lana pushed aside a large tapestry behind the lectern. She depressed a brick on the wall, before an open archway became visible. Before them was a well lit lab with the most advanced equipment Jennifer ever saw. “Magic is but misunderstood science, my friend,” Lana stated, while they walked into the room.

After putting on the thin brimmed goggles patiently sitting on the central table, Lana expertly mixed chemicals and gasses that should never be mixed by lesser hands, lest toxic gas consume them all.

“Are you applying Radon!?” Jennifer asked in shock.

“In this case, yes, Jen! Lycanthropic transformation is more mutagenic in nature than the more common ones. A minute amount of Radon should provide the proper catalyst.” She then held the hermetically sealed container high, and chanted, “Great L’sothot, fuse these chemicals and gasses together! Feed on and refocus the expelled Energies in your chamber! Give my potion power! GIVE IT THE POWER OF THE WOLF!”

The container began to glow brightly, while Jennifer fell to the rubber floor in mind numbing orgasm. At the same time, Lana screamed in her own orgasm, while focusing it all into her creation in a near impossible discipline.

Jennifer blacked out from the orgasm. When she came to, Lana was helping her to her feet. The orgy finished not long before. “The potion is complete, Jen,” she said, breathing deep, while handing over a corked glass tube. “You must drink it at the start of the new Lunar Cycle, which is the day after tomorrow.”

Lana took the tube, and quietly asked, “What happens after that.”

“It’s hard to say, Jen. No transformation is exactly alike. There are still things you must expect. First, it is possible you will experience physical and mental changes before the next full moon. It is unlikely to be significant, if that occurs. Then — this is certain, when light particles of the full moon finally hit you, day or night, you will transform into a wild beast, which we will contain. You will not remember anything past the initial changes. You may or may not transform again up to three more times, as your body and Life Energies adapt your new self. You will have perfect control and memory after. You may change at will, regardless of the moon, which still may influence you to at least go for a night run! You will have to eat humanoid flesh or blood at least once a month, but that goes without saying, while there will never be a need to kill for it!”

“What happens if I change a fifth time?” she asked nervously, remarkably not concerned about the eating habits mentioned.

Lana sighed, and answered, “You will die. The physical toll of Lycanthropic transformation is devastating until you adapt. Don’t worry, Jen! I have faith in you. The prize is more than worth the price …”


Ironically, everything became something close to normal for Jennifer after she received her potion. And without much thought, Jennifer drank the bitter potion on the appropriate day. Other than a very long, deep sleep that night, there was no noticeable change.

Her research group made amazing breakthroughs that month. They easily achieved their unofficial goal, while the actual goal finally seemed possible. There was no expectation to finish their project any time soon, but their path was gloriously clear.

Over the course of the month, Jennifer did begin to notice some physical changes. While exercising, it was clear her stamina was improved: running particularly was easier and more fun that she ever knew it. Her once average body became sleeker and more fit. She looked like no weightlifter, but she looked incredibly healthy. She felt a touch more aggressive, too, but wasn’t sure if that was directly related to the potion. At the same time, she no longer had the urge to smoke, which made her very happy, having “quit” several years ago.

In spite of the definite physical improvements, Jennifer began to feel a growing unease. Her friend Alex calling to say she would take care of her young cat, when the time came, was when the coming result of her choice became vivid to her. One day before the full moon, she felt like she was making a horrible mistake. She made her way to Jennifer’s large home, and went inside to find her. The fact the side door virtually opened on its own for her did not cross her mind.

The immaculate yet aging house was seemingly empty. Lana left work before her, so she just assumed Lana would be there, somewhere. Jennifer soon found her way into the sitting room. On the couch lay Jackie, casually reading an ebook. She was barefoot in tight jeans and a T-shirt. She sighed, and put the device on the coffee table.

“Jackie, where’s Lana?” she asked uncomfortably.

“I don’t know, Jen. Probably picking up some groceries.” She sat up, and motioned for Jennifer to sit next to her. She did so, and Jackie stated, “I know why you’re here. L’sothot told me. Never liked it much when they call me …”

“I need Lana to stop this,” she said neurotically. “The risk to myself and others … I could die … I may never gain control … I don’t think I wanna be a Werewolf anymore!”

Seeing and sensing the Human before her flipping out, she let loose a small amount of her sent toward her. Jackie lightly stroked the woman’s hair, and kissed her lovingly on the lips. “Better?”

“Fuck …” Jennifer breathed. “Are we gonna fuck now? I totally want to!”

“No, Jen. You need every ounce of strength to survive the next few days. I just needed to calm you down! Besides, we need you here and clear headed tomorrow. The last thing we all want is a Werewolf terrorizing the suburbs! We can fuck after; never tasted a Werewolf …”

“I can’t go through with it, Jackie,” she pleaded.

“You must. You have no choice. Look, I know what you will go through over the next few nights is the least pleasurable of all the transformations I know — perhaps pain beyond pain, but you won’t remember most of it.”

“I don’t know, anymore … I still want it, but it’s all so insane.”

“No more insane than me talking to beings from across the Multiverse!” She again moved her fingers through Jennifer’s hair. “You will be so much more, Jennifer. You will be as free as any Succubus. The Gods assured that to me. I know you are not one to give up. I know you never have. So don’t.”

Jennifer impulsively hugged the willing Succubus, and said, “You never told me how old you are, Jackie.”

She pulled back, and answered pleasantly, “231 years next week.”


Jennifer spent the night at Lana’s. It was partly because she wasn’t sure when the moon would rise the next day. All those old werewolf mythologies like to pretend that a full moon always happened at night, while the moon quite often shown clearly in the day in all reality. Lana did tell her that morning that the moon should rise that afternoon before dark …

“So here it is, Jen! We can’t keep you from becoming a wild wolf, but we can at least contain you.” Before them in the basement was essentially a shiny box made from titanium steel. It had special compartments set to open remotely. They were to hold the proper food. There was even a shielded camera. Immediately prior to the tour, they took a blood sample, because, well, they were scientists.

“Were do you get the money for this kind of thing, Lana?”

“We have strong ties with other Covens. They’re just as fascinated about you as all of us.”

“I should be pissed off by that comment! Just too much of a scientist not to be fascinated, too …”

They both laughed. Lana stated seriously, “The moment you start feeling the changes this evening, we must bring you down here …”

“How did you guys deal with the situation before electricity?” Jennifer asked amazed.

“We have no idea! Witches didn’t really embrace record keeping until very recently. Past containment’s been a debate since we started this. I’m of the theory that we actually let the burgeoning wolf roam the country side until the process was complete. Werewolves are not that stealthy in their first transformations, so the associated Witches probably pretended to be hunting the wild beast, while really trying their best to keep it and others safe …

“Oh, almost forgot!” She dug in her pocket, and handed over a filled, capped needle to Jennifer. “Pain killer. Special blend made by your old friend Alex. It will only negate the pain of the initial changes. Your body will neutralize all foreign substances through drastically improved healing capabilities. We would have sedated you otherwise. It won’t matter by then; you’ll technically black out before.”

Jennifer took the needle …


Jennifer was sleeping soundly in the sitting room, when her eyes jutted open. Her breathing was deep, but regular. On impulse, she walked to the window, dropping the book she was reading. The light of day was just beginning to fade, while she saw the rising full moon just above the horizon.

She felt drawn to it. She wanted to move toward it, catch it somehow. No, that wasn’t it. She wanted to bathe within its light, and then run forever. Her fingernails scratched at the window glass. It was a yearning beyond all yearning. There was a new hunger forming, too. It should have been obvious what it was …

“Jennifer!” someone called from behind her, breaking her chain of thought.

She quickly turned around to see Lana and Jackie scurrying up toward her. “It’s happening, I can feel it!” Jennifer breathed. “You smell … good …”

“Yes, we know,” Jackie stated seriously. “You have the needle?”

Jennifer nodded, and picked it up from the small table next to her.

“I’ll help you with that,” Lana offered. She took her friends arm, slapped a vein to life, and injected a small amount into her arm, rationing it for possible further nights. “I know you’re not into pain!”

“I’m into sterilizing, though!” she quipped.

“Oh, right, you know it’s not gonna matter, Jen.” she laughed, while the Jennifer small puncture healed instantly.

They both took hold of Jennifer, and guided her to necessary accommodations. She automatically looked back toward the moon. They took another blood sample on the way. While walking toward the box, Jennifer began to feel strange. “My hands and feet are so tingly …” she barely stated. Her breathing was now deep and inconsistent. Her mind was becoming cloudy.

“It’s your respiration, Jen,” Lana stated clinically. “I can see your veins starting to pulse. We think the change, at least in these first transformations, occurs through the blood. So, your body is forcing more blood through you, forcing your change. The pain may be already unbearable if you didn’t take that drug.”

Jennifer’s mouth began to feel strange, and she ran her tongue around her teeth, feeling upper and lower fangs. “All … shharrrrpp …” she barely growled.

They led the transforming woman into the well lit safety chamber, and helped her to remove her clothes before she ripped them to shreds. After, they closed the solid door behind her. Jennifer had trouble thinking in any rational way. She could only grunt at the feel of everything changing at once.

Her teeth were already even longer and sharper by the time she started to feel her mouth push itself forward, generating more teeth. Her joints creaked; her bones crackled. She felt her changing face with her hands, when she saw long, curling claws grow out from what were her nails. Her hands then began to uncontrollably twist and contort, as did her now long clawed feet. On impulse, she fell to her hands and knees, feeling her muscles grow as much as they were forced conformed to her changing bone structure. The transformation began to rapidly accelerate at different rates along her contorting, aching body. Her mind soon faded away …


The next thing she knew, Jennifer was sitting in her apartment at night. She felt perfectly normal. She was only wearing an easy to remove blue dress. The full moon shown brightly through the window. A tall glass of a deep red liquid lay before her. She picked it up, and slowly sipped the flowing, salty liquid. She saw it as medicine, albeit quite delicious for what it was.

She knew she was starting a long entrenched, personal ritual. It was to end with a long run outside. She may or may not spend the night out there. Though she loved Lana and Jackie very much, this ritual was not for them, but she may still go to Lana’s house after. It all depended how she felt after she wore herself out.

Her aging cat quietly slept on the other side of the room. It continued to amaze her how he never seemed to care very much about what happened to her, suggesting it was within her all along. Ultimately, they became more in tune, while he would occasionally join her on her sometimes impromptu runs. Though, he could never keep up with her, even when he was young.

Drink in hand, she walked barefoot to the window to better view the beautiful moon. Felling excitement toward the coming run, Jennifer savoringly finished her drink …

Jennifer slowly opened her eyes from what was clearly a vivid dream. The dream felt utterly informative. She was lying comfortably in a bed naked. For the first time in her life she felt truly comfortable nude. The odd revelations were overwhelmed by how horribly ill she felt for obvious reasons. It felt as if her entire body had a migraine.

She then realized there was something hard and large floating around her mouth. Spitting the object into her hand, she saw that it was a very sharp, canine molar to her amazement. It did not take her long to figure out it was technically hers. Assuming her shift back to Human form was equally as rapid as the shift to wolf, it was all but a miracle she wasn’t spitting out every “extra” tooth she generated the night before! She smirked at how it was an excellent sample for further study. She placed the extra molar on the left end table, and let it slip her mind.

She looked to the right to see what looked like an old intercom. Before she pressed any of the buttons, the door on the other side of the room opened. Lana walked into the room with a large goblet. Jackie closely followed.

“I heard you wake up, Jen,” Jackie said pleasantly. “You’ll learn all about sharp ears soon!”

Jennifer took the goblet, and automatically began to chug. She was thirstier than she realized! “Wow, I like it … Kinda sweet. If it wasn’t so thick, I could pretend it wasn’t medicine.”

“You won’t have to ask if your insurance’ll pay for it!” Lana joked. “It’s basically a protein shake that’ll also boost your endorphin production to make you naturally feel better. The drug you took last night is only geared toward what you went through. Actually kinda toxic, otherwise.”

“Tell me we’re done, Lana, and I’m gonna feel like master of my domain soon, Lana!” she requested, while rubbing her head.

“You know the answer to that, Jen,” Jackie stated.

“Can I, err, see my other self?” she requested awkwardly.

“Of course, Jen!” Lana answered. “Whenever you’re up to it.”

“Hey, what time is it anyway?” Jennifer asked.

“Half past eleven, lazy!” Jackie replied lightly.

Jackie helped Jennifer to the make-shift control room on the first floor. It was really just an old fashioned computer room with a new laptop, and a half dead 2001 PC, which wasn’t good for much more than solitaire or Minesweeper. They sat in front of the laptop, and Jackie called up the video from the night before.

The video made Jennifer’s heart race, seeing herself violently transform into an easily eight foot tall, musclebound, furry she-wolf. There were definite screams of pain, which turned into loud growls. Jennifer could not remember it at all, but easily empathized feelings of desperately trying to escape, her beast self clawing at the walls and howling. In the attempts, hoer other self would occasionally stand on her hind legs, but was normally on all fours, pacing.

A few things about the site struck her the most. Eating Human Flesh somehow didn’t bother her, if only because the form required it. The first thing that stuck out was how the fur was identical in color to her dark brown hair. Indeed, no matter how fur-like it was, the hair on her head was still long and flowing, while its length did not change, allowing it to flow easily into the rest of her body fur. The next was how her normally green eyes became a bright, Husky blue. She was instantly reminded the friendliest Husky dog her relatives once had, and how his blue eyes were but the first sign he was not a true wolf. Above all, what truly took her off guard, was how she found beauty in that alternate self. It wasn’t just the proportionally enlarged breasts: Her feminine form was subtly still there, while her motions were as violent as they were graceful.

“So, that’s my Hyde? She’s a little more breathtaking than I expected, Jackie …” Jennifer was so mesmerized by her transformed self.

“I suppose,” Jackie replied inquisitively, while friendlily rubbing Jennifer’s aching neck. “It’s funny, you know. So many of those Werewolf mythologies treat the wolf as something to be resisted, amputated, but the truth, as you know, is not so simple. All the transformations through the Book require embracing. I had to forsake my humanity to become a Succubus, like all breeds of my kind. I can actually feel the Energies within you becoming even more powerful than that beast in the cage! Such power shall bring you thousands of years of life. Embrace it, and you will be something this world has not seen in far too long …”


Jennifer spent the next two nights as a wild animal in a cage. It had to be done, she knew. It was still an odd reality, otherwise. After the third transformation, she slept deeply well into the afternoon. Lana was very nervous about that, but Jennifer was not in critical or even serious condition.

Lana was speaking on a conference call on her cell phone with other Priests, when Jennifer awoke. At first, she thought she merely felt normal, but soon realized that she felt absolutely fantastic! The feel of the world around her changed in ways she was quickly coming to understand. All her senses were heightened, while she just knew she could heighten them further at will. At the same time, she felt total control over herself in ways as vividly clear as the world around her. Her untouched intelligence made that control, that understanding possible.

“Jennifer … Wow, your eyes!” Lana exclaimed, after ending her call.

“What about them?” she asked in a voice suggesting great internal strength.

“They’re bright blue! I love it …” They planned to take another blood sample, but were too mesmerized by Jennifer’s revised self. A sample could be taken at any time, now.

“Thanks, I guess!” Jennifer laughed. She was glad that became her natural eye color. Not only did she love the symbolism, but she would also be disappointed if that were not he case. She was now the wolf as much as she was Jennifer. She was a Werewolf!

Jackie happily walked into the room, looking hungry and excited. “Congratulations, Jen!”

Jennifer jumped out of the bed naked, revealing her taught, physically strong physique. Her muscles were even more apparent than before, while they did not at all detract from her now glowing beauty. Her silken, flawless skin was what made her beauty glow. All the hair on her body was frozen in place, making her appear hairless, save for the hair on her head. All her hair patiently waited for her to initiate transformation to any degree. She was simply showing off her new self to the women she loved in new and wonderful ways.

As a tease, Jackie let loose her pheromones. Instantly, Jennifer found herself sniffing and licking the curious Succubus like a wild animal. “That’s a new way to meet and greet someone. You are tasty, Succubus!” Jennifer cooed deeply.

“You can feed on me anytime, Jen. I can take it!” Jackie continued hungrily, “As long as I have you first.”

Jennifer smirked at her approvingly, and stated, “You may taste me in a moment, Jackie, but I must have a moment with the Priestess.”

Jennifer walked over to the awed Priestess of Potions Lana. On impulse, Jennifer took in the Witch’s wonderful scent. Jennifer then stated, “I can start thanking you just like this!” She tightly grabbed hold of Lana, and kissed her deeply, tongues wildly twisting around each other. Her strength, of which she only used a fraction in that moment, was far beyond Lana’s. She could become even stronger the more she morphed into her wolf form. Still, it was unlikely she could make herself stronger than a Succubus or Vampire!

Lana pulled back joyously, and joked, “I think I created a monster!”

Jennifer nodded with a toothy smile and playful growled, before beckoning Jackie with her eyes. They all soon fell onto the bed, while Jennifer ripped off the other’s clothes. She ground Lana’s moistening pussy, while growling, before she pulled Jackie into a deep kiss. The Succubus automatically sucked out a good chunk of the Werewolf’s plentiful Sexual Energy. “FUCK!” was all Jackie could say after tasting the most unique and possibly tastiest Energy she ever had.

Like Lana weighed nothing, Jennifer positioned her right on top of her face. The she-wolf hungrily began to eat out the Erotic Witch’s smooth pussy. The playful Succubus swooped over to Jennifer’s already dripping snatch, and began to consume the juicy thing. At the same time, Jackie fingered the snatch, masterfully stimulating the G-spot. Jennifer clamped her legs around the Succubus very tightly, which was certainly too tight for a Human!

Jackie and Lana were moaning in joy, while Jennifer audibly growled in the extreme emotions of pleasure. Lana soon screamed in orgasm, as did Jennifer growl and squirt violently in her own. Jackie absorbed every bit of the expelled Sexual Energy, and came loudly a split second later, while brightly glowing.

They fucked wildly, primally until the sun began fall under the horizon. Jennifer was quite the biter, but never enough to hurt the others, let alone enough the break their skin. Jackie and Jennifer knew the moment Lana was completely spent. Jennifer still had yet to find the limits of her stamina, while Jackie was so overstuffed with their Energy she might not need to eat traditional food for days!

They lay quietly for a few moments, lightly touching. Jennifer looked at the two sexy beings with her. While far from tame at heart, the scientist Jennifer would protect them and their Coven to her last breath. She owed it to them. She then stated, “I’m in the mood for a long run if any of you care to join me.”

“I’m not leaving this bed till mourning!” Lana said truthfully, tiredly.

“I’ll come with you, Jen, as long as you don’t start chasing squirrels up trees!” Jackie teased.

They all laughed, before Jennifer requested, “When we’re back, I’d like some scrambled eggs.” She smiled toothily, transforming her teeth into something close to their sharp, fanged, wolfen form, and continued with a distinct snarl in her tone, “With steak, flash heated and bloody … Let’s go, Jackie!”

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