4/27/13 EMCSA Update

WITHIN: Graded primarily on heat and narrative
WITHOUT: Graded primarily on narrative
Possible spoilers below …

Female Housemate Wanted (mc ff md) (new)  by Pan
–2.5/5 (not great, had some redeeming qualities)–

I must admit I somehow felt left out at the start of this. As a guy, reading it’s easier for two girls to live together than a guy and a girl is hard to imagine for lack of better words. I can certainly see two women living together, but when it comes to ease … Maybe could have used further description? To a lesser extent, I felt the same way with this interview process. Sure, it made for a fine episode of Big Bang Theory, but we already knew the characters by then. I hope I don’t sound sexist, but the ultimate problem I had was that this was just too girly for me, I guess, while it was written too conversationally for my tastes. While obviously a part of the MC, I suppose, it really lingered way to long on the movies thing. As a side note, I actually do know and understand the film Primer, which you can stream on Netflix last I checked … Definitely polished in its own style, but I just had trouble getting into this one.
(Readability: low / follow: no)

Next Generation (mc mf ff fd ft) (new)  by Latexthom
–2/5 (so-so, maybe a good story to others but didn’t mesmerize me)–

I’m not sure how necessary it was to have a disclaimer be a thinly veiled morality statement … :P Anyway, the start hits a personal taboo button for me narratively. Paragraph one, we are told a sob story about poor fictional Alexander, who I could never feel anything for him paragraph one. Written well enough, but it just didn’t pull me in. This being on the longer side, and rather slowly paced, I was skimming fairly early … Just not my thing, really.
(Readability: low / Follow: no)

An Odd Job (mc mf gr) (new)  by RallyWeasel
~~3.5/5 (good, not quite earth shattering)~~

Starts with a bit of an annoying sob story like Next Gen, but it was a little more bearable here. OK, I do like backstory, but I usually think it just feels too forced when presented too early. The overall story does help itself considerably by being well described and polished. I guess this genre piece has its own charm, too. The premise did feel like it did drag a bit, but it was an overall enjoyable fantasy.
(ReReadability: low / Follow: no)

Overall, I’ve come to like female werewolf TF, not counting the common screaming during TF, which is not all that extreme or even present in all mythologies, including my own … shh *spoilers*!

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