Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Curse of the Natural Borns

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people controlled and manipulated in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Curse of the Natural Borns


Laura and I intimately shared our Sexual Life Energy though a passionate kiss, while we lightly touched our naked bodies in my bed. That was the best and most intimate way for Succubi to make love without making themselves hungry. The Earth shown brightly, while it floated by, through the thick window. “Oh, wow! I didn’t know what I was missin’, baby,” Laura stated. Frustration and love poured out of me, while a stated, “How many times do I have to tell you I haven’t been a baby for over two-thousand years!” Laura smiled teasingly, and we resumed passionately sharing our Energy in our quiet moans and grunts. Her hand slowly slid down my thigh to my silken foot.

Fellow Succubus Meghan left earlier to give Laura and I some time alone. She said she needed to do some administrative work at the bar anyway. The intercom suddenly buzzed. The caller ID on the end table screen showed a bald eagle resting on a circle of gold stars, which represented the Cosmic Crimes Detective Unit of the Federated Police Force.

“Damn,” Laura stated toward me.

“Do you still want to work with them, my love?” I asked curiously.

“It’s a strange feeling, Andrea. I love being an investigator, but I just …” she trailed off.

“I know, my love. It’s sort of a curse for any long lived being in a short lived world. Some Succubi like to say our birthright is freedom, but we just know that we may outlast anything created by Humans.”

Laura sighed deeply, and accepted the call. The face of Regional Chief Detective Ryan Rhodes appeared on the screen. His jaw less than subtly dropped. While not seeing much, he could tell that we were naked in bed. “Umm, Detective Drax, is this a bad time?”

“Yes, but what do you want?” she asked with far less respect than she would have, when she was still Human a day ago.

He was clearly taken aback by the lack of respect, but let it go. He tended to be quite the ass toward his subordinates, often to the point of falsely berating them to improve their results, but that mask was all but absent when dealing with us. “Oh, well, whenever you’re ready, I’d like to see you in my office. I prefer today, Detective.”

“I’ll see you soon, then, sir,” she said with little enthusiasm, and ended the call with a tap.

“Damn, that man loves Succubi!” I said with a big smile.

Laura kissed me deeply, and said, “I think I’ll stick with them for a little while, baby. Maybe I won’t feel as chained as I think I will.”


Laura soon found herself in the office of Chief Detective Rhodes’ office in the station’s security sector.

“You wanted to see me … Sir?” she asked, forcing some enthusiasm.

He uncontrollably looked her over with a slight smirk, before gaining control over himself. “So, Detective Drax, I need to know if you are still committed to the Federated Police, in light of your recent changes.”

She sighed. “Well, sir, there’s a lot I still am coming to understand. I truly do still want to be an investigator, but you know how my nature has changed.”

“… Ah, yes, Detective,” he stammered.

“For now, I do wish to stay with the Federated Police in this Unit. If membership in this Unit wasn’t so independent, my decision might have been different.”

“Excellent!” he stated happily. “And, would you be ready for your first assignment in this Unit, Detective Drax?”

“Yes,” she said with a disarming smile. Her enthusiasm was still forced, however.

He presented a Paper Tablet with a case file. “A cargo vessel recently arrived from the moon for refueling on autopilot, while its whole crew was found dead,” he summarized. “No explanation for cause of deaths. They kept the media out of it, and it’s designated ‘need to know.’ Station security found themselves at a total loss, and contacted me.”

Laura found her forced enthusiasm was worth it. She was truly interested in the case. “Well, Chief Detective, I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of this …” She then continued teasingly, “If not deeper.”


Laura distractedly walked into her apartment to find the curly haired Meghan patiently waiting on her couch. Meghan obviously read her mind for the apartment’s keycode, which was a little awkward for her, because she was very private as a Human. Regardless, she sensed Meghan’s intensely strong feelings toward her. Laura was perhaps too distracted by her transformation and me to notice prior. Meghan motioned for her to sit next to her.

Laura sat very close to Meghan and stated, “I had no idea you have such … admiration for me …”

“Devotion,” Meghan corrected. She leaned in, and gave Laura a very sweet kiss on her lips. “I repaid Andrea long ago for her saving me. I only stayed with her, because of your inevitable rebirth. You sacrificed your life to save my and Andrea’s lives, and I don’t think I can ever repay you for that!”

“I had no idea …” Innocently, she then wondered where I was.

“Andrea is running our bar, Laura. Running a bar is what she chose to do. Besides, many Succubi are first taught by more than one. We have many, many lifetimes ahead with her.”

A natural understanding came to Laura. “Choice is so much of who we are, isn’t it, Meghan?”

“Far more than anyone.” She lightly stroked Laura’s hair. “To become a Succubus, most have to want it without doubt. Even Artificials like you ultimately want to become what you became.”

“But, you are a Natural Born. What about you?” Laura may have known much of what Meghan was saying from when Laura was Human and later Hunter, but knowing is different from being.

Meghan sighed deeply. “Maybe I did choose, Laura, when I was born, but no one can remember their birth. Natural Borns simply are. We have far more humility than most, and that may be a reason why we usually are the most powerful. You being a rare exception, the first feed for any breed of Succubus leads to the death of the one they fed on …” She became subtly morose, and continued, “There is almost never anyone there to help Natural Borns at first, let alone the hapless person, when we feed for the first time. So, nearly every Natural Born has at least one death behind them. That is the Curse of the Natural Borns, and all that is my first lesson for you …”


Meghan and Laura walked into the Beta Docking Bay control room. A security officer instead of the usual NASA officer sat in the room.

Laura flashed her badge, and stated, “I’m Detective Laura Drax. I’m investigating the cargo vessel. Meghan is with me.”

The officer stood up and stated, “Yes … I’ve been expecting you, Detective Drax. The bay is fully pressurized, and the vessel is unlocked.” He inputted his code on the consul, and the internal docking bay doors opened. Laura and Meghan left the control room, and walked into the docking bay.

The doors to the vessel stated “First Earth-Lunar Shuttle Corp / Vessel XXXV / US Registry #ACD12542” in both English and Chinese. That aspect was common in international business practice due to China and the United States essentially co-running the Earth. The vessel’s door automatically opened, when they were in front. They walked in.

“My Gods … can you feel it, Laura?” Meghan asked almost sounding sick.

“Yes …” Laura’s senses were by far not as honed as Meghan’s, nor are they ever likely to be, but she felt enough.

“Such … vengeance … I had heard that certain events can leave strong psychic impressions, but I never came across it before,” Meghan said in amazement.

They quietly walked down out of the airlock and down to corridor towards the Command Center. Like when she was Human, Laura easily visualized the pictures of violent crimes now washed clean due to forensics. The Command Center was the most horrific. A layer of Human Blood covered almost every surface. Everyone was sitting on their chairs dead with horrified expressions on their faces. The navigator’s tech enhanced eyes melted through his brain. One in particular bled profusely from his bloodshot eyes, nose and mouth, while all his insides were liquified from an unknown force.

Meghan was leaning on one of the virtually polished glass consuls, curious about their flightpath, when Laura started to look at her hungrily. She tasted so damn good the night before. Meghan quickly turned around, sensing Laura’s hunger.

“I’m getting hungry, Meghan. I wanna feed on you!” She forcibly squeezed Meghan’s breast, while leaning in for a more than sensuous kiss.

Meghan grabbed Laura’s groping hand at the wrist, and stated, “If it ever comes to it, you may feed on me. But, you must learn to feed on others not of your own kind.” Meghan wondered if being Laura’s first feed connected her to Laura in profound ways she never expected. Either way, Laura’s already growing hunger suggested that she may be more insatiable than the average Succubus.

Laura breathed a few deep, stabilizing breaths, and stated “I’m … I’m sorry, Meghan. I should have realized the control I need over myself.”

Meghan smiled tenderly. “We’ll get you someone tonight … But now, you have a job to do.”

Concentrating very hard, she walked over to the chair where the most gruesome victim was found. “Engineer Robert Lang,” she stated quietly.

“Yes, Laura?”

“They should have seen him as the key. The file shows that the initial investigation knew he was significant, but they didn’t realize how or why. At first they thought this was some kind of pathogen, but obviously there was none. That’s what really through them off. After that, they saw Lang as just another murder victim. But, he wasn’t; he was the target,” Laura deducted through her natural wit.

Meghan was truly impressed. “I never would have put all that together!”

“It’s only a puzzle, Meghan,” she breathed. “I never needed to be a Succubus to put a puzzle together!”


Laura sat at a computer terminal in the security sector’s research room. Meghan sat next to her. They learned that Robert Lang was primarily a fuel expert. “Engineer” was a misleading title in his company, because anyone who had anything to do with a ship’s propulsion was called an “engineer.” His background was chemical engineering. Faster ships, especially well traveled ones, require precise fuel mixtures, and that “art” required very skilled scientists.

“I don’t understand,” Meghan stated. “Who would wanna kill some fuel technician?”

“Not sure, yet, Meghan.” She lightly stroked her upper lip in thought. “There’s a distinct lack of background for him. He worked for First Shuttle as a contract consultant. This was his first contract with them. Before, he worked at the interspace-fuel storage facility at the US Alpha military base for ten years.”

“It says he quit …”

“Yes, I wonder why …” Laura stated ponderously.


That evening, Laura and Meghan found themselves in Cubare Tavern. Laura could wait longer to feed, but Meghan felt that she needed to learn how to feed on at least Humans before her sexual hunger was beyond her control. Preferably, a feed is consensual from start to finish, but immediacy is sometimes a more important factor.

Before they even sat down at a round metallic table, I walked over to them. I embraced Laura with a deep, passionate kiss. It took a lot of effort on Laura’s part to not feed on me. “Wow!” I exclaimed, taking in her light, natural pheromones. “I had no idea you would be so insatiable, Laura.” The three of us sat down.

“I think I spoiled her, Andrea!” Meghan said lightly.

We leaned in close, with Laura sandwiched in between. Laura’s hunger was increasing dramatically. We suggestively groped Laura’s warm inner thigh, and Laura uncontrollably felt under their clothes, while breathing deeply in her horniness.

Whispering in Laura’s ear, I breathed, “Let go of your control, Laura …”

“… Reach out, Laura,” Meghan whispered. “FEEL the room …”

“… Seek out what will satisfy and more,” I whispered.

Almost drooling and hyperventilating, she honed in on a sexually fit, naturally blonde woman just walking into the bar.

“Very nice,” I complimented with my lips brushing against her ear.

“That is Chrystal Dario,” Meghan said quietly, deeply, while reading the woman’s mind. “She is the daughter of the station’s chief engineer. Eighteen. She had sex once before, and she will not admit to herself that the reason why she broke up with her boyfriend was because of that disappointing encounter.”

“Oh, FUCK, Laura, she has so much to give!” I said hotly into her ear.

Through her moist horniness, Laura found herself concerned about the woman’s safety.

“We will be there for you, Laura, if anything goes wrong,” Meghan stated sweetly.

“If you take too much from her, my love, you can always give some back. It’s part of the same mechanism we use to share our Sexual Life Energy.”

With a darkly horny expression, Laura sat up, and walked over to Chrystal. At the same time, Meghan and I looked at each other with a knowing smile. The excitement made us rather hungry, too. We had to wait for Laura to finish, but the night was still very ripe for Meghan and I to have a couple of guests, afterwards.

Chrystal was mesmerized by Laura’s sweet, addicting scent, and followed her out mindlessly.

In the elevator, Chrystal finally stated nervously, “I’m sorry … I don’t usually follow people around this!”

“It’s OK,” Laura said innocently. “My name is Laura.”

“Oh … I’m Chrystal.” She couldn’t stop staring at Laura, while finding herself confusingly aroused. Laura’s clothing was very contemporary and casual. Slightly loose, light tan pants, which mostly hid feminine boots with a slight heel, and a brown, form fitting, long sleeve shirt. Chrystal wore similar attire, while she wore low, broad heeled pumps.

Laura stepped closer, and Chrystal automatically, confusingly leaned in for a long deep kiss. Just before Laura started to feed, Chrystal pulled back, and said breathlessly, “I’ve … I’ve never been with a woman before …” She breathed Laura’s scent in deeply, and complimented deeply, “I love your perfume …”

“Thank you,” Laura said with a friendly smile. The doors opened to Laura’s section. “Come on!” She happily grabbed Chrystal’s arm, and hurriedly walked to her apartment. Their clothes were already gone by the time they fell onto the bed.

Passionately rubbing Chrystal’s moistening pussy, Laura hungrily inhaled her firm breast. “Oh my fucking God! You can’t be …” Chrystal barely said, realizing what Laura must be.

Laura picked herself up, and said playfully, “Oh, come on. That almost takes the fun out of it!”

“I can’t believe it … Oh, God, you’re so fucking amazing!” she exclaimed.

“Or, maybe not!” Laura then forcibly locked her lips on hers, and began consume the woman’s plentiful Sexual Energy. At the same time, Laura violently fingered Chrystal’s G-spot. Their muffled moans and coos were loud and true. Chrystal’s eyes rolled back into her head in the overpowering ecstasy.

With control, albeit very slight, Laura forced herself to unlock her lips from the near orgasmic woman. With a fountain of feminine juices, Chrystal screamed in orgasm. Absorbing the orgasmic rush of Sexual Energy, Laura screamed even louder.

Laura happily lay next to the drooling, breathless Chrystal. The woman may have been incredibly drained, but she had not died from Laura feeding on her. That was most important. ‘That was very good, my love,’ Laura heard me state in her head. ‘Yes, congratulations, Laura,’ she heard Meghan say loudly in her head after.

Laura’s end table buzzed with the image of her Unit. She grunted, and answered. “You really don’t have good timing do you?” Laura stated dryly.

The Chief Detective’s heart clearly skipped a beat seeing the naked Laura with yet another woman. “Umm, sorry, Detective … You, ah, didn’t report in this evening.”

Laura said with less than subtle sarcasm, “The engineer Robert Lang was the target. When I find out why, then we’ll know who or what killed them all.” She abruptly ended the communication. Though the communication was secure, Laura really wasn’t supposed to make a report with others present. However, Chrystal wasn’t in any kind of condition for serious comprehension.

With the clarity of the recent feed, she breathed a small amount of Energy back into Chrystal. She jumped up, quickly cumming from the transplanted Energy. Laura smirked at how she did that so easily. “Chrystal?”

“Oh, God, that was amazing! I think I’m totally into girls now!” she stated excitedly.

Laura raised and eyebrow. “You’ll get over it …” She continued in her head, ‘I think,’ before continuing out loud, “Now, Chrystal, can I ask you something?”

“Oh my fuck, Laura, anything!” she exclaimed. Laura sensed she wanted another round, but Laura felt that Chrystal still needed time to recover.

“Does your father know any chemical engineers?”

“Oh … Maybe. I mean, mechanical and chemical engineers work together all the time, but they don’t exactly go out for drinks. Different breeds, I guess, but I guess, you know all about breeds!” she exclaimed, referring to the four types of Succubi.

“We get along very well, actually, Chrystal, but I know what you mean … Does the name Robert Lang mean anything to you? He used to work at the Alpha military base on the moon.”

“A Lunar? I never heard of him, but my father might have. You can always ask him.” She put on a nervous smile, and said, “Just don’t mention us. He has nothing against Succubi or anything; it’s just I don’t know how he’d feel about me being with one!”

Laura smiled disarmingly. “Don’t worry, Chrystal” She kissed her sweetly. “I won’t tell anyone.”


The next morning, Meghan accompanied Laura to the chief engineer’s office. Though Meghan was originally there partly to help Laura adapt to her new self, she truly was fascinated by Laura’s work.

They walked into the office. “Mr. Dario?” Laura asked.

“Err, yes, come in. What’s this all about?” It wasn’t everyday two strikingly attractive women walked into his office.

I flashed my badge. “I’m Detective Drax. This is Meghan. I’m investigating the cargo vessel that recently arrived …”

“Oh, that. I’ve heard rumors, but no one’s told me a damn thing, Detective!” he interrupted.

“We’re working on that,” Laura stated. “I have some questions, Mr. Dario.”

“Go ahead,” he said curiously.

“What do you know of chemical engineer Robert Lang? He worked on the Alpha moon base until recently.”

“Very little,” he shook his head. “Like with all ships that dock in American stations, they are all checked by my engineers and technicians. Both NASA and military policy. I saw his name on the crew list. Consulting engineer, I believe was his title. I did not accompany the crew that inspected the ship. I could have asked for information regarding that crew’s stay, but like usual, I didn’t wanna pry about other’s downtime. Other than that, I’ve been really kept in the dark here.” Though his manner of speaking felt subtly disjointed, he was direct and to the point. Laura learned long ago how to read body language, and her new Empathy merely confirmed what she saw: truth. Indeed, the only thing he hid was his tightening pants, and what was tightening it! There was nothing more she could learn from him for the case. “Thank you for your time, Mr. Dario.” They left.


“So what next, Laura,” Meghan asked, while they rode the elevator to the security sector.

“We find out why he left the moon,” she said seriously. “So, I’ll try to contact his old boss at that military base.”

They eventually made their way to the communication section. After a few inquiries, the best they could do was the assistant manager of Lang’s former posting.

“Yes? This is Sergeant Robertson, Assistant Deck Chief,” the dark haired man stated.

“I’m Detective Drax. I’m calling about a Robert Lang. He recently joined First Earth-Lunar Shuttle Corp.”

Laura did not need Empathy to see how uncomfortable he just became. “Yes … Mr. Lang was one of our civilian workers. He was a competent chemical engineer. He quit … I don’t know why.”

“Would your superior know?” I asked.

He was trying very hard to put on a professional mask, but it was very thin. “It’s possible … But, such information may be considered confidential … If you’ll excuse me, Detective, I need to continue with my daily duties.” He ended the communication.

“I don’t think he did it, but he knows plenty,” Laura stated.

“Do you think we should go to that base, Laura?”

“That is a good idea, Meghan, but the next ship scheduled for Lunar Transit is in five days. Waiting that long could allow too many tracts to be covered.”

Then something hit Meghan. “Is the military required to record race?”

Laura smirked. “Not exactly. Like with all official Census Records for Americans, you know it’s not mandatory to state race. Stems from an anti-discrimination law from over fifty rears ago, and was applied to, well, us after a long battle in the Federal Courts twenty years ago. Still, all gatherings of more than five people in United States Lunar Territories must have a permit according to the Lunar Legal Code. It’s related to oxygen supply. All permits state the reason for the gatherings, and all those registered to be at the gatherings. Those records do not show up in standard background checks.”

“Are those permits public information?”

“You’d better believe it, Meghan!” Laura exclaimed. She then impulsively kissed Meghan on her full lips, which was something that never would have happened before. She realized something after. The kiss wasn’t out of love or even lust; it was out of who she was now. Laura was now a Succubus, and briefly felt so separate from the case, which would otherwise have her full attention. She was most certainly proud of her old life, and what it led to. Now, she had a new life, and all she had to do was shape it …

After cross referencing Lang with gathering permits, they quickly discovered he consistently registered for the “Worship of the Great L’sothot,” which heavily suggested he was a Gray Witch Potion Master. That possibility fit very well with his “competent” background in chemical engineering. Even more remarkable, the “organizer” was Lang’s former assistant manager.

However, within the last year, he stopped registering for those gatherings. Instead, he registered for a wholly different gathering: the “Worship of the Great Shurath’cas,” suggesting he was a Dark Witch of Domination. Such alignment shifts did happen, but were incredibly rare. Then, they came across something even stranger than an alignment shift. Lang was not involved in the last Shurath’cas gathering one week ago, which roughly corresponded with the date he quit his job and contracted with First Earth-Lunar Shuttle Corp.

“Do you realize what this is suggesting, Meghan?” Laura asked breathlessly.

She nodded her head in amazement.

“For reasons we don’t know yet, he joined a Dark Coven, and changed his mind …”

“They do not believe in mercy, and membership is life,” Meghan continued. “… No Witch just leaves a Dark Coven …”

They all but solved the case. All they needed now was more evidence, and perhaps a more clear reason for it all. Laura then quickly checked the transportation logs. All incoming and outgoing ships were redirected or “grounded” due to a “solar flare,” but Laura knew better. It oddly wasn’t mandatory to lock a station down for homicide investigations, but the station was definitely locked down unofficially. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“You think someone left that ship alive don’t you?” Meghan asked slyly.

“Possibly. Probably with the inspection crew.”

“He might still be in the ship, Laura,” she postulated. “Remember what we felt in there? Maybe it wasn’t some ‘psychic impression’.”

“OK … I’ll alert the chief security officer of a very dangerous intruder, and say he may still be in that ship. We also need to contact his former Gray Priest, which is probably his former assistant manger. These kinds of crime rely heavily on verified testimony.”


The station’s security quietly began their in depth search of the station, including all docked ships. At the same time, Laura and Meghan made direct contact with Sergeant Robertson. Even if they also wanted information from the Dark Coven, no one would speak. Shurath’cas followers are usually devoted beyond a doubt, while incredibly secretive about that devotion. Indeed, a group of Dark Covens are in the middle of a court battle to have the names of all their members be stricken from all public records.

“Look, I’ve told you all I know, Detective,” he pleaded on the screen.

“Lang is dead, and we know he was Potion Master under you,” Laura said sternly.

“My Gods … I didn’t know they killed him,” he said shakily, rubbing his moistened eyes. “Is this a secure line?”

“Yes, Sergeant.”

“All right …” he sighed deeply. “A month ago he started seeing this woman. He said her name was Liza Mallory. Now, I don’t care about the personal lives of my Disciples, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Great L’sothot. But, he developed such a strong devotion to her so fast that I knew something was wrong. Through our Avatar Succubus, I learned that she was a Zealot of the Dark Coven led by Alexandra Dano, and that Liza’s real name was Alice Andrios. Dark Witches just don’t know the meaning of peaceful, open relations! Their plan was to make Robert into a kind of spy, so they’d know the actions of my Coven. She moved too fast, though. I told Robert what was going on, and broke down their plans. Unfortunately, Robert saw things differently by then, and realigned himself to Alice’s Coven.” He rubbed his moist eyes again.

“Is that all, Sergeant?” Laura asked.

“No … About a week ago, he secretly came to me. He realized the horrible mistake he made. He wanted asylum. I would have given it to him, but we both knew I could not have hidden him for very long. So, we and our Avatar developed a plan that could have saved his life. I quietly ended his employment at the base, and with my unofficial recommendation, he got the contract to work for First Earth-Lunar. He sought to find the Succubi on your station. We agreed that, at least in the interim, a space station was a decent enough place to hide, while the Succubi there may agree to protect him.” He sighed deeply, and continued, “I guess it doesn’t matter now, though.”

Laura and Meghan exchanged uncomfortable glances. The chief security officer appeared on the other screen, and stated, “We found the intruder, Detective. He badly injured a few of my people, before he was detained. He’s in the interrogation room now.”

“All right, officer,” Laura stated. “I’ll be there soon.”

The priest then stated, sounding depressed, “I’m glad you found a suspect. If you need me again, you know where to fine me, Detective.” He ended to communication, and the screen went blank.

After a few quiet moments, Laura asked, “Do we stick out so much these days?”

Meghan smiled, and answered, “Sometimes, Laura, but you know it’s not so bad most of the time…”

They were soon looking into the interrogation room through the one way mirror. The gaunt man sat in a restraining chair with a stern look on his face. They sensed the same albeit lessened emotions they felt from him back in the vessel. “His name is Derek Coburn. According to official records, he lives near the Alpha military base on the moon. No occupation listed. He hasn’t volunteered anything yet, of course,” the security chief stated. Laura then said deviously, “I think I have a new trick that can get something out of him.” She glanced over to Meghan, who smiled just as deviously.

Laura asked to be alone with the suspect, and sat across the table from him. The moment the door closed, she concentrated hard to release a controlled blast of her pheromones. He breathed deeply, almost savoring the scent.

“You … You really don’ think you can break me down so easily, Succubus?” he asked almost shakily.

“I don’t know. I haven’t been one for very long!” she said lightly. “What I do know is, from my investigative experience, there are very few that can handle a Succubus’ scent. One being in particular I know that can is a Succubus Hunter.” She continued almost darkly, “But, we know that.”

He was breathing deeply, shaking his head.

“A few years ago, I read a science article on Succubus Pheromones. The zoological definition of a pheromone is that it is a substance used to affect the behavior of others. Succubus Pheromones do just that, except at a level far and above a simple bug! They do that by stimulating the endorphin center of the brain, while forcibly activating positive emotions like those associated with sex.”

“What … are you … getting at …” he breathed.

“My point is that you’re already gone,” she said almost apologetically.

Drool trickled down his cheek, while he breathlessly squirmed in the chair.

“So, what is your occupation, Derek?” Laura asked calmly.

“My mistress is Alexandra Dano … Whatever she asks for …” he grunted.

“That’s good Derek. Now, what was the last thing she asked of you?”

“… UMPH … She … She asked me to … to eliminate Robert Lang … no witnesses, no survivors … I fuckin’ want you!”

Laura smiled pleasantly. “That wasn’t so hard was it, Derek?” She sat up and smiled into the one way mirror, before walking out of the room …


“That’s some amazing work, Detective Drax!” Chief Detective Rhodes stated, while examining the report on his Paper Tablet. “Ms Dano is being arrested as we speak, and Mr. Coburn is sitting in his cell awaiting extradition to the moon.”

“Thank you, sir,” she smiled. “Even the Cosmic Gods understand the consequences of murder.”

“Yes,” he said breathlessly, while placing his tablet on his desk.

Laura sighed. “I’ve made some new decisions, since finishing the case.”

“And, what decisions would those be, Detective?” he asked already knowing the answer.

“I just can’t work under anyone, anymore,” she said apologetically. “I’ve changed so much so fast. I’m only know coming to truly understand what I became … I hereby resign from the Federated Police.” She placed her pulse pistol and badge on his desk.

Rhodes looked truly hurt. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine having a Succubus work for him. Her abilities were beyond all his expectations. “There’s nothing I can do to change your mind, Laura?”

She shook her head, and answered, “No.” She sighed deeply. “You can always ask for my help, Ryan. Once a Cosmic Detective, always a Cosmic Detective, right?”

He smiled and nodded, before they friendlily shook hands.

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