Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Cosmic Detective

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people controlled and manipulated in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: These chronicles are set in the Passions Multiverse featured in Transformative Properties and Cosmic Passions, and are specifically in the Edge Universe featured in Beyond the Madness of Passions. They should, however, function independently. Enjoy!

Chronicles of a Cosmic Detective: The Cosmic Detective

An infinite blackness surrounded the dark soul. There was a kind of lonely comfort in the darkness. Thought was not possible, but the soul still knew itself. A small bluish light suddenly appeared in the distance. Perhaps in vain, the soul tried to swim toward it. The light grew larger and larger at growing rate. Soon the warm, comforting light was engulfing. And then …

Lieutenant Laura Drax suddenly woke up, barely catching her breath in her bland apartment’s bedroom. Cold sweat drenched her. She did not have that dream every night, but she lost count of how many times she had it throughout her life. Sadness, fear, and love were emotions always associated with it. Indeed, she often woke up with tears in her eyes. She saw psychologists about it for years, but the dream was to persistent and unexplainable for that. It was somehow a part of who she was, and she somehow learned to live it.

Laura looked at her digital clock projection on her end table and sighed. It was six-thirty in the morning, and she still had two hours before she reported to her commanding officer. Her wake up alarm would have gone off in half an hour or so. She was part of the United States Federated Police Force, which was essentially the successor to the FBI and other federal policing agencies. It was established under the Homeland Security Reorganization Act of 2113 fifty years ago, when the truth of the “Cosmic Gods” and their affects on Earth were finally ascertained. The moment was known as the “Cosmic Revelation.” There was no war or subrogation of any ascertained species, but the clarity of greater forces changed everything. Indeed, Erotic Witches formed an integral portion of most governing bodies, albeit originally in secret.

The revelation was from the President of the United States, herself. Jessica Summers was, in fact, a powerful Succubus Witch born in 2012, and was the only one of her kind. Her very protective, Human husband Robert Sundry was even decades older than she was. His otherwise impossible longevity was devised by Jessica’s superior Witchcraft. Plus, her sister was really her Succubus mother. Her being a very popular and successful President helped to ensure a peaceful transition, which Witches, Succubi, Vampires, and others patiently waited for after she revealed herself to them in all her godliness in 2030. All Comic Beings generally liked to keep their existence mythical, while are now often just secretive or private. Even though she willingly stepped down as President after her two full terms, she was considered an integral part of the world she remade.

Laura saw on her TV-Wall that Jessica Summers and her husband was to tour the new Mars colony, but that held little importance to Laura then. Assuming that the meeting with her commander was about the promotion she applied for months ago, she spent her free time making sure her possessions were ready to be tossed into shipping crates. Half an hour before her meeting, she finally had breakfast and formalized herself.

Soon, she found herself standing solid before her gruff commanding officer, who sat with his back to her and booted legs crossed on a table before him. “Lieutenant Laura Drax: thirty years old, tall, beautiful brunette, brilliant investigator, brilliant leader…”

“General Wallace?” she confusingly asked.

The grizzled, immaculately dressed law enforcement veteran swiveled his chair, and motioned for her to sit. There was only pride in his eyes. She knew that he all but saw her as the daughter he never had, while he was certainly a father figure to her. “You have come so far so fast. You’re my best officer. I had hopped that you would one day find yourself in line to replace me.” He smiled almost regretfully. “Your promotion went through, but it’s not quite what either of us were asking for.” Five years ago, he assured her promotion to Lieutenant. She was exactly who he was looking for to have in his Region: solid morality, while not giving a damn if she pissed off her superiors to solidly close a case.

Laura found herself taken aback. It was very rare for a promotion to be other than to what was applied. “Sir?”

He slid over his Paper Tablet (“PT” or simply “tablet”), which displayed a transfer order. “They decided to make you a Detective in the elite Cosmic Crimes Detective Unit. Congratulations Detective Laura Drax!” He stood up and presented her new insignia-badge in its soft felt box. It was a bald eagle sitting atop a circle of three silver stars, which stands for “Lieutenant-Commander” in that Unit. He extended his hand, and they firmly shook.

The transfer would prove difficult, not just because she had to leave everyone she knew in the New Hampshire Base of Operations and elsewhere, but also because she was leaving Earth. Her new posting was on the Albatross Station (USA Space Station Beta or USA-SS-B) in high Earth orbit. It was an agricultural research and residential space station, which allowed for limited tourism. She ultimately did find herself exhilarated to finally have a chance see the Earth from space.

Her new Unit typically had all their members function independently, while making regular reports to the Regional Chief Detective. In her case, it was Chief Detective of Earth Orbit Region Ryan Rhodes. The Unit’s members, which were far from numerous, essentially functioned as consultants on cases relating to the Cosmic Gods of Passion, or any case with otherwise weird elements. The Unit was said to be the loneliest, while being the most satisfying. She was, of course, allowed a private life. That, and how she was directed to normally wear civilian clothes, was to make the transition far easier for her.

Laura was given a week to transition to life on a space station, prior to her first assignment. Before she started to unpack, she decided to see what the public areas of the station were like. By the afternoon, Laura found her way into the station’s most popular bar: Cubare Tavern. A slim, curly brown haired woman was bartending busily. It was very crowded for a Monday evening. Laura found the woman behind the bar very attractive, but was not in the mood to satisfy the sapphic side of herself. She ordered a glass of bourbon from the bartender. Her friends back on Earth always joked how that was a “man’s drink.”

While Laura unwound, she found herself growing very uncomfortable. It seemed to be directed toward the bartender, but she could not understand why. There might not have been a single violent bone in her body!

“A hundred and fifty years. Record timing!” I said behind her.

I sat next to the surprised Laura. Her discomfort rose for yet unfathomable reasons, yet she found herself hopelessly drawn to me. “A hundred and fifty?” she asked confused.

“Oh, I like to break the ice with something silly!” I smiled pleasantly. “My name’s Andrea Melia. I run this bar with Meghan Smith.” I motioned to the busy bartender. “She’s nice enough to cover for people when they call out.”

“I’m Laura Drax. I was just transferred here.” We firmly shook hands, while I eyed her more than familiar gold bracelet.

“And, where did you get that?” I smiled, while lightly running my fingers down it’s wavy surface with very specific thoughts, before releasing her handshake.

“Oh, I found it in an antique shop back in the States. Umm, New Hampshire. I couldn’t resist buying it!” Her heart uncontrollably raced, as did her breathing.

“Yes, it is something … It’s very old. I have an eye for that kind of thing, love.” I looked up, and called, “Her drink is on the house, Meghan!” Our eyes met, and I silently explained something very important to her.

Meghan’s jaw slightly dropped. “Oh, of course, Andrea. New faces only have to ask!”

I looked back to Laura with friendly eyes. “I almost became an archaeology professor, before I realized that wasn’t me. If you ever want to learn more about that bracelet, come by to my apartment: eighty-eight on B level. I should be there by 7:30 tonight.” I sat up, and walked through the “private” door leading to my office …

Laura soon found herself at my door. She had trouble thinking about little else but me. Yes, she was bisexual, but her draw to me was somehow more than sexuality. My door buzzed.

“Yes?” I asked through the intercom. I already knew it was her.

“It’s, ah, Laura Drax from the bar,” she called back.

“Right on time!” I exclaimed. “I’m just getting out of the shower, so make yourself comfortable, Laura!”

The door slid open, and she walked into the apartment. It was somewhat larger than hers, while following the same generic, universalist, metallic theme of the station. However the tasteful, matured furnishing and wood shelves made the bland nature of the apartment far more appealing. The first thing she noticed on my shelves was my Masters in Anthropology on the top, before noticing all my antique books. The vast majority of “newly printed” books had been digital for over a century, while most of the older books were digitized before then.

“Please sit down, Laura,” I offered from behind, just before she observed the date on my degree.

She quickly turned around, not having heard me enter the room. “Oh, sorry, just admiring your collection.” Her jaw dropped the moment she saw me. I have that affect on people, especially when I’m only wearing a soft white robe! Under any other circumstances, I would have answered her draw to me.

We casually sat on my red fabric couch. “Now, you came about your bracelet, right?”

She was breathing deeply, but barely noticed. “Yeah … Actually, I was wondering about something else, too.”

“Yes?” I batted my eyes.

“Where did the name ‘Cubare’ come from?” she asked breathlessly.

“Well, besides the obvious pun in how its pronounced (qu-BAR-ey), it’s Latin for, among other things, to recline. Bit of a joke Meghan and I came up with, from how it can also mean ‘sex’ in the right context!” I laughed. “But, I can tell you’re not here to talk about sex!”

“No, I … My bracelet …”

I gently cradled her bracelet covered wrist with my soft hands. “It was probably made between 1750 and 1800. The wavy lines encircling are, were the trademark of the gold and silver smith Antonio Antonelli of Naples. He was said to use innovative smithing techniques, but that’s mere hearsay. Though, what hasn’t been melted down over the centuries does have an extreme durability.” My persistent yet now incredibly subtle Irish tones were bleeding though.

“Do you know who owned it?” she asked impulsively.

“That’s hard to say, since your antique dealer clearly didn’t know much about it. I did, however, get to know, or as I should say, read the diaries of a man from the early twenty-first century, who had an ancestor that possibly owned such a bracelet. There’s no way to know if yours is the same one, though.” I was sure that it was, but didn’t yet bother to tell her.

Laura started to hold her head. She was beginning to feel dizzy and headachy from her increased breathing.

“Are you OK, Laura?” I asked with concern.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Just not used to processed air yet!”

“You’ve never been on a space station before have you, Laura?”

“No, I … was just transferred here. I was just promoted and transferred to the Cosmic Crimes Unit…” Though members were not supposed to actively advertise themselves, there was nothing secret about the Cosmic Crimes Detective Unit.

“Ah, I finally get to meet a Cosmic Detective! They say you’re the best.”

“I suppose. I haven’t really started yet!” she stated lightly, before rubbing the bridge of her nose.

“Let me help you back to your room, Laura,” I offered with care in my tone.

“No, no. I can make it on my own …” she barely stood up to her feet. Within moments, she nearly fell head over heals, before I grabbed her. The station provided gravity by constantly spinning, and that made it a whole lot easier to fall over, especially in Laura’s current state.

“At least let me help you to the door, Laura!” With her leaning on me, I carefully brought her to the exit. I pressed the button to open the door. “Are you sure you’ll be all right, Laura?”

“I’ll be fine. There are railings everywhere … I just need to lie down for a while …”

That night, Laura had dreams unlike any she had in her life. They were vivid, yet disjointed. She found herself looking out into a beautiful forest valley, with high bluish mountains in the distance. Soon after, she was speaking with an old man, who only spoke lies. Then, there was a locked room, which held a beautiful treasure of a woman. Her image was blurred. Suddenly, she was in a dark house, looking for a creature that she had to destroy. Then, she was back next to the treasure of a woman, who was apparently held hostage. The lying old man confronted them, and was no longer lying about anything. She was then back at the dark house, being confronted by a creature, who ultimately rebuilt her mind. The face before her was impossible to make out. She was then strapped to a table with the treasure of a woman in a damp basement room filled with whips and chains. Some kind of fighting ensued outside. The doors to the basement room then exploded open …

Laura awoke to a familiar buzzing. Someone was at the door. She activated the communications panel on her end table. “Who is it?” she breathlessly asked, while the dream quickly faded.

“Ms Drax, I have a package for you from a Ms Melia. I need a signature for the package.” The man wore the standard postal uniform, which was a deep blue jumpsuit with the eagle head logo on the front right.

“Uh, just a minute…” Laura groveled. She tossed on her robe, before she saw that it was eleven in the morning. She was no morning person, but sleeping that late was unusual for her. She soon opened her door to the post carrier. He had his Paper Tablet on top of the package for her to sign. She did so, and took the package.

The man noticed her tired sickishness, and stated, “If you don’t mind me saying, ma’am. You look like you’ve come down with a little space sickness. The station’s doctors can help you with that.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she groveled, before forcibly pressing the pad to close and lock the door.

She sat on the generic couch, and placed the package on the metallic coffee table. Whatever it was, it was large and heavy. A small paper note was taped to the top. She pealed it off. The note was written by hand, which was unusual like the expensive paper, while the handwriting was a downright beautiful script. Almost no one wrote like that, let alone could read that. Such skills were not part of general education for over a century. Laura’s investigative training included such oddities. The letter read:


Curious, Laura carefully removed the opaque, plastic wrapping, revealing an encasing mahogany wood box. The smooth box was easily a couple of centuries old, but was well kept. She unclasped the box, and lifted the lid. Her heart skipped a beat! It was Liber Lubidinum: the Book of Passions, which was integral to understanding the Cosmic Gods and their affects on intelligent beings! There could be no other book more important to a Cosmic Detective. The moment Laura placed her hands on the Book to remove it, a flash of powerful Orgasmic Energy knocked her unconscious …

The next thing Laura knew, she was lying on the hard metal floor between the couch and coffee table. Everything was becoming clear to her. The recurring dream she had since she was a child was no dream. It was her soul floating in oblivion, before being reborn into who she was now. That meant that her last incarnation had no living descendants to pass on a legacy. The few surviving memories of her past life were scattered and jumbled, and she was sure her recent, half remembered dream held a few of them. She may never fully recover the blood memories of her original bloodline, but her purpose was still clear. Laura Drax was a Succubus Hunter, and her primary target was me.

Laura stood up, quickly realizing that any space sickness she had was gone. She felt truly alive and powerful. Her unease was now focused. Her mind was now sharper than her body’s enhanced agility. She removed the Book from its case, and wondered why I let her come in contact with it, assuming that I knew what it would awaken within her. Her quick conclusion, which did have some truth, was that I wanted some control over our inevitable confrontation. Indeed, her Hunter self would have awakened anyway from prolonged contact with any Succubus.

She quickly flipped though the pages of the ancient yet sturdy Book. Her Hunter nature ensured that she would not be surprised that the Book’s Ancient Minoan Text was easily readable now. Plus, the Book was translated in the early twenty-first century, with improving translations since then. She had a feeling that, after she dealt with me, her abilities as a Hunter would prove quite handy in her new posting.

Laura eventually found the proper page. Because Hunters were not defensive by nature, they only created one tool for their protection. It required a personal object, which was worn consistently. Her old bracelet was one of the few things that fit that bill. Prior to her recent promotion, she was generally not supposed to wear anything outside regulation (i.e. jewelry), but her former commanding officer saw no harm in a bracelet hidden under clothing.

After intuitively finding the appropriate page, she removed her bracelet, and held it high. “Great Zalathoth of Masterful Manipulation, grant me the power to infuse this bracelet with a part of my soul, so that I may use it to protect myself in the destined battle!” A flash of great Energy blasted through Laura, forcing her back to the hard floor. A great weakness was felt throughout her body. She slowly slid the enchanted bracelet back onto her wrist, and passed out …

Laura suddenly awoke to the sound of the door buzzing. “I’m coming!” she groveled, while she picked up herself. The door slid open to a station technician in a metallic grey jumpsuit. His tool belt held an array of expected devices, which were both expected and of little interest to her.

“Ms Drax, we detected a power surge in your apartment. Two, possibly. The signature was undefined. May I come inside to inspect the electrical system?”

Laura raised an eyebrow. In the excitement, it slipped her mind that Erotic Cosmic Energies were one-hundred percent detectable with sensitive enough equipment. They indeed had biotechnology that could upgrade a humanoid to detect many Energies without external sensors, but due to casual resistance to such tech, it was mostly used by spies and military personnel. Even most Cosmic Detectives preferred wits to biotechnology. “If it’ll make you happy, please come inside …” she read his name tag, “Jonathan.”

The technician quickly noticed the powerful Book. “What is that?” he asked breathlessly.

“‘That’ is a very old relic from another time.” Laura then continued sarcastically, “Don’t you have a job to do?”

He nodded embarrassed, and commenced scanning various areas.

Laura placed the Book back into its case, and walked with it back to her bedroom. She then prepared herself for the oncoming battle, grabbing her standard issue pulse pistol, holstered at her waist, and backup firearm, holstered around her ankle. The weapons were carefully concealed under her clothing. She was fully licensed to carry both firearms and pulsearms, but it wasn’t exactly everyday behavior to visibly carry them around a space station.

“Ms Drax. Everything looks all right on your end,” the technician sounded in the other room. “Someone may contact you later if an issue is discovered. If you have no questions, I’ll head out.”

Laura walked into the doorway, and sexily leaned on the cold metal door frame. She said in a sultriness, which was once totally alien to her, “Thank you, Jonathan … Sorry if I was grumpy earlier. I was just in a deep sleep.”

“Oh, err, it’s no problem, ma’am …”

Laura enjoyed how his mental and physical control broke down. Again, something that would have once been alien.

“I … I’ll just show myself out…” he quickly left, almost tripping over himself.

Laura chuckled after he left, before muttering from her greater understanding of language, “Cubare: to lie or recline. Cum cubare: to have sex with. Sub cubare, succubare: to lie under. Succubus …”

Laura soon found herself at my door. She inputted her “Skeleton Key Code” to open it. She was not supposed to use that code without authorization, already setting off silent alarm bells, but she did not care. All that meant was that she had about twenty minuets, before someone noticed and sent security, to achieve her goal.

A massive wave of a glorious scent engulfed her, while she entered the room. The door slid closed behind her. “Oh, Gods … I had no idea they could be so strong!” she stated breathlessly, while she stumbled into the apartment.

I walked into the living room naked, presenting my strikingly beautiful, full body. My raven hair flowed freely down my tall body, contrasting with my light skin. I smiled and said, “You never did waste time.”

Laura shakily pointed her pulse pistol at me, and said, “You don’t think … those pheromones are enough to, to stop me.”

“No, Hunter Laura. Not my scent alone …”

Laura felt her insides twisting. A range of conflicting emotions bombarded her. She felt lust, hatred, and even love toward the Succubus before her. “Something is wrong …”

“Wrong for a Hunter,” I said, while I casually sat on my aged couch. “I knew your prior incarnation intimately. The only three I ever killed in my over two-thousand years of life were Hunters of your past bloodline. The scars of their deaths are the greatest of pains for me, because it is essentially the opposite of what is my life: Sexual Life Energy.”

Laura instinctually leaned on the door, while dropping her gun. “What’s happening to me…?” She could barely think in her growing arousal.

“Soon, Hunter, my love … The third Hunter of your original bloodline is the one that owned the bracelet you now wear and enchanted. She enchanted something else of course: a ring, commonly enough. But, it was the fourth Hunter of that line that is the most important in this discussion.

“Because events were forcing me to kill again, I chose to do something else, because I could not live with the death of another on my soul. I did what no other Succubus had ever done: tame the soul of a Succubus Hunter. We were lovers for the next five years in admittedly an unheard of relationship. You eventually were forced to sacrifice yourself to save me and the truly powerful Meghan. You see, Meghan is a rare Natural Born Succubus: born to Human parents. A dark Witch Coven of Shurath’cas of Domination sought to bend her to their will, while she was still confused about what she was. When that Coven failed, Zalatoth, the Master of all Witchcraft, punished them for both their failure and actions by allowing me to procure their Liber Lubidinum. Thus, they disbanded in disgrace.”

“Ms Melia,” a male voice suddenly sounded on the intercom. “This is Station Security Officer Bello. Is everything all right? We detected unauthorized access to your apartment.”

I touched the panel on my end table, and responded, “Everything is well in hand, officer. She is here like I said she would be. Please, do not send anyone. What I set into motion must not be interrupted.” I ended the communication, before I looked back to Laura and smiled.

“Wha … What?” Laura asked confused.

“You know its next to impossible to be incognito these days! Besides, who better than a Succubus to advise local law enforcement on Cosmic Matters,” I chuckled.

“Oh, fuh … So horny…” Laura barely said, while breathlessly groping herself.

“Well, anyway, the Hunter Cycle continued by allowing your resurrection.” I looked down to her bracelet. “That bracelet has always been so beautiful … As you know, there are four types of Succubi. I am a Natural Succubus, in that another Succubus naturally transformed me, while Meghan is a Natural Born Succubus, in that she was born to human parents. Another type is of course an Artificial Succubus, which is transformed, well, artificially. Because no Human has expected to find a monster behind every dark corner for centuries, I was able to touch you without you yet knowing what I am. When I first touched your bracelet, I implanted it with the power of Plaotathis, who grants the power to create Artificial Succubi out of curiosity. That is the only way to break the Hunter Bloodline and greater Hunter Cycle. The moment you enchanted that bracelet, you activated that transformative power. It’s almost sad, really. You may be the last Hunter.”

“OHH … AHHHH,” Laura cooed, drooling.

“Your new boss was quite shocked, when I explained this all to him after you and I met in my bar. He had to give it his blessing. A Hunter is a downright loose canon! Then again, he definitely has a thing for us Succubi.” I sat up, and walked over to the near orgasmic Laura. I lightly stroked her sweaty cheek, and said, “Let me show you what we once had, my love. Let me free the memories locked within your soul.”

I easily invaded her mind. In a massive orgasm, a lifetime of memories flooded into her. The blood memories of her ancestors of that line were almost totally lost, though. A hundred and fifty years ago, she was a police detective for a decade, before her Hunter lineage took over. I could not transform her then, but instead “sorted her out.” We worked together as private detectives for the next five years on strange and bizarre cases. We were passionate lovers, in spite of her Hunter nature being forever present. It was torturous for her prior incarnation. When she sacrificed herself to save both Meghan and I, we finally both admitted that we loved each other …

The next thing she knew, we were naked and grinding our pussies together in my bed. “OH, God …OH fuck … I missed you so much, baby, and didn’t even know it!” It annoyed me so much, when she called me “baby” before, but I was so glad to hear it again that a tear fell down my cheek! I grunted in response, “I fucking missed you more!” We grunted and cooed loudly, while my love mentally renounced her humanity. Laura then asked with concern, “Was there anyone else?” I quickly responded, “I’m a Succubus, you idiot Hunter. I, err, I live on sex! … But, you were always the only one I ever truly loved!”

With that, I glued my lips onto hers, and began to feed her my Sexual Life Energy at regular intervals, causing her to cum violently in time. ‘I am hastening your transformation,’ I said in her mind. ‘You will be so free so soon.’ Her Life Energy was now nearly completely fused with her Sexual Energy. All it needed was one final push, and with a massive burst of my Energy, she screamed and squirt in orgasm.

I pulled myself off of her. Our hunger for sex was overwhelming. The naked, curly haired Meghan suddenly walked into our bedroom. Licking her lips, she said, “I guess it’s my turn!” She leaned over and gave me a sensual kiss, while she transferred some of her powerful Sexual Life Energy into me, inflicting orgasm. I was totally renewed! With an even bigger smile, she looked to the moaning, hungry Laura. She leaned in, and they passionately kissed, while Meghan poured a massive amount of her Energy into her. While Laura screamed in orgasm, massive fountains of cum spewed from her delicious crotch.

Soon Laura was full, and lay back reveling in her new self. Meghan lay between us with a lustful smile. I almost couldn’t believe that she wasn’t desperate for sex after donating all that Sexual Life Energy! Only a Natural Born could give so much so effortlessly.

‘I guess I am that amazing!’ Meghan said strongly in our minds, while playfully laughing. I knew the moment that I met Meghan that I could only be in her shadow. ‘I’ve been thanking Andrea for a hundred and fifty years in all possible ways for saving me and helping me to understand my great power. But, I was never able to thank you, Laura, until now.’ She lightly stroked both our cheeks at the same time, before stating out loud, “We are all at the cusp of a new and wonderful world!”

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