4/6/13 EMCSA Update

WITHIN: Graded primarily on heat and narrative
WITHOUT: Graded primarily on narrative
Possible spoilers below …

Charlie and the Convent of Oblivion (mc mf ff md) (new)  by J. Dumas
–2/5 (so-so, maybe a good story to others but didn’t mesmerize me)–

Don’t get me wrong, I can like a thick history, but to throw so much at the reader paragraph one is a turn off both mentally and physically. My first question was: How much do we really need to know so early? Right after that, I quickly began to feel that this was rather derivative. I love inspiration and reinvention, but neither of those things seemed to be here. Though this is albeit the start of something larger, very little seemed to happen, too. ALL background and set up. While clearly polished grammatically, there was nothing here for me …
(Readability: low / follow: no)

300 (mc mf ff) (new)  by Lisa Teez
–3/5 (decent, not perfect)–

Interesting, though not necessarily engrossing from the start, in spite of the Amazons. No real gasps or surprises. While not derivative, the themes were all from well tread territory. Maybe a little overlong, too, considering we know where this was going. Overall, not bad for what it was.
(Readability: low / Follow: no)

Feminine Allure (mc mf fd) (new)  by me-chan
~~3/5 (decent, not perfect)~~

Written well enough, and interesting, I suppose. Not necessarily all that much to this, this apparently starting after the initial induction. Though far from any depth, this ethereal piece was a half decent read.
(ReReadability: low / Follow: no)

2 thoughts on “4/6/13 EMCSA Update

  1. I tried to follow your example, mate, but the stories have grown more and more… bland as of late. I take my… eh… helmet off at you, sire. Though I still write 3k reviews of certain stories.

    1. I wont argue! There can be an inconsistent wax and wane with story quality. Another issue that pops up when doing reviews is getting desensitized. Good ones still pop up sometimes, and that’s one of the reasons to keep up with it!

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