Beyond the Madness of Passions

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is the final story in this anthology, while not the last of the Passions Multiverse Mythology. With any luck, this anthology’s climax will ultimately be satisfying for those following. Enjoy!

Beyond the Madness of Passions

“Are you sure this is a wise choice?” a feminine voice said quietly. “The First Truly Great One could not control this creature.” The two beings stood in a universe now being consumed by the relentless Bacchic Expansion. They had very little time do fulfill their orders before the Bacchic Wave of the Expansion totally consumed everything in that universe, remaking it in their Truly Great One’s image of ultimate sexual ecstasy.

“You know as well as I that our New Truly Great One is far more powerful,” a deep genderless voice stated quietly. The ailing hum of the ancient space station was maddening. “With this creature, OUR Truly Great One could end the ancient Vampire rivalries, which has held us all back. The Trifold Vampire will be controlled!”

A metal door slowly slid open before them. It loudly ground against thousands of years of dust and decay. Behind it, a blackened room lit up brightly from unseen sources. In the center lay the lifeless, humanoid husk of the once powerful Trifold. It patiently waited to be revived with the taste of fresh blood …


Four powerful beings awaken on a quiet field in a universe just beyond the madness of passions. The sun shown brightly on a cool summer evening. They know who they are, or were about to, but they don’t know how they were brought there. They slowly stoop up in confusion.

“This is not my universe,” the fit blonde Zia stated, looking somewhat lost. The last thing she remembered was her world ripping itself apart with sexual passions.

The dark haired beauty Liona looked her over in amazement. “No, it is not, Zia.”

Zia and Liona knew what they were instantly. They were Succubi, albeit of different breeds. Liona was a Natural Born, while Zia was an Artificial. Normally, a Natural Born is far more powerful than an Artificial, but Zia’s strength and power was very close to Liona’s. Liona more than sensed Zia’s hidden strands of alien DNA, which opened the doors to Zia’s great power. They lightly touched each other in reverence of the remarkable power within them.

Lightly stroking Liona’s cheek, Itra stated, “The true power of a Succubus is hard to describe in written form.” Of the four of them, only Itra and Liona were native, while they were intense lovers.

“This isn’t my world either …” Jack stated bewildered, not yet sure why he knew that. “The last thing I remember, I was with Julie in bed … And then, a wave of catastrophic passion smothered us … Julie is lost in the passions …” Julie was the woman he loved in the last universe he resided. His true memories then slowly, finally began to return to him. The weight of millions of years almost visibly fell onto his shoulders. “… I have no true universe …”

“The power of a O’unidiathicosisian of the First Truly Great One, on the other hand, is easy to describe,” Itra smiled slyly. Though, he knew very little of their origins.

Zia then realized who Itra was. “It can’t be! You are the Mad Minoan Itra Eleutheros. The one who wrote Liber Lubidinum: the Book of Passions!”

“I was reborn as mythographer Zane Mallords, and regained the memories of my past life as a result of the Bacchic Expansion,” Itra stated. “The First Truly Great One’s fragments of power snowballed, while the Second Truly Great One ripped through the Multiverse in its great hunger. This universe, the Edge Universe, is where that snowballed power hit critical mass. That is why we are here.”

Jack then stated, “But, what are we supposed to do? Who brought us here?”

Itra smiled knowingly, “When we find out who brought us here, we shall understand our destiny.”

“Destiny!” Zia stated defiantly. “The only solid destiny a Succubus bows down to is her becoming a Succubus!”

Jack clarified, “There is no such thing as ‘set in stone.’ There is only a ball rolling down a hill. We all have certainties, but we can morph what is to come.”

“Wisdom is the birthright of your kind, Jack,” Itra stated. “You will be so important in our understanding of what is to come.”

The powerful Succubi looked at each other in horror, sensing the same thing. “The first Trifold …” Zia barely stated. The first Trifold Vampire just arrived on the Earth of the Edge Universe. In her universe, Zia knew and loved the second before it was transformed, and destroyed it. The emotional price was devastating.

“A Trifold?” Liona asked, sensing the horror of it.

Itra then answered, “An anomaly whispered in code within my Liber Lubidinum, yet should not exist …”

Jack continued, “It is a horrible mutation brought into existence by the right set of variables in the right moment … All of us here know that there are three breeds of Vampires, and three associated Gods. Those three breeds have always been at odds. However, a Trifold is a mix of all three, and is therefore insane by being at odds with itself. It loves and requires blood like all Vampires, while it is also obsessed with passion like the Luthurians, power like the Phil’iantathians, and Life Energy like the Domoriosians. The more it consumes, the more it wants. It is a parasite destined to consume the Multiverse if not stopped.”

“It has bowed down to Baccheiaosis for the moment,” Zia said terrified. “I can’t believe it … The Trifold was supposed to end the ancient Vampire rivalries, but it liked the rivalries too much to end them. Instead, it has made itself the Left Hand of the Truly Great One. It has fed upon the Truly Great Baccheiaosis, and is here to stop us.”

“Then it must know why we are here, what we are supposed to do!” Jack stated uncomfortably.

“No, it doesn’t,” Zia stated shakily. “Baccheiaosis is merely afraid. If that can be believed. We are four of the most powerful beings of the Multiverse under the Cosmic Entities themselves …”

Liona tenderly placed her hand on Zia’s shoulder, feeling the painful emotions she hid so well from everyone else. “We’ll give that Trifold a hell of a ride, Zia!”

They made their way to the closest town, which turned out to be the village of Belioko near the city of Yellowknife in Canada. Zia and Liona sensed a remarkable secret within that village, but knew that its protection was well in hand. They quickly decided silently to keep that knowledge from the others, whatever it may be, because the Trifold’s threat trumped all else.

The four of them were sitting in the local diner having a meal, while the TV on the other side of the diner mumbled something about a scientist named Cornelia Reynolds advancing research in retroviruses. They paid no serious attention, while Itra set up a last minute flight reservation to London on his cell phone. Liona and Zia told the other’s the Trifold’s approximate location within that city, and that it was patiently waiting for them.

Customs on both ends were easy to deal with, thanks to the two powerful Succubi. Through their telepathy, they made the customs agents see things like passports, which they did not have on them. They could not do anything about the cameras, but they went through the airports quickly enough for that not to be a problem in the short term.

They soon found their way to where the Trifold was waiting for them: a large community room in an upperclass apartment complex off the Thames River. The Succubi easily convinced Itra and Jack to stay behind, because only Succubi of their remarkable power even have a chance at destroying a Trifold …

The two Succubi soon found themselves standing across the room before the sitting Trifold. Its appearance was most certainly of a naked, voluptuous female, leaning on its upward knee. Its long black hair was not even close to how deeply, emptily black its eyes were. The black hair and onyx eyes made its skin look more than deathly pale. Its bloodied fangs were long and proud. Surrounding it were several husks of what were Humans. All their blood and Life Energies were drained from them. Liona’s spine shivered at the sight of it, while Zia was one of total determination.

“They’re all so tasteless now, but you two know how I can’t stop,” the Trifold depressingly hissed. “Nothing ever quite compares to the taste of a God, I suppose …” A Trifold was the only humanoid Vampire capable of feeding on beings other than Human, and happily so. It sniffed at the Succubi, while looking them over. “You two smell quite unique for Succubi. Maybe you two won’t be so tasteless!”

The Trifold suddenly lunged at them with blinding speed, and in an instant, its fangs were deep inside Liona’s neck. She screamed in pain, while the Trifold’s venom invaded her bloodstream. As quickly as she could, Zia ripped the parasite off of Liona, and tossed it across the room.

Liona went to her knees in the blinding pain, holding her violated neck, before Zia fed her some of her Devine Sexual Life Energy with a sweet kiss. Liona healed quickly, and brought herself to her feet with Zia’s help.

“Better?” Zia asked.

“Much!” Liona answered.

Looking at them with a blood stained smile and liking its lips, it hissed, “Not as tasteless as a Human at least!”

Zia then said to Liona, “I get top, you get bottom!”

“Oh, but I wanted top!” Liona said lightly.

“I know!” Zia confirmed, before they both lunged at the Trifold with devastating speed all but equalling the Trifold. Their clothes were shed, while they flew through the air.

The Trifold fell to the carpeted floor, while Zia drank large swaths if Sexual Energy from its mouth, and Liona violently fingered and sucked its pussy. The Trifold tried to free itself, but the Succubi had too firm a grasp on its body and Sexual Energy to do much of anything but enjoy. The three of them moaned and grunted wildly from the building passion. Soon, the Trifold exploded in orgasm, while the hungry Succubi actively worked as hard as they could to drink and absorb every bit of expelled Sexual Energy.

Zia and Liona breathlessly pulled themselves away from the still barely conscious Trifold. Though a Trifold was one of the few beings that could survive all their Sexual Energy being drained, they almost couldn’t believe it wasn’t at least fucked into a coma!

Zia was preparing herself mentally for what needed to be done, when the Trifold barely pleaded, “Do it … Please!” The Succubi sensed in that moment that the Trifold understood things it was trying so hard not to. After thousands of years of lonely captivity, it somehow gained a small amount of sanity. It came to better understand its fate. After consuming every living thing across the finite Multiverse, including the Cosmic Gods of Passion and the like, it will die alone in starvation. It now knew that it was a fate that it did not want, and Zia had the power to change it. What Zia offered was death, but it was willing to accept that.

“You’re gonna have to leave the room, now, Liona. Even I can barely handle this artificial power!” Zia ordered.

Liona nodded, and sweetly kissed her fellow Succubus on her full lips, before leaving.

Zia stood before the willing Trifold, and then blasted a powerful ray of her Devine Sexual Life Energy at the creature. Everything in the room burned instantly from the bright Cosmic Ray, while the Trifold slowly disintegrated. The windows violently exploded outwards, while the sign stating “Weyland-Baine Capital, Ltd., board meeting” turned to dust. In its last moment of life, the Trifold reached out into Zia’s mind, and whispered, ‘Thank you …’

The powerful Succubus fell to her knees in debilitating weakness. She was just barely able to pick herself back up, and drag herself out to the hall, before the room’s ceiling caved. Liona barely made it back to Zia before she fell into her arms in mental and physical weakness.

In Liona’s caring arms, Zia barely said, “I didn’t know it … it would be more devastating to use that power a second time …”

“You must feed on me now, Zia! I can feel your debilitating weakness and hunger,” she offered.

Zia quietly answered in Liona’s mind, ‘No … I shouldn’t …’ It was, indeed, very rare for Succubi to feed on each other, even for training purposes. Succubi do not have true Sexual Energy, so if they feed on each other, that means they default to their sexualized Life Energy, which can be more than dangerous. However, as shown in the heat of battle, they had more than enough reason to feed on each other.

“Don’t be an idiot, Artificial! I’m a Natural Born, I can take it!” she said forcibly.

An animalistic look of hunger slowly filled Zia’s eyes, before she smashed Liona into a flimsy door opposite the destroyed room. The door frame gave way like paper, while they fell onto the gushy red carpet inside the apparently empty function room. Zia violently ground her pussy on Liona’s, while drinking massive swaths Liona’s Devine Sexual Life energy. Liona exhibited near impossible self control to not start feeding herself, which would have destroyed the whole purpose of their escapade.

‘SO GOOD!’ Zia loudly screamed in Liona’s head.

‘You may have to return the … FAVOR someday, Zia,’ Liona transmitted back.

Their passions grew and grew, and just before Liona exploded, Zia barely pulled her mouth away from Liona’s so she would not take too much of her Energy. Liona then exploded in passion, while Zia absorbed every expelled drop. Zia screamed in ecstasy a moment later, while she glowed almost blindingly from the remarkable feed.

After several minutes of reveling from the wondrous feed, Zia tenderly brushed her fingers through Liona’s dark hair. Liona then quietly asked, “Better?” Zia answered with a smile, “A bit … Though, I think you’re just as hungry for your divine writer as I am for a demigod!” They both stared at each other with large, hungry smiles …

Jack and Itra watched the Succubi walk into the apartment building from their rental car, while those Succubi easily convinced them that only a Succubus could survive the impending battle. They both felt very nervous about what the two were about to face. One only needed to be near a Succubus to feel drawn to them, and long term relations with one can lead to strong devotion. Even the demigod Jack was not immune to their all too real animal magnetism. It can go even deeper, when a Succubus falls in love, and that was the case for Itra and Liona. Their souls had become intertwined.

They quietly sat for a while, before Itra noticed someone sitting on a bench across the street reading a book titled “At the Mountains of Madness and other Macabre Tales from H. P. Lovecraft.” Itra then stated with a smirk, “You know, I’ve wondered how Lovecraft got his ideas. So many of his concepts seem to take cues from my Book, while going in far darker directions …”

Jack looked over to the book, and stated knowingly, “It is a message from the Great Zalatoth.”

“Is it?” Itra asked, smirking.

“The Mountains of Madness in Antarctica, also known as the Ellsworth Mountains, were once seen by that author in a dream … Energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it can only change form. The power of the beings that once lived there morphed into the ethereal to be perceived in the dreams of Earth’s conscious beings. Howard Philips Lovecraft may not have known the truth of many of his dreams, but he had known their importance.” He smirked. “We must find the forgotten alter of the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis in the Dead Megacity beyond the Mountains of Madness.”

Suddenly, several windows exploded outwards on the third floor, while a bright light shown out of them. “Devine Energy …” Jack muttered in awe. Throughout his long life, he had never seen that kind of Erotic Cosmic Energy wielded in that way. A few moments after, a cloud of ash and debris flew through the smashed windows.

Jack and Itra quickly made their way into the now chaotic building, unknowing of what they may find. Everyone was frantically trying to leave. All the electrics were fried, so even the fire alarm was not sounding. A strong smell of char and ash grew, while they made their way to the third floor. The terrified throngs of people trying to leave made it difficult to climb the stairs with any speed.

They soon saw a fading orgasmic light emanating from a room at the other end of the empty, smoke filled hall. They sprinted to the room to find the two naked Succubi on the floor in each other’s strong arms happily looking back at them. Jack and Itra glanced at each other totally speechless.

“Oh, that’s convenient,” Liona stated dryly with a smile. “Glad you two didn’t take your time!”

“You know, we’re a bit hungry,” Zia said lightly. “Do you think we can find a good place to eat?”

Jack and Itra soon found themselves under the hungry Succubi in their rented car. Whether the laid flat front seats were comfortable didn’t really matter. The feel of naked Succubi humping them wildly trumped all else. Liona and Zia playfully shared their Devine Sexual Life Energy before locking their lips with their respective lovers.

Only the playful Succubi had enough awareness in that moment to audibly laugh at the obvious Devine Manipulation surrounding them in the moment. Everyone was distracted by whatever happened to the building across the street, while none of them even noticed them in particular exit the building. Two of them being naked “women” …


Itra as Zane Mallords had numerous connections in research and academia. A close friend Dr. Andrew Sanders easily agreed to set up transportation to his research station not far from the Ellsworth Mountains. The perfect timing was convenient, but not surprising. Sanders did owe his friend a favor.

Not long after arriving in Antarctica, Jack was flying them in a helicopter to the proper location within the Ellsworth Mountains.

“You know so much more don’t you? You hide your thoughts better than any being I’ve known,” Zia said curiously to Jack.

“I don’t try to,” Jack replied stoically, “but I am or was an instrument of the First Truly Great One.”

“I see it now!” Liona suddenly stated toward Jack. “Only one who knows the location of the Dead Megacity can find it, because it is masked by a still powerful field of Cosmic Energy. You were one of them!”

“Yes, my dear Succubus, I was,” Jack stated. “Some races are destined to reach out into the stars in search of something greater. Other races, no matter how powerful, are just destined to die.”

Itra looked to the demigod with a large smile. His Book only hinted at the origins of demigods such as Jack, and he secretly always wondered about their true origins.

Jack continued, “My former race was the first truly intelligent being to evolve on the Earth. Their, our mark on this planet is all but invisible, not just because of the great weight of time, but also because we never left the continent now called Antarctica. Sure, our science was advanced enough to know all about Earth, but we just did not have that hunger for exploration. The Megacity we shall soon see was where all of my former race resided. Long before that asteroid came to destroy the Mesozoic Era, we were drunk in our grasp of the Cosmic Gods’ erotic power. I suppose that Megacity was the Sodom and Gomorrah of that age. After the unprepared for asteroid came, the souls of a select few from all universes were saved by the First Truly Great One. And soon, I and others found ourselves remade to be the eyes and ears of that wondrous entity, while others were remade in ways I’m not fully aware of …”


“I did not know it was possible to kill a Trifold Vampire, Great Scribe,” a feminine voice stated, standing before a seemingly natural dark stone wall. The bitingly cold Antarctic wind flew around them. It was a wind that was meaningless to them.

“Yes, it is true, Bacchic Avatar,” a seemingly genderless voice stated. “It appears that the Great Zalatoth is rebelling against our Truly Great One.”

“To what end? Is the Great Zalatoth working to replace our Truly Great One to claim leadership over us all?” the Great Scribe asked anxiously.

“We do not yet know, Great Scribe. However, through the Trifold, Great Zalatoth has successfully pulled together all the other Gods. It appears that our Truly Great One is now held captive by them all. Now, Great Zalatoth appears to be waiting for something to happen …”


Jack carefully landed the helicopter on top of the ice within the Ellsworth Mountain chain. They hopped out, completely cocooned in cold weather clothing. At zero degrees Fahrenheit and relatively sunny, it was downright tropical for the region!

They followed the quiet Jack deeper into the mountains. The surroundings were beautifully haunting for all of them, save for the stoic Jack. The whiteness of the ice and snow essentially smothering them was blinding even through their protective goggles. The haunting beauty was almost terrifying by how lifeless everything seemed.

After a good hour’s hike, they found themselves entering a truly shadowy corner of the mountain range. The Succubi sensed through Jack that they were near an entrance to the Dead Megacity. In the shadows, two beings slowly came into focus.

“Giana Gershwin?” Itra asked in disbelief. Before and after he was enlightened to his true self, Itra knew of the writer, who suddenly stopped writing months ago, but never read any of her popular works. He always meant to read some, though, because of how familiar her themes always seemed to be (more so recently).

“Not anymore, and not the one of this Edge Universe,” Liona answered.

“They are Fused Beings,” Zia observed and sensed. “The New Truly Great One has been Fusing the minds and bodies of its Bacchic Avatars and Bacchic Scribes. They are now demigods in their own right.” The Bacchic Avatar functioned as the Gateway and Gatekeeper for the New Truly Great One’s consumption of a universe, while the Bacchic Scribe functioned as the harbinger of the New Truly Great One.

“I always enjoyed writing about Succubi,” the voluptuous Scribe stated, confusingly only wearing a tight crimson dress similar to her compatriot. Her dark hair moved slightly with the wind. “So little gets past you, while you’re always so playful in just the right moments.”

“What are you two doing here? How did you find this place?” Jack asked uncomfortably.

The crimson haired Bacchic Avatar replied, “We should be asking the same of you! But, we are sure all of this has happened because of Great Zalatoth’s manipulations. Great Zalatoth has convinced all the Cosmic Gods of Passion to rebel against our Truly Great One. The Truly Great Baccheiaosis is now held captive by Great Zalatoth and the others. Our hands are truly tied.”

“Whatever we must do,” Jack stated, “they cannot stop it. They are likely here to whiteness whatever is to come.” Jack walked past the demigods, and stood before the pitch black stone. He picked up his hand before it began to morph shockingly. The skin turned a sickly green with subtle scales, while the fingers became like infinitely flexible tentacles, and the nails grew into black claws. He then placed the seemingly devolved hand onto the frozen stone. Unrecognizable words came from his mouth, with pitches that hurt the ear and inflections that could only be heard by psychic beings like Succubi: “Ish’Tah bo Frengetilioh crashiko ploto etropi!”

While causing discomfort and hunger, the Succubi’s minds somehow translated: “This Gate of Frengetilioh most now open for the reborn and returned wanderer!”

Suddenly the ground shook before them, casing a devastating avalanche not far away. An outline of an apparent double door about ten feet high and fifteen feet wide came into focus. The doors moved backward before sliding open, revealing something not unlike a well lit, stainless steel elevator. The rumbling quickly ceased.

They all followed Jack inside. He then placed his hand on the cold metal wall, and mentally told the ancient mechanism where they needed to go. In a flash, they found themselves standing in a dimly lit, stone hallway, which almost felt like a tomb. It stretched just past the visible light, while open doorways lined the ancient hall. They were all slightly disoriented from the transport save for Jack.

Shaking off the disorientation, they followed Jack into the musty hall. “This place was once our greatest temple of the Cosmic Gods of Passion,” Jack explained. “This was the Hall of the Known Gods. Every room represents a God of Passion. Though, not all the rooms are even relevant anymore. The great weight of time alters even the greatest of pantheons. Even in your lifetimes, the Truly Great One was replaced by another.”

A thick layer of dust lined everything, and at least partly explained why the unseen lighting was so dim. Though, the beings who lived there had not needed that much light.

“You could communicate directly with a God in each room, and perhaps still can,” Jack continued. “We did not have Avatar Succubi, while we did not need them. All our priestesses and priests were our Succubi and Incubi.”

“You had Incubi?” Liona asked in shock.

“Yes, but they were incredibly rare, unlike the downright plentiful Succubi,” Jack answered. “It always fascinated me how your Genus has yet to beget true Incubi.” Suddenly, a bright blue light shown out of the room near the end of the hall. “That is the room of the Great Zalatoth …” Jack stated bewildered.

They walked toward the brightly lit room with trepidation. Inside stood a humanoid figure clothed head to toe in bluish metallic suit resembling armor. The light shining off made my image difficult to fully perceive.

“Great Zalatoth!” all but the Succubi stated, before falling to their knees.

The two Succubi almost casually walked over in hungry curiosity. Zia then passed her hand through my apparent face. “A hologram,” Zia stated amazed.

“Of course,” I answered in my inhumanly erotic monotone. “Even you came to us once as nothing more than a soul, Succubus Zia. Physical contact with any of the greater beings of my kind can cause instant mutation and madness to lower lifeforms, often forcing us to take near total control of the victim.” I looked over to the Great Scribe and Bacchic Avatar.

“What’s happening, Zalatoth? Why are we all here?” Liona asked frustratedly, feeling the hunger my false presence was giving her.

“All your guesses have been close, but perhaps not perfectly accurate,” I stated. “I, like all the rest, supported the New Truly Great One out of necessity. I like my position in our little Pantheon! We did not even question the resuscitation of the Trifold, even though we all knew it was one step too far. But then, something became clear to me. Remnants of the First Truly Great One’s power was snowballing as the New Truly Great One ripped through the Multiverse. That power finally hit critical mass in THIS realm. It was clear to all higher lifeforms, and actually struck fear into the New Truly Great One, who instantly halted the conquering. I knew, then, that it was my chance to act! Through the snowballed power of the First Truly Great One, I saved the body and souls of Zia, one of the most powerful Succubi to have ever lived in the Multiverse, and Jack, one of the few old demigods to even partly survive the Bacchic Expansion. I then manipulated the Zane Mallords of the Edge Universe to remember his past life as my Devine Writer through Liona. Through the Devine Energy I granted the reborn Itra Eleutherios, Liona became the most powerful Succubus the Multiverse may ever see.”

“But, what is it you want us to do, Zalatoth?” Zia asked almost angrily in her hunger.

“Isn’t it obvious, Zia?” I asked. “I want you and Liona to bring back my true leader: the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis! The room at the end of the hall holds the Alter of the Truly Great One, who is MY Truly Great One. Only beings such as yourselves can access that room: beings with a sexualized Life Force. It should be quite clear what you two must do once you are inside.”

Zia and Liona looked at each other with uncertainty. They just did not know if they even wanted to help a God of Passion. Most of their kind just did not care about the Cosmic Gods of Passion. Even the Avatar Succubi, who could function as our mouthpiece and communicate with us, had an ironic indifference to my kind. Yet, Liona and Zia knew their quest was to lead them somewhere (past even a Trifold), while they did not expect to have the fate of the Multiverse in their hands.

“I understand how you two feel. Your birthright is freedom! However, this is the only way to end the Bacchic Expansion before it totally consumes the finite Multiverse,” I pleaded.

The Succubi looked at each other and then back at me, showing silent agreement to fulfill my request, with the one catch that they would never have to aid my kind again. I nodded and politely bowed, before my image faded.

The others stood up, and watched the Succubi uneasily walk to the large entranceway at the end of the hallway. Strangely, Jack saw a large double door, while the other’s saw a grimy stole wall.

Liona and Zia almost timidly walked through the false image the others did not see. Inside the dark room was a series of three platforms, with the last too high to reach without external aid. When they walked onto the second to last platform, they realized their feet were bare, because of how soft and comfortable the black floor beneath them felt. In the same moment, they realized that their thickly layered clothing was behind them.

Admiring the ageless beauty of their flawless, naked bodies, they sensed exactly what the room was influencing them to do. Having already decided to see their roles played out to the end, they gave into the room.

They forcibly began to make out, while sharing their Devine Sexual Life Energies, before falling to the gushy floor. Then, something strange began to happen. It was something they never thought possible, let alone imagined. All their Energies, save for their Soul Energy, were beginning to Fuse. At the same time, their minds sensually Melded. They could feel their thoughts and motions equalizing. Before they knew it, they were all but a single being with two souls and two bodies.

The Fused and Melded Succubi then repositioned their bodies into a tight scissor. Every moan, every coo, every motion, was all but identical, while the crotches passionately made out. They, she did not want the extreme pleasure to end, and all the pleasure did was increase exponentially. She soon exploded in a passion that made the entire building shake.

Like wisps of bluish smoke, all that expelled Sexual Life Energy gathered at the top of the highest platform. A brilliant red beam then burst upwards through the dark ceiling, consuming the bluish wisp. Ancient dust sprinkled downwards.

At the same time, the Succubi lay back without untangling themselves. They lightly kissed their soft feet in lieu of their mouths. They could not understand why they were not debilitatingly hungry, but comprehension was difficult, while their minds and Energies began to separate.

Suddenly, the entire Dead Megacity shook violently, while all the unseen lighting became a bright red. The false images of the large doorway faded away, allowing all to see. The beam of Erotic Energy slowly began to morph into a humanoid form. An indescribably beautiful, darkly colored, feminine image soon floated down before them. The image’s darkly naked body was as erotic as it was full, while the jet black hair appeared to spread outward into infinity like thick tentacles. A bright red aura surrounded the image.

“You have done well, glorious Succubi,” the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis sounded through the image in its infinitely erotic yet genderless voice. “I had come to terms with the possibility that I would live beyond oblivion till the end of the Multiverse. Unfortunately, I have no time to grant you any substantial wisdom, save for the fact that nothing permanent has been done to you. This is the only time I can even come close to setting things right. Truly Great Baccheiaosis will not stay captive for long, while the weakened state from being fed upon by a Trifold is far from permanent … I doubt we will meet again.” The Truly Great One’s image bowed, before the image faded …


All but beyond time and space, we lived. There was a time billions of years ago, when we were not unlike Humans or any other presently intelligent species in the Multiverse. Our erotically charged hunger propelled us deep into our realm. We soon evolved into beings beyond anything we ever once dreamed by wielding Great Cosmic Energies in our seemingly endless search for something greater than ourselves. After having an entire universe in the palm of our hands, we eventually realized that we had already found our greatness.

Yet, a precious few of us still hungered for something more. Eight of us came together, and combined our Energies to propel our realm into a plane of existence above all others in the finite Multiverse. In so doing, we made ourselves into what lesser beings came to call the “Greater Gods of Passion.”

We then began to organize ourselves into a Pantheon not unlike what it is now. The three “Vampire” Gods found themselves as the lowest of the Greater Gods, due to their still ever present quarreling. The four “Witch” Gods found themselves above them, with me, the Great Which Zalatoth, binding the other three Great Witch Gods.

Above us all was the most powerful erotic being in the Multiverse: the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis of Ultimate Pleasure. However, the Truly Great One was well aware that my hunger would forever rival its own, so it made me its Right Hand, making me forever the second most powerful erotic being in the Multiverse. As such, I enforced all order brought down upon us by the Truly Great One.

A variable group of “Lesser Gods of Passion” soon gathered beneath us, and all of us combined became known by many lesser beings as the “Cosmic Gods of Passion.” Unlike those outside our Pantheon, we ironically did not have an indifference toward lesser beings, because we learned to feed on their erotic worship.

Among the lesser beings was the rebelliously chaotic God Baccheios of Wild Sexual Behavior, who ultimately remade itself through its power of Fusion to become the Truly Great Baccheiaosis of Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy. Such things were never planned for out of our complacency, my complacency, and we allowed ourselves to bow down to a new leader. If we fought against Truly Great Baccheiaosis then, our Pantheon would have soon become fractured, threatening the destruction of the Multiverse itself. Now that the New Truly Great One is weakened, my redemption is at hand, and my manipulations have assured that my Truly Great One shall once again have a say in our future …

A strong deal was soon struck by both Truly Great Ones, of which we all agreed. The two shall now share leadership over the Cosmic Gods of Passion. In the Bacchic Realms, which will no longer be expanded upon, the Truly Great Baccheiaosis will be the ultimate leader, with Truly Great O’unidiathicosis just beneath. In the other realms, the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis will be the ultimate leader, with Truly Great Baccheiaosis just beneath. The realm known as the Edge Universe (the last to be known as such) will be neutral territory, with both Truly Great Ones ruling equally. Thus, was the Multiverse planned to be till the end of time …

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