Beyond the Madness of Passions: Reflections

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is definitely not the first story involving a funky mirror, and definitely not the last. With any luck, this has its own uniqueness. It does indeed contain elements from an uncompleted, non erotic story inspired by a dream of mine. Specifically, a 300 year old castle/mansion with an unclear past. Enjoy!

Beyond the Madness of Passions: Reflections

The Gathering:

Laura and her boyfriend Brad were happily stepping into their new apartment in Abbot-Pickman Towers for their first night. Sure, it was older and downright creaky, but it was a place of their own, albeit a rented place of their own. Because they did not believe in marriage, moving in together was the most important thing to them. To celebrate, they registered a party with their new landlord so some of their friends can see their “new” apartment. The evening party was planned to be in one week.

The next morning, Laura unsurprisingly woke up alone in her warm bed. Brad always woke up early for his commute to his job at Anderson Architects and Co. Though his paycheck more than supported them, she was looking into a job for herself (she had a marketing degree). She wasn’t opposed to doing the dishes, but she was no homemaker.

She sighed deeply, and hopped out of bed and into the shower. In lieu of her usual morning jog, she decided to explore the monstrously sized building. It’s style was considered Gothic or Gothic Revival, and even after three-hundred years worth of refurbishing, there was no denying that. It was simply called “The Castle” by the locals. It’s drafty, dark stone halls and aging red rugs on mahogany floors were more than creepy, but Laura didn’t mind that, while Brad, being an architect, loved it.

What really fascinated Brad was how both its 1705 construction predated most Gothic Revival and how rare such architecture was in Rhode Island. It was a downright curiosity to architectural historians. Though, most attributed that to the rumored eccentricities of both its architect Gregory Abbot and its first owner Robert Pickman. Not much is known about either figure anymore, except that Pickman had “untold wealth,” while Abbot retired after the building was completed. The history of the building is far better known after the Pickmans’ ownership.

The Castle was always a place of lodging, or at least, unofficially. Many lived with Robert Pickman after it was built, and after he died, his son converted a part of the Castle into a kind of inn. A hundred years after it was built, the Castle left the hands of the Pickman family for unknown reasons.

The Castle fell into disuse for the next fifty years before entrepreneur and hotelier Gerald Jones bought the property and renovated the entire holdings to turn it into a full scale resort, which he called “Abbot-Pickman Towering Resort.” It was never the most successful resort, but the business long outlived Jones. In 1935, partly due the Great Depression, the property was ultimately sold to Jay Willard Properties, inc., (now Willard-Connant Properties and Co.), who converted it into an apartment complex ten years later. With an eye toward its history, the holdings company renamed it to “Abbot-Pickman Towers,” while rebuilding the old stables and carriage house into the still in operation and largely independent Abbot-Pickman Museum. Since then, the Castle has been successful at attracting young middle class upstarts. Now, most of the locals like to call the place haunted, while it has a strangely special place in their hearts.

Laura soon found herself at the aged attic door. Like with the basement, all residents could use the vast space as storage on a first come first serve basis, but were warned that it was not as secure as any of their apartments. She unlocked the door with her key, and walked inside.

A blast of musty air hit Laura’s face, while she walked inside, before closing the door behind her. She hit the light switch next to her, and florescent tubes flickered to life. The lighting gave such an ironic feel to the otherwise creepy scene. A thick layer of dust covered almost everything, while large cobwebs connected nearly every object before her. Due to the very few newer objects, Laura wondered how much of what was before her was left behind by former residents.

Laura walked in quite a ways, making a couple perplexing twists and turns, before one of the florescent tubes suddenly flickered and died to her right. She tapped it a few times, and it came back to life.

Something then caught her eye. Behind the entropy infected boxes and furniture, was a crumbling red tapestry. There was an odd protrusion about waist hight, which might not have been visible at any other angle.

Curiosity getting the better of Laura, she moved away the aging obstacles, sneezing and coughing from the flying dust and possible mold. She then pushed the tapestry to the side. Its metallic rings slid with a surprising smoothness across the tarnished brass bar. Behind was a curious metal door, which was chained closed with an ancient looking padlock …

“Wow, Laura!” the aging landlord stated. He held bolt cutters to cut the chain. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before. I was examining some of the lights in the area just last week … I swear, the old plans of the place skip half the damn building!” The sense of happy discovery deepened the wrinkles on his face.

“Well, I wouldn’t have found it if that light in front of it didn’t flicker … You probably should give that light a second look,” she said lightly.

“I’m gonna call up the museum; see if they have anyone’s interested in joining us with a whip and revolver!” he laughed, referencing a popular movie series.

Laura agreed with a pleasant smile.

“Hey, it’s Ron up at the Castle,” he said happily on his cellphone. “Whose in today? … OK … Hey, Lisa, found a lost door in the attic. Don’t know if it’s half as good as that corridor we found last month leading to that weird chamber in the basement, but … Yup, I’ll meet you at the south attic entrance.” He ended the call.

“Weird chamber?” Laura asked.

“That’s and understatement!” he said raising his grayed eyebrows. “It’s like the ghost of the Inquisition down there with all those torture devices. Don’t think they’ll put it on their historical tours anytime soon … Just shows that the Pickmans were even more nutty than we thought, even for today’s standards!” He then walked toward the south attic entrance.

A while later, Laura met Assistant Curator Lisa Summers. Hiding behind thick glasses, she was an attractive, light skinned blonde. On her cellphone, she showed us our exact location on the building’s blueprint. “Humph …” she stated. “On the other side of this wall is supposed to be more attic.” She laughed lightly, and continued, “Well, Ron, Laura, let’s update that map.”

The landlord made a few strategic snips on the chain, and pulled it out. He carefully placed the heavy lock on the floor. He then slowly opened the creaking door. Behind was a near pitch black room possibly filled with more dust and grime than the rest of the large attic. The florescent lighting poorly ate at the persistent darkness. He unhooked his flashlight from his belt, and scanned the small room with it. Only one thing eerily stood in the room, quietly siting at its center. The tall, thin object was covered with a discolored white tarp.

They slowly walked inside. The floorboards creaked and snapped under their feet. Laura pulled off the fabric, and when the dust settled, she saw her reflection in a tall mirror. She was somehow mesmerized by the site of herself.

“How old do you think it is, Lisa?” the landlord asked.

“Not sure,” Lisa answered. “We’ll have to bring it out into the light, first … Laura, wanna grab the mirror at the center, so it doesn’t twist up? … Laura?”

Laura barely pulled herself out of an unprecedented state of arousal. “… Oh, sure, Lisa.” They all gripped it tightly, and brought it out of the once lost room. They then carefully placed it down. In the artificial light, they could see the elegantly carved frame and support structure.

Lisa looked at it inquisitively, and stated, “I’m no expert on furniture, but this could easily date back to the seventeen-hundreds, when the Pickmans owned the place. Even through all the renovations, no one obviously knew about that room.”

Laura’s pussy twitched, while her hot breath slowly spread across the mirror’s surface, obscuring her image.

“I can’t believe were still finding places like that room!” the landlord stated.

“Well, Ron, I don’t think there’s much left to find in at least the consistently lived in areas. If there are any other lost rooms and corridors, the digital 3D map we’re making now will uncover them.”

“Can I borrow it for a while?” Laura said slowly, impulsively.

“I suppose,” Lisa answered surprised. “A dollar out every one of your rent payments help my paycheck. We won’t be able to study this right away, anyway. Just be carful with it …”

That evening, Laura was standing before the mirror in her bedroom. Her hands forcibly squeezed her breasts and crotch under her clothes. She was totally lost in her own well formed curves. Nothing else mattered!

The apartment door suddenly closed. Laura barely came to her senses, when Brad walked into the room. “Oh, there you are, baby … Where’d you get that?” he asked noticing the mirror.

“I, uh, I found it up in the attic. It was in some lost room up there. One of the curators at the museum said I could hang onto it until they have the time to examine it.”

“Oh … You OK? You’re all sweaty, out of breath,” he asked with some concern.

“I’m fine, Brad! I came back from a jog a few minutes ago.” She did not know why she lied to him, but it somehow didn’t bother her.

They had some dinner not long after, all the while Laura could not stop thinking about the mirror and herself. She was noticeably distracted.

“You’re very quiet tonight, Laura,” he stated with some concern.

“I’m fine, Brad,” she said reassuringly. “Just getting used to everything, you know …”

In the comforting, quiet dark of their bedroom that night, Brad began to make out with Laura in their bed. She wasn’t as much in the mood as he was, but she obliged. Their night clothes smoothly slipped away, and he soon entered her.

In Brad’s moans and grunts, Laura’s mind drifted to the mirror and her reflection in it. Her brown hair flowing down past her full breasts; her physically toned, sleek body. Yes, that was what finally excited her! “Oh, yeah …!” she grunted, barely holding back calling her own name.

Laura then clamped her legs around his waist. He may not have been what was exciting her, be he was enhancing the pleasure of her own narcissistic thoughts. She looked over to the mirror, and just barely made out her own reflection. “Oh, yes … OH my fucking GOD yes!” she exclaimed. ‘I can’t deny how sexy I am!’ she screamed in her head. ‘I’M SO FUCKING HOT!’ She then screamed in orgasm, “I … OH YEAH OHHHH!” Brad came a few moments later.

They lay next to each other, and lightly kissed. Laura then shifted herself to stare at herself in the mirror. She smiled, and slowly fell fast asleep …

The next day, Laura tried to put serious thought into what was happening to her. She orgasmed to only the image of herself the night before. She knew that wasn’t normal! In the end, all she was really thinking about was the reflected image of herself.

She soon found herself staring at her own reflection in the mirror. “What’s happening to me?” she barley whispered, while she pealed away her clothes. She uncontrollably began to feel her naked self in the most sensual of ways. The attraction was one-hundred percent sexual, she knew that, but it was different from how it ever was before. It was better and more vivid. It was like all that was sexual passion within her was alive, and taking control of her mind.

In that revelation, she screamed in the loudest orgasm of her life, which somehow went unheard by any other. She felt totally drained, and could not think. All that was left was impulse, which propelled her toward the mirror.

Laura then touched the smooth glass, and slowly leaned in to kiss the image of herself. While she kissed, she began to imagine that she was kissing a real person, herself. She soon began to feel soft lips and hands on hers. Suddenly feeling a soft hand caress her arm and tongue invade her mouth, she pulled back wide eyed. She saw the reflection of another woman in the mirror! The woman had black hair, blue eyes, and subtly darker skin. The woman then smiled excitedly, and pulled Laura’s head into the mirror. Their kiss was so deep that their faces partially fused. Then in a rush of orgasmic energy, everything went black …

Laura woke up several hours later in front of the mirror. She felt incredibly different. It was as if …

“A part of my soul is within you, now,” Laura heard a voice say before her. The voice echoed in her mind. It had a rhythm resembling British English.

Laura looked up to the mirror. Instead of the expected reflection, she saw the black haired woman. “Who … Who are you?” she asked in shock. The image before her instantly became Laura’s image of sexual perfection.

“I am Isabelle,” she said with a look of joy. “I was the Avatar Succubus of the Dark Shurath’cas Coven of the Pickmans.”

“Shurath’cas?” Laura asked.

Isabelle smiled. “A Cosmic Entity of Sexual Domination … Just before the Pickman Castle was completed, Robert Pickman artificially transformed me. All Witch Covens need an Avatar Succubus to converse with the Gods, Entities, and he was just starting his. Though, I never gave a damn about their sexual escapades: whips, chains, masters, mistresses, slaves, slavettes. Why would a Succubus need all that? All I need is Sexual Energy as my staple food, and that’s easy to achieve!

“Anyway, I stayed with them because of the purity of their principles. There was a master; there was a slave. They never actively sought members, because membership in Robert Pickman’s Coven had to be earned. That all changed, when his son Gregory took over, after his father died winter 1785. Under Gregory’s leadership, they actively worked to recruit new members, while everyone save me became his sex slave. And in 1805, after one-hundred years of assistance, I decided to leave. Not unheard of to do so. You see, no Succubus is obligated to bow to anyone, and thus, my work for them was volunteered. Gregory reacted unpredictably to my resignation. He decided that if he would not have me, then no one would … He tricked me. I didn’t think anyone could. One of his ‘slaves’ was very forward with me, and I decided to feed on her. At the same time, Gregory had another mindless slave roll in this enchanted mirror. It somehow sucked me in, while it reflected the passions I fed upon.”

“This is insane! I must be fucking dreaming!” Laura suddenly blurted out.

“No, you’re not, Laura, but I wish I was!” Isabelle stated depressingly. “After I was sucked into this mirror, Zalatoth, Master of all Witchcraft, was just barely able to whisper to me in this small, artificial world. It is an unspoken rule to never kill or bind a Succubus, and Gregory smashed it. So, Zalatoth severed Gregory and his Coven’s connection to the great power they wielded, and ensured that their descendants would never even know of the power they once had, essentially making them Human. Zalatoth did not have the direct power necessary to free me, but it promised that a secretly lustful, curious woman would be manipulated to find me, while it said that time should pass quickly in here.”

“I am the one that can free you? How?” Laura asked amazed.

“I can still feed somewhat in my all but frozen physical state. Zalatoth whispered that a massive amount of sapphic Sexual Energy shall give me the strength to pull myself out of this terrible mirror, while your plentiful Energy allowed me to literally bend some rules.”

“I do have some friends coming very soon …” Laura muttered, amazed at the apparent coincidence.

“Zalatoth is a master manipulator,” she said virtually to herself.

“But, how can I convince my woman friends to all have sex with each other?”

“A part of my soul is within you, Laura. This mirror world somehow made that possible. The soul of a Succubus is always sensed at least subconsciously, and that is one of the reasons why we give new meaning to animal magnetism. Everyone will be subtly drawn to you, and not even know or care why. Once I am freed, that piece of my soul shall fly back into me … Will you save me, Laura?”

“Yes, Isabelle!” Laura said with all her heart …

For the rest of the week, Laura’s mind was completely on Isabelle, and therefore the party that should bring enough women to free her. During each day, Laura lovingly, lustfully fed as much Sexual Energy to Isabelle as she could through the mirror. Brad initially noticed the strangeness of Laura’s behavior (obsession with the mirror), but all she had to do was kiss him, while saying everything was fine. He was easily wrapped around her finger.

Soon, everything was set: the food, the music, the new HDTV, etc. Brad was quite excited himself, but Laura was sure at least some of that was because of her own excitement. Laura did not like the zealotry Brad was enacting toward her very much (his independence was one of the reasons why she fell in love with him), but it could not be helped until Isabelle was freed.

One by one, they all filed into the apartment. Of the women, there were five, and all attractive in their own right. There was the tall and slim blonde Rebecca, who was her roommate in college. There was the short yet full bodied Becky, who was the girlfriend of one of Brad’s coworkers at the party. There was the raven haired latina Roberta, who was the wife of one of Brad’s friends at the party. There was the physically fit, dark skinned Bianca, who Laura knew from college. And finally, there was the mature, creamy skinned brunette Bethany, who was the friendly assistant manager at Brad’s company.

Sure, Laura was on more than good terms with all the present women, but her increased influence over them was noticeable on her part. The men, in a remarkable show of cliche, lumped together in front of the HDTV to watch a football game in 3D with surround-sound. So, Laura efficiently found herself with all the women in her bedroom, looking at the mirror.

“So, you said you found it in the attic of this place, Laura?” Bethany stated, while impulsively feeling the edge of the mirror.

“Yup, Beth. It was in some forgotten room behind some dust and boxes!” Laura answered innocently.

“And, they just let you hang on to this thing?” Roberta asked cynically, breathlessly.

“Yeah, sort of. I mean, everybody living here has some of their rent go to this place’s museum, so we’re all automatically members. Besides, they don’t have the time to get to this mirror for a little while.”

Only Laura understood why all the women were so aroused and mesmerized by both the mirror and Laura. All the women were uncontrollably touching each other. The profoundness of the potential sapphic energy within the room was more than enough to be triggered by Laura, whose soul was infested by a piece of a Succubus.

Maybe at first, there was some resistance to the mind altering nature of that Succubus Energy, but that faded quickly. Soon, they were all making out and groping whoever they were closest to. While their clothes fell away, their minds filled to the brim with sapphic thoughts and desires. They became lust filled lesbians before the hungry Succubus within the ancient mirror.

The wild moans and coos of the lust lost lesbians were loud and true, while they gained a fetish for whatever was in their mouths at any given moment. Laura and Rebecca specifically shared each others supple feet, while scissoring wildly. Others were lost in their soft lips and wet tongues, or more than gaga for their firm breasts.

They were all so lost in their now insatiable desires that they did not even realize how no one else outside seemed to notice the epically growing sounds of passion. Soon, they all found themselves in a mass of interconnected passions, making them forever addicted to such lust and passion, regardless of gender.

Within the mass of sapphic passion, a massive orgasm exploded outward, and visibly was sucked into the mirror in what was like a wisp of steam. The reflections faded, while the joyous image of the trapped Succubus faded into existence. After fully absorbing the mass of sapphic Sexual Energy, she forced her way outward, while the glass became like liquid, destroying the mirror’s artificial world. The Succubus Isabelle screamed in ecstasy within the real world, while the mass of women let out yet another, more powerful orgasm. Within that Energy, held the piece of her soul held within Laura. It was all happily absorbed by the naked, freed Avatar Succubus. Standing over the still moaning women, with herself reflected in the disenchanted mirror, Isabelle laughed and cried with joy …

The Reward:

All the women involved in that orgy would never be quite the same again. What occurred may not necessarily be beyond the skill of a wizened Succubus, but the mirror negated most of Isabelle’s power. It was all the manipulation of the Great Zalatoth, and even brief exposure to such power can change anyone mentally and physically with some permanence. All the women knew that they would be happily seeing more of each other, and that was not to mention the enhanced sex they were to have with their own lovers …

“I have but one reward to give, Laura,” Isabelle breathed. They lay on the bed lightly touching each other. Brad and the other men and women had an urge to go for a walk thanks to Isabelle’s wizened power over the mind.

Laura replied breathlessly, “Anything …”

“I can make you like me. Not an eternity of blood lust, but many, many lifetimes of true lust, passion and sexuality. I cannot pass on the artificial power of conversing with Cosmic Entities, but your beauty will be yours as long as you live, while I and others will be there at your side. However, you must be totally committed to being transformed,” she said with total seriousness. All Succubi had the power to naturally transform a willing, Human Woman into a Succubus. However, no artificial power, like that of communicating with the Gods, would be transferred.

“Yes, please!” she said with all the she was, teary eyed. “But, what about Brad, and everyone else?” She looked around the emptied room, thinking about all that just occurred.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep them occupied!” she stated reassuringly. “Now, the transformation is dangerous for all involved, but I owe you so much … It begins with a kiss …”

They tightly embraced, tongues swirling in their mouths. A wonderful orgasmic feeling flowed through her mouth at a great speed. After an indefinite time, the orgasmic feeling ceased, but more flowed out of her. She felt herself begin slip away, and if it wasn’t for her total commitment, she would have been in total terror. The loss of all her Sexual Energy alone was enough to ultimately kill her. In her blurring vision, she could see the dislike in the Succubus’ eyes. Isabelle was feeding on something otherwise repulsive to her: Life Energy.

A great darkness shrouded Laura. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t feel. All that was her was fading away. In true darkness, she saw a fading spark. She sensed that it was hers. Before it faded into oblivion, she felt a rush of Energy fly into her. It was not normal Life Energy; it was Sexual Energy retuned to function as Life Energy. Her spark of life came alive with great joy, shown across the full spectrum. The darkness blew away like a thick fog. She soon could feel the Succubus’ soft lips on hers again. Laura felt more alive than she did in her entire life! Isabelle suddenly pulled herself away, and leaned onto the wall, looking deathly ill. She could not catch her breath, while she fell to her knees.

Laura could not fully explain how she felt. On the one hand, she knew she was still her, but on the other, she could feel the changed Sexual Energy within her. She almost but yet could not quite understand how this was possible. Her Sexual Energy was now her Life Force: Sexual Life Energy.

She looked over to the ill Isabelle concerned. “Are you OK?”

“I’ll be all right … as long as I feed soon, very soon,” she said very quietly. “And now, you must be isolated … You will be given food and drink. You will always be able to eat what you always have, but your new desire must naturally take form … Your body must be given time to adapt to its new Life Force, to transform … or you may die.” She suddenly coughed and sputtered. “I’ll be able to sense when your new desire has taken over. When your body has completed its transformation. I will then bring you someone to feed on …”

Something then hit the pit of Laura’s stomach. “What if I have no control, and kill this person?”

“Do not worry, youngling … I will be there.” Barely able to pull herself to her feet, she dragged herself out the door. Leaning on the frame without turning, she quietly asked, “What did you see?”

“A spark, Isabelle.”

No transformation is exactly the same, but there can be commonalities. She smiled, turning her head back slightly. “Three-hundred years ago, I saw my heart.” She left the room and locked the door behind her.

The first day alone did not feel particularly long for Laura. The others save for Brad left the night before. A small fridge and cabinet stuffed with food and drink were deposited in her room, while she deeply slept. It was, in the end, her room, and she felt comfortable there. Sure, she was locked in her own room, but she understood why. Indeed, she didn’t feel like she could exert herself particularly well. She had changed so much already that it felt like she was beginning to experience the world in new and wonderful ways.

That night she fell into a very deep sleep, while reading a book. There was blackness at first. Soon, a familiar yet different kind of hunger became noticeable. It was accompanied by a distinct horniness, which enhanced the hunger.

Suddenly, she woke up feeling incredibly hungry and horny. Having a pretty good idea what it was, she gained her composure, and hopped into her shower stall. Feeling her hot, wet body, she could not help but masturbate with passion. It made her yet hungrier even though she came so hard she squirt.

She grabbed a bagel and other items from the cabinet. They were good, but it of course didn’t really satisfy her. How she felt reminded her of her friend with hypoglycemia (she never used the more official medical term). Her friend always had trouble skipping meals, while she did learn to tolerate the discomfort in those situations when she did. She described it as her “annoying addiction.”

Laura then noticed that the window changed since last she looked at it. She examined it, and noticed that it could no longer be opened, while the glass was very thick. It was only then that it hit her that her hunger could get so bad that she would want to escape …

While the days went on, her new hunger became less and less bearable. She would eat, but it was never enough. The food eventually made her new hunger even worse by making her that much more awake.

Soon, she found herself pacing day and night, trying to gain control of a hunger a part of her didn’t want to control. Time was meaningless; there was only the hunger. THE HUNGER! She thought about what it might taste like; what it would feel like; how much it varied from person to person.

Laura suddenly found herself lunging at the door. It was firmly barricaded from the other side. It wouldn’t budge, but she had to feed. She kept trying and trying. The window was as bad as the door! Her shoulders and hands were sore and bruised from her desperations, while her thoughts were so clouded that she didn’t even realize the sore bruises were already disappearing. She fell onto her bed breathing so deeply. The hunger! THE HUNGER!

‘It shall be all right, my youngling,’ Isabelle’s voice sounded in her head. ‘Hang on for just a little bit longer, and you shall have that which you require.’

Laura soon found herself in fever dream of hot sex. She fucked everyone: man, woman, Vampire, Witch. They all had Sexual Energy. She just could not get enough of that sweet Energy! They were under the spell of her pheromones, and were there for her alone. She was ravenous!

She suddenly awoke to the empathic feeling of a Human’s nearness. She sensed Isabelle was also near to her. Laura stripped naked in anticipation, instinctually knowing that she could absorb Energy through her skin as well as drink it through her mouth. Her pheromones uncontrollably filled the room.

The door to the room was unbolted, and her lover Brad walked into the room naked. Laura could feel that he was ripe with that which she needed, in spite of how confused he looked. She squirmed on the bed seductively, while he breathlessly climbed onto the bed. He licked and kissed all the way up the young Succubus’ quivering body. Their ultimate kiss was long and powerful. The sweet taste of Brad’s Sexual Energy was better than she dreamed. They humped each other wildly at the same time. Their muffled moans and coos still could have deafened. Laura could actually feel the buildup of Sexual Energy (on top of the Energy she was already consuming through her mouth), which was the coming point of orgasm. Brad then tried pull his mouth away from hers to scream in his orgasm, but Laura held his head tightly on hers with greater strength than she ever had. A rush of Sexual Energy then flew into every open pore of Laura’s, while she sucked out Energy even harder. Brad then collapsed on top of her.

After a few moments of savoring, Laura was lucid again. A feeling of shock hit her, when she realized that Brad was dead. The naked Isabelle then quickly ran into the room, and pulled the limp man onto his back. With a sweet kiss, she breathed Sexual Energy back into him. That little bit was more than enough to bring him back from oblivion, while he will sleep deeply for many hours.

Isabelle positioned herself next to Laura and quietly said, “You are now a Succubus like me, my youngling.”

“Will he be all right?” Laura asked with care in her tone. She felt her love for Brad go deeper than ever before.

“Brad will be all right, youngling … He is your lover; it only seemed right that he would be your first … There is so much I must teach you now. I have brought you into such a wonderful world!”

“Brad better learn how to handle me now!” Laura exclaimed. With the now powerless mirror happily reflecting, the Succubi passionately, lovingly made out, sharing the Sexual Life Energy within them …

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