3/9/13 EMCSA Update

WITHIN: Graded primarily on heat and narrative
WITHOUT: Graded primarily on narrative
Possible spoilers below …

Goddess (mc ff gr) (new)  by CoolMind
–3/5 (decent, not perfect)–

Not sure if starting the story with “paperwork” is the best choice to pull a reader into the story, but anyway … Once it takes its sudden albeit expected left turn (unnecessarily all in the synopsis), it gets better. What happened to April was definitely interesting. I can’t say I liked the submissive English Maid thing, though. Just a little too cliche for me. Personally, I would have liked this a lot more if we started when Jessica walked into her apartment, and if there was more, well, any serious lesbian heat.
(Readability: low / follow: no)

Time for Sex (mc mf fd hm ts) (new)  by Raminar Dixon
–2/5 (so-so, maybe a good story to others but didn’t mesmerize me)–

Don’t think I’ve read a time stop story before like this first timers, but temporal manipulation in general is a theme that pops up in my non erotic stories. Got right to it, I guess, but I think this author went a bit overboard making this person, well, a nerd, especially in the first chap. As Freud supposedly said, sometimes a hammer is just a hammer … I must admit I couldn’t really like this Harry and Kristen, even though I could identify with Harry a little, at least my high school self could Roll Eyes I also had a bit of trouble with the TS theme. It is kinda ludicrous, as is time travel unless you’re using a time and space machine with an engine source synonymous to the power of a black hole. Even the show Heroes admitted to all that at one point! There is a Twilight Zone episode with a time stopping stop watch. That darkly worked for me, because the guy broke the stop watch, thereby existing in a frozen world possibly forever. Sadly, this story didn’t work for me.
(Readability: Low / Follow: no)

Epic Experimentation (mc mf md) (new)  by Master Science
2/5 (so-so, maybe a good story to others but didn’t mesmerize me)

In light of my creation of a pantheon of beings manipulating the Multiverse often through experimentation, I was curious if this lived up to its title! I must admit that the synopsis did make this look rather juvenile. A transformed dick so awesome it hypnotized women? Right … Sarah Kerrigan of StarCraft might laugh at the sight, or as the self styled Queen of Blades bite it off for a snack … Anyway, the themes felt kinda stale and simplistic: sees the penis, totally mesmerized. Can’t say this lives up to its title at all, either that or I’ve epically spoiled myself …
(ReReadability: Low / Follow: no)

Gotta love the female antiheroes! Seriously, they blow my mind …

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