Monthly Gold Star of Febuary

** Dream a Little Dream (mc ff) (new)  by Lisa Teez**
–4.5/5 (very good, all but orgasmic)–

Thought I didn’t like how it started, this turned out to be an amazing story. Maybe it was kinda obvious where it was going, but it was still a great themes, great characters, and definitely great heat!

Original Review:

I’m not sure if I was meant to be jumping for joy for a character we just met finally getting a job. Like I always say, it takes more than a couple paragraphs for me to feel anything for fictional characters … Anyway, it gets better as it goes along. Even though it was kinda predictable, the heat was quite good. That heat would perhaps be a bit dark for me normally, but it was done it way that made me enjoy it greatly. This was a fine piece.
(Readability: moderate / Follow: no)

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