Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Substance

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This was a bit of an experimental piece for me. I’ve toyed with the primary theme, but not quite in the way it was done here. Enjoy!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Substance


She was on the hard floor, totally beaten. The naked woman before her was ready to do whatever she was going to do to her in the dark warehouse. “You’ll feel much better once you’ve eaten my cum,” the naked woman proclaimed.

The naked woman then screamed in orgasm, and let loose a massive spray of feminine juices. The juices impossibly puled together into a large puddle, and began to move on its own. The woman on the floor was paralyzed in fear and drugs, while it moved closer. When it reached her face, it leapt onto her, and seeped into every hole it found. It seeped into her very mind, causing her to scream in the wettest orgasm of her life …




Feet bared and crossed on my desk, I sipped at my lemonade, while finishing the chicken salad on my lap. On the desk lay my tablet computer. It displayed the local Providence Chronicle news paper, which recently started a cheap paid subscription service for tablets. The article up was an interesting one I had been following. It was of a new street drug that popped up within the past month. While sometimes called “The Substance,” the reporters also liked to call it “Sex Drive” to cash in on a popular independent film. The latter name was fairly accurate, because the addictive drug was claimed to highly sexualize the user, often turning women into sex starved lesbians. What interested me was an odd vagueness to the details: lack of names, locations, overall police investigation. Sure, the police never released all the details of ongoing investigations (I should know being a former cop), but the vagueness was somehow more.

“Jess, there’s a woman here to see you,” my intercom hissed.

“Jackie, tell her to come back in half an hour, or make an appointment,” I grumbled. She knew I did not like to be disturbed during my lunch break, so the next line was unsurprising.

“She said it’s urgent, it can’t wait.”

I sighed. This was not the first time a potential client had what I liked to call a “Bathroom Emergency.” I answered annoyed, “Send her in.”

An attractive, physically fit thirty something blonde walked into my room. She was wearing a conservative gray pant suit, and had her hair tied in a ponytail. She seemed off put by my casualness (bare feet up), even though I should be expectedly annoyed at the intrusion. I brushed back my sleek black hair, and said, “Have a seat. And, your name is?”

She sat, and answered, “Saundra Jones. Have you been reading the news, detective?”

“Yes, just now.”

“Well, it’s my sister. I think she’s gotten herself caught up with that new sex drug,” she said worried.

I found myself highly skeptical toward this woman. She was beginning to describe the plot of that movie Sex Drive.

“I know how it sounds. It’s like that movie, but you know people ARE getting caught up in this …”

I nodded, feigning interest.

I was about to ask her to leave, before she stated quietly, “I’m a special agent with the CIA. There’s much more going on here than just my lost sister.” After glancing at the closed curtains, she tossed her very real ID and badge in its leather case on my desk.

I quickly picked my feet off my desk, and picked up the wallet. “Why are you coming to me with all this?”

A stern look was in her eyes. “I suspected something strange very early on with those articles. I have fairly high clearance, but it wasn’t enough to get a full picture of what’s happening. Once I found out my sister was somehow caught up in this mess, I knew I needed help.”

“How did you find out about your sister?”

“We’re very close. She disappeared, and I looked into it the moment I found out. The moment evidence appeared that the new drug may have been a factor, I was thrown off the case.”

“How do you they’re now keeping close tabs on you now, you coming so close to this apparent conspiracy?”

“That paranoia is less necessary than you think. I told you, I have very high clearance. I am part of a special investigative unit, and that is as much as I told my sister. That may be too much for you to know.”

“Still, I don’t understand why you came to me.”

“Well, I needed to choose aid at random. I decided to go with a private detective. You are in the phone book, and I decided to believe the background information listed.”

“It actually holds back …” I mumbled to myself.

“Good!” she said almost sarcastically.

“What happens now?” I asked. This was the first time I may have found myself walking the line of treason!

“I will leave. In thirty minutes, meet me Lundsguard Motel, room six. Do not tell your assistant where you are going. I will be leaving the motel in exactly thirty-five minutes. I may have high clearance, but I still must be carful. I will not wait …”




I was driving down to Lundsguard Motel. The whole thing bothered me. I’m not really sure why I was letting myself become a part of whatever this is. Yes, her pretty face could throw me off even if I wasn’t a lesbian. Yet, it was more than that. I’ve been a detective for too long not to see something unusual in that new street drug. Whether she really did choose me at random, she made a good choice. I may not fully understand why I was now a part of this, but there was no way I would resist being pulled into it.

A grimy motel door stood before me, and I nocked quietly. It was just more than half an hour after I first met the agent. The downright sexy agent opened the door with a car key in hand. She handed it to me. “My car’s right behind you. I’m checking out. Be back in a minute. I’m driving.”

I turned around to a generic, red American Sedan. I unlocked the passenger side door, and awkwardly sat on the worn in seat. Examining the key, I saw the tag on it revealing it was a rental from Jefferson Rentals, which was just down the street. Their wide variety of vehicles was useful in many of my past investigations.

Suddenly, Agent Jones nocked on the driver’s side window. I unlocked the door for her, and gave her the key back. I almost forgot what it was like to be in a car old enough not to have power locks!

A moment later, we drove off. We were quiet for a long time, while on the bumpy back roads. I finally asked, “Where are we going?”

“OK,” she sighed. “There’s a lot a couldn’t tell you. There was no way to know your office wasn’t bugged.”

“You did still reveal a lot …”

“I know. It was at my own risk to get your attention. I was misleading, too. You were not really chosen at random. I made a mental list of all private detectives that appeared in the news over the past month. From that, I was capable of ascertaining which would help me the most.”

She probably had a photographic memory, and an exceedingly high intellect. “Help you with what?”

“Find my sister, and stop whatever is really going on.”

“Well, what IS going on?”

“I’m not completely sure. However, the evidence points to the street drug not necessarily being a street drug.”

“Interesting. All those news reports did seem off somehow …”

“Yes. This is not the ‘X-Files.’ The government is not as talented at conspiracies as some like to think. It’s simply too bureaucratic. Now that all three branches of government are essentially at odds, including Congress being at odds with itself, the churned out conspiracy is very much watered down and obvious to anyone paying enough attention.”

“But, there’s another factor, isn’t there, Saundra?”

“Perhaps. It is the only way to explain the level of competence I did not expect. It may be cooperate, I’m not sure.”

“So, where are we going?” I asked, a little annoyed at how she avoided my first question earlier.

She laughed ever so subtly, and answered, “A secret government warehouse. It was in one of the last memos I intercepted before I was thrown off the case of my missing sister. A lot was blacked out, though, but I think it may also have stated the possible cooperate factor.”

“I still don’t see my part in this!” I exclaimed frustratedly. “Did you turn me into some kind of pawn?”

“As much as you want to be one,” she answered almost cryptically. “The only way I’ve ascertained to gain access to that facility is to have someone with me that I claim to be exposed to the Substance.”

I shot of fear shot through me.

The agent glanced over to me with an amused smile. “No, I won’t infect you to gain entry! I have no samples to even show you. I plan to say you seem immune to the affects, if asked.”

“Oh, wonderful! And, I thought I was gonna get a sexual high!” I sarcastically stated.

“Even though it is likely that there is no drug being distributed on the streets, it is very doubtful that any of the guards would know that, if anything. I know that only the officer in charge and the chief scientists know the purpose of their black ops facility.”

I sighed. “Do you at least have a layout?”

“No, but I have a good idea about that. Medical black ops facilities have a consistent design, and are not normally mazes …”




After a while, I let myself pass out. I was paranoid enough to know that was probably a bad idea. I really didn’t trust that Special Agent. If an agent went rogue, betraying everything she once held sacred, then what am I to her? I should have been far more vigilant, but she had been disarming in subtle ways, proving that she needed me for the facility. If she did not really go rogue, and she was simply gathering a new test subject, she certainly would not do anything to me while asleep … maybe. The thoughts ran through my mind at light speed in my half dream state.

I slowly came to consciousness at the feel of the car slowing down. “Special Agent Jones here with a subject. This is unscheduled: Code Harpocrates,” I heard. I opened my bleary eyes to see we were at some main gate. A guard handed back her ID from his high perch, and a large fence rolled open before us. The car slowly moved forward, before parking next to the main entrance.

When Saundra Jones walked out of the car, I realized that my hands were handcuffed behind my back. My heart raced. Jones walked around the front smoothly, and opened my door, helping me out. “Just follow my lead,” she mumbled quietly.

Jones guided me toward the main door. There were two guards in green combat uniforms, which did nothing to make them invisible. On the left was a masculine looking female guard taller than all of us, and on the right stood a stoic, well built male. After the female guard opened the sliding doors, Jones asked her, “Soldier, which way is processing?” She answered, “First door on the right, ma’am.”

We walked into what appeared to be a bare freight elevator. I observed no buttons, while the doors slid closed. We moved downward for far longer than I expected, before we finally stopped. The doors slid open to a bare, bright white hall with unevenly spaced metal doors. What looked like a domed security camera watched us exit the elevator from the ceiling.

After we entered the recommended door, Jones stated, “We can breath now for a few minutes. There won’t be any security monitoring in here.”

“That doesn’t make any sense!” I exclaimed, while she undid the handcuffs around my wrists. The brightly lit room had an exam table with various medical tools sitting on a table next to it. On the far end was a computer consul and empty desk.

“Not if you no technology like I do,” she stated with a smile. At the same time, she began to access the computer. “They obviously don’t want any of the operations here getting out, and that’s why we haven’t seen many guards. A witty hacker with a five year old computer can break into any file, assuming there is at least one exterior network connection, and every person on the premises can represent a security risk. They probably just use some handheld video camera for scientific studies … That’s it!”

“What?” I asked looking at the computer screen.

“Why we are here …”

An abstract of an unreported event lay on the screen:

“Martel Research Corporation — Ongoing investigation file 26627 (A)

“Maximum Clearance Required for Viewing!

“Alexandria Deep Sea Research Station C is now shut down and quarantined beginning 06/01/11. A biological contaminant from a recovered meteorite infected the entire crew of the station and rescue vessel. Males experienced minimal symptoms prior to coma. Females became highly sexualized, and developed homosexuality. The virus is transmitted via bodily fluids. Further study is required. Below are links to the recovered files from the station, and the subsequent research.”

“We don’t have time to linger here much longer,” the agent stated. She soon opened up a file on the location of the recovered meteorite. She accessed other areas of the system. “I just put the security monitors in a loop. We have about ten minutes of free access before someone notices something is wrong with the system.”

Almost in a run, I followed her out. We quickly moved down the bright corridor, and made multiple turns to the left and the right. I was completely lost in the vast array of sameness, but Jones understood the layout, as she said she would. We finally entered a room. There were two surprised male scientists in white lab coats reviewing several documents. On the far end sat a darkly colored meteorite within a large glass case with capped glove holes. Holes were visible on the meteorite from likely recent research.

“I am Special Agent Jones,” she said to them seriously. “Prepare the rock for travel, now!” She flashed her badge and ID.

They did so without question. It was as if they wanted nothing to do with the meteorite, anyway. “Are we finally done with this thing?” one asked.

“Just following orders,” Jones stated.

They nodded almost sarcastically, while putting on their thick gloves and face masks. “What about the test subjects and the initial infected? Are they being moved out of here, too?” the other scientist asked through his mask.

“Not right now, as far as I know,” Jones answered stoically. “Our orders are just for that rock.”

The scientists carefully placed the heavy rock into the padded, sterile case. They carefully locked it, and Jones had me take it. We quietly left without another word.

“What about your sister?” I quietly asked in the hallway. We were walking very fast.

“She’s not here.”

“What?” I asked confused.

“I’ll explain later. We have to get out of here first!”




Our getaway was almost anticlimactic. They just let us leave. Jones stated that it would have been much harder if we lingered. We were lucky, quick, and efficient. However, it would not take them long to realize what we stole. We ditched our car, pushed it into a reservoir, and began to make our way through the woods to another vehicle.

“I think it’s time you explain yourself, Jones. I’ve waded though too many lies and half-truths, and now I’m holding some cosmic rock for you!”

“Fine,” she said in a subtly sultry tone. “My clearance is or was as high as it goes without being voted on by Congress. That is because I was one of the agents assigned to the task force to ensure no others were infected outside that facility and undersea lab, and other related tasks. A clean up crew, as it were. I knew nothing solid about Martel, yet, but I suspected. The Government and clearly Martel still don’t know much about the Substance, so there guard was quite high outside that facility. We lack the technology to even replicate it! We still don’t know when or where, but the Substance did escape. Men may be put into a coma, but women are affected far more profoundly. They are finally beginning to understand why back in that facility, I believe … There’s the jeep.”

We hopped into it, but Jones didn’t start the engine.

“There should be something to drink on the back seat.”

I grabbed a large plastic bottle, and chugged quickly. I was quite thirsty. “Wow, that’s good stuff! It’s kinda sweet and smooth.”

“Yes, I know. Anyway, I eventually found that my sister became infected. On a lead, I found her in some old warehouse. Well, she found me …”

My breathing was becoming heavy, while I could feel a distinct warmth between my thighs. Without thinking, I drank the last drops of the delicious, thick liquid.

“You see,” she breathed deeply, while letting down her silken hair, “my sister knows me very well, and is one of the few that can subdue me. She injected with a sedative, but not enough to completely knock me out. She stood before me naked, and her infected cum kinda forced its way into me. Well, ‘infected’ is the wrong word.” She licked her lips slowly, and continued deeply, “I was transformed! It took many days to gain any semblance of normality, which is only a convincing mask. We are no longer Human. While we think the original form of the Substance would have had us transform the world, it changed by the time it was found. Now, we wish peaceful coexistence, and to continue our new sapphic race.”

I was being consumed by a blinding arousal, and could not help but touch myself. Oh, fuck! What was happening to me? What did I just drink?

“Not enough time passed for them to worry about me, so my job was to ensure the facility was to be shut down. All of our kind still there should already be leaving. With the confusion of me taking the rock that started this all, it will be easy to bring them to our private compound. I am not the only useful one transformed … Isn’t my cum delicious?”

I was red hot with desire. My clothes were already torn away by my wild hands. “Fuck me! OH MY FUCK, FUCK ME!” I Screamed, before lunging at Saundra Jones, who was already tearing off her conservative clothes, revealing her taught, feminine body. She pushed the back rest down, and we found ourselves in hungry sixty-nine. Our sweet juices leaked out freely. We fingered and licked insanely until we finally spewed in orgasm, drinking as much of our thick juices as we could.

We repositioned, and before we continued our wild mating, Saundra Jones whispered, “Welcome.”

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