Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Costume Shop

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: There are certainly other stories involving a MC tinged costume shop, but this should have its own unique twist to the theme. Enjoy!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Costume Shop


Jackie was driving her friends Hanna and Becky to the mall. They were looking to grab some costumes for their friend Laura’s twenty-first birthday. Laura said she wanted her twenty-first to be a costume party, and no one complained. That is why the three of them were heading to the mall that night. The only problem was that they were lost.

“I told you to bring the damn GPS Jackie!” the blonde Hanna stated annoyed.

“You’re the one that wanted to take that ‘short cut’!” the brunette Jackie rebutted.

“Guys!” the raven haired Becky raised her voice in the back. “My phone has a GPS! Give me a minute.”

Jackie grunted, before seeing a bright, neon highlighted, backlit sign approaching up the road. It stated the various businesses: DiRossio’s Groceries, Well Bred Pet Shop, Premier Timepiece Repair, and most significantly, Frederick’s Costumier and Party Shoppe. “Looks like there’s a costume shop in that plaza up there,” Jackie grunted. “I’m gonna go check it out if anyone wants to join me.”

A few minutes later, Jackie parked in front of the building. The three of them audibly sighed with relief, when they saw the place didn’t close for the next two hours. Inside, it was brightly lit, and had a generic array of party-esque merchandise: costumes, candles, candy, disposable tableware, balloons, etc. They appeared to be the only customers that night.

After browsing the costume section for a few minutes, a very pale though very attractive woman in all black attire walked up to them. “Anything I can help you ladies with?” she asked pleasantly with a subtle lisp, showing her white fangs. Her name tag said her name was Julia.

Jackie stated lightly, batting her dark blue eyes, “Nice fangs!”

“Thanks!” Julia said happily.

Jackie then answered, “We’re going to a costume party in a few days. It’s our friend’s twenty-first.”

Julia smiled toothily, showing off her almost too realistic fangs. “We’ve got some special deals for birthday parties. I can get my manager if you three are interested.”

The three of them nodded.

A few minutes later, a tall man with wavy gray hair walked up to them. His attire was what could be called “Edwardian” or “turn of the last century.” He wore a three piece suit with a stiff collar and a puffy tie. A pocket watch chain was clearly visible above the waist, twisting around the bottom vest button. “I’m Robert Jones, the store manager. So, Julia told me that you ladies are going to a birthday party with costumes,” he said stately. He shook their hands politely.

“Yup, in a couple days,” Becky stated happily.

“Well,” he stated with a bright white, toothy smile, “We have some very special Back Room Deals on costumes …”

“All the stuff out here, you mean?” Hanna asked innocently.

“No,” he answered with a knowing smile. “Actually, ma’am, we have an actual back room. That’s where we keep our best costumes.”

“What kind of deals do you offer?” Jackie asked.

He answered pleasantly, “Because it’s for a party, I can take 25% off the current price, and if you wish, there is no need to pay the final price up front. Also, if you do not wish to keep the costume, or are unhappy with it, a full refund is entitled. I should also mention that these costumes may be custom fit, and can be ready by the time we close tonight. Our store tailor left for the night, but my old hands can still do the job.”

“Following a stranger into a ‘back room’? Isn’t that how every other slasher movie starts?” Hanna asked dryly.

The manager laughed.

After having tapped away on her phone, Becky stated, “They have a website, guys! They’re pretty well reviewed, too.”

“I would hope so!” the manager said happily. “Please, ladies, follow me.”

The three woman almost excitedly followed the manager to the back room. The well lit room was more like a small tailor’s shop or clothing store. There were several circular racks with a vast array of clothing. On the opposite end, there was what appeared to be a dressing room, and four mirrors and tables attached to the wall, which likely held various makeups for costumes in the drawers underneath. Chairs lay before the tables.

The manager handed over thick catalogues to them, and stated, “We have numerous recommendations for whatever you had in mind for a costume. Please, take your time. I will be back in a moment.” He walked out.

The three of them decided to have a seat on the other side of the room, and browsed the catalogue. Jackie soon found a picture of a “Succubus.” It caught her eye, because of the subtly of it. The thin brunette model was simply wearing sexily revealing, dark clothing: low healed boots, tight jeans, blouse, and a leather jacket. Remarkably, there were none of the cliche horns or pitchforks or tails. The almost supernatural beauty of the image was easily more than enough to attract either gender.

Jackie then felt strange and dizzy. In her blurred vision, she looked over to her chuckling friends. Her vision quickly became sharp and clear. She soon began to realize how different she felt. There was a growing hunger in her the likes of which she never felt, while she could feel her friends amused thoughts.

Her friends stopped laughing and looked over to her. “You smell so good, Jackie” Hanna said deeply. “Fuck me, PLEASE!” Becky begged. Somehow now naked, Jackie stood up, and walked over to them. The growing hunger she felt was somehow intricately connected with her arousal. The moment she stood between them, her friends lunged at her, making her the meat of a sapphic sandwich. Jackie leaned on the table behind her, while Hanna hungrily ate her twitching pussy, and Becky ate out Jackie’s mouth. Suddenly, Jackie found herself inhaling the most delicious thing she ever tasted from Becky. She drank the passion until Becky fell to the floor unconscious.

Hanna then kissed all the way up to Jackie’s drooling mouth. They made out hungrily, while Jackie wildly rubbed and fingered Hanna’s dripping pussy. Jackie drank all the while. Soon, Hanna screamed in ecstasy, while Jackie absorbed Hanna’s escaping passion. Jackie’s powerful orgasmic scream was beyond anything she ever knew …

In a flash, Jackie found herself sitting fully clothed on the chair next to her happy friends. Everything seemed to be back to normal. “Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do, Hanna!” Becky stated, pointing to the catalogue. Seeing Hanna nod happily, Jackie tried to rationalize the apparent hallucination. Sure, she was looking at a picture of a woman dressed as a Succubus, but she never hallucinated before. She thought that the drive might have tired her out more than she thought.

The manager then walked up to them, and asked, “And how are the selections going, madams?”

Hanna quickly answered, “Me and Becky will take ‘Lesbian Pornstar Couple’.”

“A good costume should make you the opposite of who ya are!” Becky exclaimed.

“Indeed,” the manager stated. He looked over to Jackie, and asked, “And, you, miss?”

“I, uh, I guess, I’ll take the Succubus,” Jackie answered, while her worry about the hallucination somehow faded. She wasn’t sure why she chose that costume, but she could not see herself in any other …

After they were all measured, they quietly sat back at the mirrors. They were told that Becky and Hanna’s outfits won’t take very long to put together, due to their skimpy nature. Jackie’s would take quite a bit longer, because it was a full outfit.

Not long after, the manager came back with Becky and Hanna’s outfits. The two scurried into the dressing room next to the mirrors, and redressed themselves. Jackie heard them speaking to each other, but it was too muffled for her to understand They emerged in long dark trench coats with big smiles.

“So, that’s it?” Jackie asked, almost disappointed.

They shook their heads, and opened their coats, letting them drop to the floor, with erotic smiles. Hanna wore a tiny black thong, a tight black fishnet top (breasts essentially out for all to see), matching fishnet stockings, and calf high latex boots. Becky wore black heals, waist high pantyhose (leopard patterned), and a tight red demicup-tube top. She wore no panties.

“Wow!” Jackie exclaimed. “You two really do look like pornstars …”

“Lesbian pornstar lovers!” Hanna corrected, before they began to hold each other and make out tightly.

Though she was sure it was just and act, Jackie was impressed with how well they were meshing with the costume. She almost believed that they were lesbians!

Still in each other’s arms, Becky explained, “After seeing each other in these outfits, we decided to really get into the persona.”

“So, you two are gonna be, umm, lesbian lovers and doing porn for the next couple of days?”

“Yup!” Hanna happily answered, before playfully grabbing Becky’s tight ass. “It’s all in good fun, Jackie.”

“Good thing you two are single!” Jackie exclaimed in amazement.

“Not anymore!” Becky said sexily, before again tightly making out with her “lover” …

For the next half an hour, Becky and Hanna semi-privately traded secrets about each other neither knew. It was all about gaining the kind of intimacy necessary for their faux relationship. They didn’t really want Jackie listening, and she obliged by playing some silly game about some unhappy birds on her phone.

The manager Jones finally appeared with Jackie’s costumed in hand, and she happily brought it into the dressing room. Though tight and form fitting, all the clothing fit perfectly. She was especially happy with the genuine leather jacket. Whether she ever really wanted a leather jacket, they were always too expensive for her, but expense was clearly not an issue then.

Jackie stood admiring herself before the mirror. Even though she had no demonic wings, tail, or whatever, she and others would call her a Succubus, or at least, a sexy seductress with clear supernatural tendencies! It was most certainly an outfit greater then the sum of its parts.

She suddenly felt something in the right side pocket of the black jacket. Pulling it out, she realized it was and gold anklet. She looked it over, and was downright mesmerized by the attached amber and diamonds. Like with the jacket, it was something she could not then normally afford, but expense again was no longer an issue. Unzipping the boot and removing her bare foot, she realized that she was disappointed that it would be hidden. However, she quickly realized that a Succubus probably wore clothes less than the average person. She then slapped on the anklet, and put back on the boot.

Walking out of the dressing room, Jackie realized how great she felt, while perhaps a bit horny for reasons unclear to her. Breaking her chain of thought, her friends caught her eye. They were holding each other lovingly on their chairs. “I had no idea, Becky,” Hanna said before sweetly kissing her on the lips.

“Umm,” Jackie was asking, “Are you two ready to go?”

The two slowly stood up, hands tightly clasped. Becky rubbed tears out of her eyes, before Hanna stated, “Yeah … let’s get goin’, Jackie.”

“Are you all right, Becky?” Jackie asked with concern.

“I’m fine, now, thanks to Hanna,” she said quietly toward Hanna, while lightly stroking Hanna’s cheek.

“You go find that manager, Jackie,” Hanna said quietly, “So we can fill out whatever we need to fill out …”

Jackie nodded, while more confused than anything else toward how her friends were acting. Not long after walking back to the main retail floor, Jackie caught Julia walking toward the register with a blue sack in hand (probably to hold money).

“Hey, we’re all set, Julia!”

“Oh, OK …You look great!”

Jackie suddenly noticed a small drop of thick red liquid escaping the corner of her mouth. She seemed quite a bit less pale, too, but Jackie assumed it was just the lighting in that part of the store. “Umm, you have something on your …”

“Oh!” she exclaimed, before wiping the thick liquid with her index finger. She sucked it off her finger, visibly savoring whatever it was. “Just some ketchup! … Jones left for the night. Kinda a whipped husband,” she chuckled. “He left stuff for yah in his office. I’ll meet you in the Back Room with it.”

Jackie walked in on her friend’s intimately massaging each other’s bare feet. “Err, Julia’ll be back in a minute to finish everything up.”

Her friends barely acknowledged her …


Jackie was driving over to Hanna and Becky’s apartment the day of the party. Well, it was really Becky’s apartment. That morning, Jackie found out over the phone that Hanna was moving in with her. There was a different tone in Hanna’s voice, while it resembled the one heard at the costume shop, which was the last time Jackie saw them, not counting the car ride after.

When Hanna opened the apartment door, Jackie’s heart skipped a beat. Hanna changed her hair to a dark brown. “You, you changed your hair, Hanna … I like it.” Jackie was indeed finding herself sexually attracted to women. It was as unexplainable as her recently increased horniness.

“Glad you like it, Jackie. Wanted to go back to my natural color. Unfortunately, it’s still dyed. Hair coloring can take a while to come out fully!” She was already wearing the outfit she received from the costume shop, as was Jackie. Indeed, Jackie really liked the jacket, boots and anklet. She liked them so much so that she was now wearing them consistently, while the anklet had yet to be removed.

Becky walked into the room in a silk robe not long after they sat on the couch. “You look really sexy, Jackie!” Becky complimented. “Oh, I’m glad you’re here to hear this, too, Jackie. Just got off the phone with Sensuous Entertainment, and they liked our video!”

“That’s great, Becky!” Hanna exclaimed, before walking over to give Becky a deep kiss.

“What?” Jackie asked confused.

“Oh, that company makes porn. We sent them a clip of me and Becky making love, and they just loved it!”

“Making love?” Jackie asked in increased confusion.

“Isn’t it obvious, sweet Jackie?” Becky answered. “We thought we chose a costume based on the complete opposite of what we were, when it was really just something deep inside us. We really are in love, Jackie, and we can’t wait to share that with the world!”

Remarkably, Jackie’s horniness jumped higher, before she gained some control over herself. Whether it was right or wrong, she finally realized that something obviously happened to them at that shop. Yet, she wasn’t sure of what to do about it. What really was remarkable was how Jackie sensed the truth in their words. They were always very close friends, and Jackie always suspected that they were secretly voyeurs and exhibitionists.

The apparent lovers tossed on their trench coats, before Hanna stated, “Come on, Jackie! Lets get to the party.”


Jackie was loving the high energy of the party, and especially how sexually charged it was. The birthday girl Laura was meant to be the center of attention, and Jackie saw no reason to deny that. Well, perhaps there was, because of how much Laura was arousing Jackie. The strange part was how it seemed as if Jackie was the true center of attention, and most just flocked around them.

“God you look fucking hot tonight, Laura!” Jackie complimented. Her new sexual desires were becoming uncontrollable, but she assumed it was the few shots talking.

“Thanks! You smell good, too. That, like, costume shop you guys found was a great fuckin’ suggestion! They, like, totally turned me into a stupid bimbo!” she giggled. Her hair was a much lighter blonde now, while her skin was tanner and originally larger breasts were even bustier. That was not to mention the fact that she didn’t sound all the smart anymore. “You know I was lookin’ for a job. I’m gonna, like, totally start workin’ there next week. Maybe that vamp’ll suck my boobies!”

“Sounds like a good idea, Laura,” Jackie said hungrily, while falling toward her massive cleavage.

Before Jackie made contact, her friend next to her stated, “Who’s that?”

“Oh, uh,” Laura stated, “that’s Brianna. I met her, like, the day I, like, went to that costume shop.” Many of the costumed party goers flocked to the newcomer.

“You asked her to come?” Jackie asked through her building horniness. Her recently dirtied mind automatically turned “come” into “cum.”

“Kinda!” Laura answered, while Jackie seemed to sense that she really didn’t.

Though unexplainable and confusing, Jackie felt like Brianna was some kind of competition or ally. Regardless, she could no longer deny how much she wanted Laura, and no longer wanted to deny her new feelings. Or at least, she had to have her before the magnetic newcomer. “I wanna see your new bed, and I wanna show you my sexy anklet under these boots,” she quietly, hungrily whispered in Laura’s ear.

Jackie stood up, and walked to her friend’s room, while Laura remarkably followed. The exhilaration Jackie felt was as unexplainable as it was unquestionable. That exhilaration somehow enhanced her hunger for passion. Locking the door behind them, Jackie couldn’t believe how easily she was able to bring her friend to a room for what was plainly going to be hot sex.

They then began to uncontrollably make out. The kiss was unlike anything either of them ever experienced. For Laura, the kiss itself was practically orgasmic, while for Jackie, it felt as if she was consuming that passion. It was truly remarkable.

In total shock toward the aberrant feel of the kiss, Jackie pulled back, and barely stated, “What’s happening?” Laura answered almost innocently, “I thought we were gonna, like, start fuckin’ or somethin’…”

What little control Jackie had over herself melted away in her horny hunger. They resumed their more then energetic kiss, and fell onto the bed. Save for Jackie’s anklet, their clothes flew away in a blur of sexual frenzy. Jackie and Laura’s lips were then locked open mouthed in a kiss to end all kisses, while they ground their dripping pussies wildly. In a kind of reversed echo, Jackie’s following moans and coos were even louder than her near orgasmic friend’s.

Time seemed to slow for Jackie in the final moment of passionate orgasm. She could taste every last wondrous drop of passionate Energy pour down her throat, while her body absorbed every last wisp of expelled Energy, and could feel her body process it into her very being. While her perception of time slowly returned to normal, Jackie then exploded in joyful orgasm from the apparent feed …

Brianna suddenly rushed into the room, knowing exactly what she would find. She knew exactly what was happening from the start, and knew it best not to interrupt the then transforming woman. Jackie was still too overwhelmed by her first feed to fully understand what she had just done. Brianna lunged onto the bed, and kissed Sexual Life Energy into the lifeless Laura. The Energy was like a shot of adrenaline, bringing Laura back to life. Brianna breathed out enough for her to come back to consciousness in a loud orgasm.

She looked deeply into Laura’s eyes, and stated, “You have no need to talk to anyone but Jackie and I about the wonderful things that just happened here, Laura. Get dressed, and go back to your party. Fuck, get drunk again, Human! You will sleep like the dead tonight. I recommend a very large breakfast tomorrow after your long night’s sleep.” After a brief moment of confusion, Laura happily hopped out of the bed, and left after quickly pulling on her clothes. Laura’s enlarged breasts were more blatant than ever.

Jackie lay back as breathlessly satisfied as she was confused. She consumed the passion of her friend!

“I’m so sorry you didn’t fully understand what was happening to you, Jackie,” the apologetic Brianna stated. “I was never consulted about this; I would have tried to prevent it. It’s clear that you did want this, but still …”

“What?” Jackie barely asked.

“Robert Jones is the leader of the Zalatoth Cult I currently consult with.”

“Zalatoth Cult?” she breathed.

“Zalatoth is the Witch God of Manipulation … Jones likes to pretend he’s a century and a half old, but he’s only eighty-eight! What is it that recent comedy once stated? ‘He’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole’.”

“What are you in all of this, Brianna? You saved my friend from … whatever I did to her.”

She smiled pleasantly, disarmingly and replied, “I’m an Avatar Succubus. The Cosmic Gods can speak through me, while I can speak to them, but above all, I am a Succubus like you are now, Artificial.” She sighed, and continued, “I had the easiest kind of transformation two centuries ago, I suppose. Not that any transformation is exactly alike. A now disbanded Zalatoth Cult made me into what I am through Plaotathis of Curiosity like Jones did to you (I briefly worked with a L’sothot Cult after). However, due to my becoming an Avatar through a Zalatoth Cult, Zalatoth ensured that I had a very smooth transformation, and even ensured a subconscious understanding of being a Succubus before I was fully transformed. So, everything about my first feed was uncomplicated.”

Jackie looked at her apparent sister in amazement. She actually could empathically sense that Brianna truly cared and worried about her.

“Anyway, it all comes down to the fact that all of us need a helping hand for our first feed and after, whether we get it or not. I had a ‘God,’ but most of us are aided by others of our kind. I suppose, we could even be aided by some artificial means. Human technology is always advancing!”

Jackie shook her head in amazement. “I’m an Artificial Succubus? I almost can’t believe it …”

Brianna lovingly brushed Jackie’s long hair with her fingers.

“Does that mean Julia back at the shop is real Vampire?”

“Oh, yes, Jackie!” she answered excitedly. “She’s a Vampire of Pleasure. Nicest Vampire I’ve ever met; we’re good friends. More than friends, perhaps. She had even let me feed on her. A rare treat! Her flavor is so … exotic …” Brianna really did like her, and was working hard to make their relationship serious for a while. A sexual relationship with a Succubus is taboo amongst Vampires (sexualized blood doesn’t taste right to them at first), but Succubi don’t care much about taboos …


Jackie finally understood the meaning of being “hot for teacher” through Brianna, now that her sexual proclivities were more than genderless. Brianna explained everything about the back room to her in a single lesson. All that enchanted room ever does is reveal truths about oneself otherwise denied or impossible, and then Robert Jones makes those truths possible. Specifically, Hanna and Becky, not knowing how, wanted to be more than friends, while they were secretly exhibitionists and voyeurs. Becoming lesbian pornstar lovers made all that possible for them. Laura also barely hid the fact that she hated being an A student, but liked sex, while becoming a bimbo made it possible for her to be who she really wanted to be. Of course, Jackie always wanted more out of sex, and becoming a sexual being was what made that possible for her. Now, Jackie’s destiny will be forever her own to shape …

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