Beyond the Madness of Passions: Obsessions

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Beyond the Madness of Passions: Obsessions


As a joke, my roommate Laura and I found ourselves browsing in a so called sex shop in some suburban town. Maybe it was out of character for us, but we were drunk from a night of clubbing. We were so drunk that Laura didn’t even remember the shop afterwords, while the whole experience is still fuzzy to me.

I eventually came across an out of place strap-on dildo on one of the racks. Seemingly out of my control, my hand picked it up. It was especially long (perhaps twelve inches), yellowy-flesh colored, and quite simply made to look like a veiny cock. The balls end had what looked like the end of a small, hollow metal shaft flush with the latex. At the tip, a distinct, tiny hole could be seen. The straps were completely clear, and felt strange to the touch. I didn’t know why at the time, but I had to buy it. While I remembered buying it, I couldn’t find it the next day in my bad hangover.

A week later, I was unpacking in my new off campus housing, and there it was in my suitcase: the strap-on dildo. Don’t ask me to explain it, but it was the first time in my life where I considered masturbation. The strangest part about it was that it wasn’t just masturbation with the dildo, but also to the dildo.

My heart raced. I wanted to suck it, try it on, or do just about anything with it. While I was desperately undoing my tight jeans, my roommate Laura called from her room. “Jackie, you wanna help me with something?” I suddenly came to my senses, or at least partly, and tossed it back into the top drawer of the dresser. “Be right there!”


I forgot about the dildo, while I settled into the new school year. Everything seemed normal on the surface, while there was something subtly different. It was a feeling of horniness. Sure, I’ve been horny in the past, but this was more! My boyfriend at the time of course had no problems with it. After a while, we had sex daily. We did everything short of BDSM: stockings, latex, feet. What was interesting was how I was the one who wanted the crazy, fetishistic sex. I truly loved fucking with my feet!

While the months went on, I found myself growing more and more disinterested in my boyfriend. Indeed, I found myself concentrating more on the women in the porn we watched while making love. Sure, it was strange to derive pleasure from the female form, being a woman, but it felt to good to deny.

I knew our relationship was over when I just couldn’t bring myself to cum while jacking him off with my feet. The now pacifying taste of his cum on my feet was unneeded confirmation.

He was sensually suckling my breasts, when I came forward. “There’s something we need to talk about.”

“What, Pornstar?”

“I … I just don’t think our relationship is going anywhere.”

“What?” He sounded subtly devastated.

“I’m just growing bored.”

“You wanna try bondage now, Farrah?” he asked seriously.

“No …”

“A threesome?” he asked, starting to plead.

“Maybe with another women …”

A large smile formed on his face.
 “But, that’s not it. All we do now is fuck. There’s no real relationship anymore.” I wanted to tell him how much he didn’t arouse me anymore, and that I just didn’t feel any love toward him anymore. I just didn’t wan’t to hurt him more then he was going to be, though. “It’s just time we move on.”

I knew he was devastated, but he took it better than I thought. From all the crazy sex we had, I thought would turn into my personal stalker! We more or less stayed friends, but I could always see the regret in his eyes whenever we talked.




Being single opened a whole new sexual path for me. I learned to love masturbation, and fully gave into my newfound lust of the female form, including my own. Lesbian porn was especially glorious to watch. I began to spend so much on porn that I had to get myself a job. It didn’t take my roommate Laura more than a single guess on where I found work: that sex shop, which was actually called “The Big O.” The internet was a big help in finding it. I even started to set up a porno site for myself, because I was seriously considering a career in lesbian porn.

My friendship with Laura, at least on the surface, changed very little, while I became ever more addicted to pleasure. It was only recently that she would tell me to quiet down while masturbating (I did become quite the screamer)! On my part, however, I was heavily attracted to her now. She was slimmer than I was, more easily tanned, and had sleek brown hair and blue eyes very much like my own. I knew all that before, but I only really saw it now.

“Are your clothes on? Can I speak to you?” Laura suddenly called through my door.

I had just started fingering my clit, while sucking on my big toe. Frustratedly, I answered, “Just a sec, Laura.”

I hated clothes now (not counting stockings of all sorts), and especially underwear. It was downright difficult now to go to my classes because of that supposed necessity. So, I tossed on my robe, and slipped on my flip flops. I walked into the living room to see my sexy roommate sitting on the couch. I sat next to her.

She then stated, “Do you know how different you’ve been acting since we’ve been back to college this year?”

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t even realize it all until you broke up with your boyfriend. You masturbate all the time now, based on what I’ve been hearing through the walls. All you talk about is sex. Hell, even your voice is deeper!”

I didn’t realize I was speaking more deeply lately. “Look, Laura, I’ve just been discovering a new side to myself. I feel so open now that I’ve come across it. I love pleasure, I’m bi, I love women’s feet, I fuckin’ love my own body and yours. I’m just not afraid of any of that anymore.”

“I don’t know what to say …”

“Just say you wanna experiment!” I quipped. “Just kidding.” A sly smile appeared on my face.

“As long as you’re all right with it, I guess I am, too. You’ve changed so much, you know?”

“Don’t worry about it, Laura! I’m more myself than I’ve ever been!” While I sat up, I kissed Laura sexily on the cheek, and went back into my room to cum.



The next day I was rummaging through my dresser to find something to wear while I was out. I suddenly felt something I didn’t expect. It felt rubbery and bumpy. I took the thing out to look at it. It was the strap-on! How could I forget all about it? An intense horniness flooded my mind and body. All I wanted to do was fuck it.

I leaped onto my bed naked, with dildo in hand. While I deepthroated it, I realized how odd it tasted, but that somehow enhanced the enjoyment. I then clamped the balls end with my soles, and thrust it in and out of my dripping hole. My screams of passion were so loud that I could barely hear Laura yelling through the wall to keep it down. “FUCKING JOIN ME, LAURA! … FARRAH!” I screamed to myself in mind numbing orgasm.

My mind was mush after that. I slid off the bed, dildo in hand, and I breathlessly walked to my tall mirror. “I’m going out, Farrah. See ya later,” I barely heard Laura call. Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that I was more attracted to myself than ever before. “Fuck men. Women are all I want now!” I said to myself in the mirror in a deep husky voice.

I felt so different, while looking at myself in the mirror, strap-on dildo in hand. Yet, I found myself wanting that difference, while I wasn’t sure what that actually was. I suddenly had the urge to strap on the dildo. I quickly cupped the back of the dildo over my wet crotch, and tightened the straps around my ass and hips. It fit perfectly, comfortably, and despite how strange the clear straps felt in the store, they felt like they weren’t even there now.

I looked at myself now with the massive dildo attached to me. The straps were so transparent, it was like they weren’t even there. It felt right being a hot women with the ability to penetrate another hot woman with something so large.

Suddenly, I heard a slight mechanical noise coming from the dildo, and felt a slight vibration over my pussy. Before I tore it off in my shock, I felt a small tube penetrate my pussy. I felt it curve up and plow deep into my G-spot. None of it really hurt; it felt kind of good. The dildo then changed to a more natural flesh color not unlike my own, while still looking like latex.

I lightly touched my makeshift cock. I shivered, actually feeling its sensitivity. Almost naturally, I began to jerk myself off to my otherwise feminine body in the mirror. While I jerked off, I began to realizing something: it was as if I was jerking off to someone else. More specifically, it was as if I were someone else now, and was jerking off to who I was.

Yes, I was someone else. I was … I am so fucking hot! Who would have thought that random chance could make me into such a super model, while paying no serious attention to it, prior? ‘What’s happening?’ I said distantly in my head. “I’m becoming you, Farrah,” I said out loud through will not my own. ‘Oh FUCK YEAH that feels so good!’ I thought, jerking off harder. The pleasure was as mind numbing as it was powerful. “I am from within, unlocked by the strap-on’s power. I am all you have ever wanted to be, and more. When you cum, we will be one …”

I jerked off harder than ever, while exploring my amazing pornstar body. I suddenly screamed in orgasm. My thick feminine squirt spewed out though the fake cock onto the mirror, and I passed out onto the floor …




I woke up hours later completely changed, and stood up to look at myself essentially for the first time. I was so sexy, and turned on by myself. I slowly, passionately began to stroke my dildo, while I lovingly touched myself. The more I did so, the more the feelings of lust began to change. I then felt down the length of my body from sexy head to even sexier toe. Looking into my eyes as I did made me realize that I was truly in love with myself. I positioned my face right over the dildo. “I love me!” I screamed, while I thickly, wetly orgasmed all over my face.

Not everything was yet clear, but more than enough was, while I swallowed my addicting, sweet cum. I opened my dresser, before I decided to leave on the dildo, which still had some of my cum on it. I then realized that my clothing absorbed its latent liquid after it was buried by them, as my skin absorbed the juice in turn. It’s why I changed so much even before I put it on: it was priming me. My ever so slight resistance was what caused the temporary extra personality, which was now as much me as I was it.

I can remove the dildo at any time, but it is undoubtedly mine. I was sure it could no longer work properly for anyone else. At the same time, I had to fuck Laura. It was like an uncontrollable instinct, which I was already bowing to.

It was already late that night, and she was fast asleep. Before I left my room, I jerked myself off as quietly as I could, and came all over my hand. I walked out, cum in hand. Her door was open, and I walked inside. She conveniently liked to have a glass of water on her end table most nights, so dripped a few drops of my thick cum into her glass. My transformed cum would change her far faster than the generic stuff that changed me. All I had to do was lick my hand clean, and patiently wait until morning …




I was quietly sitting at the table sipping coffee with my sweet cum mixed into it. My gushy white robe felt more sexy than ever. Laura in her red nightie walked out of her bedroom with an empty glass in hand. I smiled uncontrollably at the woman now making me hornier than ever.

Laura placed the empty glass in the sink, and I asked, “How are you this mourning?”

“I felt pretty good when I woke up, but I’m feeling kinda weird now …” She sat down before me, licking her lips, and looking lightheaded. “I’m … I’m really thirsty.”

‘Good,’ I thought, before offering, “Have some of my coffee, Laura.” I pushed the cup toward her.

Without much hesitation, she took the cup, and started to chug. “Oh, God! That hit the spot, Farrah! What was in there? I think I want more!” She was all wide eyed and curious.

My cum was highly addictive. Only I had some immunity to it, if only because it was my own. However, addiction was only the first, short term phase.

“I need more!” she breathlessly exclaimed, drool escaped her mouth.

“I should tell you some things before we move forward, Laura. There is no turning back very soon. The more you drink it, the more your body will require it. You will soon not be able to consume anything else.” That would be the case for me, if it wasn’t my own cum.

“I don’t fuckin’ care! JUST GIVE IT TO ME!” she pleaded. I was not surprised how addicted she was already, but it was almost unbelievable otherwise.

I stood up, and let my robe drop. All I wore was my dildo. While I walked toward her, all she could do was hungrily stare at it. I suppose she instinctually knew the origin of her new favorite food! I sat on the table before the amazed woman, and proclaimed, “You want my cum. Suck my dildo, and you will have more than you ever knew you wanted!”

She licked her drooling lips, eyes wide, and began to suck like the addict she was! I felt so fucking good. I now understood why men wanted blow jobs! Though her sexuality definitely was now lesbian, there was no holding back for her, no romance. She simply wanted my cum. Oh, God, she really wanted my cum! Almost prematurely, I exploded into her mouth. Laura more than happily drank it all …




Laura was not the same after she drank my cum directly. At first we were wild lovers, who cared little about the happenings of the outside world. I technically had control over my passions, but Laura took time to adapt. I was more than willing to help! I especially lusted fucking her tight pussy, while in my latex body suit.

Still, I somehow knew this cum covered path was to lead us somewhere, and not long after Laura gained any control over her new self, we received an unexpected package. It contained another strap-on, which Laura automatically tried on to her surprise and joy, and a note. The note was simple. The note was undeniable:


Dear Laura and Farrah

I’ve been following your progress from the moment you bought your first strap-on dildo. Both of you have changed more than you yet know. I dare say Laura’s not truly Human anymore, while Farrah will complete her transformation once she has another’s transformed cum!


You both must already sense that there is still road ahead of you. That is true. Part of what I did to you has some monetary motives. Science is not always well funded, while they say pornography is an eternal treasure trove! Your new selves will not deny the pull you feel toward me, whether you’ve consciously realized it or not. A limo will be patiently waiting for both of you tomorrow morning. It will carry both of you to your new life.



Dr. Cornelia Reynolds

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