Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Magic Limo Ride

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Magic Limo Ride


The Magic Limo Ride, inc.! An affordable, convenient choice for all your formal needs. Available for Proms, formal on the go meetings, or that spontaneous night on the town. Call or Email today!


Raven haired Rachael, platinum blonde Jessie, natural blonde Lauren, and brown haired Bianca jubilantly walked into the black stretch limo. The windows were so darkly tinted that no one could see through them from the outside. Their reasons for hiring the limo were never stated, while it was not mandatory to state any, but their revealing, high healed attire said enough. They were likely planning to do bar and club hopping. An epilogue of sex was probably on their minds, too. It was very doubtful that this was their first time doing this kind of trip, but it was their first time chartering Magic Limo.

They laughed and drank the complimentary alcohol, taking silly pictures they may regret later, while posting them online. A destination was given, but with the flip of a switch, that no longer mattered. An aberrant humming noise was audible, but they were too drunk to care or notice, even though they all felt subtly different.

Not much changed at first. They just seemed to drink more heavily, laugh much more loudly, and take more embarrassing pictures. The tone of the snapshots soon began to change. Though it seemed to be played off as a drunken joke, they began take pictures of them kissing each other. Soon, a kind of spontaneous ferocity began to envelope the playful kisses. They were obviously enjoying what started as a sapphic joke far more than they expected!

In that revelation, they found themselves laughing like playful nymphs, while the snapshots slowly subsided. They were very drunk, but perhaps that drunkenness was different from their prior experiences. They felt too good to worry about anything in that moment, though. Rational thought was long gone. All they wanted to do was ride the wave of erotic joy washing over them.

After an intense round of joyful laughter, they resumed what they still thought was a sapphic joke. This time, tongues and hands joined in the fun. The more they playfully kissed and groped, the more the playfulness was consumed by sexual passion. None of them went so far with sapphic passion before, but all they now wanted to do was see how far it could go.

An intense sexual need began to wash over them, while they let all their inhibitions fly away. There was no love amongst them in that moment; their was an intense, growing lust for each other. In their lustful joy, they began to remove their clothes to better explore one another.

They soon paired off with Rachael and Jessie on one end, and Lauren and Bianca on the other. The look on all their faces was of the lustful joy for themselves and each other they whole heartedly embraced. Their lust was for every warm body in their sights.

Now beautifully naked, Rachael and Jessie starred at each other, while lustfully masturbating. Lauren and Bianca lustfully glanced at the other two, while they preferred the more direct approach. The feel of Lauren’s quivering body especially drove Bianca wild with ecstasy. The two paid the most attention to their twitching, sleek snatches, for the warm wetness was more wondrous than either thought possible. The two on the other end essentially agreed silently with them.

They all began to moan and coo wildly in their respective methods. All love within them was gone, while it was now completely replaced by the lust they embraced. At the same time, their minds began to change. All that was their intelligence became an integral part of their enhanced lust. They could not stop it, nor did not want to. Indeed, their minds no longer seemed capable of processing language beyond their sounds of lustful passion. They fully embraced the new paradigm of ultimate sexual ecstasy as who they must be.

Even though their clean shaven pussies, whose fingers freely slipped into, were the core of their lust for each other, nothing of their bodies was off limits. In a way, they now had a fetish for the whole of the female form. They lusted from their silken feet to the hair on their head, and proved it to each other. Lauren lustily fingered Bianca’s wanting pussy, while she sucked on Bianca’s toes with equally as fervent lust. They cared not why Bianca was now able to contort so conveniently; their lust for each other grew via the possibilities it suggested.

Their moans and coos already sounded orgasmic, but they were barely even halfway to that! Indeed, none of them wanted to come yet, while they all lasted far longer on that front than they ever thought possible. Lauren and Bianca’s lust making soon completely took the attention of Rachael and Jessie, who were still lustfully fucking themselves to the sight of each other. Lauren soon brought her lust Bianca to a powerful near orgasmic state, which otherwise sounded like one epic orgasm. When she did cum, the lust of it reverberated down the limo, causing the others to cum with near equal ferocity. Bianca came far harder than all of them.

The other three looked at her, while still wildly rubbing their dripping crotches. It was as if Bianca became a kind of Queen of Lust. Lauren passionately kissed the woman in her awe, before Bianca made her way to the other two. They were already drooling from the orgasm she somehow gave them, while her kissing them both lustfully did little to help that.

It was as if Bianca was establishing a kind of lustful dominance over the others, even though that was technically unnecessary through the lust that now consumed them all. Soon, Bianca was making out with Rachael’s soaked pussy, and dexterously rubbed Jessie’s with her perfect foot, while Bianca fingered her own pussy. At the same time, Lauren rubbed her pussy and now sweaty body wildly to the sights.

The way they all were reacting to her, and the way she lustfully gave pleasure, made it seem like Bianca was the only one capable of achieving and giving orgasms. The apparent Queen of Lust was more than willing to oblige with all the physical tools at her disposal. Through Bianca, Jessie and Rachael were already at near orgasmic levels they were not achieving with merely each other. With Bianca’s toes and fingers deep within her lusts’ and her own pussies, she created an orgasm more powerful than the last, forcing the masturbating Lauren on the other side to cum almost as hard.

The three women lustily looked over to the still masturbating, moaning Lauren, and crawled over to her. They soon found themselves in a pile of ecstatic lust, with Bianca giving the most pleasure with every part of her body. Sweat, cum, spit might as well have been all one sapphic liquid staining the leather seats. Soon, Bianca brought them all to a final, epic, lust filled orgasm …


“I love my job!” I proclaimed behind the wheel of the limo. The wall between me and the main cabin was specially shielded, while there was no way to open it. I had driven them back to where they started, which was standard procedure. After savoring a few extra moments of the women’s moans and coos on the screen before me, I looked over to the dashboard. I flipped the switch labeled “Resonator.” The aberrant noises of the limo slowly ceased, and the women left the limo, happily waving goodby to me. Their minds essentially returned to them, but they will likely continue to be twisted by lust with Bianca guiding them. I could not wait to give the raw data to my boss Dr. Cornelia Reynolds. The latest experiment in stimulating Sexual Energy was most certainly a success!

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