Beyond the Madness of Passions: A Miraculous Program

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s note: Though this is technically in a different universe, this is a sequel to Transformative Properties: Click to Convert. Like with that story, this functions as a homage to Master PC. Enjoy!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: A Miraculous Program


Part I:

When I found Click to Covert in a Lost-and-Found bin several months ago, I didn’t predict how much it would change my life. I first made a woman I had a crush on at my office have a one night stand with me. On myself, I increased my penis size, and increased my sexual stamina. I then went all out with my ex-girlfriend Jen. Physically, I gave her hair have a natural red streak, made her eyes blue, and gave her larger breasts. Mentally, I gave her a porn addiction, bisexuality, sexual narcissism, a love of cum, and a healthy sexual appetite. I also made her super flexible so she could perform cunnilingus on herself. And when she did, she would be totally infatuated with herself until she came. Needless to say, we’ve never been happier.


I was at my computer after a long day of sex. Jen decided to take a quick shower before we went out for dinner. Though, we were somewhat full from our respective cum. I brought up the Click to Convert program, and typed in my lovers name. Jen’s naked image flashed onto the screen with various options vertically laid out on the right. The holographic imager next to my computer flashed to life with the naked image of my lover. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I decided to tell Jen about the program, and all I did to her. Of course, I would ensure that she would love it all. I called up the “Mental” section, and started typing: “When made aware of the program Click to Covert, she will be absolutely love the idea. Being made aware that it physically and mentally changed her, only makes her love the idea more.” I clicked the OK button, and then the “Click to Convert” button. A widow popped up stating, “Approximate conversion time: 5 Hours.”

‘I’ll reveal everything tomorrow,’ I thought.


We came home from work around the same time the next day, and instantly started making out. For whatever reason we were hornier than usual. We barely even made it to our bed! We threw ourselves into our favorite position: the sixty-nine. It was hot, it was frenzied. When we came, we came loudly with gushes of our cum.

I turned around, and looked into my lover’s beautiful eyes. We made out passionately, mixing our cum laden spit.

“I have something I wanna show you, baby,” I said airily.

“Yeah?” she smirked sexily. She probably thought it was a new pair of latex stockings!

I took her hand, and brought her to my computer. I opened up the Click to Convert program, and typed in her name. “You may not believe this, Jen, but this program can change people mentally and physically.”

“How?” she asked sounding amazed.

“Not sure, I think it uses the internet, and the more ‘connected’ someone is, the more easily someone can be changed.”

“That’s sounds amazing! Can you prove it?”

“Well, remember how you thought my dick was bigger than you remembered when we got back together? My amazing sexual stamina now?”

“I love it!” Her instant belief almost threw me off guard.

“Its get’s better.”

Jen had the biggest smile.

“I changed you. I made your breasts bigger. I gave you that natural red streak. I changed your eyes from brown to blue. Your love of cum. Your flexibility.”

Jen looked very surprised. “That explains a lot I guess. I thought a lot of people were just confused, when they said I changed. I mean, everyone asked me if I was wearing blue or gray contacts … I guess, I should be appalled, but it kinda all turns me on!”

“Do you wanna alter yourself?” No matter how corrupted that program made me, I felt much better that we were now on equal footing with it.

“Why not!”

“I’ll leave the room, so I’ll be surprised later!”

I walked into the living room, and watched some hot lesbian foot porn on our big HDTV. Don’t look at it the wrong way; I’m not that obsessed with feet. Lesbians are always fun!

By the time Jen walked into the living room, I came at least three times. I was surprised by the look on her face. It was a look that suggested that she may have gone too far.

“How’d it go?” I asked curiously.

“I went all out. I don’t know if it will do everything I requested,” she said, clearly amazed at herself.

“How long did it say it would take?”

“Four weeks.”

“Wow! You really did go all out … What did you do?”

“You’ll find out soon,” she said with a suggestive smile.


For the next week, everything seemed normal. We fucked in most of our spare time. We lovingly consumed each other’s cum. Since nothing changed visibly, I would poke her about what she did through Click to Convert, but she kept saying that it would be a surprise. “We’ll know soon enough,” she kept saying.

At the two week mark, Jen started acting different. It was hard to put my finger on, but I could tell. We were eating dinner, which I prepared, when I really started to notice.

She was enjoying her steak, but not necessarily as happily as she normally did.

“Everything all right, Jen?”

“I don’t know, it tastes fine. I’m just not that hungry I guess.”

She began to rub my crotch through my pants with her bare foot.

“Maybe I’m hungry for something else?”

She rubbed my cock more forcibly. “Maybe I am, too,” I said with a cocked eyebrow.

Jen freed my cock with her dextrous toes, and stroked it wildly with her feet. There was a hungry look on her, while she grunted. I grabbed onto the edge of the table, feeling light headed. I came much sooner and harder than I expected, but good God, it felt fantastic!

She flexibly pulled both feet to her mouth, and hungrily licked them clean. “UMM,” she slowly liked her lips. “Just what I was wanting!”

I was amazed at her. Yes, this wasn’t exactly the first time she jerked me off under the table, but the hungry look on her face was so new and different. Was this what she changed, or at least a piece of it? What really surprised me was how she seemed to be holding back. It looked as if she really wanted to jerk me off more.

That night was a kind of tipping point, for whatever she did to herself. From then on, her sexual appetites were more than I could handle! We still talked, but sometimes all we seemed to do was fuck and eat. And when we ate, she often jerked me off! I loved every minute of it, don’t get me wrong, but the growing hunger in her eyes for sex was beginning to disturb me. What had she done to herself?


During the fourth and supposedly final week, she was almost a completely different woman. Her beauty was somehow enhanced by a kind of agelessness I could not understand. Sex, pleasure, and joy all was that radiated out of her. The most remarkable thing was how much more emotionally connected I felt with her. It was like a kind of reverse empathy she emitted into me.

By the end of the week, Jen took my hand, and brought me to the mirror in our bedroom. Her grip was tight.

“You wanted to know what I did to myself, Jack?” she asked airily.

I nodded in my continued amazement of her.

“I can’t believe it worked! Or is going to …”

We looked into the mirror. Jen pulled me close, and we made out deeply. The kiss was unlike any other she ever gave me, let alone any kiss I ever had. It was like an orgasm flew through my mouth, which she lovingly inhaled.

“UMM, wow. So glad I figured out how to do that!” There was utter joy in her face. “… When you left the room to let me change myself a month ago, I found myself looking into this mirror,” she said with a distinct hiss to her tone. “I’m so beautiful, but that won’t last forever. When I was younger, I had a thing for Vampires and Succubi. I told you about it once. I thought I outgrew it, but I didn’t really. So I decided to see if your little program could do the impossible: turn me into a Succubus. I thought about becoming a Vampire, but the idea of drinking Sexual Energy seemed more appealing than drinking blood,” she chuckled. “I’m not demon, per se. I can eat ‘normal food,’ but it won’t sustain me like it used to. I, of course, need Sexual Energy to survive, for that IS my Life Force now.”

She smiled, while taking a deep, refreshing breath. She happily continued, “I thought I made my own adjustments to the Succubus ‘concept,’ but now that I am a Succubus, I now know that I made no real changes. There are many Artificial Succubi like me, albeit ones made by other means. Succubi are Succubi, well, generally. There are higher powers at work, when it comes to Succubi, Vampires, Witches and others. I know that now. Indeed, all I really did was refine the transformation in a way that helped me to better understand what I have become. Above all, I am far and above that simple program now.”

I was speechless. My lover turned herself into a Succubus!

‘The transformation is complete. Now, I need to finish bolstering my Sexual Life Energy … I am rather hungry. Can’t you feel it, Jack!’ she screamed in my mind.

She suddenly grabbed me, and we passionately made out. The orgasmic feel of her kiss was better than regular sex. She also emitted a powerful, beautiful scent, which overwhelmed my mind. ‘Those are my pheromones … You’re not gonna believe how good this is gonna feel, Jack!’ I heard her voice in my mind.

Jen threw me onto the bed with a strength I didn’t know she had. She tore our clothes away, and gave me an intense blow job. I came within moments, with a powerful rush of Energy flowing out of me. Well, I couldn’t feel the Energy flowing out, per se, but they way she arched her back open mouthed showed me it did. She even subtly glowed!

‘So tasty! I can sense quite a bit more in you!’

With drool dripping from her mouth, she flew to my exposed neck, and playfully nibbled. Her soft lips felt good on my neck. She then impaled herself with my solid cock, and humped me wildly. Her lips locked onto mine, before she vigorously continued to inhale my Sexual Energy.

Everything began to grow fuzzy, while she continued to feed on me. There seemed no hope of her stopping, but I didn’t want her to! If she was to kill me, I could think of no better way to go! I then noticed her body began to glow more blatantly than before, while her body felt subtly warmer. I then exploded into her, while her orgasm was far louder and vigorous. I almost passed out, feeling the massive Energy loss.

“If you didn’t improve yourself, Jack, I don’t think you would’ve been able to handle me!” she said out loud, while lovingly feeling down her perfect, ageless body with her finger tips. I slept like the dead that night …


Part II:

I could not help but love her new form. Jen explained that it came from a strong animal magnetism (the “reverse empathy”), which Succubi emit on an unconscious level via their souls. She fed on me daily, while it was tiring at first. I was used to it quickly, because she never fed on me too much.

Jen eventually wanted to start diversifying her diet. Succubi do have polygamous tendencies. So, Jen came to my office, and easily convinced Sammie to have a round with the three of us. For fun, Jen felt like spending a few hours to get to know her before coming home with her.

That night, Sammie and Jen came to our door.

“Want another one night stand?” the blonde Sammie asked seductively, jokingly. They were in each other arms. Jen’s scent was so enhancing that Sammie’s own supermodel beauty was almost meaningless.

Jen then said in my mind, ‘I breathed a little bit of my Sexual Life Energy into her, too. She is so horny!’

“Want to try out a threesome?” I almost laughed in my joy, while finding myself curious about how Jen’s Energy felt.

An intrigued look projected onto the blonde’s face, while glancing at Jen “With another woman I hope!” she laughed playfully.

“Come on in!” I stated overjoyed.

I led the horny women to my bedroom. Jen let her clothes fall away, and lay seductively on the large bed. Mesmerized, Sammie excitedly ripped her clothes away, and crawled on top of my Succubus lover. While they made out, I stripped naked, and joined them.

The three of us wetly made out. Drool dripped freely from Jen’s mouth, while she lightly sipped at our Sexual Energies. Jen then pushed us both onto our backs, before she mounted me. Sammie positioned herself perfectly, so that Jen could lean over to eat out her wet pussy. We all moaned wildly as the Succubus pleasured us.

Sammie then made orgasmic, loud yelps, while she was pleasured, and I could almost see Jen drinking her Energy right from her dripping crotch. I came massively while watching. Jen came, too, the moment Sammie’s epic orgasm coalesced. Jen glowed from the wholesome feed.

Jen then suddenly kissed me, and blew a little bit of her Sexual Energy into me. I came almost instantly, feeling sexually energized at the same time. ‘You wanted to know what it felt like didn’t you?’ she said in my mind. I nodded wide eyed. She looked over the passed out Sammie, and subtly shook her head. ‘You never did bolster her like you did with yourself.’ She glanced at my computer, and smiled …


After that night, Sammie was a regular at our house. Jen and I, of course, made the proper adjustments to Sandy. It all made Sammie and I more than close friends at work, and everyone there thought we were dating, which wasn’t far from the truth. Though, Sammie and I mostly just talked about Jen, unsurprisingly. Jen, of course, told Sammie about how she was a Succubus, along with telling her about the program. Letting Sammie assume otherwise seemed silly to her! Sammie could not find a good reason to be angry, if only because of how great Jen made us all feel.

While our “relationship” progressed, it was clear that it was not what I expected. Sure, we had our threesomes, and sure, Jen fed on us both. But, there was more. I found myself growing strong feelings for Sammie, which slowly reached equal footing with how I felt for Jen.

After laying back from a particularly aggressive evening, I looked over to the two beautiful women next to me. Jen was happily sandwiched between us, reveling in her meal. Jen ever so slightly glowed from yet another quality feed. Sammie and I were gloriously wiped out. “I really love you both,” I said quietly. They both smiled at me and each other, and we all lovingly made out. Our love for each other was so deep that we all sensed that our souls were now intertwined thanks Jen’s Succubus Nature.

Sammie then asked, “I’ve been wondering, Jen. Can that program make me into a Succubus, too?”

“You wanna be a Succubus?” Jen asked intrigued.

“I don’t know. I’m just curious!” she said.

“It can, but I’d prefer to do it naturally. I can transform you into a Succubus myself, if you are truly willing,” Jen said seriously.

I then stepped in, and said, “I don’t think I can handle another Succubus!”

Jen smiled almost deviously, and said, “Click to Convert is a miraculous program …”

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