Beyond the Madness of Passions: Web Cam

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Beyond the Madness of Passions: Web Cam


Something strange happened. Though, I kept telling myself that it wasn’t my doing. I was chatting online with an old friend from high school Jenny. We dated briefly before we realized that we weren’t compatible on “that” level emotionally. Still, our friendship was well maintained over the years thanks to social networking. What initiated the strangeness was totally innocent while we were instant messaging each other.

So you said you were gonna move back in with your parents after college?” I typed.

Yup. Like every other grad!

That sounds familiar …” I moved in with my parents myself, which I mentioned to her a while ago. “How was the move?”

About as smooth as it couldve been. You?” she typed, omitting “unnecessary” characters.

A bit awkward but not that bad.

I know what you mean! For the first time since I moved back my parents are out having some business dinner. Finally alone!

Yeah, me too! Mine went to see some chick flick that I know my dad didnt want to see.” I rested my hand on the keyboard, and realized that I hadn’t actually “seen” her in a while. I wondered if she had a web cam.

You know I have a web came I never use. Do you have one? Ive never done a video chat before.

My heart jumped! I shook my head thinking it was just a coincidence. “Sure.

After a few clicks we were talking “virtually” face to face. Even the audio was working. I always forgot how attractive she was: slim, brown hair, full breasts. I was lucky to even be her friend. Leaning on the laptop, I stated, “You look good, Jenny.”

“Thanks. You’ve matured well yourself,” I heard her state clearly.

I was honestly aroused. I never told her how much of a dirty mind I had. It was usually under control, but I think I lost my last girlfriend over it. I so wanted her to be as aroused as me.

She put on a kinky look, and said, “You know something I’ve never done before?”

“What, Jen?”

“I’ve never, you know, done it over the internet before.”

“You wanna cyber?” I asked breathlessly amazed. I no longer cared how strange this all was!

“Fuck, yeah. Let’s do it!” she exclaimed.

‘Oh, fuckin’ be an exhibitionist!’ I thought, as we undressed ourselves. As I jerked off to her touching her tight body, she suddenly cooed. “I think I’m a fuckin’ exhibitionist. I love you watching me!”

There was little doubt anymore that I was somehow controlling her. Now matter how impossible it seemed, I simply loved it!

“Never done this before … OOOHH! … Tell me what to fuckin’ do!”

“Concentrate on your legs and feet. They’re what we like the most. At the same time, stimulate that G-spot, and make yourself squirt for me!”

And, she did so. Sexy feet at center stage, and almost violent masturbating. I then thought, ‘All that is your being is for this exhibition. You don’t wan’t your mind to return, because it feels that damn good. Your mind will not return until you have your squirting orgasm.’

Her eyes then became filled with lust, while her actions grew more and more passionate. The frame rate simply couldn’t keep up with the speed the fingered herself. She tried a few times to suck her toes, but was only flexible enough to lick the big one. The attempt alone made her look so sexy! Her eyes then rolled back into her head, and I knew she was close. With a massive scream, she let out a massive load, with much of it smothering the camera. I squirt quite a bit myself!

She wiped off her camera, and stated out of breath, “That was the best sex I ever had!”

“You will now put your clothes back on, and forget all that happened after we set up the webcams. However, while not beyond your control, you will now forever be a squirting exhibitionist.”

She nodded, and clothed herself. “Wow. Where does the time go!”

“I guess I lost track of time myself, Jen.”

“Yeah, I better get going. I’m meeting up with some friends later.”

“See ya!”




For the next week, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened with Jenny. It made me incredibly horny, while I yearned to try it again. I new the horniness destroyed any control over myself, while I wondered what control I really had before. Eventually, I stumbled upon a webcam porn site. I don’t know why I never thought of joining one before! I spent so much money on online porn already.

Through the seemingly endless list of performers, I found one that fit my tastes very well. Her stage name was Sexy Maxie. Assuming I could change the woman to whatever I desired, I only cared about appearance. She was of average hight, slim and full chested, subtly tanned skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes.

Ready for private, Sexy?” I typed.

“I’m waiting!” She said through her computer’s microphone.

After the appropriate clicks, she was mine.

“So what do you want me to do?” I heard her say.

Strip completely naked, and then …

She slowly, sexily stripped her self.

I then thought, ‘You, Sexy Maxie, shall only tell me truth.’ After I typed, “Are you lesbian or bi?

“Straight as an arrow, baby! You got a web cam? I wanna see your cock!”

In a bit … You are bisexual. You just never admitted it to yourself,” I typed

She looked confused for a moment, and said, “Maybe you’re right …”

You are also highly narcissistic. You are your own type of woman. Show me how much you love yourself!

With her hands and mind, she sensually felt herself. She sucked each finger in turn, with drool dripping from her mouth. Eventually, she fingered herself wildly, while continuing to touch herself.

‘You squirt massively. For you, no pleasure is complete unless you squirt,’ I thought.

Her fingering grew more wild, while she attacked her G-spot. She eventually squirt and screamed wildly. “Wow … I never came like that before. I really do love myself!”

Are you flexible?” I typed impulsively.

“… Not so much,” she frowned.

I wasn’t sure if the next command would work. “Oh, but you are. You are perhaps more flexible than a master contortionist. You crave that kind of physical exertion, while it turns you on when you do it.

She looked amazed, yet fascinated at the same time. She then stood up, and easily slid down into a perfect split. She looked amazed an aroused, while stretching down one leg, and then to the other.

Eat out your own pussy.

She looked up at the camera, and smiled erotically. She sat up, and looked down at herself to figure out how to do it. Then she effortlessly placed each leg behind her shoulders, and arched her back to the extreme. Soon, she was making out with herself lustfully. There was so much drool and pussy juice that there was no way to tell where either began or ended. After a few minutes of near orgasmic moaning, she began to wildly finger herself at the same time. Eventually, she squirt massively down her own throat. She then lay back, amazed with herself. Drool and squirt escaped her mouth, while she lightly touched herself. “What’s happening to me?” she barely said.

You’re improving, and love it,” I typed.

“I do FUCKING love it!”

Good. Now let me tell you about your feet.

“My feet?”

Yes. While you of course love women’s feet, you love how yours feel more than anything else. Their endless curves are sometimes all you think about. You want to take good care of them to keep their beauty mind numbing. So you only wear comfortable shoes, when you know you’ll be walking around. You love things like hose and latex because of both the tease and erotic comfort. Your love of your own feet threaten to consume your mind, and yet you want them to. The only way you can squirt now is with your toes down your throat.

Her eyes lustfully traveled down to her luckily quite attractive size tens. Drool dripped uncontrollably from her open mouth. She suddenly grabbed each leg, and draped them over her shoulders. Her feet were positioned perfectly so she could lick and suck each in turn. Drool soon dripped down her feet in massive blobs, while she fingered her dripping snatch. Her orgasm was powerful and wet. She went on a much needed break soon after.

Right before her break, I sent her my email, which was allowed on the site, with the unstated instructions to send her usual picture through the company’s email and then to use her personal email to set up something for free. OK, that was perhaps selfish of me to want to have free cybersex, but her bosses might have been suspicious about the elaborate show she just gave! Anyway, I received her emails minutes later with all the appropriate data, including her Instant Messaging account. I replied to her personal email with a time I wanted to set up a “personal” session with her (one that didn’t overlap with her regular shows).

They next day we were to be face to face, well, cam to cam. She told me her real name was Maxine. We had great cybersex, with her doing most of the work, but I decided to do something more.

“This is so much fun!” she exclaimed, with drool and pussy juice dripping down her face.

“You want to know what would make this even better?” I asked, my computer’s microphone likely picking up my heavy breathing.

“What?” Her eyes went wide.

“Another woman.”

“Sure! I got a friend that I’ve worked with before. She would be great. Not really my type, though.”

“She’s as much your type as you are yours.”

She slowly licked her lips, and said, “Yeah, your right! I can’t fucking wait!”

“She may not fully understand our arrangement at first. Here’s the plan: You have a shift with her on your site, and I come in and make her understand. I’ll be in and out, so you might not even notice I was there. Sounds good, right?”


We set up a time for our next session, and logged off.




A few days later, she and her friend Jackie Glory, whose real name I later learned was Bobbi, were doing a show together. They were in private for much of the time, but I eventually caught them between private shows. She looked quite a bit different from Sexy Maxie: slim with small yet perky breasts, raven hair, green eyes, porcelain skin. I silently embedded the commands into Jackie’s mind. She was to join Sexy no questions asked in our personal sessions, and enjoy it, while I also ensured that her mind was equal in terms of eroticism.

Not long after, I linked up with them. They were already naked, and rubbing their feet, moaning.

“Hello you two!” I said excitedly.

“Hey!” they said in unison.

“You feel no love for each other,” I stated. “You feel a deep lust for each other. You are ‘in lust’ with each other. You can feel your powerful lust building deep inside your souls. You desperately want to confirm this. And when you cum to each other for the first time, you both will become lustful soul mates!”

They looked at each other with almost confused looks on their faces, before lunging at each other. Their kiss was deep and wet. They briefly pulled back to look at each other. Their look was beyond lust, while they uncontrollably drooled at the sight of their bodies. They slowly worked down their quivering bodies, ensuring to cover every part with thick blobs of spit. Soon, they were munching on their wet snatches with loud moans of ecstasy. But, the moment was brief, for they were not done celebrating their bodies. They repositioned themselves to worship up their hips, thighs, calves, and eventually their succulent feet. They lustfully worshiped their feet with their spit and faces, while uncontrollably fingering their dripping pussies. Their orgasm was powerful. The lust-filled soul mates embraced breathlessly.

Now that their souls were mated, they had control over their intense lust for each other. They lightly kissed and squirmed around their sweaty bodies. “I lust for you,” Sexy stated with passion. “And, I lust for you,” Jackie stated with equal passion.




The two lusters permanently had shows together after that, while quickly becoming the top rated show on their site. Maxie and Jackie were simply amazing now that I fully remade them. At least once a day we’d have amazing cam to cam sessions on our own instant messengers for free (not counting regular access fees), while I at least took an hour of their time on the pay site, when I could catch them. Now that they were totally uninhibited exhibitionists, they were making far more money for themselves and their company. But, I wanted to do more with Maxie.

We linked up at the usual time on our private computers. I ensured that Jackie wasn’t there this time. What I was to do would be a surprise for Jackie “So, what do you want to do today, baby?” she asked sexily. Their was subtle disappointment in her tone from Jackie not being there. She was wearing a tight red dress, opaque stockings, and nothing else.

“Something very different.”

“OOOO! What?”

“There is one fetish of mine I never told you about, Sexy.”

“I’m listening,” she said sexily, with excitement.

“I have a fetish for sexy Succubi.” This was true, while I was not sure if I could do what I was thinking.

“OOOO! We better buy some horns and tails for you!”

“I don’t think that’ll be necessary. Succubi should blend in better than that! You see, mind over matter, baby. Not only do you want to feed my love of Succubi, you want to be a Succubus.”

She looked down, shaking her head confused, and said, “I do … I want to be a Succubus …”

“Good. Now that you want to be a Succubus, you will become a Succubus … Here are some specifics, in no particular order. You will essentially look exactly as you do now, while your natural aging is slowed essentially to a halt. What enables your longevity and what keeps you alive is your hunger for Sexual Energy, while your Life Force is Sexual Energy. You have no Sexual Energy. You can feed by inhaling it through the mouth, and absorbing it through your skin. Control over feeding is improved over time,” I stated on automatic. This was mostly how I always imagined true Succubi.

I continued, “Along with longevity, consumed Sexual Energy can be applied in other ways, including increasing physical strength, controlling of physical age, bringing others back to life, and other applications may also be developed with practice. You have a natural empathy, which can be used, among other things, to determine how much Energy someone has to give and exactly what they want. With practice you will morph that empathy into full scale telepathy. You excrete pheromones at will to more easily attract and control others, and will naturally excrete them if you wait too long to feed. You will learn precise control over these pheromones over time. You have no need to completely drain a Human, as that would usually be pointless. You don’t kill an apple tree to feed on its apples! Finally, you have the power to transform other women into Succubi, the process of which shall come naturally to you. Do you understand?” It all remarkably flowed out of me.

“… Yes … it’s a lot, but yes. I shall be glorious!”

“You are already changing. You will likely sleep the day away. Your birth cry shall be tomorrow night. I’m sure the lust of your life won’t mind being fed upon.”

“I can’t wait …” she said drowsily.




Her mouth was glued to her Lust, sucking out the woman’s Sexual Energy, while she hungrily plowed the woman with the dildo. “Yes, feed on your Lust’s Sexual Energy! You’re a Succubus! Give into your need for what flows within her!” I screamed.

Eyes rolling back into her head, the Succubus absorbed a massive blast of Energy from the powerful orgasm. She drank and absorbed it all lovingly. The Succubus lay back gorged, while the other woman lay back unconscious.

“I … I almost took too much from her … She’s very weak …” she said out of breath, yet more alive than she ever was.

“You have done well, Sexy Maxie. You remembered the apple tree.”

“Yes,” she smiled happily, relievedly.

“Now, it’s my turn …”




We set up a half decent hotel room for us to meet. I more than suggested she bring along Jackie, but she would not give me a clear answer in that. Indeed, I wasn’t sure what control, if any, I had over her now.

On the drive over, I thought about Jenny, who I forgot all about in my crazed experimentations. It wasn’t just the lust filled sessions I should be having with her, but how she was now. I messed with her head significantly, albeit not as extravagantly as Maxie. In the strangest of ways, she represented what little normality was left of me. Whatever was to happen with Maxie, I knew I needed to talk to her again …

I ran up to the room to find the naked Succubus seductively laying in bed alone. She patted the bed next to her in invitation. I quickly stripped naked, and answered the invite.

“Where … Where’s Jackie?” I barely asked. Her sweet scent was beyond mind numbing.

She smiled suggestively. “I thought it best it be just the two of us,” she said in deep seductive tones.

I leaned over for a deep kiss, but she held me back.

“… There’s something you should know: a Succubus is a Succubus. I am not the first or the last. The reason why you somehow knew everything, when you worked to artificially transform me, is because your power stems from the Cosmic Gods of Passion. I may not be connected with them, but I can certainly sense them. It allows me to understand all that has happened. Perhaps that ‘sense’ is a rare extra power you unintentionally gave me.”

“I don’t understand …”

She lightly stroked her hand through my hair. “Of course you don’t. Your conscious mind isn’t ready to accept your full potential as a Witch. Ulia’athos is the powerful Lesser God of Technology, and through that God, that entity, I can sense the power you can wield. Indeed, you unknowingly invoked a whole other God to transform me. The one of Curiosity, oddly.” She breathed deeply, and continued hungrily, “While alone, I can sense the Sexual Energy you can give.”

None of this made sense to me. But then again, I never understood what I was doing consciously. I again wondered what kind of control I could still have over the Succubus next to me.

“None at all!” she exclaimed. “The birthright of all Succubi is freedom!” She then lunged at me, and kissed me deeply, pleasurably drinking large swaths of my Sexual Energy …

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