Beyond the Madness of Passions: Latexified

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is a homage to Jukebox’s Quicksand, and it’s a thematic sequel to Cosmic Passions: Latexification. It also incorporates themes from an aborted dream inspired story of mine. Enjoy!

Beyond the Madness of Passions: Latexified

“Glad to hear that grant came through for your tip, Lindsey,” my psychiatrist stated. She was a tall brunette with blonde highlights in her late thirties, and had a very attractive slim frame. Her skin had a healthy sandy complexion, while her dark eyes completed her physical perfection.

I was seeing her for the past year, and was a bit embarrassed by that. I mean, I was a doctor myself, albeit of Ecology! Dr. Sally Sanders knew all that the moment I first stepped into her office, of course. “I was truly relieved. Funding’s been much tighter lately, and I wasn’t sure they were going to give it to me.”

“Now,” she said seriously yet softly, “I feel we’ve hit an impasse, in terms of your therapy, Lindsey.”

“Impasse?” I was caught off guard.

She crossed her fingers professionally over he lap, and continued, “To be blunt, which I know you respect, we can talk for years, and not get to the heart of why you are here. Your spoken reasons for coming to me are true, but they hide the underlying reason.”

She was right, but I was barely able to admit that much. My heart raced.

“I have a new therapy I am developing. No drugs, just you and me. If you are willing, we can schedule a special session. It must be nine at night at the earliest, due to its likely controversial nature.”

“… All right,” I barely answered …

The next night, I found myself in my shrink’s office. We were the only two in the office. I was a bit uncomfortable, not only because I was not sure what was going to happen, but also because I suspected the session would be about sex. Sex was what I was always the most tight assed about.

“So,” she stated professionally in her chair, “I know you’re wondering all about this session. You would not have come if I told you what we were going to do!” She was sexier than ever in her cleavage exposing, red pant suit, and very short skirt. Flowing tightly passed the skirt were black, tightly woven fishnet stockings. Her heals were highly exposing, and easy to remove. The image was like a wet dream of her come true.

“I guess. This is just some new therapy, right?” I asked innocently.

“This is a very experimental therapy we are about to do if you agree. I’ve been carefully developing it, and it has helped other patients. My ultimate goal is to publish a whole book on it.”

“But, what is ‘it’?”

“Well, back in grad school, I did a successful research project on sexual voyeurism and exhibitionism. The results were published, and gave me significant respect among my future peers. Now, I may do regular therapy sessions, but my true focus is the psychology of sex. I guess you never looked me up, as I’m very well respected in that area.”

“Sex?” I asked breathlessly.

“Yes, Lindsey. To tell you the truth, that project in grad school sexually enlightened me. I don’t let it overwhelm me, but it is at the core of who I am. I’m generally open amongst my peers about my openness toward sexuality. Indeed, I am bisexual, and like to watch and be watched for sexual purposes. That’s why I did that project; I just didn’t realize that at first.”

“But, what’s the therapy?” I asked almost defensively.

“Sex,” she answered bluntly. “This therapy, if you agree to it, Lindsey, will allow you to have sex with me. My body is yours tonight. I know you won’t hurt me, but I know you want me.”

I was as speechless as she was serious. Still, she was more than right. I wanted her. I wanted her so bad that I knew a wet spot was forming on my pants over my crotch. She then put her feet up on the coffee table before me, and crossed her ankles. I tenuously leaned forward, and felt up her stockings. My heart raced.

Something snapped in me, and I gave into her offer. Oh fuck, I wanted her! I then quickly removed her heels, and began to lustfully grope her stockinged feet. She curled her toes, and moaned happily at the attention. I was so turned on then that there was nothing that could stop whatever was this was leading to.

I then slobbered all over her delicious feet, before ripping open her stockings. The taste of her bare feet alone almost made me cum! “I’m gonna have to charge you for that!” she joked breathlessly. With that, I practically leaped over the coffee table, and lustfully made out with her. The chair dangerously bent backwards, while it creaked in protest.

Caring very little about the suffering chair, we tossed our clothes away. To my surprise and fantasy fulfilled joy, my doctor wasn’t wearing a bra or panties! We then excitedly made our way back to the gushy couch, and began to wildly scissor, while we sucked on each other’s wiggling toes. We soon screamed in ecstasy …


It felt downright good to be back in the field within the Amazon, especially after that freeing session with my doctor three weeks ago. I was always looking for something new, while rainforests were always home to me. The bugs, the humidity, the rain somehow never bothered me.

“So, you think it’s about time to call it a day, Lindsey?” my very plain looking intern asked. She was the only one of my students willing to come with me on this trip.

I sighed, “Just about, Tina.” Something aberrant then caught my nose. “Do you smell that, Tina?”

She sniffed, while looking around, and answered, “No … What is it?”

“Humph! Well, whatever it was it’s gone now. Let’s get back to the camp.”

We did the usual checklist of things back at the camp: unload the samples into the research tent, lock the collection materials safely in their cases, etc. I could tell that Tina was secretly bored by it all, and enjoying the trip far less than she anticipated. Rainforest Ecology always put people to the test, as did all studies within extreme climates …

I woke up the next morning barely remembering my very dark dream. I remembered walking through the rainforest, shockingly enough, and finding, well, something. Then, there was something about some black substance being delicious yet mind altering and erotic. That substance seemed to want me …

“Hey, Lindsey!” Tina casually peaked into my tent. “Feeling all right? It’s past ten, and I know you wanted to get back out by nine …”

“Oh, sorry, Tina! The jet lag finally hit me, I guess. I’ll be ready in a little bit,” I said subtly bewildered …

After another long day of study, we were ready to head back to camp. Suddenly, that scent from yesterday hit me again, but far more strongly, now. “Tina … Do you smell that?”

She sniffed, “Rubber?”

“I knew it was real!” I exclaimed.

Curiously, they followed the scent. It led them to a large tree with leaves resembling that of a rubber tree. Surrounding it was a pool of black goo. It was not necessarily unheard of for a wild rubber tree to have some of its sap surrounding, but the blackness and sheer size of the pool was unusual. Indeed, rubber tree sap was normally a milky white! The tree itself was also far taller than average for a rubber tree.

We prepared to take as many samples as possible of what could have been a new tree species. Though, Tina was somewhat pessimistic, in that the color could have had more to do with local minerals in the soil and rocks. All the while, the odd fumes were making me a little dizzy, and perhaps in ways other than scientific.

We carefully took as much data as possible: approximate depth and size of the pool, liquid and soil samples. I would have liked to acquire living samples of the tree, but the size of the surrounding pool made that impossible in that moment. Ladders and other related equipment were back at the camp.

While Tina was packaging all the equipment and samples, I found myself squatting at the edge of pool, starring deep into the black abyss. I was totally mesmerized. The fumes were making me so dizzy … I don’t know why I did it, but the next thing I knew, I dipped my two fingers into the warm sap. I placed my fingers in my mouth and savored. It definitely tasted like rubber, but not like any rubber I ever tasted intentionally. Somehow, it was the most delicious thing I ever put in my mouth! The warmth was truly soothing, while it slid down my throat. The warm dizziness finally overwhelmed me, and I fell into the pool of liquid latex …

The shock of falling in shot enough adrenaline into me to partly bring me out of the fumy haze. The liquid was almost like quicksand, but I was just able to push my head above the surface. My mouth opened too soon, and a mass of delicious black goo flew into my mouth and down my throat. Through my clouded vision, I could see Tina quickly chopping down a thick vine to use as a rope.

The warm latex within and without me began to overwhelm my mind even more so than the fumes. I stopped trying to keep my head up, and let myself sink deep into the black pool. A shiny blackness surrounded me. The warm goo ate right through my clothes, and pleasurably seeped right into me. When it reached my brain, I could no longer think …

Suddenly, I felt a rope-like object tap against me. I grabbed it, and soon found myself leaning on Tina, walking to the camp. The thick liquid latex encasing me would not stick onto Tina, but that didn’t bother us right them. Indeed, I was barely there mentally.

“What happened to your clothes!” I heard. It sounded as if she repeated herself.

“I … I don’ know …” I barely answered. I was breathless, while my spit was thick and gooey.

I soon found myself lying on a mobile exam table, with my eyes shut. Tina was trying to wash off the latex.

“I don’t understand it … It won’t come off!”

“It wouldn’t, Tina,” I said deeply, impulsively, while opening my eyes.

Tina stepped back, gasping in horror. “My God, Lindsey, your eyes!”

“What’s wrong with them?” I asked almost casually, while sitting up on the table.

“… They’re … They’re totally black, onyx!”

I grinned toothily.

“Your teeth are black, too!”

“I supposed they would be, too,” I said, while it was all becoming clear to me. “A small meteorite smashed into the rainforest long ago. That meteorite is a kind of seed, which can take over all life on a planet. A rubber tree’s roots ultimately came in contact with that rock, and mutated. That’s why it’s larger than average; that’s why it produces so much extra sap, creating the black pool around it. Unfortunately, the base DNA of life on this planet is not fully compatible with the meteorite seed, or perhaps something unseen, unknown happened before a susceptible Human came to it. Regardless, the urge to conquer is gone …”

Tina stood distantly in shock, while listening.

“That sap was actually partly conscious yet soulless, and liked my somewhat freed self. It drew me in. I could not fully comprehend what it was doing to me at the time, but it would have terrified me! It ate though me, inside and out, braking me down almost completely. That consciousness then took over my soul. After making the material part of it latex, the consciousness rebuilt me from the soul up. I am one with that consciousness; I am latex now. It’s all thanks to the God Florathiosis of Transformation!” It was all vivid to me now, even the truth of the unseen event of the Gods of Passion, which was currently unimportant to my future.

My intern stood there in total shock not knowing what to do. It looked like she wanted to run as much as she wanted to satisfy her scientific curiosity.

A touch of black latex drool escaped from my mouth, and I said, “I have no plans to transform the Human race, but I want to explore the latex that I am.”

The moment I stepped onto the ground, Tina stepped back. I then lunged at her, gluing my wide open mouth onto hers …


“Now, Lindsey,” the psychiatrist said seriously, “I know this is only our second special session, but like I said over the phone, I don’t know all possible ill effects this experimental therapy may have. We should not make a habit of this.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure this will be out last one,” I stated. My companion and I returned from our trip a month ago, not long after we found that special tree. Let’s just say that I forgot to mention that tree in my final report.

Something about my tone worried her. “I would like to talk about your trip first, Lindsey, but I don’t think you want, too.”

“No,” I answered, “but it is connected with what is about to happen.”

“What’s about to happen?” She looked genuinely uncomfortable.

“What you see before you is a completely changed woman, right down to the cellular level and deeper.”

“Your not making any sense …”

I smiled slyly with my falsely pink colored lips. “We found something. It made me into something else: latex. My bones are hard rubber; latex sap runs through my veins. I can even alter my external appearance to appear Human,” I stated seriously.

I stood up, and removed my clothes. Externally, I looked as I did before: dark hair, blue eyes, light skin, B-cup breasts. I then let go of my concentration holding that appearance together. My body quickly shifted its color to its natural, shiny pitch black. At the same time, my eyes became like two onyx stones, while my breasts ballooned to a full DD.

My thick black spit leaked from the corners of my rubbery mouth, while I looked over the shocked doctor. “None of this would have been possible without you. Now, I must reward you!” I then lunged at the shocked woman, and deeply made out with her, while my transformative spit flowed into her wide open mouth. My spit did not have to be transformative; I had perfect control. I pulled back to watch my black spit latexify her mouth and saliva glands. She moaned in ecstasy and shock.

A small amount of still unchanged spit leaked from the doctor’s mouth. I leaned over, and licked it up, latexifying part of her cheek with my own spit. She moaned and gurgled loudly, while a small amount of latexified, transformative spit leaked from her mouth, transforming her skin as it went. Her transformation was inevitable now, but her own transformative juices could take a while to fully transform her. I stated, “I can latexify you completely so quickly, like what I did with my vastly improved intern, but I’ll slow things down for you. I wanna have fun!”

She tried to say something, but her mouth was now too different for anything coherent until her transformation was complete. Her near orgasmic state did not help much either.

I then ripped her clothes off, and began to lick and kiss down her quivering body. Latexified, shiny black splotches of skin were left behind from the attention. I teasingly avoided her dripping pussy (I had something special planned), before I continued down her leg. When I reached her foot, I stared at it for a moment, and then knew exactly what I was to do. Her bloodstream was already partly latexified from her own transformed spit being digested, as evidenced by the white of her eyes slowly turning black. That made what I was to do just barely possible.

I slowly forced her soft foot into my drooling, rubbery mouth. Like a dildo, I moved her foot in and out, while pushing it inward more than pulling it outward. The more latexified her foot became, the easier it was to contort it down my stretchable throat. Soon, my rubbery lips were wrapped around her ankles, with her foot totally consumed. I obviously was unable to breath, but no longer being Human had its advantages.

While she wildly orgasmed, I grasped her ankle with my hand, and slowly removed the latexified foot from my mouth. It was now rubber right to the bone. The only thing keeping it from being a true shiny black like my color was her only partly transformed blood.

I then leaned downward to her dripping pussy. I let loose massive amounts of my thick, transformative spit onto her pussy lips. She quickly exploded in continuous orgasm. Her now rubbery mouth opened inhumanly wide in her epic scream of passion. I happily rubbed my black spit into her hole, making it more than flexible enough to handle what I was about to do. Seeing blackened pussy juices leak from her snatch, I knew she was ready.

Transferring all my current, intense arousal into my mouth, my tongue fattened, and began to grow outward quickly. Soon, a massive, liquid latex soaked dildo protruded from my mouth. Thousands of sensitive nerve endings formed within it. I then fused my mouth around it, so that I no longer had a mouth. That part of my head simply became the strong base for the black latex dildo, while my spit glands became intricately connected with it. I can transform myself in any way I can imagine, while I wanted to try something special to aid in the latexification.

I then plowed my massive dildo tongue into her leaking pussy, stretching the rubbery lips almost too much. Every thrust was like an orgasm for both of us. I would have screamed in passion even more loudly than the partly rubber woman before me if I currently a mouth! I was still able to grunt, though, and while not easily visible, my onyx eyes rolled back. My pleasure was building at an exponential rate, and I suddenly lost control, before I exploded my transformative juices into her.

I pulled out, and let my dildo deflate back into a tongue, while reforming my mouth. Looking at the writhing, slowly transforming women before me, I called out to Tina with my mind. Though technically individuals, we were of the same consciousness, and we could know exactly what we were thinking and feeling at all times.

She walked into the room, and we wetly licked out lips at the sight of the doctor writhing pleasurably in her leather chair. Tina’s body was now as voluptuous as my own. Her subconscious need for such a body was far more than any image of a woman I adhered to. That was why we both were now so voluptuous, with massive, bulging breasts.

Tina wanted to complete the doctor’s transformation as much as I did, obviously, but it was technically my show. I lunged on top of the changing woman, and forcibly kissed the willing, rubbery mouth. I then spewed my latexifying spit down her throat, as if it were a fire hose. Her blackening eyes rolled back into her head in the ecstasy she felt. Soon, her entire body (the parts that weren’t transformed already) became a shiny black latex from the inside out.

The doctor was physically latexified, but there was still one more step. To be latex, one’s soul must be at least partly latex to survive. Tina and I carefully placed her on the carpeted floor, and forcibly groped our bodies all over one another. The more we pressed onto our bodies, the more we literally melted into each other. The doctor more than played along. Soon, we were a massive mass of quivering, shiny back latex. The image would have been terrifying to curious onlookers, who would not know the true sensuality of it. Tina and I then began to Fuse our souls and consciousness with hers. It all melted together seamlessly, and we were soon one …

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