Review: Lost Girl

Though I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, the Canadian Fantasy-Noir Lost Girl has had a profound affect on my Passions Multiverse. A show concentrating on an antihero Succubus that just happens to be quite the femme fatale! Indeed, the Passions Multiverse may not even exist in its current form without its inspiration. As can be seen in the early stories of Cosmic Passions and all of Transformative Properties, it was mostly Vampires, Witches,  mentally off Humans, and Lovecraft inspired entities. There were certainly early depictions of non demonic Succubi, which have been ironed out as Artificial and Avatar Succubi, but the concept of a Succubus being an integral part of the madness did not exist until I saw and became obsessed with the show. Through that concept, Beyond the Madness of Passions and much of what is to come after became what it is.

Every good mythology needs a good antihero. The kind of character that is capable destroying everything, whether they know it or not. Yet, it is through that epic power that they become that chaotic-good character that everyone loves and fears. Their sanity is often on the edge of oblivion from their great power, yet that may be exactly where they want it. Know one knows how to deal with them, while they are unchainable. The world is theirs, while they may pretend not to know it, or quietly learn how to make the best of it. Whatever is to come, the chaotic-good antihero will be there to change the future.

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