Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Tattoo

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Tattoo


I was very suspicious of my blonde roommate Brianna, while we walked up to my apartment. It was my twenty-first birthday, and that seemed to be the last thing on her mind. Admittedly, we were struggling a bit, since we graduated from the Brenham College accelerated business program. Even though the economy was a hell of a lot better than it was a year ago, the best I could do, at least, was a floor manager position at some crappy retail store. Brianna worked as a part time sales associate at a somewhat less crappy retail store.

Still, by the time we reached our door, Brianna’s big blue eyes showed clear excitement. Almost afraid of what was probably going to happen, I unlocked my door, and walked into the dark apartment. The moment I turned on the main lights, everyone jumped from their hiding places for the cliche “SURPRISE!”

Brianna friendlily kissed me on the cheek, and guided me to the couch. Several bottles of whisky and beer were placed before me, along with a hefty sized cake. Sure, I drank before, but it was legal for me to do it now! Well, we all indulged.

It did not take long for the night to become very fuzzy and silly. We all took pictures with our cell phones, which would inevitably be thrown online later, regardless of embarrassment factor. I didn’t exactly want the world to know that I randomly started making out with Suzie! Still, it was all part of the fun …



I woke up the next morning that Sunday with a blinding headache. After an hour or so into the party, everything was blank. I pulled myself out of bed before realizing I was totally naked. The moment would have been cliche if I woke up next to someone, stranger or no.

Suddenly, I caught my bare chest in my tall mirror. “Now that is a cliche!” I exclaimed breathlessly. Between my perky B-cup breasts floated a Tattoo of a naked woman resembling me. It was almost a caricature, with the breasts multiple sizes larger than mine. The face contained almost devious arousal. I then realized I was feeling rather aroused …

“Janice, you alive in there? It’s past noon,” my roommate said lightly through the door.

“Yeah …” My chain of thought was totally broken. “Be out in a sec.”

“Want an aspirin or something? I know you drank a lot last night.”

“Yeah …” I said, confirming both sentences.

I walked out in just my gushy robe, which was admittedly out of the ordinary for me. I choked down the pills Brianna handed to me, and quietly sat at the kitchen table. “Brianna?”


“I don’t remember everything I did last night … Did I leave the apartment at any time?”

“No, I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

“I, uh …” I almost didn’t want to say it. “I woke up with a Tattoo on my chest …”

“Oh, come on! It’s probably some wash off next day temporary thing. I mean, those things take a while to heal!” she said truthfully, not seeing a large bandage peaking out from the robe. She had a small heart tattoo on her right ankle.

Without much thought, I walked into the bathroom to try to wash the aberrant thing off. I was remarkably not surprised that it didn’t! It was simply there … and bigger? Maybe it was a trick of the light, but it really looked bigger in the bathroom mirror. Not by much, though.

I then realized the arousal I felt minuets before was returning the more I starred at the familiar woman on my chest. My hands began to rub my breasts in an unconsciously decided attempt to massage the woman between them. I quietly moaned happily. The pleasure of it somehow overrode the shock of seeing the Tattoo woman writhe in pleasure herself, while rubbing her own massive breasts! The more I gave into the pleasure, the more she grew, and the more she grew, the more pleasure I felt. She soon spanned my neck to my abdomen, almost completely covering my breasts.

“Hey, you OK in there?” Brianna called with concern.

I shook my head in confusion. Mind an utter blank, I walked out of the bathroom naked.

“Woah!” she exclaimed, and unconsciously stepped back. “That does look like a real Tattoo!”

I stepped closer to her. My actions were not completely my own. “I’m not really sure what it is …” I said breathlessly. “Want a closer look?”

“What? … Humph!” she breathed into my Tattooed chest, after I plunged her face into it. In an implausibly pleasurable act, the Tattoo pleasurably copied itself onto Brianna, moving down and resting between her breasts. Brianna stumbled back, and opened her blouse to see the new “decoration.” It then morphed itself into a deviously horny version of herself. The breasts were oddly not larger, though. She stumbled onto the couch in her wave of pleasure, passing out.

I followed her, but fell to the carpeted floor next to her in my own arousal. I passionately rubbed my breasts and crotch. I soon began to feel the Tattoo engulfing my body, happily feeling my breasts ballooning under my tingling hands. When it finally engulfed my head, I screamed in a powerful orgasm, and passed out …




I woke up a while later feeling as different as I felt the same. The Tattoo was now me as much as I was now the Tattoo. Well, not counting my full DD-cup breasts and totally bald body! I understood very little, but I had the feeling the answer to it all was within me through barely understood instinct.

“Ja … Janice, what happened? What did you do to me?” Brianna barely asked, while I stood. I then realized how much she was arousing me. My sexuality had somehow changed, too.

“I gave you the Tattoo, I guess. It’s not all yet clear to me. You are not fully transformed, but I think I know how to accelerate the process.”

“Wha … Oh, fuck!” she exclaimed, while I violently began to finger her. She automatically began to squeeze her breasts.

The closer she came to orgasm, the more the Tattoo engulfed her body. Drool dribbled down her cheeks, while the Tattoo grew around her head. She soon exploded loudly in orgasm, squirting just as wildly. She passed out.

I happily sat next to the transformed woman, feeling an immense power within me. It became clear to me that I now had control over the Tattoo that I now am. Obviously, the woman, who gave me the transformative Tattoo, had control, as evidenced by my enlarged breasts.

Then, a totally crazy idea hit me: make my skin latex. I somehow knew that appearance equalled reality in however I made myself look. Concentrating, I willed my skin to become a jet black color and have a rubbery texture. I moaned and grunted while the whole of my epidermis changed to the new paradigm. Barely keeping my eyes open in the almost painful pleasure, I saw my whole body darken, and gain a wondrous luster.

I walked over to my tall mirror in my bedroom to see the results. All my skin really was latex! “Oh, my fucking God!” I heard behind me.

I turned around to see Brianna’s skin now replaced by tan colored hose, which matched her now natural blonde hair perfectly. She was in total amazement.

“I see you’re learning quickly, too, Brianna!” I happily exclaimed.

“I, I dreamed about wearing pantyhose, and woke up like this!”

“It’s not permanent. Watch this!” I then concentrated, and morphed my skin to match Brianna’s. “UOOOOH, yea!” I grunted at completion.

I lunged at her, and began to make out. On impulse, I melted my skin on hers, while she automatically did the same. Soon, we were one sensuous, hose covered mass. The pleasure was beyond anything we ever knew. It was as if our very minds were making love. We soon exploded in wet orgasm.

We slowly melted apart, and lay next to each other semiconscious. I then impulsively requested, “I wanna be you for a day, Brianna.”

“Really, you think we can do that?” Though she accepted the transformation as I did, she still could barely believe it.

I concentrated, and lighted my dark hair to the golden blonde of hers. “Oh, yeah!”

“Do it!” she stated lustfully.

I concentrated an morphed myself into the slender blonde. I grew slightly taller, while my eyes turned a distinct blue and skin subtly darkened. A perfect replica of the normal tattoo on her ankle appeared. To her surprise and mine, I grasped her head, and absorbed her mind. Albeit temporary, we were now twins in mind and body. We smiled happily, identically …

It was remarkably easy being someone else, and quite freeing. I didn’t do anything stupid, because consequences had new meaning. Admittedly, I didn’t go to her job, but I did have a successful conversation with her mother. After I bought some new shoes for her, I changed back, while I let Brianna also have a day as me after.




After I stripped naked for a shower, I found myself looking at my now naturally darkened skin, and I wondered what else I could do. Physically becoming another woman was a hell of a ride, but I wanted to explore my new power further. I ultimately decided to adjust my skin in a way that was inspired by a red tabby cat a friend of mine once had.

I first adjusted my skin tone to a distinct reddish orange. The resulting appearance was almost but not quite like some cheap fake tan. I then started to make subtle adjustments to the base color. Subtle touches of white and black appeared on my inner thighs and arms to give my silken skin a softer appearance, while my palms and soles became lighter shades of the reddish orange. Subtle black striations also were made apparent. Next, I lightened my chest to almost a complete soft white, with the base color subtly bleeding through. I then made a broad black stripe appear along the length of my spine, with soft black stripes of uneven width encircling my waist and chest. Then finally, disconnected black stripes soon horizontally lined my outer arms and legs, failing to connect on the inside.

I looked at myself in the mirror very pleased. Though I only went from memory, there was little doubt that I was the Cat Woman form of that proud old tabby, and an undeniably sexy one at that! “MEEEYOW!” I cooed sexily, while wildly throwing my dark hair back.

Then I started to feel strange. I stumbled and leaned onto the wall next to my mirror. My thought processes slowly became more simplistic and impulsive. I wanted to run for miles, and hunt down an unsuspecting animal. I drooled slightly at though thought of warm, raw flesh passing my lips. Uncontrollably, I found myself scratching down the wall in my frustrated confusion, digging into the soft plaster. My nails had grown longer, and had become strong and sharp like claws. My emotions were far more vivid, and all but uncontrollable. At the same time, I was lifting myself onto my toes. “GERRRROW!” I spewed angrily, feeling so right and wrong at the same time. Suddenly, my vision blurred, while my eyes felt like they were suddenly under a tremendous pressure. I growled loudly.

Hands holding my hurting eyes, I turned my back to the wall, and leaned against it. The confusing discomfort slowly faded, and lowered my hands. The room before me was somehow different. It was almost too bright to look at, while my eyes adjusted, and ultimately still remained brighter than I ever knew it. Though the room was far more vivid than it was, colors seemed somewhat dulled, but I had a feeling that dulness would not be as much of an issue in dimmer lighting.

Walking on my toes, I positioned myself in front of my mirror again. Ironically, it was not the black vertical slits of my pupils that startled me. I instinctually hissed at the “other” Cat Woman in the mirror, while I aggressively swatted with my long nailed “paws.” I could see my sharper teeth and proud fangs. I soon forced myself to again understand that it was my reflection. My claws retraced into my fingers, before I realized I could control that at will. I then realized that my instincts now were on equal footing if not higher than my understandings. Instinct told me to like the “purer” thought processes, and in that moment, my instincts were higher than my understandings.

I purred loudly, reveling in my new self, before the urge to clean was blatant and overpowering. After making a few “toe steps” toward my bathroom, I felt saliva build extensively in my mouth, and realized I wanted a tongue bath instead. Slightly overpowering my instincts, I drew my shades and closed my bedroom door to see better, and I then laid out clean towels on the floor.

Finally giving in, I crawled onto the towels, and began to methodically lick clean my front paws. My taste buds were all but shut off, because taste matter little in cleaning. After I felt they were clean enough, I filled them with spit, and stroked my paws through my black hair. I often just my put hair in my own mouth for cleaning. I then worked down my body, and what ever I could not reach with my tongue, I made up for with my hands. I was now quite the contortionist, though.

I was carefully cleaning between my toes with my tongue, when I heard the front door close. I automatically sniffed, and somehow knew it was my roommate, while every move she made was vividly loud. Though I was essentially done cleaning myself, my mind was still in cleaning mode. So, I decided to clean Brianna. I toed into the living room, after she sat on the couch. She was most pleased with my physical alterations.

Before I sat next to her, Brianna stated, “I didn’t know we could change our eyes, too!”

I sat, and stated, “Mewoow … I’mmma Cat Wommman neow.” Though I most certainly still could understand and speak, language was not as easy as it once was. “Weee can change ourrrselves mmmore than just simmmple color …” Briefly loosing control I licked the surprised yet willing Brianna’s hair, before continuing, “The mmmind rrrreflects the body, and mmmmakes it rreal … Mmmy mmind rrewrrrote mmy DNA to conforrmm with the outside … mmeeeyoww, wroww” I briefly lost control again, and resumed cleaning her golden hair, often working it with my teeth. “Mmmmeow … I cannot alwways contrrol my instincts neow, and I don’t really wwant to … mmerow … I HAVE to bathe yyou neow!”

I let go of what little control I had, and continued to clean her hair with my hands and tongue. The amount of spit I was excreting was incredible, while her hair began to mat from the moisture. Brianna then stated, “You sound like you really like this. Are you gonna stay this way?” I barely answered, “Mmyyes!”

She obviously was more than willing for a tongue bath, and quickly pealed off her clothes. While I began work on her face, I could just barely taste her light makeup. I sensed that my stomach could handle such stuff, while all I cared about was cleaning it off her face. When I was cleaning her lips, she stated to make out with me, confusingly. I let out an annoyed meow, and began work on her neck. After finishing with her neck, I lifted her arms, and starting at her armpits, I worked up, cleaning each portion in turn. I paid extra attention to her hands, slowly working out the day’s grime with my spit.

Before I began work on her chest and overall frontside, I aggressively flipped her over, and happily cleaned off her back and ass. I then flipped her back, and worked on her chest. If I wasn’t so obsessed with cleaning, I would have been turned on by her magnificent breasts in my mouth! After, I continued down her flat stomach to her hips. Then with my hands, I opened up her pussy to clean deep inside her. She happily moaned.

I of course felt no arousal whatsoever, and continued down her thighs and calves. After I finished with her ankles. I cleaned her feet very carefully, making sure my tongue reached between each toe.

Satisfied with my work, I crawled up her body and cuddled. I loudly purred, feeling the need for a good nap. “Can you show me what it feels like to be you now?” she asked curiously, while petting my hair and back. I smiled at her, and instinctually placed my front paws on her head. I forced my Tattoo partly onto her. Her eyes went wide, while her skin turned an orangey red, and darker stripes subtly appeared. At the same time, her toe and fingernails grew longer and sharper. “Myoww!” she suddenly cooed. I removed my hands, and she slowly recovered. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “So free! Not quite what I want, but I can see why you’re sticking with it!” While her skin returned to its color prior, her nails would stay longer until she trimmed them. I purred loudly, and fell asleep in her arms …

My dreams were truly wild and animalistic. I ran naked in a darkly lit woods, looking for prey or pleasure. I soon found myself before an unsuspecting squirrel. I leaped at it, and in the excitement, I suddenly awoke.

Brianna was still asleep. Hungry, I pealed myself away from her and toed over to the freezer, which held a small slab of steak. I removed it, and lightly warmed it in the microwave. Admittedly, it was strange to eat such bloodily rare beef, but it was exactly how I wanted it.

I was happily cleaning the steak juice off of myself, when Brianna walked over. She said, while teasingly petting my hair, “You made me so horny, Jan. No one’s ever cleaned me like that before!” I purred, and replied, “UMMroww … If you wwana currl up in bed, I mmay follow!” I was glad that my weakened grasp of language was slowly fixing itself. Though, I rather liked my “meowing” speech style for obvious reasons.

I soon toed my way into Brianna’s bedroom. She lay in her bed naked, lightly touching herself. It made me quite horny, but my urge to clean her recently walked on feet took over. I crawled onto the bed, and commenced the mandatory cleaning. I was very thorough earlier, while we kept our floors relatively clean, so my work did not take long.

Brianna was happily moaning and cooing at my attention, while I looked up her body. I understood why she found the attention so erotic, even though I was helping her cleanliness. Easily giving into my own sexual needs, I aggressively licked and kissed my way up her wondrous body, purring all the while. It was interesting to note that the sexual intentions made my sense of taste very sensitive.

While we lovingly kissed deeply, I felt that this position was somehow wrong. Instinctually, I flipped her onto her stomach, and began to fuck her from behind. “Kittyy styyle!” I whispered in her ear, while I rubbed my crotch on her ass and fingered her crotch. I uncontrollably growled and purred in my ferocious excitement, while I playfully licked and nibbled at her back. Brianna moaned loudly from excited attention, before screaming in wet orgasm.

I was so close to orgasm, while I had to mark her as mine! Impulsively, I flipped her onto her back, and fingered myself wildly, while I squatted over her. “OH … OH WROW!” I cooed. “EERRR … MERROW!” My squirt spewed all over her chest and stomach. Uncontrollably, I licked my way up her body to thoroughly clean my juices off of her. We kissed deeply, while I purred loudly. “Neow, we’re rrealy loverrs!” I exclaimed…




The next day, I began to realize that my more powerful instincts were leading me to an inevitable fact faster than I would have originally. Brianna and I were technically a part of what was thought to be a failed retrovirus experiment of the scientist Dr. Cornelia Reynolds. How the experiment escaped the lab is still a mystery, while the others of my kind have not yet decided to reveal the success of that experiment to Reynolds. We must ensure that our race is both secret and preserved. Yes, Brianna and I were no longer Human in the strictest sense after we were infected by the Tattoo, while I made myself even less. Soon, Brianna and I shall find the few others of our kind, and join in the greater consciousness of the Tattoo.

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