Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Succubus

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Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Succubus

Dr. Andre Jackson

Brenham College of New Hampshire

Library and Archives Department

Brookbridge, NH


Dear Zane Mallords

Your request to borrow the Liber Lubidinum for your doctoral research is a difficult one. The book has not been removed from its case for several years, and our archives are normally for reference purposes only, unless under special circumstances. I did personally examine the book, and came to the conclusion that it is in sufficient condition for travel. It is inexplicably in better shape than anything else in our archive. It is university policy that if a book or document is borrowed from the archive that the borrower must take it themselves. There is also documentation that must be signed in person on the same day. I look forward to seeing you, Mr Mallords.



Dr. Andre Jackson

Archives Director

Brenham College Library and Archives Department


I was always fascinated with the concept of Vampires and Succubi. The latter recently became my ultimate focus for doctoral research. Though mythology does not really have a degree to its name, there are many disciplines that make such research possible. My bachelors and masters are in anthropology and history, respectively. My doctoral research at Randolph University is again under the anthropology banner, but part of the self designed degree program, where my research is officially called Mythological Anthropology.

Recently, my research hit an impasse. Randolph may have had, if their PR is to be believed, a “world class” library and research network. They, however, are on the weaker side for my specialized work, so I had to go outside their prized network. Liber Lubidinum, or the Book of Passions, is an exceedingly rare item. Myth states that a Mad Minoan by the name of Itra Eleutherios made many copies due to an infinite stamina, while most are now lost with time like its true name. However, myself and others in my field theorize that there was really only one, but the other apparent forgeries are of near equal age, making it impossible to distinguish the original.

The relatively nearby Brenham College had one copy, and I was overjoyed to have a chance to even see it. I quickly wrote back to say the time I would arrive next week to retrieve the Book …

“Ah, Mr Mallords, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” Dr. Jackson said welcomingly while firmly shacking my hand. He was a bit of a gaunt old man with a very grey mustache.

“You, too. Is the book prepared?” I asked, wanting to move things along. I was never much of a people person. There’s a reason why most people never heard the silly, downright sarcastic things I said in my head.

“Oh, not yet. I thought you might want to see it before we fill out the paperwork in my office.” There was a subtly defensive tone to his voice. It was as if he expected me to inspect it automatically. I trusted him, if only because there were very few people who knew about it outside of the weird academic circles.

“Well, lead the way.” I put on a false smile.

He lead me to the steps. The elevator was out, and they kept all their archives in the climate controlled area in the basement. My imagination was getting the better of me right then. It was like I was traveling to another world, of which held the secrets of the Multiverse. Preposterous, of course, but such imagination was at the core of so many myths.

I soon found myself in a somewhat dimly lit, brown hall with several locked rooms budding off. In that moment, I wondered what other secrets they protected in this ancient library.

“Well, here we are, sir,” he stated, breaking my chain of thought. He entered his code on the security pad next to the door.

When the door opened, a rush of cool air brushed my face. And then, I saw it sitting on the desk on the far end. White gloves and a lamp lay next to it. Walking up to it, I understood what he meant about its remarkably pristine condition, and why I may want to inspect it. But at the same time, it looked far from new. It was as if it was written and immediately placed in some tightly sealed capsule for thousands of years.

Almost shaking, I slipped on the one size fits all, yet still too small, gloves. My heart raced. It was a thing of beauty, even if it there was a chance it was an ancient forgery.

“Do you know Ancient Minoan Script, Mr. Mallords?” I heard behind me.

“Eteocretan? Enough … You do know it was only recently deciphered?” I said with breathless authority.

“No, I’m only an archivist.” It sounded like he’d said similar things many times.

“I was on the team that helped crack it,” I stated quietly, while ignoring the oddity of his tone. “History and myth are very much connected to linguistics, you know. The trick was always the Ancient Greek Linear B text. But, that alone never worked. The origins of Minoan Script (Linear A) are still a mystery, and the script is not directly related to Linear B. The key, the secret was THIS book. It was written AFTER Eteocretan and its script fell out of use on Crete. What that means is that it has influences from the contemporary script: Linear B. Of course, we don’t have a clue about how it was spoken, let alone how accurate our translations are.”

“That’s quite the accomplishment … I was under the impression that you’ve never really seen one of these tomes.”

“And, you would be right,” I stated airily. “We were never able to borrow a copy. We only used scanned images. Nothing like the real thing … There is something … riveting about it …”

“Um, yes, I suppose … Why don’t we head to my office to fill out the paperwork? I’ll have someone prepare the Book.” There was a subtly nervous inflection to his tone.

I nodded, slowly removed the gloves, and pulled myself away.

In what seemed like no time at all, I was walking out the door with the carefully packaged Book. Looking back, I was not acting normal, and still wasn’t. There was a kind of excitement within, of which I never felt before. It was like I was standing on a mountain top for the first time. I felt like I was ready for anything …


After retrieving an unpublished index of the Book from the dissolved translation team, I tirelessly began searching for any and all references to Succubi in my office. They were mostly confined to a single section. Perhaps with some irony, it was a very well organized book. The section had everything from abilities to their creation. The part that I found the most remarkable is that it suggested a kind of societal conflict amongst the Succubi, in that many didn’t see the point in taking every ounce of Sexual Energy from their victims. A then new breed of Succubi, the Artificials, were a key part of the cultural shift. There were most certainly conflicting myths on feeding, but very few of them suggested there was a physical conflict.

The other section that referenced Succubi concentrated on summoning. They were the most difficult to summon, because they held no allegiance to any of the Gods of Passion, which this Book and others adhere to. Summoning is very difficult, anyway, with most conscious entities having free will, and many recognizing such a spell. Such a thing isn’t much better than using today’s cell phone or yesterday’s pager. “Wouldn’t that be something,” I mumbled to myself. “Summoning a Succubus.” I wrapped the Book up, and placed it in my top desk drawer.


The next day, Sunday, I found myself wanting to go to the local bar. I rarely did so, but couldn’t see why not then. Just one drink, I told myself. I needed to get out the apartment, anyway. I soon found myself sipping on some half decent Irish Whiskey after another day of study that night.

Halfway through my drink, an amazing woman came to focus on the other side of the circular bar. Her beauty was ageless. She had dark hair and eyes, flawlessly creamy skin, firm and full body. She wore a form fitting, black dress, which was rather tasteful in its own way. She was looking right at me, smiling in a sexy yet unassuming way. She walked around the bar and sat next to me, glass of red wine in hand. My heart raced.

“I know I’ve seen you before,” she said in a full yet airy tone.

“I don’t think so,” I barely said. “What do they call you?” She had a very intoxicating perfume. Indeed, it was a rare perfume scent that didn’t make me cough and gag.


“I’m Zane … What, uhh, what brings you here, Liona?” I found myself uncontrollably looking down her perfectly aligned curves. My eyes didn’t stop until they reached her creamily soft feet, one of which dangled a medium length heal.

“Sometimes you just have to get out, right?” She sipped her drink, and slowly placed it down.

“Yeah…” I found myself totally breathless. Normally, I’m a very internal person, breaking everything down to the smallest of detail, but every possible, positive emotion was so amplified that I could barely think. But then again, a woman such as Liona never sat next to me at a bar before, let alone that fact that I so rarely went out for a drink.

“You’re not much of a talker are you? Maybe, I’m not either.”

“I don’ even know you …” God I loved her perfume!

“Why don’t you pay for your drink, Zane?” she requested sweetly.

I put the appropriate bill on the counter without much thought.

She grabbed my arm. Her soft skin was remarkable on my own. “Let’s go,” she said.

Before I knew it, I was in my bedroom aggressively making out with Liona. I barely remembered driving home, but had a feeling I was speeding. I stepped back for a second, almost vainly trying to catch my breath. “This never happens to me!” I barely said. “Then let’s make the best of it!” she said before lunging back at me, making us fall onto the bed.

Her lips and tongue alone trumped the few past experiences I had! While I humped her wildly, she clamped a leg onto me, and rubbed her soft sole on my back. We were wild, dirty, animalistic, almost inhuman. I was going on instinct alone.

My hand then traveled down the leg with the massaging foot. I grasped her flawless foot and stroked it. “Oh, I knew you liked feet!” she purred airily. I almost came at that, but somehow held composure.

Suddenly, she pushed me onto my back, and began to rub her wrinkled soles up my heaving chest. I passionately rubbed and slobbered over every inch of them, when they reached my face. “OH, YEAH, never get this!” she cooed, while rubbing and fingering her snatch. With many toes in my mouth, I began to wildly jerk off. That didn’t last long, though. She pushed my hand away with her moistened feet, and jerked me off with her silken soles. Still stimulating her wet snatch, she bent over and sucked me off in time with her feet. I soon squirt massive loads down her shapely throat. My orgasm was more powerful than I thought possible, and probably erased memories! Almost immediately after, she fell onto her back, and screamed in an epic orgasm, which made my ears ring.

I lay back vainly trying to catch my breath. I felt quite a bit drained, but still there. Liona sat up on her elbows, and licked her lips with a big smile. “Still awake? GOOD!” The look in her eyes was of lustful hunger. She then lunged at me, and we made out with more intensity than when we started. I was pleasantly relieved that I couldn’t taste a hint of salt on her tongue!

Liona began to kiss and lick downward hungrily. My cock was still somewhat limp, but the moment it passed her luscious lips, that was no longer a problem. Liona then sat up and walked up my body on her knees, before straddling my mouth with her dripping snatch. I automatically ate her out. Nothing tasted better. Then in a move I only dreamed, she bent backwards, and aggressively sucked me off. Her back was arched more than I thought physically possible, even for a professional contortionist. We moaned and growled, while she humped and licked. Adrenaline coursed through my veins. My hands automatically rubbed her accessible, smooth feet. Time no longer seemed to exist in the building ecstasy. Our muffled screams of orgasm soon shook the room. I think we went at least one more time, but everything was so hazy after that. She smelled so good …


I slowly opened my eyes. I was so tired after last nights escapades. Sex like that should not have been possible! After a few blinks, my eyes slowly came to focus on the naked Liona. She was standing at the chest high dresser flipping through something. I was almost disappointed that her smell didn’t last the night. Even through my bleary eyes, she was so fucking sexy, anyway!

“Humph, you’re up sooner than I thought. Most people take longer after a night with me,” she said in her subtly airy tones, barely turning her head.

“What? … What are you thumbing through?” I asked tiredly, rubbing my eyes.

“I always like to stay overnight if I like who I’m with. I’m glad I did.”

My bleary eyes focused a little more for me to see her smirking through the mirror.

“Never seen one of these before. So rare.”

“You, you were in my office?” A small shot of adrenaline finally brought me back to my senses, more or less. She was thumbing through the Liber Lubidinum!

“Called to me, I guess. Someone once told me they can do that sometimes.”

I sat at the edge of my bed, not sure about what to do. Sheets covered my legs and waist.

“I don’t think you were that forthcoming with me, Zane. I didn’t think I could be summoned.” She finally turned around, and leaned on the dresser, crossing her arms and ankles. She obviously put “two and two” together. There was a questioning look on her face, but it did not detract from her blinding beauty.

“I didn’t mean to…” I said in confused shock. “I only read it, and thought it would be amazing … Then, I just had the urge to go to a bar … But, it’s all myth, legend. You can’t be …”

“A Succubus? … I knew I recognized you last night. You’re one of the team that translated this thing. The first ‘normal’ Humans to do so. Saw your picture online. Not a good one. I have some friends that would love debating your interpretations.” She slowly licked her full lips. “Translator, accidental summoner. You are definitely more than meets the eye, Zane.”

“Uhh … this has gotta be a dream…” I rubbed my eyes. I most certainly had similar dreams, from my obsessions with myths.

She slowly uncrossed her arms, and seductively walked over, smiling. “Does this feel like a dream?” She kissed me fully, while I felt a rush of Energy flow out of me. It felt so good.

I almost laughed in my amazement. “Maybe?” I was breathing so heavily then that I knew I would have had a panic attack if I didn’t feel so drained.

She sat next to me, arm around my waist. “Well, it’s probably Zalatoth’s work. That is the Greater God of Manipulation after all! It may manipulate for amusement, but never without reason.”

I didn’t want to believe, but I think that was out of habit. “All my life I was convinced it was all myth, no matter how compelling. Sure, a lot of it has bases in fact, but … Your perfume last night, or everything last night. I, I guess I should be glad you guys don’t suck everything out anymore.” I shook my head in my amazement.

Liona laughed, and playfully shook me. “And, not have another round with my massaging Summoner?” She sat up, and stated, “Come on, I’m hungry, Zane!”

“Oh, no …”

“Not that, unless you want to! We eat eggs, too.” She almost playfully walked out of the room, still completely nude.

I sat there for a moment. Maybe I wanted it to be a dream. It was all too good to be true. A researcher of myths has sex with one? Or, maybe I went crazy, and hallucinated. Yeah, that must be it! My downstairs neighbors and landlord would have complained last night about the noise, right? Then it hit me that the neighbors were on vacation, and the landlord was out of town on business …

I pulled on some clothes, and walked to kitchen-dining room. I never felt my knees so shaky before! Liona was there already munching on cereal. I never dreamed of having a naked woman eating breakfast at my table, let alone a Succubus. “But, you had so much last night …”

“Yeah, I did,” she smirked. “No one eats just one thing.”

I stood there staring at her in confused amazement.

“You should really sit down and eat something, Zane; I really took a lot out of you.”

I sat in front of her, and grabbed an apple from the fruit boll between us. I slowly munched on it.

“You probably wanna ask me about a thousand questions.” She playfully nudged my shin with her toes. “I’m a little new at this. Never really revealed myself to a Human before.”

“Are you gonna get in trouble?” I barely asked.

“No, I don’t think so. We kinda follow your laws, since we live more or less side by side. There’s no secret societies, really, if you don’t count Witch Covens. Us Succubi, we usually avoid all that; at least most of us. I have a regular job!”

“What do you do?”

“I bartend at the bar we met last night for some spending money. That was one of the few nights I felt like having a drink after my shift!”

“The Book didn’t really prepare me for all this…” I shook my head.

“Well, what does it say about Succubi? I can’t read Minoan.”

“Just about everything you did to me …”

“Yes, I can sense exactly what you want. Give me half a century, and I’ll get into your head!” She raised her eyebrows, while feeling up my leg with her bare foot. “You’ve got a lot in you, even after last night.”

I felt myself growing more and more aroused. Her other foot joined in, and dexterously freed my ballooning cock. I was lost in ecstasy, when she began to stroke.

“You were too lost in my pheromones last night to really feel what I do.” Her tones were airy and hungry. “You can feel it build more and faster, and even last longer. I can inhale it right out of your mouth any time, or absorb it right through my skin at the eruption of your passion. It builds and builds unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed. And before you know it, your Sexual Energy explodes out of you … and into me.” She licked her lips, with her eyes closed. “…UMMM so damn good!”

I had exploded all over her feet and ankles. I was totally breathless, and more tired than before. But, it was that damn good.

She flexed herself to lick my cum off her feet, resting them at the edge of the table. “UMMM … You fetishists are always so good.” She stood up, and walked over to me, leaving a half eaten boll of cereal. “I’m gonna take a long, hot shower. You can join me, but you look a little tired.” She lightly brushed her soft hand down the side of my head, before she left the room.

Perhaps out of desperation to better understand the situation, or out of nothing better to do, I dragged myself to my bedroom to retrieve the Book, and brought it to my office. With the page open to the section on Succubi, I sat back on the comfortable pleather chair, and passed out …

I slowly came back to consciousness with the feeling of gentle kneading on my shoulders. It was welcome, and felt very relaxing. I looked behind me to see Liona knowledgeably working the stress out of my muscles. “I can’t believe how much I work you up!” She came around to sit to the right of me on the desk, legs crossed. She was wearing a soft white robe I never saw before. I assumed she received it from wherever she lived (nearby probably), since she had ample time to do so. She was so hard to look at straight on (straight and up, in this case), because of how striking she was. Succubi are built to attract others.

“It almost seems incomplete after meeting you,” I stated, looking at the Book.

She leaned over and said, “It was written by a sex crazed lunatic thousands of years ago.”

“The Book says that you can drain as much as you want at will, and suggests an impending cultural shift toward not feeding too much.”

“Well, a dead or missing body creates more questions than someone sleeping in. But, most of us don’t wanna kill anyone, anyway.” For the first time I saw the sparkle in her eyes weaken.

“Did you?”

“I’m a rare Natural Born; born to Human parents. We’re usually smarter and more powerful in the long run … I learned about myself by accident at eighteen. There’s no conscious need for Sexual Energy until during our first time, for Succubi like me. Didn’t even know I was sucking it out of her! You see, there’s an uneven balance of Energies within all living things, and if too much of one is taken … I took too much from her, freaked out, wandered for a while. Fellow Succubi eventually found me. We stick out when we don’t know what we’re doing. Like I said, a dead body is always much louder than someone calling to take the day off. They helped me to understand what I am, control my hunger, and how to reconcile with my past. Now, here I am, twelve years later… Never told a Human that.”

With that, it was somehow easier to handle her blinding beauty. She revealed a piece of her inner self. “No one knows who they are, until they figure it out for themselves,” I said quietly, looking up to her.

“I guess not.” There was a curious look on her face. “There’s really much more to you. I can sense it.”

“No, I’m actually pretty dull,” I said with a sigh. “Behind closed doors looking at old books all the time. You’re the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me!”

“I usually am!” she laughed, before sweetly pecking me on my cheek.


The week that followed was informative in every possible way, albeit a little tiring. She told me just about everything she knew, don’t ask me why! To start, Incubi were ironically myth, or at least none were ever known to exist. The Life Force of Succubi is Sexual Life Energy, while they have no true Sexual or Life Energy, and that is why they need the Sexual Energy of others to survive. They have few natural powers, but what they can do with them can rival Witches and Vampires. Their pheromones and empathy alone easily can overwhelm Humans, and sometimes even Witches and Vampires. From a huntress’ standpoint, empathy can be used to determine another’s sexual appetites and Sexual Energy levels, and is developed into strong telepathy. Though increasingly avoided, it is even possible for them to consume other Energies besides Sexual Energy, which is typically for purposes of procreation or long term control, but the latter can prove detrimental to the health of all involved, if not done knowledgeably.

Them all being individuals, well practiced Succubi can apply their abilities in numerous ways. One application, for example, is that they can expel the consumed Energy back into someone, which is normally done to prolong the passions, or if they simply took too much. Unlike Vampires, they can feed on any living humanoid, including other Succubi. Vampires usually won’t let themselves be fed upon by others, while Succubi may derive amusement if another feeds on them. Also, being far less inclusive than the average Vampire, Succubi far more often can go as far as becoming the lovers of Witches and Humans.

There are four types of Succubi: the rare Natural Borns (e.g. Liona), the Naturals (Succubi created by Succubi), the Artificials (usually created via the Book), and the Avatars (Artificials who converse with the Gods). Succubi don’t really “believe” in immortality, but they can live for thousands of years, using Sexual Energy to control their physical age (related to its use in accelerating healing and enhanced physical strength). Most importantly, they usually hold no true allegiance to any of the Gods of Passion, including the Avatars, ironically. Though, Plaotathis of Curiosity holds the power to create Artificial and Avatar Succubi via the Book, and though very difficult, Arificials can be given extra powers during their transformation.

As the week went on, our relationship became mostly sex: really, really hot sex. She occasionally would glow, when she drank and absorbed my Energy, and explained that it suggested a “quality” feed. Though, she said that I should never be disappointed with myself if she didn’t glow, because it was uncontrollable and inconsistent. Regardless, we did everything I ever imagined, and that was only by Tuesday! What amazed me was how well I came to handle it. I assumed that I either got used to having more Energy being “used,” or the Book bolstered me in some way. I leaned toward the latter, because the Book was rumored to have a profound affect on those who posses it, at least subconsciously. Then again, Liona made it very clear that she would never intentionally take too much.

I was taking a nap on my couch that Saturday. No matter how well I came to handle having relations with a Succubus, I still found myself needing far more food and sleep than usual. Her shifts at the bar were always a great excuse to catch up!

I was sleeping on the couch, when the door to my apartment suddenly closed. I heard Liona’s airy tones, along with another’s I didn’t recognize. Her and a striking, dark brown haired woman walked into the room. For a brief moment, I thought she nabbed some random woman, but I didn’t smell Liona’s “perfume.” Still, I always had the impression that Succubi weren’t exactly monogamous. I stood up to greet them, not sure what to expect.

“This is my friend Eliana, Zane,” she said sweetly, holding her friend’s hand.

“She not …” I trailed off assuming the answer.

“Oh, yes, Zane,” Eliana smiled sexily, before looking over to Liona. She had a light English Accent, whose more precise origin I could not place. “I see what you were talking about, Li. He doesn’t look it, but he is something else!” She pulled me closer to her, and her holding my head tight, we passionately kissed. It was like an orgasm flew through my mouth. “Wow! You may have to let me borrow him for a night, Li,” she said starring right through me with her deep blue eyes, holding tight. I realized right then the obvious: “animal magnetism” is perhaps the best and only way to describe Succubi.

I briefly thought about how incredible a night with the two of them would be, before realizing that it would probably kill me.

‘But, you’d love it! … Your dirty mind is so tasty, Zane,’ Eliana said sexily in my mind, before speaking out loud. “I’ll see you two later. Would love to stay and chat, but I have a date tonight.” She let go of me.

The two of them then did something that made my jaw drop: They passionately made out right in front of me. I had a feeling it was all for me (a kind of consolation prize), because I really did want them both. “See yah, baby!” Eliana said deeply to Liona, before looking over to me with a lustful look on her face. Liona sweetly replied, “See yah, Eli!” Eliana walked out, and I soon heard the door close.

I fell onto the couch, and Liona followed. “Did you two ever..?” I asked.

“It’s a great way for someone as young as me to get pointers, but it was only that once,” she smiled sexily. “Besides, everyone has Sexual Energy or Sexual Life Energy, and that’s what we are most drawn to, Zane.” She then requested, “How ‘bout a good foot rub. Been on my feet all day.”

I started rubbing the moment her feet hit my lap (her pants were already rolled up in anticipation). Though I doubted they were at all that uncomfortable, they did have that stood on, reddish look on the soft soles. Such things always amazed me in a weird way, because it showed me that, in spite of the wonderful things that Sexual Energy did for them (healing, longevity, etc), Succubi were not invincible.

“OOOOH Yeah! You give the best foot rubs!” she exclaimed, lightly touching herself. I often wondered if she would still get off on a foot massage from someone detached from it.

I then began to lick and suck each foot in turn, leaving no part untouched by my tongue. When she was satisfied with my attention, she dexterously freed my rock solid cock, and stroke it with forcible passion. We both moaned and cooed, while she reached under her tight pants and shirt to play with herself. Even before I exploded all over her feet, I could feel my ecstasy flowing out and into her. She came while she consumed.

“UHMM … Rub your cum into my feet, Zane,” she requested airily. I did so happily.


After dinner, we simply fucked like animals. She didn’t have to egg me on; all I ever had to do was look at her in her feeding frenzy. There was always something so inhuman about it, yet so incredibly erotic. When we finally finished, I was more drained than usual.

“You OK? Didn’t take too much did I?” she asked with a little concern.

“… No, I’m fine. Just started off a bit more tired than usual.” My breathing was deep, and hard to catch.

“Oh, yeah, Eliana probably took more than you realized. We always tell her she eats too much! And, maybe I did, too, earlier …” I could see how much she cared by the look in her stunning eyes.

No matter how true or even expected it was, comments like that were always weird to me. “We all have our hungers …” I stated quietly. Then the craziest, seemingly random idea came mind. “Hey, how ‘bout I sleep with your feet next to my face tonight?”

She looked at me at first surprised, but then intrigued. “That should prove to be interesting.” She repositioned herself with her head and pillow on the other side of the bed, and pushed back her side of the blanket so her head wouldn’t be under it. She lay on her side, and I lovingly nuzzled her soft, wrinkled soles. “Uhmm, I’m liking this idea already,” she cooed.

The image of her feet stayed with me while I fell asleep. The dream that followed was vivid and bordering on lucid. I was in a dark candlelit room. A familiar leather bound book and feather pen lay before me. Voices came into my head one after another. They were deep, erotic, inhuman voices. I couldn’t actively understand them. All I knew was that I was jerking off with one hand, and writing with the other. It was as if my hand translated for my mind. The script was Ancient Minoan, a now all but dead language. I somehow knew that I needed to use that, and that I was one of the few that still knew it. I even knew something else: Ancient Minoan was given to the early inhabitants of Crete by the Great Gods of Passion. They waited until its death was certain, and had me use it to write their Book. It was all the Great Zalatoth’s idea, and therefore all about manipulation. Throughout the Multiverse, the Book was manipulated into existence to sway just the right amount of peoples to know and understand at least of fraction of the influence of the Great Gods of Passion.

So many copies of their Book now lay before me … Thousands of years then passed, and the great weight of time slowly brought forward new destinies. The Lesser God Baccheiaos, the Rebellious one of Wild Sexual Behavior and Soul Fusion, chose to transform itself and a world, and it was that transformation that led to an even greater, unintentional one. By Fusing with the souls of some of those it changed, it morphed into the Truly Great Baccheiaosis of Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy, making the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis of Ultimate Pleasure bow down without a fight. Why the Gods did not intervene was due to complacency.

The new Truly Great One tore through universe after universe, remaking them in its image of Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy. However, the Truly Great O’unidiathicosis had insurance policies, which it did not realize existed. With the Multiverse being rapidly transformed, souls of the past were being reborn and reenergized in a hitherto unchanged sector of the Multiverse for destinies not yet revealed, and the Bacchic Expansion came to an unexpected halt …

I suddenly woke up with an uncontrollable horniness. No thoughts other than sexual passion passed though my mind. “OHH GODS!” Liona slowly screamed in ecstasy. I insanely rubbed and licked her feet with intense ferocity, while I dry humped her legs. I came, but it wasn’t enough. I threw the blanket away, and saw my Succubus in a feeding frenzy to end all frenzies. With one foot deep in my mouth, I humped her twitching pussy wildly. She grabbed her other foot, and began lick and suck it like candy, just as I wanted her to. Massive amounts of Sexual Energy flowed out of me and into her in a seemingly perpetual state of orgasm. Even if I could have exercised rational thought then, I would not have yet known where it all came from!

The more Energy she absorbed, the more she began to visibly glow. It was a brilliant bright gold, swirling across her silken skin. “OH GAWDS … TOO MUCH … OHHHHHHHH,” she screamed in passion, while her eyes rolled back into her head and drool poured from her mouth. The light she emitted lit up the room like day. I then exploded into her in a massive super-orgasm, causing her screams of ecstasy to become deafening.

I fell back onto the bed, mind rewiring itself. Liona lay there twitching and deeply breathing erratically. There was a look of ecstasy on her spit and sweat soaked face. When she recovers, she won’t be quite the same, in that she absorbed more Sexual Energy than any Succubus in her lifetime could ever dream. The Energy, I now knew, came directly from the collective power of the Great Cosmic Gods of Passion, and may make her into the most powerful Succubus to have ever lived …

I was more right than I ever knew. No one ever knows who they truly are, until their true selves decide to surface. I am the Sex Crazed, Mad Minoan Itra Eleutherios REBORN!

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