Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Next Level

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This story is in the same experimental vein as Cosmic Passions: Silken. This is a first person narrative that switches between the perspective of the two main characters. Enjoy!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Next Level



She was perfection. I loved her from her mind to her glorious body: five feet and four inches, C-cup breasts, long legs, darker Sicilian skin, black hair, and dark eyes. I didn’t think perfection existed until I met her. Farrah and I had been going out for years, and recently moved in together. I thought we did everything short of marriage, which we didn’t really think was necessary yet.

I found myself waking up earlier than usual, and looking over at my sleeping supermodel. I never wanted to keep secrets from her, but I did have them. They were all crazy sexual fantasies, of which I knew or thought we would never do. I can’t speak for women, let alone her, but guys can have quite elaborate sexual fantasies. To a small extent, we satisfied some of mine, but the most elaborate were never seen outside my mind’s eye.

I kissed her on the neck, and up to her mouth. She slowly came to consciousness, and kissed me back with plenty of tongue. While our bodies intertwined, we melted through our skimpy night clothes. I penetrated her moist snatch with ease, and thrust passionately. My hand felt up and down her firm legs, which showed her physically active nature. We soon came together, with our juices becoming one …

We were eating breakfast, when I decided to talk to her about what I was thinking before we made love. “I don’t wanna ever keep secrets from you, Farrah.”

She chucked sweetly, and said, “Of course not!” She playfully kicked my shin with her flip-flop clad foot. She popped her contraceptive pill, and chased it with some orange juice.

“I think we should go the next step in this relationship,” I stated cautiously.

She looked confused. “What, marriage?”

“No …”

“What are you trying to say, Jack?” She batted her deep eyes.

I deeply sighed, and continued, “Guys can have some pretty sick sexual fantasies.”

“You know, us girls can have pretty elaborate ones, too. You wanna spice up the sex, Jack?”

My heart raced. “I guess that’s what I’m getting at. Don’t get me wrong, we have great sex, anyway; I just have so many ideas!”

Farrah smirked, suggesting interest.

“I’d feel bad if we did just my own fantasies …”

I could tell by her subtle yet distinct smile that she was interested, and indeed thinking it all through. Her job as a psychologist working as a social worker entailed a lot of project management, so in a way, this was her thing. “We could trade off fantasies. One week we do yours; one week we do mine.”

“Are you sure about this, Farrah. I’ve got some fantasies that could end marriages!”

“You think I don’t either!” she laughed. “Look, Jack, if we’re gonna do this, we should expect anything. No ground rules. You may want to have sex with another woman; I may want to have sex with another man. To be honest, Jack, I think this is an amazing idea. Were gonna learn so much about each other. If we’re gonna be together for the long haul, then we’d better get all this out in the open, and soon!”

I leaned over the table and pecked her on the lips. “You’re amazing!”

She answered cutely, “I know …”

We finished getting ready for our respective jobs, and left for work.


The First Fantasy Night:

I shouldn’t have been surprised about Jack’s “idea,” but I was a little, anyway. His mind was dirty, even for a guy, so he naturally held himself back, not counting the internet. We set the date for next Saturday for our first “Fantasy Night,” while we flipped a coin to see who’ll start it off. He was a little too happy that he won the coin toss!

The week passed quickly in anticipation for the Saturday. While there were no ground rules, he wanted to keep his fantasy a surprise. After dinner he said he was ready, and he sat me on the living room couch. He left the room.

He came back with an average sized paper bag. I was more anxious than nervous. I had no idea what we were about to do, but this fantasy night was his. I was to just go along for the ride.

Jack placed the paper bag on the coffee table before us, and sat next to me. “My first ‘fantasy’ is that I’m putting in an investment for the future.”

“What is it, Jack?”

“First let me say that I put some god research into this. You’re on the pill and all, and I wanted to make sure there were no interactions.”

I blinked in amazement, not following what he was saying at all.

He took a box of over-the-counter pills out of the bag, and handed it over to me. “Yeah, this may sound sick, but it IS a fantasy. I want you to lactate. To do that, I got you these pills (can’t pronounce the name), and coming fantasies notwithstanding, we’ll concentrate a lot on your breasts. I did a lot of research … You’re OK with this right?”

‘No ground rules,’ I thought to myself, while I looked at the box. Normally, this was used to help with motion sickness. I vaguely remembered how this stuff was recently cleared by the government to be used for induced lactation with small doses. The box had directions for both motion sickness and induced lactation. The weirdest bedfellows! Anyway, it suggested no more than one pill a week for lactation purposes. With a smile, I opened the box, opened the bottle, and easily swallowed the small blue pill.


Induced Fetish:

It was Farrah’s fantasy night. I was so excited, and a little nervous. She promised that I was definitely going to enjoy it. She instructed me to sit on the bed naked, and wait for her. A few minutes later, Farrah walked into the room wearing only a blue silk patterned robe, emerald necklace, and flip flops.

“You look fuckin’ hot, baby!” I exclaimed.

She deviously smiled in response, before placing a chair in front of me and sitting in it. Her emerald neckless sat comfortably, distractingly between her breasts. She then stated, “Look deep into my emerald. It is so clear and shiny. Look deep into its beauty.”

I did so.

“There is a center, but it is not possible to find unless you know what it looks like. It is perhaps as beautiful as I am.”

I so desperately wanted to find the center, and cared very little why.

“You remember its beauty, don’t you? It is as beautiful and arousing as I am. Do you see it in your mind, Jack?”

“Yes! It’s turning me on!” I breathlessly exclaimed.

“Good, Jack. Now that you can see the center with your mind, you can now find and see the real center. Look for it, Jack. Look for it with all that is your soul!”

I looked so deep and hard. It was my only purpose in life. Then I saw it! I nearly came at how beautiful it was. “I can see it!”

“Excellent, Jack! Now, have I ever told you that I sexually liked feet. Well, women’s feet — my own feet.”

“No,” I barely said quietly. “That’s kinda icky.”

“It started out as a love of shoes, but I eventually realized that it was always what they held … Now, everything I say is truth. Do you understand, Jack.”

“Yes,” I breathed.

“Good. Now, Jack, I’m going to give you a foot fetish. You’re going to want to lick, suck, rub, and be fucked by my feet. Feet won’t overwhelm your mind, but they will be an integral part of your sexual desires.”

I nodded.

“I will now place my bare feet on your face. They will melt into your very mind. You will love them as much as you love me.”

I nodded.

She slipped out of her flip-flops, and carefully placed her soft soles on my face. Every one of my senses was smothered by her feet. Everything that my mind processed was her feet. I could feel them walking into me. Without any resistance, they became a part of my very sexual identity. They then went further, if only to prove a point. They walked into my very soul, and smothered everything that was me. For the longest moment, I was her feet …


Lesbian Cheerleaders:

A week before the next Fantasy Night, Jack decided to explain his fantasy involving the cheerleaders at our old university Brenham of New Hampshire. This was one of his voyeuristic fantasies, where he would simply watch all the cheerleaders have sex with each other. On the surface, it sounded pretty simple, but it was rather elaborate. They would all be bisexual, while the sapphic side of themselves would only be directed toward cheerleaders (themselves). They would only work out together, due to their lust for each other. While still liking men, they liked sex with each other far better, which was their secret. Their lust for each other has made them sapphic nymphomaniacs. And finally, thanks to me giving Jack a foot fetish, he wanted them to like women’s feet. That love of feet was a little more than mere sexual attraction, in that they also wanted to “take good care” of their “precious” feet as cheerleaders. Indeed, they had a love for their feet instead of a lust like the rest of their bodies.

Jack was not sure how I could make this reality, but I explained that it was possible with my abilities as a hypnotherapist and (retired) stage hypnotist. He was so overjoyed! I soon set up a special “talk” with the Brenham Cheerleaders. There was already a talk planned on Social Work as a career, and I easily took it over. I made the proper adjustments to it: mandatory, only for the women, Saturday night, etc. After the “talk,” I explained that I would hypnotize them all to come back to our house, and he would then witness me make all the adjustments he asked for me to do. An orgy for us both to enjoy should ensue, while it would be all recorded for our future enjoyment. It was years since I did group hypnosis, and could not wait to give that another go!

Saturday soon came, and the women all eventually filed into a the group therapy room of my office in Ashford. The town was minutes from their college. We were the only ones in the building, save for the security guards. None of the women seemed particularly happy to loose a Saturday night.

Being from a smaller, lesser known college, the squad only had eight members currently, while four of those were women. Two female members recently quit for personal reasons. ‘Their loss,’ I thought. The four of them were very fit and attractive. Three were fake blonde, while the fourth had sleek brown hair with blonde highlights. They were wearing T-shirts, short shorts, and flip slops. I thought it was very convenient that they wore similar attire, because of what I was about to do to them.

“Well,” Farrah exclaimed, sitting at the top of the room with my special necklace out for all to see, “I think this whole talk wasn’t fully explained to all of you.”

“Damn right!” the brunette stated. “Are we gonna get some kind of credit for this?”

“Yes,” I answered. “The details haven’t been completely worked out yet. Everything is being adjusted last minute. Anyway, this talk is all about women in the social work field. I am a listened psychologist, and I provide therapy to the clients of this office that require it. It is a very fulfilling job, and there are never enough women in it.”

While not necessarily hanging on my every word, all their eyes were on the clear emerald resting comfortably above my cleavage. They were already ripe for the picking.

“If any of you choose this career path,” I continued, “you may find yourselves sitting on this very chair, with this very emerald necklace, speaking to wayward students. The most important aspect of this discussion is the emerald itself. The only thing that matters is finding its opaque Center. This being one of the clearest emeralds you can buy, finding that Center is very difficult. So, you must first visualize what that opaque Center may look like.”

They were all unblinking. I could tell that they were all but ready.

“Are you all visualizing the Center?” I asked

They all nodded and mumbled, “Yes.”

“Good. Now that you all can see the center in your mind’s eye, it is now possible to see the Center of the real crystal. Once you find the Real Center, you will find yourselves within it. It is the most wonderful place you have ever been.”

The look of total joy and ecstasy on their faces told me that they were fully hypnotized by my very special neckless.

“Everything I say to you all now is truth, and you will listen because hearing my voice allows you to stay in the emerald’s center. To not understand or deny, would force you out of the center. Do you all understand?”

They all nodded and mumbled, “Yes.”

“Now, what I am about to say is very important, so pay close attention. Whenever I say ‘Sappho was a Cheerleader,’ you will find yourselves back in the Center of the emerald. Do you all understand?”

They affirmed like usual.

“Good. Now, did you all drive yourselves here?”

They all affirmed.

“Excellent! When I am done with this talk, you will all feel compelled to go to thirty Sparrow Drive in Southbridge, the next town over. I will be heading there myself, so you may follow me if you do not know the way. You will all be incredibly happy to be there; almost as happy as you are within the Center of the emerald. While there, you will be unable to perceive any other person besides yourselves and me. Do you all understand?”

They all affirmed.

“Very good! OK, when I count down to one, you will all find yourselves back in the room you started in.” The cliche was for them to forget about all about being hypnotized. However, occasionally my subjects would also forget all the commands as well. So now, I just ensure that they enjoyed the experience. “THREE. You will miss the Center, but feel comforted in the knowledge you will be within it again. TWO. You will enjoy the rest of my talk. ONE.”

Consciousness almost instantly came back to their faces. They did not fully understand what I did to them, but they were very happy about it. They listened to the rest of my talk on social work very intently for the next half an hour.

After some very well thought out questions by my guests, we were ready to leave. Not knowing the way, they all decided to follow me back to my house, because they not did leave their campus much, like most of the students there.

Back home, Jack was amusingly amazed at my conditioning, as he always was. I grabbed a few beers for our guests now sitting on the couch. They happily sipped, while I placed a chair opposite them. The hidden cameras were already running.

“Now, lets continue our discussion about how Sappho was a cheerleader!” I said happily, with my emerald visible over my shirt.

A look of joy hit all their faces at once. They were unblinking.

“Did you all find the Center again?” I asked with a smirk.

At the same time, they all said, “Yes.” They practically were connected in a hive mind now, as I ensured they always will now be subconsciously.

“Everything is truth, while in the Center, of course. Present all your bare feet to me.”

They quickly bared their feet, and presented them.

I breathed a sigh of relieve. Though not all perfect, they all had arguably sexy feet, of which they clearly took great care. “You are all bisexual. You want to and will fuck each other in your sapphic lusts. The squad must be very close. While you lust for each other, you love each other’s feet. As cheerleaders you know you must take incredibly good care of your bodies, while your feet are the most important part. There is no doubt that your feet are well taken care of, while they are an integral part of the sex you must have with each other. Do you all understand?”


“Now, you know full well how closely knit you must be as a squad and the sex and body maintenance that entails. So, every new member must come to understand this, and I will always be available to help them. Do you understand?”


“Now, I read that your coach is a woman. Is she attractive?” I asked. I had talked to her over the phone, but didn’t remember seeing a picture.

“Yes. She is a very fit thirty-five year old brunette. She is single. We’re not sure if she likes women, but we know the team must be close.”

“Do not worry, I will take care of her … Now, give into your new sapphic desires!” I cooed.

Less than a moment later they stripped themselves naked, and began to kiss and grope each other. The dichotomy of their actions were fascinating from a scientific standpoint. Every motion, every coo was of pure lust everywhere they made contact, save for their feet. The rubbing, the licking, the kissing of their feet were so tender and loving that it was downright breathtaking. I happily masturbated and felt myself to them, as I was sure Jack was. I was paying no attention to him.

Soon, they all had a foot in their mouths at that same time as their wet pussies. The love was so tender and perfect. We all passionately came in a powerful orgasm …



Another Woman:

Farrah’s fantasy was now to have her hypnotize me into thinking she was another woman. It excited me, if only because one might think that was my fantasy! Plus, I loved it when she hypnotized me. She took out her amulet, and everything was blank after that …

I woke up the next morning alone in bed. From my altered perspective, I was single, and enjoyed traversing bars for one night stand. However, there was never that much success in that endeavor. That afternoon, I went to my usual bar on the other side of town, regardless of perspective.

A full bodied, dark woman sat patiently at main bar table. There was a kind of otherworldly, cosmic passion surrounding her. It was as unexplainable as how it was somehow directed at me. I casually sat next to the woman, fighting vocal paralysis.

“Waiting for someone?” I barely asked.

“Maybe,” she teased. “You have a poison?”

“Irish Whisky, I suppose,” I muttered.

“Excellent! The Irish are as fun as their drinks.” She ordered us two of their best.

I sipped along with her, and greeted, “I’m Jack. What’s your’s?” The whisky partially cured my weakened speech.

“Farrah,” she said with a seductive smile.

We made small talk, while sipping our drinks. It was clear fairly quickly that we were after the same thing: a night filled with sex. All we were doing was teasing each other. After we finished our glasses, we made our way out. She took a cab there, so I offered to drive her back to my place for another drink. To my repressed joy, she agreed.

By the time we walked into my home, it was clear that she no longer wanted another drink that wasn’t my spit. We made out with and intense passion. In a blur, we found ourselves naked on my bed. We humped with vigorous, noisy passion, which gave me the impression that she was somehow holding back for my sake. Her breast milk leaked all over me, while it somehow added to our passion. For me, it was all utter perfection. That perfection turned our lusting into pure love making of a passion most lovers may never know. We soon exploded in perfect orgasmic unity …


Latex Lady:

“So, you want me to dress up in latex?” I asked Jack.

“Yup, completely encased, Farrah! I know we gotta find the outfit first, but I don’t think that’ll be hard.” He was so excited, while he happily drank a cup of my sweet breast milk.

“I didn’t know you had a thing for latex, Jack,” I observed bewildered. He never mentioned such things before, while I only recently gave him a foot fetish.

“Yes and no, Farrah. I was always kinda ‘latex-curious,’ and that foot thing you gave me a while ago made me even more curious.”

“Latex footjob?” I asked lustfully.

“To say the least!”


After some research, we decided to go to a nearby “sex shop.” We bought a complete, black latex suit (virtually seamless head to toe). It was designed so that the wearer walked into it from the back. The matching holes for the ass, pussy, and mouth had latex designed to flow inwards. The man at the shop sized her, and gave her the appropriate suit. Though it was designed to be breathable, the shopkeeper recommended that she not wear it for more than a few hours. The information within the packaging said the same thing.

Once we were home, we immediately began to put on the latex, using the provided lube. She pumped the milk from her breasts prior, so she would not lactate within the suit. Though skin tight, as it was designed, it went onto her with surprising ease (her hair was pulled through a single hole behind the latex head), while she ensured the latex went deep into her lower holes. Soon, a shiny black, latex encased woman sat before me.

“How do you feel?” I asked breathlessly, aroused.

“Fucking horny, Jack!” she cooed ferociously.

We then passionately kissed. Her latex covered lips were as arousing as the rest. She removed my clothes, and pushed me back onto the bed. Her latex feet quickly began to passionately jerk me off. I moaned, I writhed, hands grabbing at the sheets.
 “I’m gonna fucking bow!” I screamed, unable to hold out as long as I normally could. She licked her latex lips, and cooed, “Excellent!” She arched herself forward, and sucked me off at the same time. I quickly exploded down her throat.

Still very much aroused, she mounted me, and humped wildly, feeling her encased body with her encased hands. I came prematurely, but she didn’t stop humping. My cock quickly reinflated. I then finally came with her in a massive, wet orgasm. We cuddled breathlessly …



I woke up earlier than Jack a few weeks after our first latex escapade. I loved the latex so much that we made it a part of our regular sexual escapades, and bought plenty of latex stockings! That was included in the recent fantasies of a threesome with another woman and making love while watching lesbian porn. I never had to tell him I was bisexual. My libido was always bordering on the insatiable, and our enhanced escapades ensured satisfaction more than ever before.

While pleasantly pumping some of the milk from my now perpetually flowing breasts (I always made sure there was some for Jack to feed on directly), I came to realize something. Enacting all those sexual fantasies brought us ever so much closer together. There was so much he did not really know, and I didn’t want to hold it from him any more.

Jack walked into the kitchen in his robe, and said tiredly, “Hey, leave some for me!”

“Always, Jack!” I put the pump down. I only half emptied my right boob, so my left was still enticingly dripping. May ancient amulet comfortably lay in between.

Jack sat neck to me, and automatically latched onto my plump left boob. Ensuring the erotic association with the more than pleasant release, I masturbated, while drinking the milk I just pumped from myself. I was always amazed how it was as arousing for us as it was satisfying.

“Jack,” I called breathlessly.

He looked up with a loving look in his eyes, while still feeding.

“Ohhh … We really went the next level. I love you more than ever. That’s why I won’t hide anything from you any more …”

He detached, and looked up at me confused. “What are talking about, baby?”

“When we first met, you weren’t quite the same person you were once we moved in together. Well, relationships change everyone a little, but I went one step further. You see, I’m an independent Witch of the Great Zalatoth of Manipulation, as is my family. That makes my libido far more than the average Human. I guess that’s why a lot of us fall for own kind and erotically charged Vampires and Succubi! Anyway, I knew you couldn’t satisfy me, when we met, but I still wanted to be with you. So, I used my amulet to make you capable of satisfying, not that you remember accurately! Then you went the next step with our fantasies. If you are willing, I want you to become Witch, too; maybe even go as far as Fusing your soul with mine.”

“I … don’t understand …” he said breathlessly, feeling the truth of her words.

“You will, Jack. Everything will be clear to you, just look deep into my amulet …”

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