Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Dark Detective

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: One of my dream inspired stories. It was about me being in some old mansion, and finding a beautiful woman held captive. This story adds reasons and motivations for those elements and more. Enjoy!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Dark Detective


I bashed my way through the old wood door. A searing pain flashed through my shoulder, but that did not matter. I had but one purpose: to finish what my ancestors started. Standard police issue pistol held tightly in hand, I made my way through the dark house. My superiors told me that my negative obsession with this “innocent” woman clouded my judgment, and that I needed to let it go. The weight of time would never let me do that. While I quietly walked up the steps, a wondrous scent hit me…


I suddenly opened my eyes. The all too familiar dream quickly began to fade. I glanced at the clock: 7:30am. I still had an hour until breakfast was served in this aged mansion. I was never much of a morning person, but I occasionally would wake up early from a shot of adrenaline. That is who I am, or at least partly.

I crawled out of the bed, and opened the curtains to a picturesque view. I slowly twisted my innocuous heirloom ring on my right ring finger. Its twisted gold and silver subtly glistened in the clouded light. Whatever dark secrets this place held, it was held within a beautiful forest valley, with high bluish mountains in the distance. It was breathtaking. I rubbed my bleary eyes, and made my way to my suitcase to dress myself.

My cellphone suddenly rang, while I pulled up my pants. It was my partner Andrea checking in on me. I enacted my breathing techniques before answering. “Hey, baby, finally wrap everything up with your investigation?” I asked almost lightly.

“I keep telling you to stop calling me that, John!” she said frustratedly in her subtle Irish tones. “Finished everything up on the plane. I’ve landed in Zurich, and about to go through customs. I’ll call you when I make it through the airport, and then we can make the usual arrangements to meet up.” I was about an hour away from Zurich, Switzerland, in some forgotten town.

I breathed deeply, trying to control my racing heart. “… See you soon, Andrea.”

We ended the call.

My respiration slowly came down, and I finished preparing for the day. ‘A good cover should be second nature,’ I repeated in my head. It was such a damned cliche, but it was true. Indeed, I was undercover under the guise of freelance investor Lawrence “Larry” Chesterton. I was a private detective for the past five years, and was a police detective before that. Andrea changed my life those five years ago, and now, we work together privately on all sorts of cases, including those considered strange and bizarre.

My current case was that of what I always liked to call “Unmissing Persons.” People sometimes are kidnapped, while the twisted kidnapper ensures that a steady stream of communication is fed to friends and family. In this case, it was the family of young Meghan Smith of Rhode Island. Someone in Meghan’s family eventually figured out something was wrong, and continued to badger the local police, who contracted me onto the case. Now, I believe I am very close to finding the unmissing Meghan. All false communication ultimately led to this mansion, directly or no.

Over breakfast, I strategically conversed with the owner of the vast estate: Frederik Wilhelm. His son was interested in starting a new medical research firm. Yes, Wilhelm had vast amounts of old wealth, but he claimed he wanted his son to search for investment deals on his own. The “medical research” upstart was a major clue for me. It would not be the first time I came across some deranged scientist playing Dr. Frankenstein under the guise of medical research.

While I talked with the old patriarch, I came to see the falseness in almost everything he said. Some call it “cold reading,” but I just call it educated observation. All masks require breathing and eye holes, and in the end, its always the eyes, which tell all. Last night, he gave me the grand tour of the estate, and there were specific locations where his pupils visibly dilated. Those places are where my investigation will be the heaviest.

Eventually, Wilhelm left to do whatever he does outside his estate. What he did elsewhere seemed to have no current importance. He said that I was free to enjoy the estate, while he was at work. Of course, he forgot to mention to stay away from a particular door I planned on walking through after he left.

I assumed that the door may be locked, so I pocketed the appropriate tools in my room. I soon reached “my” door. It was locked, but I quickly removed that obstacle before any of the servants walked by me.

My jaw dropped in shock, when I saw what was there. It was the beautiful, curly brown haired, slim Meghan. Her scent was more glorious than her flawless body. She was standing next to the bed in pink nightgown, with her ankle chained to the bed post. The shock did not come from seeing her chained, but from the adrenaline now coursing through my veins. I was becoming worked up in way that Andrea taught me to control or tolerate years ago. “My God, Meghan … you’re a Succubus!”


Five years ago, I was walking up the steps in a dark house. It was the first time I was subjected to Succubus Pheromones. My urge to destroy the woman in that house was uncontrollable. Adrenaline burned through my veins. The Succubus’ pheromone scent was of course wonderful, but that did not even come close to slowing me down.

At the top of the steps, several rooms lay before me along the moonlit hall. The first door was locked, so I bashed it open, further damaging my shoulder. No one. I went to the next door. It was unlocked. The light was on, but no one was inside that bedroom. Suddenly, someone came at me from behind …


“A … a Succubus?” Meghan looked at me confused. “I’m not some kind of demon!”

I knew exactly what she was, and that she was very rare amongst her kind. I worked to unlock her shackle, and asked, “You can trust me, Meghan. My name’s John Madock. I’m a private investigator. Detective Robinson was on the case of you and your boyfriend, whose death was never connected to you. False messages were sent back to the States, making it seem like you weren’t kidnapped. Your mother knew something was wrong, and continued to badger Robinson until I was brought onto the case. Now, what happened before you were brought here, Meghan?” The shackles clicked open, and I stood up to see the deeply worried hostage.

She sighed, and went glassy eyed. “I was … I was with my boyfriend. We just went to the prom, and were getting really drunk with all our friends at the abandoned quarry in my town — Copperton, Rhode Island. Me and my boyfriend snuck back to his car … I know I wanted him more than he did. I was more ready than he was. We put so many plans together to make our first time truly special, but none of those plans seemed to matter then. We … we made love. It felt truly special to loose our virginity together. Then … something happened. I felt so wonderful, so alive, but when I looked down to him … He was, he was …”

“It is all right Meghan. That is the Curse of the Natural Borns,” I said airily. The adrenaline was making my hands shake.

Meghan continued with a tear rolling down her cheek. “I ran off. Someone jumped me from behind. I thought it might be the cops, because of what I ran from … But, I was injected with something, and the next thing I knew, I was here.”

“Now this is very important, Meghan. Did you have any contact with anyone, since you’ve been here? Have you fed since your prom night?” I asked forcibly, breathing deep.

She looked at me confused again. “People have brought me food, but they left the moment they put the tray down. What struck me was how they were wearing those surgical masks, advanced ones …”

“Because of your pheromones … It’s been a week since your first feed, and based off your instinctual pheromone excretions, we only have a couple of days, maybe even hours, before your new hunger becomes overwhelming.”

“New hunger!? What are you talking about?” she pleaded.

My phone suddenly buzzed in my coat pocket. I answered, “Andrea, Meghan is much more important than we thought.”

“What? Is she …” She could hear how worked up I was.

“Yes. There’s much more going on here. You need to get here as soon as you can. I can’t do this without you!”

Behind me a Swiss-German voice suddenly said, “And, who would you be talking to, John?”

I quickly turned around to see Wilhelm and two other brutes I didn’t recognize at the door. I ended the call. “Only a Dark Coven of Witches would even think about capturing such a rare treasure as a Natural Born Succubus!” I stated angrily. I would have leaped at him if he didn’t suddenly pull out an old revolver.

“The Great Shurath’cas didn’t seem to mind … I never thought I’d ever see a male Succubus Hunter, let alone one that actually protected a Succubus!” He happily sniffed the air, and said, “She’ll be hungry very soon.” He then snapped his fingers, and the two henchmen behind him walked into the room. Wilhelm then said, “A gift from a very Gray Potion Master friend.” The henchmen then blew a white dust into our faces, and we passed out …


Behind an unlocked door was a well lit bedroom. No one was there. Suddenly, someone came at me from behind. With great strength, the soft feminine hands violently smashed my wrist onto the door frame, braking both my wrist and the wood frame. My hand opened on reflex, and my gun fell to the carpeted floor. The powerful woman then threw me onto the bed like I was a small doll. The strikingly beautiful, raven haired woman leaped on top of me, and kissed me deeply. It was like an orgasm in my mouth, while she sipped at my Sexual Energy.

She then tore all my clothes off, along with my dagger and small revolver around my ankle. “You Hunters have been around for far longer than me,” the Succubus stated sternly in her subtle Irish tones, “yet you gain no wisdom!” She shoved my hardening cock into her warm snatch, and began to hump.

“Oh, oh gah … You must be destroyed, Andrea!” I said firmly.

“UMMM OH, you Hunters have been confused since before the moment of your creation! We don’t kill unless we have to. None of us are demons! … OH err, we are beings of passion and pleasure! … YEAH … I never thought a male Succubus Hunter was possible. EERR … You must have had a twin sister, who died before you were born. The Hunter Cycle is so much craftier than the Hunters themselves!”

I was soon lost in her knowledgeable humping, while she sipped my Sexual Energy. Her sweet smell grew ever more hypnotic.

“ERR … I thought a male Hunter would prove a challenge, but you are just as foolish as your ancestors!”

In her deep kiss, she inhaled my Sexual Energy, while humping me wildly. She could not drink too heavily, because of my enchanted gold and silver ring, which held a part of my soul. It only slowed her down, though. It would not matter much longer, because she already won. I knew I was ready to explode, which Andrea would pleasurably absorb, likely leading to my death. Then at the moment of orgasm, time stopped. I found myself frozen inside my dark mind, with an image of the naked Andrea before me.

“The pain of killing scars a peaceful Succubus,” Andrea’s image echoed. “I killed only three people in my long life. They were all your ancestors, all Hunters. I tried so hard to turn the last into a Succubus, which is the only way to sever both the Hunter Bloodline and overall Hunter Cycle. But, she would not yield. She was just crafty enough to never let me inject any object of hers with the transformative power of Plaotathis of Curiosity. Then, there was you. A male Hunter, let alone male Human, cannot be transformed into a Succubus … I cannot live with the death of another on my soul. So now, I will do what no other Succubus has ever done: I will tame the soul of a Succubus Hunter or die …”


I suddenly awoke to the sound of a loud crash in the distance. Meghan and I were strapped on a large table before an alter. The musty, torchlit stone room appeared to be underground. It was probably where this Coven worshiped the Great Shurath’cas of Domination. The instruments of torture and BDSM (whips, collars, chains, straps, etc) lined the dark stone walls.

It was all becoming clear to me now. Most Covens have an Avatar Succubus to speak with the Gods, but Succubi are no prizes in their rebelliousness. Indeed, their Avatar likely left not long after learning of their plans, while it’s not clear what influence she had over my coming. Regardless, the dream of all Dark Covens was to tame a Succubus. The only possible way to do that was to find a Natural Born Succubus. They never know what they are until it’s too late. And, in their confusion and horror, their will may possibly be bent in very specific ways. A controlled Succubus is theoretically the most powerful weapon any being could have in dominating the minds of others.

I then heard gunshots outside the room. Barely adjusting my head enough, I saw two nervous guards at the closed, wood double door. ‘I’m coming, John, hold on!’ Andrea said in my mind. The door suddenly smashed open, knocking out the two guards. Andrea ran into the room, with barely any sweat on her brow.

“You are amazing, baby!” I exclaimed.

“You know I haven’t been a baby for over two-thousand years, John!” she said with a big smile, while undoing our tight leather straps.

“All incapacitated, I hope,” I said with a subtle lightness.

“Well, you know how I feel about killing!”

The moment Meghan and I were freed from the straps, I gave Andrea a huge embrace, while deeply kissing her.

Andrea pulled back, and stated, “We’ll have time for that later, John. Now, we have to get out of here!”

Suddenly, Wilhelm casually walked into the chamber. He flashed his hand with a gold ring, which apparently blocked telepathy. He was ready sacrifice everything to tame Meghan. A murderous look was in his eyes. He quickly drew his gun, and I leaped at him with my great Hunter Agility. Wilhelm’s head bashed onto the stone floor, and he fell unconscious. But, that was not before he fired a single bullet into my chest.

Andrea quickly ran over and put her arms around me. In a moment suggesting a partial understanding of what she was, Meghan asked, “Can you save him, Andrea?” Andrea looked down on me, and empathically knew that it was a fatal wound to the heart. “I cannot heal a fatal wound with my Sexual Life Energy alone …”

I looked up at Andrea, and for the first time, all I could feel was comfort. Her presence finally did not cause adrenaline to bleed from my pores. I then brought my hand to my face. I looked at my ring for a moment, before throwing it away. It bounced and slapped unhappily onto stone floor. The ring would have bound my soul to my body, so that I could not be reborn as another Hunter. Andrea and I remade the already enchanted ring together after she tamed my soul. “Oblivion … won’t be the same without you, Andrea” I sputtered quietly. “You know I’ll find you again … You’ll probably have to sort me out again, too …”

“Just don’t take too long in your search for me,” she said glassy eyed.

“Andrea … I, I lah …”

She placed her soft finger on my lips, and said, “I know. I love you.”

Andrea leaned in for one last sweet, loving kiss, while I fell into oblivion …

Nothingness surrounded me. I could not think, yet I still knew who I was. It was almost comforting, albeit lonely. A ball of blueish light then appeared in the distance. Possibly in vain, I tried to swim toward it. I could not tell if I was moving, but the light kept growing larger and larger at an exponential rate. Soon, I was engulfed by the warm comfort of that light. And then, I was breathing …

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