Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Camera

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Camera


I was rummaging through the attic of my family’s old summer cottage, when an old trunk caught my eye. It had the initials “J. L. M.,” which meant that it was probably my grandfather’s (Jack Lorentz Milano). He was a successful photographer, whose career was suddenly cut off by a heart attack in 1970. That was before he married my grandmother, retired model Lisa (Andrews) Milano in 1955, and started his still in existence company Million Color Milano and Co (MCM) in 1965. They do everything from art, weddings, and to fashion, and more recently created the subsidiary Moving Milano, which concentrated on artistic digital filming.

My grandfather’s company was recently handed over to me. Though, I’m more of a figurehead as “President,” while essentially my own employee, and that’s how I wanted it, anyway. From growing up surrounded by artistic photography, I was inspired to become a photographer myself. It was only five years ago I received a degree in fine arts from Brenham College of New Hampshire, and set up shop within MCM. I did both artistic and clothing shoots. And now, I’m known across the world, in the right circles, as “Laura ‘Million Color’ Milano.” Not that anyone really called me that in real life, but it made for a great Trademark!

I opened up the old case. It was mostly old clothes, and semi-fancy wood boxes. I figured the case was used for general storage. One of the boxes I opened brought a smirk to my face. It was a high quality camera from about fifty years ago. The brown leather strap stated “Arripio Photographic No – TCRM1.” I was pretty sure that it was the same company as Arripio Electronics, which still sold plenty photographic equipment. Not my preferred brand. I remembered that they were in the news recently for hiring a Dr. Cornelia Reynolds to consult with them on some unstated special project.

Under the old Camera was a set of likely expired film and a heavily aged paper. Most of the paper was unreadable, but I was able to read at the top: “Test Camera, Reality Manipulator 1.” It was likely some extravagant code name for a “new” device like how tech companies give their in development projects animal or musical names.

Seeing the artistic value of “classical” photography, I took the Camera to our old photographic scientist Dr. Bob Jones, who had experience in refurbishing old cameras.

“So, this was Jack’s?” the gray haired Bob asked with amazement, examining the Camera closely.

“I guess so, Bob. It was in one of his old trunks.”

“Humph … Never seen this model before, or at least, whatever produced cameras were based on it. It’s really rare to find test cameras like this; I wonder how Jack got it.”

I shrugged.

“Well, I am tempted to take it apart, but it does look in working order.” He looked through the viewfinder and took a snap. A flash came through the very modern looking flashbulb. “I think I can clean this without taking it apart. That seems to be one of the advantages of this special model.”

“That sounds great, Bob! And, the film?” I was excited.

“Yes, I’ll examine what came with the Camera, and get back to you. Film hasn’t changed as much as some like to think. I like to say that’s one of the reasons why digital became so popular with consumers!”




A few days later, I received a call from Bob, who said he made a remarkable discovery about the Camera, and wanted to tell me in person.

“So, what did you find out, Bob?” I asked curiously.

“You’re not gonna believe this, Laura, but this is a digital camera!” he said excitedly, pointing to the Camera on his lab table.

“What? Are you saying it’s just some novelty made a few years ago?”

“No, no, it really is fifty to sixty years old, making it one of the oldest cameras of its type. What little the restoration techs and I found on the paper — a memo, it turns out — suggested it was some kind of experimental digital imager. Further investigation proved it. The ‘film’ is actually a kind of magnetic memory core, which existed as early as the fifties. The advancements here make it have much more in common with present USB thumb drives! Still don’t know how it processes the images, but it does seem to use an old, self recharging photocell as its power source.”

“And, it all works?” I asked amazed.

“The short answer is yes. The long answer starts with the fact that we were lucky. For data storage and transfer, the device utilizes the earliest serial communication first used back in the sixties. We have one compatible cable, and one adapter party later, we successfully transferred test pictures to the computer!” He motioned to his computer showing crisp images of various lab equipment and one waving tech.

“That’s amazing, Bob! What’s the resolution it’s pumping out?”

“Raw res is about, oh, ten-thousand pixels. Not even close to its great grandkids, but more than enough to get the job done!” There was a big smile on his wrinkly face.

“I’m really itching to do a few artsy shoots with it, Bob. So, unless you wanna study it some more …” I intentionally trailed off.

“Yeah, it should be all right, Laura. The next step is taking it apart to study its processing hardware, and I don’t want to do that until I contact Arripio. That’s of course assuming they are the same Arripio that made this Camera.”

I happily picked up the black Camera, and said, “Thanks a lot Bob. Oh, and there’s one more thing.”


“What’s the storage capacity?”

“Just a sec.” He took a calculator out of his pocked, and punched in a few numbers. “Now, this is just an estimate based on the kind of memory in there and how much memory our pics took up … About, one-hundred.”




I soon found myself with model Rea Lee, who has worked for me before. It was in the personal photography studio of my Los Angeles home overlooking the ocean. Rea was a sexy woman, whose southern Asian ancestry showed clearly on her face. She had dark skin and black hair like me, while she was taller. She simply wore a tight red night shirt with matching panties.

“Now, act casual … good,” I said, while she knowledgeably posed. “Give me feisty … Excellent! Hold your breasts … just fine.” I snapped away with the old Camera

Then, an unusual thought entered my mind. I wanted Rea to flash her excellent C-cup breasts. I never did nude shoots before, even though I wasn’t really opposed to them. I did know, however, that Rea’s contract with my company stipulated no nude shoots, or at least, no nude pictures could be made public. Suddenly, she teasingly flashed her very firm breasts.


“You said act natural, so I thought I’d tease you!”

“Yeah …” While I continued to flash, I realized how turned on I was. I wanted to fuck her brains out, and I never even considered experimenting in college! Suddenly, I felt dizzy, and a white haze surrounded me.

Rea then pulled off her opaque top, happily showing off her washboard tummy and healthy breasts. She squeezed her breast, and deeply stated, “Is this what you want?”

“Oh, yea, Rea,” I responded even more deeply. Whatever control I had over myself was now gone; I was going to fuck Rea’s brains out. I took a few more excited shots, while she removed her bottom. The Camera softly rolled onto the floor, before I walked up to her.

I worshiped her breasts with my mouth and hands. She moaned happily, while I sucked her nipple so hard. I wanted to suck them until milk flowed out. And suddenly, it did! Was she always lactating? Her delicious milk flowed down my throat, regardless. I actually sucked her tit dry, before I did the same to the other.

Reah then pulled my top off, revealing my larger breasts. She happily worshiped them until we found ourselves in a deep passionate kiss. I then worked my way down her very fit body, making love to every inch. The closer I came her feet, the more passionate I became, and by the time I reached her silken feet, I was worshiping. Her feet were almost as sweet as her milk, especially when I had her toes tickling the back of my throat. My drool dripped down her legs.

We soon found ourselves worshiping each other’s crotches in turn, before falling into an energetic sixty-nine. Sure, we had multiple orgasms, but all they did was grow more powerful with each burst.

While we scissored wildly, slobbering all over our soft feet, I began to realize our remarkable orgasms were mere coos in the face of the coming epic orgasm. We soon screamed so loud in our super orgasm that we quickly lost our voices …

The next thing I knew, a white haze shrouded us. It quickly dissipated, and I soon found myself fully clothed, pointing the Camera at the sexy, clothed Rea. I felt like I just had that epic sex, but there was no physical evidence of it. Indeed, I certainly didn’t see Rea lactating in that moment.

“OK,” I said out of breath. “I think I got all I need for now.”

“You OK, Laura? You sound tired out,” she asked concerned.

“Just fine,” I smiled, realizing how sexually attracted I still was toward her. “This thing doesn’t hold that many pictures!”

“OK, that was nice and quick! Call me if you wanna do another special shoot, OK?”





“What the FUCK!” I exclaimed toward my gray laptop. I was skimming through the images I just took of Rea. Somehow, everything that happened with her was real, even though she did not seem to have any memory of it. Indeed, I asked “how she liked her nude shoot” over the phone earlier, while she laughed about how she “wasn’t nude at all.”

Starring at the Camera, I was total disbelief. How was it even possible that Rea didn’t remember the hot sex we had? Was she still lactating? Why was I still so turned on by that hot sex? Why was I sure that I was a lesbian now, while I never even considered screwing a woman in my life before that session?


With all the questions I had about myself and the Camera, I decided that further experimenting with the Camera would best answer my questions. I wondered why old Bob didn’t discover the unique property, but I think all his wants and dreams were fulfilled through his job and family. Regardless, I really did enjoy using the thing!

I called two of my contract models over to my house for an artistic, “vintage” lingerie shoot. There was the unenthusiastic Lorena, who was healthily toned with poofy, curly brown hair. And, there was the professional Janice, whose jet black hair and dark skin showed off her latina ancestry, while she had a slim figure. Lorena was dressed in a lacy blue nightgown top with matching opaque blue stockings, and Janice was wearing a red and black nightgown top with matching opaque black stockings.

Good God, I wanted to fuck them both! It was so strange, because I platonically knew them for years. What made it all stranger was how there was clearly no resistance in me toward my impossibly altered sexuality. I impulsively took a few shots of them sitting naturally on my steps before they noticed my approach. Assuming that taking their pictures was enough to control them, I thought to myself, ‘You both will complete whatever is started.’ I then impulsively wished that Lorena forgot her panties. A barley noticeable haze passed over me.

I walked between the two of them, and stated, “Now, I’m going for realism in this shoot. I want you two to portray characters that feel animalistic in the clothes you’re wearing. Lorena, I want you to run up the stairs and pin Janice to the wall. That’s just the beginning. Lets start this while we’re still feeling fresh …”

“I forgot something, Laura!” the still unenthusiastic Lorena stated.

“What?” I asked surprised.

“I forgot my panties!” she exclaimed. “If Janice is wearing some, I should, too, Laura.”

“Oh, OK!” My mind was racing. “Here, take mine, Lorena. They’ll match, and I think we’re the same size.” I quickly removed my blue panties, and handed them to Lorena.

She took them and remarkably pulled them on with seemingly little thought. Walking down the steps, Lorena then asked, “So, why do I wanna grab her?”

I took a few playful shots of the not very happy woman, and replied, “You, your character wants to fuck her, but doesn’t quite know it yet. The character just has to grab her.”

They both looked somewhat surprised; neither did “erotic” shoots normally. Still, there was no verbal protest. Apparently falling into the role, Lorena sprinted back up the steps, and forced the surprised Janice to the wall. She erotically felt up and down Janice’s body. All the while, I snapped pictures.

“Good, Lorena, transfer all that energy from your frustration toward your want of Janice,” I stated. “Janice, you’re loving the attention, even though you didn’t think you would.”

The models’ breathing subtly increased, while they actively groped each other.

“Yeah, I bet you two don’t hate this at all,” I loudly exclaimed, snapping away. “I can see how turned on you two are. Lorena, all that bitching is so obviously a lie now, you being so fucking turned on. Janice, you love it so much that you can’t be professional about this.”

Lorena then pushed Janice onto the steps, while licking and kissing began to outweigh their intense groping.

“Good, excellent!” I excitedly exclaimed, feeling that I was loosing myself in the moment. “You’re gonna fuck each other; there’s no doubt about that. You two are hornier than you’ve ever been in your lives! Everything around you, including your pictures being taken, only enhances your arousal!”

While Janice passively absorbed the pleasure, Lorena pushed her friend’s panties to the side, and briefly made out with the dripping crotch underneath. Lorena then kissed up Janice’s stockinged leg, and began to passionately slobber all over the silk covered foot.

“Oh, wow!” I exclaimed. “Don’t fucking stop till you’re done!” I then thought about how much money was in online porn, and wanted these two to be a part of it. Yes, that will be amazing! I just have to finish this ride, though.

They then passionately, needfully removed their tops, before they worshiped their shapely breasts. They happily rubbed each other’s pussies through their panties at the same time. Then, Janice kissed her way down to Lorena’s burning hot pussy, and began to passionately make out with it. “UMM, yeah, fuckin’ lick my pussy,” Lorena happily cooed, while playing with her breasts.

“Startin’ to enjoy your work now, Lorena?” I asked impulsively, while I snapped away.

“Oh, yeah, Laura … OH … This isohhh my kind of job … I love work …” Lorena cooed in response.

Saying wide eyed toward Lorena’s dripping snatch, Janice barely stated, “I love it more!”

Lorena then grabbed her lover’s head, and forced it back onto her yearning pussy. Janice happily resumed, before she started to finger the hungry pussy, as ordered by Lorena. At the same time, Lorena forced Janice’s head into her pussy in more strongly than before. “Burry yourself in me, Janice. I fucking LOVE it!

“No romance here, OK,” I stated breathlessly, “you just lust for each other. Get nasty!”

Janice happily obliged by forcibly shoving her hand deep into Lorena’s tight crotch. Lorena loudly cooed in her apparent ecstasy. “Oh, yeah, Janice! Fuck me with your hand!” she cooed, while pulling the hand in deeper herself. At the same time, she humped it wildly, while Janice lustfully sucked on Lorena’s upper pussy lips.

I constantly licked my lips, while I exchanged long, lustful glances with Lorena, who was now in an epic orgasm. I would have done the same with Janice, but her job seemed to be just to fuck Lorena then. “OH fuck!” I exclaimed breathlessly. “Now, it’s Janice’s turn for a good cum. Her job is to fuck you, Lorena, and she deserves a reward for a good job.”

Lorena then forced Janice onto all fours, and began to lick and suck her pussy from behind. The site was so fucking hot! I then realized that I was excitedly rubbing my wet pussy to it all. I didn’t know how long I was doing so, while snapping pictures, but I didn’t care.

After an eternity of moans and cooes, Janice screamed in a long, guttural orgasm, and I happily cooed along with them. I then decided that I had enough for the day, or at least, I was sure my brain would turn to mush if I let this go on for longer! “All right, I think we got it.”

The two women happily felt each other on the steps, while lightly kissing. “We’d love to do more of that!” Lorena exclaimed.

Amazed, I responded, “Maybe I could start a spin off company to film porn?”

The two models happily smiled back and me, and then to each other …


It was surprisingly easy to set up a pornographic arm of MCM called Porno Milano. There weren’t even questions about how pornography could ruin the legitimacy of MCM. It was clear that my “wish” to create what became Porno Milano became a reality. The only thing that was really interesting was how Janice and Lorena remembered everything that happened vividly. I knew then that Rea’s shoot was meant to be “fantasy,” and would not be remembered as anything more than a passing thought on Rea’s part. So, I assumed that them becoming pornstars required them to remember such lust …




Porno Miliano made my experiments with the Camera far easier, along with the fact that Arripio lost all files on it, save for a bug eaten record of the project’s budget allocation, as Bob told me. Then again, I found that I didn’t care about lying to the models very much now. Anyway, I had myself named as “Imaging Chief” of the subsidiary. It was quite ironic considering how I once blatantly avoided any serious management within MCM. Bob was probably quite amazed with me, but I think he was more amazed that I refused to let him take the Camera apart just yet.

In a hot tub before me bathed to super hot pornstars (Kim and Kat). The duo apparently abruptly ended contracts with their formers companies to join Porno Milano. They billed themselves as “Blonde Bimbos,” and fit the bill: long blonde hair, sun kissed skin, super voluptuous bodies, not too bright save for eroticism. They looked and acted so much alike that one could mistake them for sisters.

I snapped the Camera generously, while they made out and groped their naked bodies. Though not stated within their contracts, they specifically told me that there would be no fetishistic material between the two of them. I was about to change that.

“Good, you two, that’s hot. Show me your lust for each other!” I exclaimed.

They moaned and cooed happily, while they rubbed their crotches and kissed.

“Now, Kim’s right foot is the focus of all your lust. Kat, it is utter ecstasy to be fucked by it, and to fuck yourself with it. Kim, it is utter ecstasy to have someone fuck your foot, and for you to fuck someone else with your foot.” There probably was that odd haze associated with my experiments, but I was too in the moment to notice.

Likely without a second thought, Kat took Kim’s right foot and passionately worshiped it with her hands and mouth. They both orgasmically cooed. Kat then leaned over the edge of the hot tub, with her full ass toward Kim, who automatically rubbed Kat’s pussy with her foot. Kat’s screams of ecstasy were as wild as Kim motions.

“You like that?” Kim asked lustfully.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Kat cooed, before bringing the foot up to her mouth, while straddling her lover smooth leg. She humped Kim’s leg wildly, while she kissed and sucked off Kim’s foot. They were both shaking from the near orgasmic power, while Kat concentrated on the toes with her mouth, and concentrated on the rest with her hands. The motions and coos were wild and animalistic. They soon reached a powerful orgasm, which literally shook my windows.




The hot tub pictures were selling well. Indeed, The pornography was already starting to rival the more mainstream video and photography. I even read a report that said it was extensively downloaded illegally, which I let the company’s legal team worry about …

“I can’t believe you turned to porno!” my long time friend Dr. Sally Sanders stated lightly. We were roommates at Brenham College (her time as an undergraduate). She was now a practicing psychiatrist, who my company often sent emotionally troubled models to see. Her skin was sandy in complexion (her skin could darken easily), while she had dark hair and eyes. She wore a fairly conservative white blouse and gray skirt. Though, she was not really that “conservative,” while she liked the generic T-shirt and jeans. She just came from work.

“Well, not completely, Sally! That’s just an offshoot,” I smiled, glancing at the Camera. It sat on the coffee table in front of the couch where we sat.

“So, that was the thing that started it?” she asked, motioning toward the Camera. Sally was genuinely curious.

“Oh, yeah!” I said excitedly picking it up.

Sally was amazed by my excitement. It was of a brand she never saw in me. She was curious as both a friend and a therapist.

I took a few snapshots of her with a big aroused smile.

“What’s gotten into you, Laura?” she asked amazed. Her curiosity was turning into concern.

After a few more snaps, she was under my power. I didn’t want to do too much to her, but my arousal overrode that issue. “You are a bisexual voyeur and exhibitionist, while your libido is that of a controlled nymphomaniac. It is the core of who you are. This was uncovered during your graduate studies.”

I then felt a little fuzzy, while subtly different memories formed next to the old ones. At the same time, a freer, subtly lustful look appeared in Sandy’s eye. The subtly changed reality was soon clear to both of us, while I was the only one aware of the change. I placed the Camera back on the table.

In graduate school, Sally did a thesis project on sexual voyeurism and exhibitionism, instead of the affect of social media on the mind. It awakened her true sexuality, while it was only near the end she realized her buried desires were the roots of her thesis. The prized thesis was ultimately published and expended, giving her great respect amongst her peers. Though her openness about her personal discoveries did cause unofficial controversy over objectivity, her indisputable conclusions overrode such issues. Indeed, the fact that she references herself as an example actually further cemented her conclusions. Now, she still sees patients for general issues, including my company’s employees, but her true focus is the psychology of sex.

“Hey, now don’t release those pics of me, Laura!” she said almost ironically. The idea of others enjoying her quite sexy, well maintained body was clearly quite enticing for her, but such pictures could damage her career.

“Oh, don’t worry, Sally, they’re just for me!”

“I can live with that,” she said sultrily. “Lets watch each other.”

In the revised reality, I happily indulged her sexually. I smiled sexily, and stripped naked. She did the same in kind, while breathing deeply through her open mouth. Lustfully starring, we masturbated and felt out bodies. I didn’t like to be watched and show off as much as her, but it was still awesome! We rubbed and groped ourselves for so long, trying to prolong the pleasure for as long as we could. With eyes open wide, we watched ourselves explode in lustful orgasm …




Polly was a very attractive, light skinned brunette. She was a contract model, so she basically did whatever was asked of her. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with her through the Camera, but I thought a blue latex bra and panties should give me ideas once we started.

“Thanks for doing this artistic shoot for me, Polly!” I didn’t plan to have this on the porno site, so this was arguably to be “artistic.”

“No problem, Laura. Nice change of pace from the boring shoots for department stores. Never wore latex before, either.” Her very subtle Romanian accent bled through in her excitement.

‘Interesting,’ I thought to myself, while Laura sat on the couch. “OK, Polly, I think we’ll also record audio to this picture set.” I quickly rummaged around to find the audio recorder I liked to use for job interviews in this room. I plopped it on the table next to me, and hit the record button. “Now, I want you to say everything that comes to mind. Don’t hold back.”

“Umm, OK, well, like I said, never wore latex before. Kinda like it, though. More comfortable than I thought it would be.”

‘Excellent,’ I thought, while I clicked away. ‘You love latex.’

“You know, I think I kinda love it!” she exclaimed, while unabashedly feeling the latex bra and panties.

‘You don’t just love the latex; you are in love with the latex. It turns you on more than anything. Every bit of your skin touching latex it is more alive with passion than you ever thought possible.’ I was already on such a role that I didn’t notice any disorientation from my actions.

“Oh, my God. Oh, my fuckin’ God,” she cooed deeply. “I’m in love with latex! I never knew anything could make my skin feel so alive!” Her had forcibly rubbed her warm, covered crotch, while her other squeezed her covered breasts. “OH …”

‘You are wearing forearm high latex gloves, and high latex stockings,’

Her arms, legs, hands, and feet began to turn the same blue as her latex attire. The latex practically grew out of her! “Oh, fuck … OOOH … was I always wearing these … FUCK IT, I’m in love with this shit!” She continued to loudly moan and coo, while she rubbed her crotch, and felt her body with the latex hand.

‘You are as flexible as the rubber you deeply love. Don’t be afraid to taste the latex encasing your feet.’

Polly then reached down, and grabbed her foot, before shoving it deep into her salivating mouth. “UMPH … ERRR!” she grunted, before removing her now wet foot. “I FUCKING LOVE IT!”

‘You are in love with anything within latex.’

“It makes me love myself!” she cooed.

‘You are actually wearing a complete blue latex bodysuit. Head to toes with latex. There are no seems or zippers. You can’t get out of it, but you, of course, don’t want to. There are, of course, holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth, while your now blue hair grows right through the hood. There are no holes, per se, but it goes deep within your pussy and ass and the rest.’

“OH Gah! Oh Fuck, what’s happening?” she cooed breathlessly. “Oh gahd, fuck, all over — everywhere! No zipper, no seams …” Almost all she was able to do was moan and coo loudly, while she forcibly groped her essentially completely encased body. “Oh, gah … I can’t stop cumming!”

‘The latex will now replace your skin. There will be absolutely no separation between the love of the latex and yourself.’

“Oh, gah … It’s … It’s … It’s my skin!” she screamed loudly in her continuous orgasm.

‘The latex shall now become one with your body completely. It shall replace your blood with liquid latex, your bones with hard rubber, your hair like rubber bands. You shall be living, conscious latex!”

“UHAAA …. OHHH …. LATEX …. I AM!” she deafeningly, orgasmically screamed. She was completely blue latex now. Though, her mouth, tongue, and crotch had their own distinct lighter shade. Most remarkable were her still changing eyes. There were becoming like two light blue stones. Here pupils were still there, but their ever so subtly darker tone was next to impossible to distinguish.

‘When I stop taking pictures, you shall be Human again, while wearing a fully removable latex body suit. You will remember bringing yourself to orgasm in the suit, and will be proud of that fact. Subconsciously and even spiritually you will forever be the latex creature you are now. So, your love of latex will still be there, albeit more or less controllable.’

I stopped, and in the blink of an eye, she was simply encased in blue latex. With a massive smile, she walked up to me, and stated, “Thank you so much for turning me on to latex! I really wasn’t sure about being in a full latex suit like this, but I’m so glad I am. This is totally my thing. Can I keep the suit?”

“Sure …”




After seeing such physical and mental control over a person, I then wondered if I could pull a Dr. Frankenstein. Well, pulling a Frankenstein in a metaphorical sense. I wanted to make myself a woman. Sure, I knew that I could remake any woman to satisfy my growing sexual needs, but completely building a woman from sheer imagination was what I wanted to do.

I ultimately decided, however, to create a woman based on a computer generated image of a beautiful woman I found online, who would be called Mya Preston. With the image now full screen and black leather desk chair now facing me, I began to take pictures.

The image of the slim woman on the screen was still not quite what I wanted, so I embellished in my mind. My goal was to make her physically and mentally better them me in every way, so that she would be a kind of ideal. Physically, the woman was to be highly athletic and super flexible, with highly toned legs and rock hard stomach. The muscles were to be quite blatant from head to toes, but would not detract from her beauty. Her smooth feet would be a wondrous size ten, her skin a sandy sun kissed shade, breasts a full C-cup, lips a natural light pink and full, eyes a painted blue, hair a dark brown, and her hight five feet and eight inches.

Her mind was to be quite spectacular. The IQ was to be genius level, while she knew exactly what she was. That was to ensure that she could process all the information on physical exertion and sex, both of which I assumed the Camera would make possible, because I certainly didn’t know everything about sex and exercise! She was also to be highly narcissistic, which would connect with her obsession of exercise, and being a nymphomaniac. Above all, she was to love me as much as I already loved her.

Well, all right, the last part was on impulse. I had no idea if it was even possible to create love like that, but the Camera changed me enough that I would need to completely remake a woman to fully satisfy me, regardless.

I snapped picture after picture at the empty chair and computer with so much want to create my perfect woman. At first, nothing happened, but I kept going. Suddenly, my vision began to blur, and I could almost feel history change. Yes, I’ve felt reality change before, but not to that degree. I nearly fell over, hyperventilating. While the weight of the changes slowly settled, so did my vision. I soon saw a naked woman sitting legs crossed on the chair: my perfect woman.

I placed the Camera down next to me, and she stood up with a knowing smile. At the same time, her history before we met became clear as “she told it to me.” I couldn’t believe how elaborate it was! She was born in 1988 to parents who died just after she entered college. Starting after she was five, her parents pushed her into being physically active, which she did not take all that seriously until she discovered swimming at fifteen. She excelled in the sport, mastering every swimming style, and cross trained extensively to stay strong in the sport. Though not considered the most serious competitor, she received a partial sports scholarship from the college she went to. Pushed on by her college friends and teammates, who saw her as talented as she was beautiful, she soon found herself as a competitor in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. She won Golds in the four-hundred meter freestyle (Olympic Record) and two-hundred meter team freestyle relay (World Record Split), while consistently forth in the other swimming competitions she qualified.

Not long after she returned home, she officially retired from competitive swimming. Her fans and teammates were disappointed in her, because she was seen as a major candidate for the recent 2012 Olympics and other further championships. However, her friends and teammates were not that surprised. They always knew that she was never that competitive, anyway, while she only swam for personal fulfillment and enjoyment. Indeed, she was virtually unknown until her successful Olympic outing.

However, she did make an appearance in the 2009 swimsuit issue of a popular sport magazine, who was doing a special section on decorated 2008 Olympians. That was where I met her. My company was contracted to do the special photos for the issue, regardless of timeline. We were mutually interested in each other, and I was overjoyed that she was a lesbian and secret nymphomaniac, while sexually narcissistic. Only her friends knew her sexuality, while she always said she was a lesbian to anyone who asked. Though, she specifically avoided doing interviews during her Olympic Run.

She soon received her dual degree in 2010 in General Exercise Science and Anthropology (Human Sexuality concentration). She had to take a brief sabbatical from college to compete in the Olympics. With my recommendation, my company hired her as the “Fitness Manager,” which was recreated for her to “aid in the physical heath of the full time employees and models.” Her predecessor was just a consultant, but with Mya’s proposals for reforming the position, it was turned into a full time position. At the same time, we grew very close, while she worked to transform me into the sexual monster she was. Remarkably, everything I did with the Camera did not change.

Mya sensually walked over, and tightly embraced me. There was only perfection in it. She knew just how to touch me, and swirl her tongue in my mouth to make me moan. She pulled back with a loving smile, while I was in utter shock and amazement toward what I had done.

“Surprised?” she asked with a subtle chuckle. “You made me! But I guess, this new reality hasn’t fully processed in your mind yet. Well, let’s go do our swim!”

“What?” I suddenly noticed diamond encrusted gold rings on our ring fingers. I finally processed that we were legally married the day before (the day some legislation was signed), while the ceremony for our families was next week. There were several commentators “shocked” by the marriage, but we and our friends just laughed. Seriously, no one ever asked either of us about our sexuality in our interviews!

“Yeah, wifey! We jog in the morning, swim in the afternoon, ride bikes or do the gym after dinner, and fuck like crazy before bed, and I somehow find time to do the job your company hired me for! Well, I guess that’s what it all is now, right? From your perspective and technically mine, I didn’t exist until a few moments ago,” she laughed heavily. “Come on! Your not gonna believe how strong and sexy you are in this reality!”


The remarkable fullness of the rest of the day was both remarkable and familiar at the same time. I was by far not as finely sculpted inside and out as Mya, but there was little doubt that she worked to sculpt me in her goddess-like image. I was definitely tighter and more energetic in this reality, while Mya’s stamina was almost inhuman. Strangely, I sensed that her stamina was more than usual in this reality, but I was still processing it all.

We had our “usual” bike ride after a tasty, wholesome dinner, and found ourselves all over each other in the shower. Whether it was the first or the trillionth time I felt her tight body, I knew of nothing better in the world. After teasingly washing every inch of ourselves form head to toes, we made out and ground our hot pussies together almost violently. We moaned and grunted loudly, kissing and nibbling everything in mouth’s reach. Mya gave me an epic hickey above my right boob! We soon screamed loudly in orgasm together.

I was blatantly out of breath from the more than active activities, while Mya was completely unfazed. We soon dried ourselves off, and hopped onto our bed naked. We anomalistically made out, while feeling our sculpted bodies with everything that could. There were no civilized thoughts, nor were there ever. This was how we fucked: lesbian animals in perpetual heat. In the end, that was the only reason why Mya sculpted my body. I could never even come close to keeping up with her otherwise. Indeed, she still wiped me out with sex!

We were grinding our crotches so hard we could only cum loudly. We then scissored with our silken feet shoved deep into our drooling mouths. No, we didn’t necessarily have a foot fetish. However, we had a severe body fetish, which Mya instilled in me the first month we were together. That soon led to another powerful orgasm, and then to another and another. After a while, Mya was just fucking me so that she would cum. This happened a lot (almost every time originally), but I never minded.

While I was sweating like a pig, and Mya exploding with her twelfth orgasm without breaking a sweat, I finally began to realize something was different for this reality. She soon fucked me long enough for another five glorious orgasms, for a total of sixteen! She always had numerous orgasms, but this was the most. She didn’t even look tired, and seemed ready for more! I lay back physically and mentally drained.

“How … how are you doing this?” I barely asked Mya.

She smiled knowingly, and picked herself up, while still straddling me on her knees. “I’m thanking you, lover.”

“What?” I whispered.

“I’m not exactly what either of us once thought. I have a real soul. In this reality, I am a ‘real’ person for all intents and purposes. When I was very young, I began to suspect how different I really was. The older I got, the more I understood. You made me a genius! Not long before me met, I began to understand the Camera without technically having seen it yet. In a way, I am a physical manifestation of that Camera. That gives me the power to do whatever I want, within reason. I could have won every swim competition for the next fifty years, but I held back to not draw attention to myself. I even held back with you. Now that I am at the point of my creation in the last reality, everything is clearer to me than I ever thought possible.”

“I don’t understand, Mya …”

“Watch what I can do!” she cooed in yet another orgasm. She then began to feel herself, while rubbing her crotch hard. Her knees never left my side. In rapid succession, she came over and over, with each more powerful than the last. Her pussy juices dripped all over me. “THIRTY!” she screamed deafeningly. After only a few moments to catch her breath (only barely sweating), she leaned down and kissed me lovingly. “You made me to love you, and I do with every ounce of my being!” The naked goddess climbed off of me, and left the room. She quickly returned with the Camera in hand. Standing over me, she said lovingly, “I fucked you almost into a coma tonight for a reason … Every time you use the Camera to alter reality, there are consequences for the user. Sometimes imperceptible, sometimes devastating. The more you use the Camera, the more extravagant the alterations, the more likely you will experience devastating consequences. Your grandfather, Jack, experienced that through his sudden demise. So, I will be that consequence for you. No, you will never loose me, but I love you too much to loose you to the addiction of changing reality.”

Mya then began to take pictures of me, making me fall into the Camera’s power. I found myself in a powerful arousal, and touched myself to enhance it.

“To change everything back to its original state would be too risky on both our parts, so, my love, I shall sever your connection to this Camera. You will remember all you did, but you will never have the urge to do more. You will never see the Camera again. Only I will know where it is. It shall be safe, and it shall never be used again.”

After several more flashes, the Camera disappeared. Mya, the goddess I could not love more, was making out with me. She whispered in my ear, “Now we can be together without consequence.”

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