Beyond the Madness of Passions: Immortality

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Beyond the Madness of Passions: Immortality

I didn’t know why Jennifer chose me then. Maybe it was sheer luck. Maybe she just liked the way I looked. There was yet no way to know. We bumped into each other at that corner convenience store two minutes walk from my lab.

“Is that a lab coat?” Jennifer asked innocently.

I turned around to see a beautiful auburn haired woman. Her body was very healthy and full, and did not look more than twenty-five years old. I was thirty-five myself, and not too bad looking, either! “Oh … Err, yes. I’m a geneticist at Volutus Research Labs down the street,” I answered awkwardly.

“Really,” she smirked. “Huh, I’ve always wondered if that was the main place or one of their satellites.”

“Yeah, this Providence lab is the main one. We of course have one satellite in this state, Rhode Island, over in Littleford, and five others dotting the country.” I sometimes came off as a touch pompous self promoting like that, but Jennifer still looked interested.

“Wow! You guys do some cutting edge stuff. Always wanted to meet one of you! What are you researchin’ now, if I may ask?” she asked with genuine curiosity. I realized then that her accent was subtly off, as if she traveled extensively throughout her life. There were Gaelic tones, yet I could hear a touch of Russian and even Bostonian.

“Well, umm, I’m actually between projects right now. Won’t start a new one for a week. Just went to my lab to check emails. Automatically put on the coat, and forgot to take it off!

She smiled pleasantly.

“I didn’t catch your name. I’m Dr. Julia Johansen.” I extended my hand.

She shook, and answered, “Jennifer Smith; you can call me Jen.”

I was always a good judge of character (I was a psychology minor in my undergraduate days), and Jennifer’s curiosity was purely innocent. I should have sensed ulterior motives then beyond that true innocence. At the same time, I began to realize that I felt an aberrant draw to this women. “Is there anything your curious about? I mean, I’m not doing anything top secret!”

She blinked in a way that was almost seductive, before saying, “Well, I’ve never seen the inside of a lab before …”

The visitor’s badge was easy to receive for her, even though I may have been lying saying that she was a friend. There was simply nothing normal about this. Sure, I’ve walked out wearing my lab coat before, others have noted the error, but I had never brought any of them back to my lab! I technically should not have even agreed to show her around. I barely knew her; if she were some corporate spy, I would never forgive myself. Indeed, my career would be over if that was the case! Yet, I may not have been lying saying that she was a friend …

We soon found ourselves in the currently spartan lab. Jennifer casually sat on an exam chair. There were beakers, microscopes, a computer, etc. The lab was scrubbed clean a few days before in preparation for the next project, which held very little interest to me.

“The place is even cleaner than I expected!” Jennifer casually observed.

I caught myself oddly looking at her crotch, before stating, “Sterilization is standard procedure once a study is completed.”

Jennifer smirked, obviously seeing where my eyes kept falling. “What do you usually study, Julia?”

For the first time in my life, I felt arousal toward a woman. I couldn’t explain it, and desperately tried to shake it off. “I, ahh, I study genetic factors in immunities …”

“Interesting, Jen … It is beautiful isn’t it? Even hidden under tight jeans, I know how alluring my crotch can be to other women.”

“What?” I really was mesmerized by her crotch.

“Coincidence or not, I have been hoping to find someone like you, Jen. You see, ever since they fully mapped DNA, I’ve been curious about what could be seen within my own.”

“I don’t understand.” I shook my head, regaining some composure. “Is something wrong with your DNA?”

She chuckled, “No. But, I’m sure it would be a bit different than the average Human’s. Test me, if you don’t believe me. Do that cheek swab; take a blood sample. I’d love to see the results!”

In a weird, almost empathic way, I could see the truth in her words. “What are you?”

“Something unique, I guess, but evolution would suggest otherwise. I’m over five-hundred years old; been that way since I was twenty-five, I believe.”

Though my eyes could not look at much more of her than her wondrous pussy, I was still able to reason. “Are you some kind of Vampire?” A part of me always wondered if such a creature existed.

“No, but I suppose I am a bit like them. I do also delude myself with belief that I will live forever. There are three major breeds of those I personally came across: the highly sexualized ones of the Cosmic Gods of Passion. There are supposedly others, but those are very rare …”

My scientific brain sprung to life, and I quickly grabbed the proper equipment for biological samples.

“You resist me better than most in my present state … Anyway, I suppose I am more like the Succubi …”

“Succubi?” I asked breathlessly, placing they tray of tools on the end table next to her.

“Yes, but not the mythological demons you’re thinking of. In some ways, they are just very long lived women trying to be a part of ever changing society, like me.”

I took a sample of her silken hair, swabbed the inside of her cheek with a Q-tip, and took a sizable blood sample.

“You’ve done this before,” she teased sexily. “Now, I’m most like a Succubus not really because of a love for sex, which I do enjoy, but for the love of the Energy flowing within you. While a Succubus feeds on Sexual Energy for serious sustenance, I feed on Life Energy. Both are as renewable as apples from an apple tree!”

“How do you do that?” I asked breathlessly. I placed the tray on the lab bench along the window. I turned around to face her, and all I wanted to do was burry my face in her warm, comforting pussy. Well, I imagined it was warm and comforting.

“You sense it already, you tasty thing!” she slowly licked her lips. “My wonderful pussy isn’t quite like yours. It may look ‘normal’ on the surface, but what it can do!”

“I bet it tastes fucking good …” I stated impulsively.

“Yes, I’ve been told it tastes great! It’s also quite, well, welcoming. You will definitely burry your face into it. As you do, it will open wide, and the muscles will pull you into me. Quite a shock the first time I let that happen! Anyway, as you are pulled into me, your body will be deconstructed, and brought down to its pure Energies. As I consume your Life Energy and temporarily merge with your other Energies, not counting your soul, we will be one in the same. My body will temporarily morph into yours, while our minds will become one. I’ve learned how to make it a pure mental sharing. Some of my personality may graft onto yours, while you’ll know everything I know for as long as you live.”

“I come back out, right?” I asked, barely able to think beyond plowing into her.

“Well, yeah! You’ll pop back out the way you came in. You’ll technically be reborn and perhaps improved a touch, physically. Well, it will take you a few days to recover all the Life Energy I will have consumed!”

I started shaking my head at the insanity of it all. Was I really in the same room with a being above me on the food chain? Could she really be over five-hundred years old? Why was I so turned on by it all? “This has gotta be some kind of joke … None of this is possible!”

She laughed lightly, and said, “Of course this is possible! A good scientist like you never dismisses hard evidence, whether it’s making you horny or not. Anyway, you will very soon experience what I have described. You’ve already been around me for too long in my present state of hunger. I can feel my pussy muscles pulsing at the thought. I want you inside me as much as I need you inside me!”

She was right. Good God, she was right! It was as if my mind, my body, my soul wanted to be within her. Her pussy looked more than inviting, encased by the tight jeans.

“Your drooling a little. Would you like me to wipe off your face?” she offered seductively.

I walked over to her like a mindless zombie, drool poring from my mouth. She grabbed hold of me, and lapped the drool off my face.

She liked her lips, and deeply, almost inhumanly said, “You taste good! I’ve always found Human drool to be a good indicator of how great this is gonna be.”

“I want … inside you!” I barely exclaimed with spit splattering. My mind was so gone that I could no longer swallow properly!

While she efficiently tore our clothes away, any semblance of Human nature melted out of her. All I could see was hunger for me, and that made me want to be inside her even more!

I soon found myself staring at the naked being I had to be inside of now. She was now my image of perfection. I no longer had comprehension, while I stood staring at her utterly bald body.

Her perfect size nine feet tightly grabbed hold of my docile head, and pulled me toward that which I desired. Her legs bent in subtly odd ways to propel me toward her hungry snatch, while I cared little about that then. The moment I reached her perfect hole, I began to make out with it. To my shock and joy, her pussy lips moved with mine, while her aberrant muscles within knew just how to massage my joyous tongue. At the same time, her delicious, lubricating pussy juices splattered all over me and down my throat.

The more I kissed, the more I pressed my head into her. The more I pressed my head into her, the more I simply slithered my head. Before I knew it, my head was buried inside her hole. Her juices her were soon pleasurably pouring right through my pores. While her pussy muscles strongly massaged my head, I could feel them pulling me deeper inside her.

Suddenly, something strange began to happen. It was like a kind of double vision. I could see myself being pulled into her through her eyes, while seeing the comforting darkness through my own. I could only feel the comforting warmth and massage from her pussy muscles, though.

If it all didn’t feel so damn good, the exterior view would have been utterly shocking. Her hips were moving in tandem with her pussy muscles, while I was already in passed my shoulders. Her pussy was opened very wide to accommodate the excess width. Deeper and deeper I pleasurably went, while her pussy juices were spewing out of her to further lubricate me. It was in that moment I realized the obvious: Her pussy juices were breaking me down, physically. I no longer had a head or a neck, and very soon, I would no longer have an upper body!

Deeper and deeper I went. It was all I wanted or cared about. Once I was passed my hands and ass, my wetted legs and feet slid into her quickly. Soon, my body was gone, and I only existed within her. Because our souls did not, could not merge in this circumstance, our merged Energies were like that of a two headed snake, while there was no better way to describe it. My mind melted into hers, and we were soon one …

I knew everything she did, while that was as obvious as it was wonderful. Her intelligence far surpassed mine, while the merging ensured mine would be permanently something close to that. We, I soon walked over to the lab bench, and grabbed a needle to take a blood sample. I smirked seeing the face of a naked scientist, while I took the sample. The puncture wound healed instantly.

I felt so wonderful, but knew that meant this feeding was nearly done. I glided back to the chair, and closed my eyes …

In the darkness, I saw a bright, inviting light. All I wanted to do was swim toward it. The light grew brighter and brighter, and I was soon totally engulfed by it …

While the light slowly faded, everything came into focus. I was lying on the floor naked, covered with glimmering pussy juices. I felt totally wonderful, renewed, albeit tired and hungry. All of Jennifer’s knowledge was held safely behind a new door in my head. A door I could go through at any time.

The naked Jennifer squatted next to me, and extended her hand. I grasped it, and she pulled me to my feet. She handed me a towel, which I promptly began to use. She already morphed back to her prior form, but with subtle differences. Most of the red in her hair was gone, and was closer to my brown, while her facial structure changed in ways almost too subtle to explain.

I was definitely changed myself, on top of the gift of knowledge. My sexuality was now open to any gender or proclivity, while I felt half a decade younger. “You didn’t tell me I would become five years younger!” I exclaimed happily, before confirming the physical change through the reflective tray.

“Younger, improved, same difference,” she said sweetly. “I always make sure it’s a fair trade: Life Energy for physical and mental improvement. You might even live longer now. I don’t know!”

I was totally amazed by all that occurred. I had all the evidence of what Jennifer is and what she did to me (a final set a blood samples were taken). That wasn’t counting the Life Energy part of it, though. I had no way of measuring that! I had the choice of bringing all that out to the world, and she would even support it. However, I felt protective of her, even if I knew she would not stay for long. A part of me knew the world was not ready for her or all else she could reveal. So, I shall protect her as a valuable secret, while preserving all my data, so it would be there once the world was ready.

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