The Haunted Detective

Here’s an exclusive prequel to The Church (story M5) of Beyond the Madness of Passions

“So, how are you feeling today, Detective Sundry?” The pleasant, attractive clinical psychologist asked. I met her before. She often worked with police officers for both therapy and consulting.

“All right, I suppose,” I answered. There was a feeling of confusion and even loss. “I feel like I’ve lost something. Not quite sure how to describe it … How long have I been here?”

“Four months tomorrow. Now, could you elaborate on that feeling?”

‘Four months?’ I thought to myself. I almost couldn’t believe I was in a sanitarium for four months! “I’m having trouble remembering why I’m here. It’s like a part of my life has become a giant blur. I seem to remember some missing persons case; I remember something about getting soaked in a river, I think; I even just barely remember coming here.” I felt comfortable with her, and I was sure we talked in some capacity since I arrived.

“Yes, one of the reasons you are here has to do with memory issues,” she said calmly. “However, that issue has evolved. This is the most lucid you have been since you first came here. It is not surprising that you feel a degree of confusion. Now that you are capable of these normal sessions, we will work to recover what we can, before we get to the the real reason you are here.”

“Why am I here?” I asked, feeling a great discomfort.

“One step at a time, Detective Sundry,” she stated with a hint of worry, while brushing her black hair from her face. “I know your instincts as a detective are pushing you to the core of the matter, but we must be careful. You do not want a relapse.”

She was being very direct with me, and knew that directness was something I respected. I nodded in agreement.

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