Beyond the Madness of Passions: Sweet Nectar

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This one’s a bit experimental on my part. Though I most certainly enjoy the following themes in the right context, this is the first time I’ve gone all the way with them. Enjoy!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: Sweet Nectar


I often found myself in a bar for a quick drink after work with some friends. It was a nasty habit, but I was no alcoholic. I found this particular bar online a while ago, while my usual place was just down the street. My “work buddies” and I have a tradition of having one of us try out another bar, and report back on how it was. It was my turn.

“Sweet Nectar,” as the bar called itself, was not as busy as most bars of the area on Friday nights, but it was definitely busy. Even though the majority of the clientele of the tasteful establishment was female, I was fairly sure it was not a lesbian bar. Strangely, most of those women had massive breasts (D, DD, etc), as apposed to my admittedly small B-cup.

I sat at a free bar stool, finding myself amazed at the sheer size of the bartender’s impressive boobs now starring at me. The otherwise slim brunette wore a tight black dress, which showed off her devastating cleavage. “I’m Sally. Haven’t seen you here before. See anything you like?” the bartender asked in a sweet sultriness.

“Just scoping out a new place for some friends,” I replied innocently. “Got anything special for new faces?”

She blatantly looked at my tiny chest with a subtle frown, and offered, “Not exactly, but we do have a special drink you may like. We call it the ‘Sweet Nectar,’ like the bar.”

“What’s in it?”

She smiled, and replied, “That’s our little secret, and I’m giving you a special variant. It’s basically just a creamy Mai Tai. No food allergies, right?”


Sally put on a big, toothy smile, and did the usual dance for drink mixing. She acted more like a magician, though. I found myself not quite sure what she was doing at every given moment. Her back was to me at one point, and I could swear that she was squeezing one of her massive boobs at the same time. I assumed it was just a trick of the dim lights, intentional or no. “Here yah go!” Sally suddenly stated.

In the scotch glass swirled a creamy brown liquid with ice cubes. I sniffed it, and clearly smelled rum, milk, and some kind of citrus. The first sip of it was truly remarkable. Its creamy texture easily slid past my tongue, and flowed down my throat. The flavor was sweet and milky, while I barley could taste the alcohol. It still hit me strongly, revealing a high alcohol content. “Wow! That’s some great shit, Sally,” I complimented happily.


I slowly chugged the rest, savoring every little bit that flowed into me. After only one glass, I was practically addicted to it, and all but begged for more. Each succeeding glass seemed even better than the last. I was sure it was because I was simply getting drunker. I had at least five of them, when a sexy, massive chested redhead sat next to me. Her image was rather blurred, admittedly.

“Hi, I’m Lexi. You seem to really like this place’s special drink!”

“Oh, fuck, yeah! I love it,” I slurred. “So milky …”

“It is great shit. So, what’s your name?”

“Sarah … HIC!” I barely stopped the strong hiccups in that moment.

Sally placed another glass on the counter, and I happily drank it down. Soon after, I found myself happily starring at the full cleavage of Lexi’ DDs. “Like my boobs?” Lexi asked lightly.

“I love your boobs! Are they natural?” I was finding myself aroused. I was becoming red hot with desire, and I was too drunk to realize how aberrant the thoughts were.

“Oh, yeah, Sarah. They are all but bursting with milk, too!” she exclaimed, subtly squeezing her devastatingly large breasts with her hands.

“Really?” I asked, oddly wanting to suck them dry. If I was sober, though, I would have assumed she was joking about the milk part.

She took my arm, and stated, “Come on, I’ll let you drink every last drop!”

In a haze, Lexi guided me to another room in the building. I barely made out the plate on the door stating, “Lexi Mulctra, General Manager.”

“You’ra the manager …?” I barely asked.

“Yeah, Sarah.” She all but carried me inside.

Lexi then pressed her soft fingers passed my lips. They were wet with a sweet, milky substance. I was then carefully laid down on a squashy leather sofa, before I witnessed Lexi undoing her stressed blouse. Underneath was the most wonderful pair of breasts I had ever seen. Milk was dripping out of them at the erect nipples.

She leaned in, and playfully teased my lips with her wet nipple. I automatically latched on to it, and sucked vigorously. I soon realized that all the sweet flavors I tasted that night was breast milk. No matter how strange it really was, I just couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

Consuming the milk like an addict, I felt kind of strange. It was a good kind of strange, though. It was the kind of strange one felt while trying something knew that they didn’t expect to like, while absolutely loving it.

Lexi then forced her hand down my pants, and passionately rubbed my surprisingly wet pussy, making this the most deliciously erotic moment of my life. Like some kind of Vampire, I started to suck her boob even harder. The more I sucked the sweet nectar, the more it seemed my only purpose in life. When the boob ran dry, I soon found my lips around its twin.

There was soon nothing but the pleasure filled milk. All I could see, feel, smell, hear, and taste was the milk. THE MILK! It was filling me. It was filling my body and soul! I then EXPLODED in milky orgasm …




I woke up the next morning felling incredibly refreshed in my bed. Confusion then hit me. I remembered being horrendously drunk the night before, and even drinking another woman’s breast milk until I came in orgasm! It just didn’t make any sense. I mean, never even experimented in college, let alone have some immunity the dehydrating effect of alcohol.

My phone then quietly buzzed on the end table. I picked it up to see a voicemail was ready to be heard. I opened it. “This is Lexi Mulctra, the owner of the club you were in last night. You were pretty dunk, so I drove you home in your car. You were passed out through most of the drive, and it looked like you were having some intense dreams! I called for a taxi for myself at your house. I don’t suggest to get so drunk again, but feel free to come back anytime!”

I lay back in my bed, less confused. I never had such intense drunk dreams before, but it did explain what I remembered. Still, that lack of hangover was odd, but it somehow bothered me very little. After a quick shower, I dressed myself. Oddly, my bra felt a bit tight, but I shrugged it off. I had some cereal and milk for breakfast soon after. I often didn’t have cereal, but I just had a hankering.

Having no plans for the day, I decided to just relax. My friends called at one point asking about that bar, and I told them that it was fine. I oddly forgot to mention their special drink, though.

As the day went on, the more I noticed how uncomfortable my breasts felt. It wasn’t just the tightness of the bra. I walked over to the mirror in my room, and was taken aback by the sight, while it may have been just a trick of the light. I was practically pretending that they weren’t noticeably larger just to allay further necessary concern. I quickly removed my shirt and tight bra. They didn’t look it, but my breasts still felt uncomfortable. It was like there was a growing pressure inside them.

Automatically, I began to rub my uncomfortable breasts. It helped. I concentrated on the right, rubbing harder. Suddenly, what appeared to be milk squirt from my nipple onto the mirror. In shock, I scooped some of it up with my finger and tasted it. DELICIOUS! I may not have known why I was suddenly lactating, but my instant addiction to my own milk quashed my wondering.

I then took the other breast, and forced milk into the palm of my free hand. I slurped it up savoringly. A devastating wave of arousal hit me, and I fell to the carpeted floor, ripping my clothes away. I rubbed my dripping clit, while squeezing milk from my breasts, scooping much of it into my mouth. The more I squeezed, the more easily the milk flowed. My breasts were visibly growing at the same time. It seemed that I was just barely prolonging their sudden growth by releasing the milk. I soon screamed in a mind numbing orgasm, covered in my own sweat and milk …


In my fever dream, I was smothered in my own milk. It spewed from my nipples, while being reabsorbed by every other hole in my body. Orgasm after orgasm flowed through me. My mind faded from the onslaught. Everything that I am became the milk that spewed from my nipples.

Every pore, every hole on my body was soon overwhelmed by spewing milk. All the produced milk on me began to congeal. A thick, off white film soon began to smother me. I couldn’t breath, but I didn’t care. I was too consumed by my milk to care about anything. Everything soon faded to black …


I suddenly woke up on my floor naked. I had shown myself that it had been hours later, but it had felt like days. My breasts were now devastatingly large, and leaking with milk. Indeed, my whole body was wet from that milk. The tight fullness of my boobs made my mouth water. I was starved, and all I wanted was to drink my own milk!

I then grabbed a milk jug, and drank the free flowing milk lovingly, orgasmically. I barely even had to touch them to release more milk than I could suck normally, while I did so to spew my milk down my throat more vigorously. The more I drank, the more I wanted. I just couldn’t get enough.

Someone suddenly walked into the room. I didn’t pay any attention to who it was until she asked sultrily, “Save some for me?”

Squirting nipple still in mouth, I looked up. It was Lexi! Her white T-shirt had blatant wet spots. She pulled it off, before pushing down her tight pants. She wore no underwear, as her voluptuous body was free of all body hair.

Lexi then crawled onto the floor, and positioned her massive breast over my full mouth. I let go of my own to let hers enter. Her milk flowed into me far faster than mine. I had no need to suck. I only needed to swallow. At the same time, Lexi had positioned herself to drink from my laden breasts at the same time.

Our bodies came alive with passion, while we filled our stomachs with our natural, sweet milk. In the blur of milky passion, we mindlessly switched between tasty breasts. Lexi soon sucked mine dry, and sat up. “More … PLEASE!” I whimpered like a baby. I knew she still had so much more. The outside of my mouth was sticky from the small of amount of milk that escaped.

“You’re all out, sweet Sarah. I can fix that,” she smiled with a subtle deviousness.

“What?” I barely asked.

She straddled my waist, and pressed her wet nipples onto my own. Her solid nipples suddenly penetrated my own in my shock and horror. I could feel her liquid spew out of her, and into me. The shock and horror was soon completely supplanted by how good it felt. It was almost as good as when we were drinking our milk at the same time! The pleasure was powerful even when my boobs were beginning to swell with more liquid than they could clearly handle.

Lexi pulled her aroused milk jugs away, allowing my depressed nipples to quickly shoot outward. Milk that was not my own leaked from my boobs. “How … What are you?” I asked breathlessly, realizing that my now regenerating milk was beginning to force Lexi’s out noticeably. I could not help but capture it, and drink it from my hands.

“WE, Sarah, don’t really have a name for our species. Never thought one up; we only care about our milk,” she said, hungrily licking her lips. “Though, there are some that call us ‘Breast Milk Vampires,’ but that could not be more misleading. We care nothing about the milk of others, for it is only our milk that sustains us. Of course, our milk does affect Humans like a libido enhancing beer! Anyway, while our milk may keep us alive forever, we occasionally need to replenish ourselves, for lack of a better description. I let Sally choose who to remake. Her milk will forever flow through you, as will mine, mixing with your own to create a fresh blend. In a way, we are all sisters. Sisters in love, who shall always be together, sustaining each other.”

“What happens now?” I asked amazed, thinking about my old life.

“Your old life doesn’t matter anymore, my sister; you are one of us now.”

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