Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Game

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is partly inspired by a game some friends of mine played in college. That game was played by forgetting that it was even being played. Loosing meant that it was remembered. There was therefore no true way to win, and that was part of the humor derived from it. The game here, while treated similarly, is far different. Enjoy!


Beyond the Madness of Passions: The Game


“So, Jessica, ever hear of this ‘Game’?” Jessica’s blonde roommate Laura asked casually. The two were freshman at Brenham College of New Hampshire in Brookbridge. Unlike many freshman roommates, they became fast friends over the past few weeks. They had quite a lot of fun together, especially while decorating the generic dorm room where they were relaxing after a long day of classes. It all helped to relieve the stress of adapting to university life at Brenham, where they were also put under tremendous pressure to choose their majors sooner than later.

Jessica laughed, while brushing her hand through her full, long brown hair. “Oh, yeah, I have! How does it go? ‘The Game is but rumor, yet everyone wants in. Everyone wants in, yet no one is a part of it.’ Or something like that!”

They both laughed, and Laura said, “Well, my boyfriend was apparently curious about it, and says he thinks he knows where it’s happening tonight.”


“Yeah. He wants me to come along as ‘backup.’ I’m not as curious as him, but I’m not doin’ anything tonight, anyway! I guess, you can come along if you want, Laura.”

“Nah, you two have fun, Laura. It’s probably one of the unofficial Gamers Club meetings. I don’t understand how they are recognized as a Club by the Student Government; they take nothing seriously!”

They playfully laughed.




Jessica was sleeping soundly, when she was suddenly woken by the dorm room door being unlocked and opened. She switched on her end table light next to her, and saw Laura closing and locking the door, after walking into the room. Laura looked both incredibly worn out and satisfied.

“Are you all right, Laura?” Jessica asked drowsily, while sitting up under her blanket.

“Oh, fuck, I feel great, Jess!” she stated with a big smile. She was all sweated up.

“Did … Did you find that Game, Laura?” she asked curiously.

Laura smiled sexily, and stated, “Of course not! There is no Game, Jess.”

“What were you doing all night?”

“You’re asking a lot of questions, Jess,” she said almost deviously. “I’m gonna get some sleep; got an early class.”




Jessica walked back into her dorm room after she had a quick lunch at the school cafeteria. She caught her roommate masturbating on her bed. Her hands were burrowed under her black clothes.

“Oh … I can come back later!” Jessica said quickly while blushing.

“Don’t leave on my account, Laura!” she said while removing her hands from her shiny body. She looked over Laura lustfully.

Laura awkwardly sat before her computer.

“I just couldn’t help myself. Did you see all those hot woman sunbathing? UMM, I’m so fucking glad its been a warmer September than usual!” she said breathlessly.

“What?” she asked confused.

“Can’t a girl like women, too?” she asked sexily.

“I didn’t know you were bi … Does your boyfriend know?”

“Of course, Jess! We plan on doing a threesome with a hot woman tonight. It’s Jen from Bio.”

“Oh …” Jessica was confused. Though Jessica only knew her for a short time, Laura was never that open about sex. Plus, she never even hinted at liking women.

“I also saw a really hot and mature redhead, today, Jess,” she said excitedly.

“Oh … Who was that?” she barely asked, desperately hoping the conversation would tun away from sexuality.

“A professor! I couldn’t believe it. My boyfriend has a friend that took one of her classes. Her name’s Dr. Alden. Apparently, she’s officially a ‘research professor’ or something, and does very little lecturing.”

“What does she do?”

“History, I think. Doing a class next semester called ‘Myths and their Roots in Reality.’ I’m fuckin’ taking it!”

“Oh, good. Sounds interesting,” she said while avoiding eye contact with her clearly changed roommate.

“Do you mind if I finish masturbating, Jess? I’m real close. I really can’t get those women outside out of my head!”

“Whatever, fine,” she quickly answered, wanting to believe she was joking.

Laura then pushed her black skirt downward, and buried her hand into her crotch, while kneading her shirt covered breasts. She wore no underwear. “OHHH …. OH yeah …” she cooed.

Jessica had trouble averting her eyes, because Laura was looking lustfully at her. It was very awkward for Jessica.

“ERR … humph … OH FUCK YEAH BABY,” Laura screamed in orgasm. “Oh, yeah, that was great …”

After Laura reveled in her clearly very satisfying orgasm, she pulled up her skirt, and hopped out of bed into her flip flops. “I’m throwing out all my bras and panties, Jess. Anything you need to throw out?”

I shook my head “no,” amazed…




Laura, her boyfriend, and Jen were out on their “date,” while Jessica found herself eating a half decent dinner in the school cafeteria with people she barely knew.

“You know, Jessica, I’ve been hearing the weirdest rumor,” the redhead Brianna stated.

“Yeah, what is it?” Jessica asked.

“Uh, something about this ‘Game’,” Brianna stated.

The blonde Adriana added, “Oh, yeah, that one that ‘everyone’ wants to join, but no one plays!”

“Kinda creepy if you ask me!” the brown haired Jennifer stated lightly. Though they looked similar, she was obviously not the same Jen that Laura was apparently wooing.

“You know what’s really crazy?” Jessica asked. “My roommate Laura said her boyfriend actually found out about it, and she tagged along hoping to find, I don’t know, a ‘Game’ meeting.”

“Yeah?” asked Brianna curiously.

Jessica continued, “When she came back that night, she was all worn out, but said she was totally satisfied. And, she said there was no Game. Now, she’s really different …”

“Now, that’s weird!” Adriana stated, clearly not as concerned as Jessica.

“Oh, I got an idea, Jessica,” Brianna offered. “How ‘bout you tag along with her. If there really is no Game, maybe she got into something like drugs. Maybe you can help her, or something.”

“How heroic,” Adrianna cynically said with a big smile.





Laura came back early the next morning, waking Jessica. “Fuck! I had a great time last night, Jess!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, good,” Jessica said, while rubbing her eyes.

“Jen is so fucking soft and tasty. If I didn’t have a boyfriend, I’d just give up men for her!” she exclaimed.

“Oh …” Jessica really wasn’t against sex in any form, but it was still awkward for her to have her roommate only talk about sex.

“I think my boyfriend’s gettin’ jealous about how much I enjoyed Jen least night,” she said happily, while falling onto her bed. “Either that, or he’s so turned on by it that it’s frying his brain!”

Jessica forced out a laugh.

“Hey, Jess, you can fuck me and my boyfriend anytime. Don’t wan’t you to feel left out or anythin’,” she said seriously.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” she said quietly. She was trying to be sarcastic, but it didn’t come out that way.





Jessica was glad she didn’t see Laura for the rest of the day. Her changed behavior was just making everything so awkward for Jessica. Something definitely happened to Laura, and Jessica was determined to find out what that was …

After coming back from her last class that evening, Jessica found herself at her metal dorm room door. Behind it, she could hear loud grunts and moans. Jessica knew that Laura would not mind her walking into the room. Indeed, she would have likely loved a witness in her present state of mind. However, that was just not Jessica’s thing. So, she patiently waited outside for them to finish.

Luckily, the muffled sounds soon came to a shockingly loud orgasm, and the room fell silent. Jessica sheepishly made her way into the room. Laura and her boyfriend happily lay on their sides naked on the small bed (blanket on the floor). They greeted her with a big smile.

“Hey, Jess!” Laura greeted. Her naked body was slick and shiny with sweat.

“Hey, good to see you, Jess. You look real hot today!” Laura’s boyfriend complimented. He was just as moist.

“Uh, thanks …” Jessica said quietly, while sitting at her desk. She was trying to avoid the sight of their shameless display of nudity.

“We’re gonna be goin’ out in a bit, Jess. I won’t be back till later, again, if that’s all right,” Laura stated with a knowing smile.

Hoping to find out something of what happened to them, Jessica asked, “You two mind if I tag along?”

The two on the bed looked at each other and shrugged. “Sure, why not, Jess!” Laura answered.


The three of them drove up to a large, white Victorian house buried deep within the woods. The long gravel driveway was well kept in spite of its excessive length. They drove up to the front entrance. Laura gave her keys to the apparent valet, and he drove off with the car.

“So what kind of party is this? Jessica asked innocently.

Laura knowingly smiled, and rang the doorbell. A tall, naked woman opened the door. She had long, vibrant brown hair, large breasts, flawless skin, and dark eyes. “Laura, Bobbie, great to see you again,” she said happily. She lustfully looked over to Jessica, licking her lips, and said deeply, “Always love a new face.” After Jessica shook her soft hand, the woman guided them inside, and disappeared into the house.

“Who was that?” Jessica asked, confused about the arousal she felt toward her.

“A demigoddess of Sexual Energy, Jess,” Laura stated seriously. “She lives because of the sex of these parties.”

“Is this the Game?” Jessica asked breathlessly.

Laura smiled knowingly, and answered, “There is no ‘Game,’ Jess! But, these parties are what that rumor is based on.”

Jessica looked at the two of them in disbelief, while ascertaining the muffled sounds of sexual ecstasy echoing through the large corridors.

“Come on, Jess,” Laura offered. “We know our way around.”

They walked down the main hall, before Laura opened a door on their left. Inside was group of ten women excitedly having sex on the carpeted floor. They were clearly concentrating on their soft feet. “This is one of the ‘Sapphic Rooms’,” Laura stated. “This one is clearly geared toward feet. Every room here has their own concentration. One type is ‘Pure Sex,’ which involves nothing but the Human body. Another is ‘Hypnosis.’ And, yet another is ‘Truth or Dare,’ which my boyfriend and me will join later.” She closed the door, and continued, “There’s a whole bunch of different rooms, and the best part about it all is that there are no consequences. The BDSM guys love that!” she laughed. “The two rooms at the end of this hall are very special. One is the ‘Physical Alteration Room,’ where you can do anything you want to yourself physically, without the use of obvious plastic surgery.”

Laura opened another door on her left. Several naked woman were lying on what resembled dentist chairs. Mirrors were mounted in front of them. One familiar woman in particular caught Jessica’s eye. She was totally covered in a semi-clear liquid, while her hair was totally soaked with it. There was a completely mindless look in her dark blue eyes, while her body was morphing dramatically. Her still barely dark hair was lightening to what was likely a blonde color, while her breasts, hips, lips (becoming naturally bright pink), and ass, grew dramatically. Her skin was also darkening, making her look like some beach babe. Even her dark eyes were visibly turning to a baby blue. She happily rubbed her growing breasts, while drool fell down her cheek.

“One of the ‘Bimbo Specials,’ I believe. The Physical Alteration Room sometimes works together with the next I’ll be showing you. Almost nobody’s so mindless and sex crazed!” She closed the door, and opened the one across from it. “This room is the ‘Realignment Room,’ and all new Members come here first. Here, you can change anything related to your mental processes. This is were I was made bi and a nympho. That’s what happens, when you let a guy choose to alter a woman!” she laughed, while looking over to her very happy boyfriend.

“And, you’re gonna make more, err, realignments?” Jessica asked breathlessly.

“Yeah! If we learned anything about these parties, it’s that you can do what ever the hell you want! Me and my boyfriend wanna do more stuff during sex (we’re nymphos, now!), but we’re just not into that much.”

They walked into the dark room. A sexy, naked brunette walked up to them inside, and asked, “So, what are the orders today?”

Laura answered excitedly, “Fetishes, Allie! Feet, latex, leather, stockings of all sorts. All directed toward woman, of course. We also want genius level intelligence. That’s what me and my boyfriend want!”

Allie turned to Laura and asked, “And, for the new Member?”

Laura shook her head in disbelief, jaw dropped.

“Let me choose for her, Allie,” Laura said slyly. “She’s kinda overwhelmed.” Laura leaned in, and whispered something in Allie ear.

“OK!” Allie said happily. “Back in a minute. Make yourselves comfortable.” She walked through a door within the room.

They casually sat on one of the big, gushy chairs. “I’m, I’m not sure about this …” Jessica said nervously. She felt like she was uncontrollably falling down rapids.

“You wanted to find out what happened to me and about the mythical Game, right, Jessica? Once you’re fully indoctrinated, you’ll understand. Besides, you already met our hostess. There’s no turning back now.”

Somehow, Jessica knew the truth of her friend’s words. She actually wanted to be a part of all the sex that was surrounding them. It made so little sense to her, but she somehow knew that her mind was already altered by the apparent demigoddess she met inside. Her will was still her own, but felt that it was forever altered.

Allie soon walked back with four clear, tall glasses of oddly colored liquid. She placed two of the glasses on the small table next to Jessica, while she placed one each on the tables next to her friends. She then picked up one of Jessica’s glasses, and presented it to her. “The liquid in this glass, Jess, is for initial induction,” Allie explained. “You will not need to drink it again. It will ‘wirelessly’ connect you with our hostess. The other glass contains what your friends ordered for you.”

“What did they order for me?” Jessica asked breathlessly.

Allie smiled, and answered, “It’s a surprise! One-hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed, because, well, it will be you.” With a pleased smile, Allie left to the other part of the room.

Jessica nervously held the warm glass in her hands.

“The stuff tastes fuckin’ great, don’t worry, Jess!” Laura’s boyfriend sounded, before he started chugging his glass like an addict.

“Fuck, yeah! Bottoms up!” Laura exclaimed, before happily chugging her glass.

The two looked at each other with drunk smiles, and passed out.

Almost impulsively, Jessica brought the glass to her lips, and began to drink it. Its sweet flavor and smooth texture allowed it to easily slide past her tongue, while its warm nature soothed her on the inside. She could see the glorious liquid flow down to her stomach in her minds eye. Soon, that was all she could see. It was easily processed within her, and soon found its way into her warm blood stream. When it reached her brain, everything went black …

Jessica awoke an indeterminate time later. Her friends were no longer there. It did not take her long to realize how different she felt, and how “normal” it somehow was. She could not feel the connection she now had to the demigoddess, but knew it was there. She felt free and open to anything. She fully understood that she could now experience anything beyond her wildest imaginings. It was beyond liberating! She then looked over to the other glass of oddly colored liquid. Feeling incredibly curious about what it contained, she willfully chugged it down, and in the sweetly warm glow of the thick liquid, she passed out …

When Jessica awoke, she didn’t necessarily feel different. Indeed, she felt perfectly normal, or at least the “normal” she felt after the first glass. She looked down her body, and felt her pussy twitch. If it didn’t feel so normal, she would have been surprised by how sexy she found her cleavage! She continued downward, lustfully. Just seeing the bare skin below her short shorts made it clear how sexy things like nylon, pantyhose, and latex could enhance her radiant beauty. She looked at her flip flop clad, size eight feet, and thought about how tasty hers and other women’s feet could be. She now knew she was a lesbian, just as much as she once knew she once craved men.

Looking at her rather veiny, bony, flip flop clad feet, Jessica now understood why the Physical Alteration Room often worked together with the Realignment Room. Yes, she loved her imperfect feet just as much as the rest of her, but knew she and others would love them more if they were perfected. She also knew that she was not particularly flexible, while she needed to be to fully enjoy herself.

Jessica hopped off the gushy chair, and sprinted to the Physical Alteration Room. The room was now empty like the last before a slim, natural platinum blonde woman appeared from behind the curtain at the far side. She walked up to her, and said lightly, “Oh, I thought I was done for the night!”

“Sorry!” Jessica smiled. “One more for ya!”

“I’m Lauren. So what’ll it be?” she asked sexily.

“Flexible like a contortionist. I just have to make out with my own pussy! Smooth, streamlined feet, with wrinkly soles. Oh, fuck, make them a perfect size nine, too!” She paused, thinking about what else she could do now that she was there. “Don’t want body hair either. Don’t wanna shave or wax again!”

The woman looked her over with a professional smile, and said, “No problem. Please, sit anywhere you like, while I prepare myself. I also need you naked.” She went back behind the curtain.

Jessica sat in the middle chair, and casually removed her clothing. She stared at her wondrous naked body in the mirror before her, before she began to lightly rub her breast and pussy. She picked up her feet so she could see her soft, wrinkly soles. “Oh, yeah … Jess …” she cooed lightly.

The woman then walked over to her, and placed a steaming, grayish bowl liquid on the small table to the right. “Ah, I’ve been thinking about making myself a narcissist! How do you like it?”

Jessica put on a big smile, and said, “I fucking love it! I was just realigned with it; Allie knows her shit!”

“I know, right?” she smiled.

“You should just do it. Your so fucking hot!” Jessica exclaimed.

“Maybe I will,” Lauren said suggestively. She then submerged her hands in the thick liquid, and an impossibly thick layer of the stuff stuck to her hands. She then began to rub the liquid into Jessica’s head and face. Her hands were like magic, while she worked the soothing liquid into her skin. She continued her way down to her neck and shoulders, periodically refreshing the liquid on her hands. Everywhere she touched, while she worked her way downward, felt incredibly loose and warm, including her jaw. As a test, she opened her mouth a wide as she could, and was overjoyed seeing it open easily twice as much as it did before (her lips were like rubber). Her first thought was shoving hers and Laura’s feet in her mouth at the same time.

Lauren, noticing Jessica’s joy, happily continued downward to her firm thighs. “Wow! Fuck, Lauren. Are you some kind of masseuse?”

“Actually, I am! It’s my day job,” she said happily. “I’ll give you my card after we’re done, if you want some personal sessions.”

“How … OOOO … How personal are we talking?” Jessica cooed.

Lauren stopped rubbing her knee joint, and brought her face to her client’s. She licked her lips, and said sexily, “For a fellow Member, as personal as you want.” She leaned in, and kissed her deeply, before she knowledgeably rubbed the liquid into Jessica’s back and ass. Lauren then refreshed the liquid on her hands, and began to work on her shins and calves. The work on the ankles was exquisite.

Lauren then lifted up the chair’s foot rest, and placed the bowl of liquid on it, before placing Jessica’s feet into it. While submerged, she forcibly rubbed Jessica’s feet. The warm, comforting feeling of the liquid and knowledgable hands overpowered the discomfort of her morphing feet. After several minutes of submersion and rubbing, Lauren took her feet out of the bowl. She placed the bowl back onto the counter, and placed the transformed feet carefully on the foot rest.

“Done already?” Jessica asked breathlessly, jokingly.

Lauren chuckled. “Well, you do wanna have some fun tonight, right?”

“You wanna join me?” she offered.

“No, no!” she said with a look of total bliss. “I’ve realigned myself so this can satisfy me just as much as sex. I may hop into one of the rooms later, though, if no one else wants some alterations.”

She helped Jessica off the chair. Her now highly flexible body and enlarged feet made standing rather awkward at first. “Thanks a lot, Lauren! I’m sure I’ll call you up later to keep my body nice and loose!” Lauren smiled, and handed Jessica a towel from under the counter, which she used to dry herself off. The toweling alone helped her adapt to her more flexible self. Jessica then slipped into her now too small flip flops, and held her clothes in her arm. Before she left the room, Lauren handed over her card, which Jessica shoved in her shorts pocket.

Though it felt strange to walk in her altered body, she made her way to the Truth or Dare room, where she hoped to meet up with her friends. She often leaned on the wood paneled walls in her currently inconsistent stride. She soon opened the door to the correct room, and saw several welcoming faces sitting in a circle. Five women, including Laura, and two guys. They were all naked save for the odd pair of shoes or T-shirt. Laura’s boyfriend was not there.

Laura looked over her roommate lustfully, and stated, “I was wondering when you were gonna show up, Jess! But, now I see why you took longer … Lauren did a fuckin’ sexy job with those feet! She’s a God damned artist.”

“Thank you, baby! I’m flexible like a contortionist now, too!” Jessica exclaimed. She then placed her clothes on one of the chairs next to the now closed door, and sat next to the welcoming Laura, who now made her pussy twitch. “So where’s your boyfriend?

“You know Jen, the one he and I fucked recently? He’s out with her in one of the Private Rooms now,” Laura said with a big smile. “Jen was the one who first brought us here. Turns out Jen was the one becoming a bimbo earlier. She apparently liked sex so much that she wanted to devote her life to it. So now, she’ll live here, and what little of her intelligence is left is geared toward fucking (men and women) and eating, or well, mostly fucking! Our hostess is apparently very good at tying up loose ends,” she and the others lightly laughed.

Jen was highly intelligent, and originally had raven black hair, small breasts, light skin, and dark eyes, all of which made her transformation that much more remarkable. Laura continued happily, “If you remember, I did the opposite mentally. I’m a downright genius now, so I can get straight A’s, while fucking all the time! Anyway, my boyfriend never fucked a bimbo before, let alone Jen in her new body, and they’ve been at it for a while now!”

“OK!” the dark haired man sounded. “It’s my turn to go, so I choose the newbie!”

“Truth!” Jessica teased.

“Oh, OK! Uhh, so what are your realignments?” he asked almost disappointed.

She answered, “Lets see. I’m a lesbian. I LOVE feet. I love stockings of all sorts: latex, nylons, silk, and the rest. Oh, and I fucking lust for myself!”

“OOO, narcissist! That’s been very popular lately with women,” he cooed.

Jessica sexily smiled, and said to Laura, “Truth or Dare?”

Laura licked her lips, and answered sultrily, “Dare.”

Jessica smiled lustfully. “Pleasure me Laura!”

Laura happily leaned in, and passionately began to make out with her. She then kissed her way to Jessica’s ear, and whispered, “Jess, you’re so fucking hot; you’re so beautiful. Even before I was made bi, I would have made love to you!” Jessica impulsively cooed, before Laura made her way downward to Jessica’s wondrous breasts. Laura lovingly worshiped each in turn, happily nibbling the erect nipples, and then moved her way down, liking and kissing everywhere. When she found herself at Jessica’s pussy, Laura passionately made out with it. Laura’s sexuality and massive intellect ensured that she brought Jessica to the brink of orgasm without her cuming. All but lost in the ecstasy she created, Laura continued by licking and kissing Jessica’s silken legs.

Everything changed, when Laura finally reached her breathless friend’s feet. She removed the ill fitted flip flops, and like an addict, licked and inhaled the soft, pink pads. Drool escaping her mouth, Laura carefully placed her friend’s footwear on the floor next to them. Holding both wrinkly soles inches from her face, Laura wetly exclaimed, “Lauren does a hell of a job!” She then passionately licked each from heal to toes. “Thank you for letting me be the first to taste these delicacies, Jess!” Jessica smiled back at her friend with lustful joy.

Laura then buried her face into the soles, inhaling deeply, before worshiping both at the same time with her hands and mouth. She then gave one foot back to Jessica, who lovingly worshiped it. “I tastes so fucking good!” Jessica exclaimed, before madly deep throating it. They soon repositioned themselves to scissor each other with feet in hand. Happily wiggling toes in even happier mouths, they madly ground their wet pussies together. After what almost felt like an eternity of ecstasy, they screamed in passion with drool dripping down their legs. Removing their feet from their mouths, they leaned in for a passionate kiss …




Jessica and Laura sat next to each other eating lunch in the school cafeteria. As a tease, they were pretending not to lust for each other, while often failing. They’d look down each other’s shirts, while playfully brushing up against each other. Jessica especially loved stealthily looking at ad feeling herself.

Their friend then sat next to them with a large plate of chicken salad.

“Hey, Brianna!” Laura greeted happily, while less than subtly looking her over.

“Hey …” She looked at the two of them, who were acting strangely in her eyes, and thought of Jessica’s “Mission.” She then asked curiously, “You two ever hear of this rumored Game?”

Jessica smiled knowingly, and answered, “Oh, Bri, there is no Game!”

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